Ain’t Nothing Like The First Time

Ain’t Nothing Like The First Time


She stood in the middle of the room with her back to him. Her gaze fell somewhere outside the realms of the room and she could easily have seemed pre-occupied. Well, in a way she really was. She was pre-occupied with trying to figure out what he was going to do. He had asked her to stand there and to just gaze out of the window. He wanted her to indulge him if she would be that kind and just stand there and relax her mind.

Yeah, cool her jets a little. It was an odd approach to her but then he did not seem at all like the typical man she had been meeting. Their email contacts had been so immediately hot that she had almost brought herself to orgasm just thinking about him, what he might look like, what his voice might sound like, how he might behave if she was forward enough to just call him. Out of the blue, so to speak. Oh, the thought process that had gone into that had been enough to arouse her and she had been quite wet by the time he had finished his greeting on the phone.

Anyway, now here they were, some time later and during their first meeting. They had met at a suitably low-key place where she was fairly sure she might not see anyone she knew. She wanted this night to be all hers and not have to explain any of it at all to anyone at all. They had talked throughout dinner and he had almost studiously kept away from her almost through the entire meal. As the last course arrived at the table and she picked up her spoon to begin eating, he had taken hold of her wrist and asked her to wait awhile. This had been curious but it grew more curious still when he smiled at her and asked her to remove her panties.

When she began to rise to go to the bathroom, he then asked her to complete the task at the table. This she had done, almost certain that the couple in the booth next door had suspected what she was doing. Then he asked her to reach down and touch herself. A flush had hit her hard at that, she barely knew this man! But she did it anyway and as soon as she did he asked her to bring her hand to his mouth so that he could taste her. When she slid her finger into his mouth and he licked on it she had begun to feel those pre-orgasmic waves right away. Then he asked her to begin her dessert and he smiled at her.

Her legs were spread under the tablecloth and she pushed one aggressively at his thigh. She wanted so badly for this man to just reach under and stroke her cunt. Why would he not do it? It maddened her and he noticed and told her to relax, that all good things would arrive in their turn. So she did just that, trying to still a tremor in the leg that touched his. They both ate their dessert and she began to let her mind wander, she began to dare to go out there into the realm of possibilities.

She bent forward to scoop up the last of the crème brulee, feeling the sugar course into her blood like a drug and then, as she did that, she felt his hand under her dress and it grabbed the cheek of her butt and squeezed hard. A flutter now ran across her abdomen and she felt his fingers rake the soft flesh there. No, he did not dig his fingernails into her, just his fingers. Then his hand slid effortlessly into her middle and before she could even moan softly his finger had wandered into the portal of her pussy and then his hand was back out and he was finishing his own dish. It all happened so quickly and smoothly that it was seemingly over before it started. Now he took her panties in a ball in his big hand and brought it to his face and buried his nose in it, smelling her so deeply.

Somehow they had left the restaurant and made it back to his hotel room without any headlong spills on her part even though she felt a little shaky on her pins. He held her wrist through the lobby of his hotel and in the elevator and she just loved that to bits. As a result she was in a sort of robotic, hypnotic motion and he had taken her to his room. She was, she knew, in for some really deep pleasure and she wanted it so badly, wanted to submit to this man so much, to give herself over to him as completely as she could. That had lead to her standing looking out the window while he did whatever he apparently had to do. She did not dare look to see, fearing that she would break something in the mood.

Then he was behind her. Close. Actually right up behind her pressing into her, breathing in her hair and then in her ear. He was going to pleasure her he said, he was going to turn her insides into the molten liquid it really was and he was going to plumb her depths completely. His tongue snaked out and went deeply into her ear, words seemed to erupt out of him, she was barely able to make out what he was saying, it was a torrent and she just tried to take as much in as she could.

