Against the Wall_(0)


Jenna is a tall slender attractive 22 year old woman working in my Chicago public relations company. She is day dreaming about
being up against a wall being fucked. It’s her fantasy. She has always known it. Until last night, it remained a fantasy. Jenna has never had good experiences with fantasies becoming reality. She has always been left with the feeling of disappointment. A hollowness. This time, she was not. The reality is better. She is sitting at the bar, speaking to the woman next to her about nothing in particular, just chatting, when she feels a tapping on her shoulder. Her first reaction is annoyance. Here she is on a Monday night; not bothering anyone as she sat at the bar, nursing her beer and a jerk-off is tapping her on the shoulder. Her beer mug clanked in annoyance onto the wood of the bar top and she slowly turns to the owner of the finger, ready to let lose a string of curses.

Her eyes connected with mine and she suddenly found herself unable to speak. Her stomach contracted and a thousand butterflies erupted. A cold shiver slides up her spine, raising the hairs on the back of her neck. John Malone’s green eyes staring back at her, she feels herself weak kneed as I step forward towards her. One of my hands reaching up gripping her elbow, tugging her off the bar stool. An unspoken beckoning to come with me. Despite that she knew nothing of me, except that I’m the CEO of Malone Industries which the PR firm, she worked at is owned and of the rumors about me. I tossed a fifty onto the bar and lead her away. We struggled to make our way through the throng of dancers and the pace is slow going. Jenna sees me growing angry as I fight my way through the crowd. Her arm suddenly feels as if it is wrenched from its socket as I growl in frustration and suddenly move to change direction. I’m now heading to the back of the dance floor.

I stop without warning just as we emerged from the dance floor crowd yanking her arm, causing her to yelp. Jenna realizes she can’t stop and is going to slam against the wall face first. She spins just in time for her back to contact sharply with the stone wall as I follow through pushing her up against it, my body pinning her against the wall. Jenna inhales sharply as my lips slide over her right cheek, tickling the sensitive skin. I drop my head kissing her shoulder lightly as I reach down to grasp her wrists. Raising her arms above her, I press my hips against her and she feels the growing bulge at the front of my pants. Pulsating music pierces her eardrums as she struggles to concentrate on where she is. She sees figures bouncing and spinning to the music and the thought never once crosses her mind that someone would see us. Jenna is too lost to care. One of my hands drop from her wrists disappearing under the hem of her skirt, my fingers grazing lightly over the skin on her upper thigh. Jenna struggles to catch her breath. My chest rumbles with a smooth chuckle when my hand slides further up and I discover only skin.

My gravelly voice rasps in her ear. ” Bad girl, aren’t you?” Jenna can do no more than nod her head, her throat dry and constricted as one of my fingers gently trails a line from her lower abdomen down. My gray hair tickles across her skin as I lower my head down pressing my lips into her neck. Her eyes fly open as my finger slips between her legs. Jenna notices a dancer in the crowd staring at us, smiling smugly. Our eyes met and one of her eyebrows raises in the knowledge of just what is happening against this wall. She nods her head slightly, just enough so that Jenna can see and turns back to her dance partner. The voyeurs’ interest in us has depleted once she knew she has been caught. Jenna turns her attentions back towards me as I pin her to the wall as one of my knees slides between her legs forcing them apart. She struggles to maintain her balance as she moves her legs wider to accommodate my other leg. Never did she once think about what she is doing with me.

Jenna refuses to think just acts. My teeth scrapes along the skin on her neck as her legs turn to water the instant my teeth sink into her flesh. My finger withdraws sliding around to cup her ass. Without realizing it, her legs rose wrapping around my waist, as she lifts her chin slightly as I shift my head for a better angle on her neck. A rainbow of strobe lights flash over us as the DJ cranks up the music and the wall behind her vibrates with the pulsing of the music. Her vision suddenly grew dark when I raise my head from her neck and did nothing but simply stare at her. Dark, brooding eyes stares back at her, making her feel as if she is trapped in them. It is an escape she never wants to make. My mouth crushes down on hers sending her senses exploding in a million different directions at once and she instinctively grinds her hips against me. A small grunt of surprise rumbles from my throat and I release her wrists, using only my hips to pin her to the wall.