Wet was now way beneath what she was feeling in her middle, she was sure that she positively dripped as she heard words, felt breath and tongue, he held her breasts through her shirt, fondled them, squeezed them soft then hard. She just really wanted him to kiss her at that stage, badly and he must have read her mind for right away their lips were joined in Kartal Grup Escort a tender kiss. His tongue snaked into her mouth and she opened her jaw wide. Yes, she did love kissing, loved it so very much and he could really kiss!

His lips were soft and easy and his tongue, oh, his tongue was like a demon’s tongue, she was sure that he was fucking her mouth with it, well, he was wasn’t he? Sure enough, he was! She moaned loudly against his mouth. Now she really began to relax into the motion of what was happening to her. She wanted everything that he wanted to happen. She was as high as she could possibly have been. Pre-orgasmic again. Oh, this was going to be so good! His cock, she thought suddenly about it again. In the days prior it had haunted her as a blank image of immense erotic power. What she had not seen or felt was demonstrably seated deep in her psyche and it had etched a path of desire into her mind, anointed her with the deepest and most fragrant of oils.

The picture was this. He stood behind her. One hand held a breast. The other hand cupped her chin and a finger was in her mouth, she sucked on this as though it was his cock. This opportunity she took because she wanted him to know how good it was going to feel to have his cock sucked by her succulent mouth, to have all of it sliding into her throat across her tongue, bathed in her saliva. She was sure that it was big enough to satisfy this raging lust that had been ignited inside her. Only he, at that very moment in time, had the ability to quench that thirst for her.

She relaxed back against him and to her surprise felt and orgasm building. He felt it also and before it took off into her sky he pulled away from her and spun her around. No, he said, not quite yet, you are not allowed to come until all your clothes are off and I say that it is okay. She understood even though her heart now pounded stronger than ever and she felt that she could not be contained or constrained by his wishes. She was wrong though, he was serene and in control and she flew on his skills, and she was aloft without a worry in the world.

The world was, in fact, far removed from that room, everything seemed to float. He walked over to a chair and sat down, a whimper erupted out of her, no not now, she needed, she wanted but he paid her no heed. Instead her asked her to begin undressing for him. She was to disrobe and then to come over to the chair and show her body and its delicacies to him as she uncovered it. Show it to him, well, lean over and make sure that he saw ALL of her, she was not sure that she could actually do that until the thought crossed her mind, then she knew she could and would.

She wanted him to stare intently at her cunt; she would raise her leg still in its high-heeled shoe and open up for him to see her slit. Then she would turn and spread the cheeks of her butt and show him the rosette that lay there as well. When she did that it was a special thrill for she realized it was something that she had never done before. No, she had never, ever, leaned over before a man and spread her cheeks like that for him to see that part of her; she had always considered it a little humiliating.

This was her most private area. Now she knew that private was an arcane word in the particular setting she was in. She realized just how much she adored feeling his hot breath on her butt. She tugged the cheeks even harder and further apart and almost fainted when his tongue snaked out and rimmed her like a light feather. The sensation was beyond sublime. She knew that she had submitted totally at that point, to have followed that instruction and to have allowed that to happen had been where and when she crossed over a threshold, went beyond a certain boundary. Her body began to shake and he led her to the bed and gently laid her down.

Kissing her lips, her mouth, only her shoes remained on now and when his hand reached her crotch and made direct contact with her cunt, he told that she could come anytime she wanted and she let go as his fingers entered her. A mewling and guttural sound escaped from her mouth as she was consumed by the feeling. She stared up at him; she had not even seen his cock yet, what joy lay before her she wondered. In a stupefied state she lay there and watched him as he undressed and then stood over her, His cock was big and it throbbed and twitched at her, almost spoke to her. He lowered himself down and brought the tip to her lips. Told her to lick only the end of it, not to try and suck it all in. She moaned loudly.

She was in a trippy sort of a state now. Desire had enveloped her being like a warm wave and she was more than ready to dispense with any remaining formalities and just get down to some serious sexual behavior. The word sexual ran helter-skelter through her mind as though it possessed some sort of powers of its own. She wanted to turn to him and beg him to fuck her, there and then but she knew better. He had seemed like a genuinely pleasant man and although he was taking her through a process that involved her submission, Kartal Manken Escort he was doing it in a way that was new to her.

Her entire adult sexuality had revolved around the connection to ‘bad’ boys that she had imagined would do her, as she wanted to be done. Although she had enjoyed some really delicious encounters, none of these men had really had the imagination and flare to take her to where she wanted to go.

Apparently they had all assumed that her submissiveness was to be read as permission to mistreat her. To be cruel to her and to cause her psychic pain, the kind that could not be assuaged by anything at all. In the end the fucking had turned out to be very one-sided. Now she seemed to be with a man who was different. She sensed gentleness in him that would, in all likelihood, have turned her off before because she imagined it was not what she wanted. Now she was beginning to realize something important and worthwhile, that someone nice could dominate her, by someone who brought velvet to the hardness, someone who did not have to scratch his ego with her pain.

Now two fingers entered her, one in her pussy and the other so deep in her asshole and she cried out. He wanted her to push back and to really feel his fingers and he told her so. She was only too willing to oblige because he seemed to have her number very clearly. He told her to try and clear her mind, to not think about prior experiences, to revel in this one as though it was the only one she might ever really enjoy and then he twisted his fingers and induced a spasm of pleasure deep inside her. She moaned at him that she was surrendering to him but he informed her that she had already done that some time before, that now she was giving in to deep pleasure and it was only a beginning, a wet beginning with her ass in the air.

Even as these physical feelings began to overwhelm the center in her brain that dealt with logical thought, she began to think about where she was at that juncture. It was almost silly to try and think about this sort of thing when all she really wanted to do was to just let go and ride the wave that the bodily sensations had begun growing deep inside her. He seemed to catch that and he stopped all movements and asked what she was thinking. No, please don’t stop, please oh please let me feel it all.

But he was adamant in wanting to hear what she was thinking and her seeming reticence drew an unexpected reaction from him. He stopped everything and drew away from her, went to sit on the lone sofa in the room. The shock must have registered on her face for he commented on it. Wanted to know why she was looking like that, why the surprise. Before she could stammer the beginnings of an answer he went back to his prior query. What had she been thinking at that point when he had asked her the question? He spoke clearly and almost coldly, enunciating every word so that she would not misunderstand.

The answer, in truth, was that she really had no coherent line of thinking in her mind. There had been some scattered ideas running helter-skelter through her mind but they could not be gathered into any one intellectual concept. She began to ramble through some of them; the heat in her middle subsiding somewhat and her breathing beginning to slow and become less ragged. A single bead of sweat trickled down her face and he leaned forward and wiped it away in a gesture that seemed incredibly gentle and sensitive.

Whatever she had expected in terms of his being a Dom. was now disappearing and she was trying to gather a new picture of him to comprehend. She was in a kneeling position in front of him as he sat on the sofa. This was a long way from what she had anticipated and thought about. The Story of O was not about to be replayed here with her as the central character. No, no way was that happening, although she had imagined that she was going to experience some of those same things that O had endured. She had lain awake at night dreaming of that and had found her hands drawn to her own body on several occasions in anticipation. At least one time she had experienced a monumental orgasm, a body-shaking and wrenching spasm that had left her whining and replete.

He seemed to sense exactly what she was thinking and he asked her if she was experiencing what she had anticipated. It was not and she told him so. He smiled at this and explained to her that he had wanted to get together with her so that they could experience some new things together, not to try and re-create memories and other people’s experiences and deeds. This was to be different, he said, and it would be memorable. She intoned that it was already proving to be that because she had never been with a man who had not fallen on her and taken whatever she had as soon as he could.

There would be no fun in that he averred, because she was worth more than a quick fuck, she was more than a wet hole and he wanted her to know that. She swallowed hard and told him that she really had wanted to be fucked relatively quickly and that she needed to come very Kartal Masöz Escort badly. She had not allowed herself any masturbation pleasures for the week before they had met because she wanted to bring her full sexual self to bear on her connection with him, on this meeting. It began to dawn on her that he had re-arranged the tensions in a deft manner, he had subtly switched her away from coming into a more thoughtful space. The disappointment that she had felt beginning to build in her dissipated quickly as this bloomed in her mind.

Now he moved his butt forward to the edge of the sofa and beckoned to her to come closer and she did this with alacrity, shimmying right up to his lower legs and looking right up into his face. His right hand came down and grasped his cock even as he spread his legs wide so that her face was right close to the throbbing member. Now she could really smell him beyond the cologne he wore. The maleness in the aroma ran rampant through her and just like that she was right back at the ragged breath point and she could feel just how wet she really was.

With her mouth only inches away from the tip of his cock, she wanted to just suck it in and devour it. He anticipated that and instructed her not to touch him until he told her to. His hand ran up the full length of his member and now she really looked at it for the first time, really sized it up and saw it properly. He was a big man and it seemed to be big to her although being as horny as she now was, she would have found even a tiny one somewhat appealing. His fingers held the skin of his cock in the way she imagined was the most pleasurable for him and she studied that, wanting to be able to do the same for him. He jerked himself faster and faster and it seemed as though he was going to come very soon and she anticipated that, asking him to, wanting him to spew his milky fluid all over her. She told him so, said that she wanted to taste his come, she wanted his cock throbbing in her mouth and come running down her face. He stopped though, seemingly just in time although a gleaming drop of pre-orgasmic fluid glistened at the tip of it.

With his left hand in her hair, he drew her face closer and closer to him until his balls were against her mouth. Lick them, he instructed her, lick them well. She began to do just that, her tongue out and probing the hairy sac of his balls. This was something that she loved to do anyway and she recalled writing and telling him just that. There was something quite special in being that close to such an intimate part of what defined a man as a man and she enjoyed being right in it. He drew his knees up closer to his chest and without prompting she licked his asshole.

That really made him twitch and groan, oh, this was power and she loved that and did it again and again, rimming him thoroughly and looking up the length of his torso at his face, trying to divine the depth of the pleasure she was giving him. His cock had somehow grown during this exercise and it seemed much harder than before and she curled a hand around it and tugged at it, trying to emulate what he had been doing to himself. Oh she wanted a picture of this; this was more than she had ever done to a man before, much, much more. It was true that she had given one or two lovers some perfunctory licks down there but it was not an activity she pursued with that much eagerness, it crossed too many boundaries for that.

Now here she was, with her tongue laving the ridges of his asshole and her hand loving the feel of his throbbing cock. Somehow she knew that at some point he would do the same thing to him if he enjoyed what she was doing that much and she wanted that very, very badly. Her butt was one of the most erotically charged areas of her erotic self and she rimmed him like she wanted to be rimmed, like she hoped he would do to her later. His breath now came in rushes and some guttural sounds escaped through his clenched teeth. Now she took a hand to each of his butt-cheeks and held them as she licked him there, as she bit the cheeks gently and probed the opening with a gentle finger.

If she had anticipated enjoying this activity this much at this juncture before then, she would not have believed that it would be true. Heretofore she had held too many inhibitions about rimming, even when she had been begged to do it. Now here she was doing it without even a request and she wanted to finish him off there and then and make him come very hard, even though she had not experienced very much direct pleasure herself. There would be time for that, she knew, and her deepest feminine intuition, a sense that had only rarely let her down, told her that he was not going to leave her unsatisfied for very long.

There had to be a direct link between their minds because in the next moment he was holding her head in both hands and looking deeply into her eyes. Then he leaned forward and he kissed her fully. It was more than just a peck also; it was a consuming and overwhelming gesture of tenderness. His mouth opened against hers and his tongue met hers and another sort of dance began. She liked that he sucked her tongue into his mouth even though it had just been dancing around his asshole. This man had no inhibitions it seemed and with that thought her excitement went up several notches in one fell swoop and she moaned loudly into the kiss.

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