My hands cup over her breasts and she feels the heat radiating from them through the cotton of her blouse. She murmurs an inaudible protest as one of my hands withdrew from her chest pushing between us. My other hand slips down to her waist as I push myself back away from her, my hand on her waist our only contact. Jenna lowers her eyes to where my hand rests on the waistband of my pants. My fingers play with the snap, teasing her with quick glances of my flesh. Heat floods her skin as I slowly pull down on the zipper, each tooth on the metal pops like gunshots echoing in her ears. She gasps silently to herself as more skin becomes visible with each agonizing pull on the zipper. It seems like forever before the zipper finally made its way to the seam in my pants, and she is left staring at the entire length of me. Desperate hunger to have me inside of her must have became evident on her face as a sly smile spread across mine. The raw hunger visible on my own face.

I step forward, releasing my hand from her waist and I use my hips to pin her to the wall. Flesh contacted with flesh as she feels the heat erupting between her legs. I roughly press my mouth over hers as she feels as if she is being eaten alive. Consumed by escort jigolo gaziantep a wild beast. Even with her eyes closed she feels the world tilt and she struggles to maintain her bearings. Jenna shifts her hips down and back slightly as she hears herself whimper in pleasure as I press myself against her. Her arousal is uncontrolled; I slid inside of her with resistances. I cup my hands around to the backs of her upper thighs again shifting them slightly higher before burying myself inside of her completely. A loud intense roaring buzzed in her ears as I fill her, making her think she will burst. I made no effort to move, as I sense that she is struggling to adjust to my size. She lowers her arms down from above her sliding them over my cotton covered shoulders stopping when she reaches my lower back. She grasps the fabric pulling it slowly from the waistband of my pants.

I shiver slightly as her fingers brushes across my bare skin and my hips thrust forward causing her to gasp. Her nails digging into my skin, urging roughness. Jenna needs what is soaking from my skin, what my eyes silently promises when I stared at her earlier. Wild, uncontrolled rough sex. Jenna needed it now. I shifted slightly withdrawing, dropping my head next to hers. She cried out as my teeth sink into her shoulder as I thrust forward at the same time, her voice lost in the pounding techno music the DJ has selected. Within seconds her lower back is beating painfully against the stone wall behind her. My teeth grazing up her neck as I shift my legs higher again, allowing myself deeper access. The need to mindlessly mate devours us. A raging beast inside of us, fighting and tearing for release. Her vision explodes into a thousand lights, then plunges into pitch blackness as every muscle in her body contracts painfully at once. Muscles deep inside of her, that she never knew existed, clenching tight around me as she hears a low groan in her ear.

The world shatters. Her body went rigid as a climax ignited deep inside of her, sends a torrent of shock waves through her. She can barely breathe. Jenna is dimly aware of my continuing thrusts; powerful strokes making her feel as if I’m going to impale her on the wall. Despite her head screaming she can no longer go on, her body refusing to listen as her fingernails dig harder into the flesh on my lower back, demanding, forcing me to continue. She raises her head and sees my eyes are darker, my control slipping. Jenna raises one of her hands from my back to slip up through my thick, gray hair pulling my face roughly towards her. Our mouths and tongues met as she is slammed against the wall, my hand sliding from her thigh to slap against the wall for support. Strong, pulsating flesh against flesh causing her body to defy her brain again as she crashes over the edge. I broke the kiss burying my head back into her shoulder as I thrust upward one last time.

A loud pounding in her ears brought her back slowly to herself. Jenna realizes that it is her heart hammering against her chest at a rapid pace. Swallowing slowly, she struggles to regain her breathe. Her body is tingling as the feeling of being well used made her smile. I drop my other hand from her thigh pressing it against the wall, using it to lever myself slowly away from her, withdrawing myself. She drops her legs back to the floor then quickly sliding her skirt back down to cover herself. Modesty is a little late at this point; she thought to herself smiling. Jenna has just came more than she ever has in her life, Jenna feels that she desperately needs me again, very soon. She tugs slightly on her lip with her teeth as she watches me refasten my pants. Her intentions must have shown clearly on her face because I raise one eyebrow smiling wickedly. Her knees turning to water when she saw the hunger still in my eyes as well. My arms wraps around her waist, pulling her closer to me as my lips lightly graze over her ear as I spoke.

Despite the loud noise in the club, she hears every word I uttered. Jenna staggers slightly as I tug at her waist, guiding her out of the club. Whispered words echoing in her head, never to be forgotten. ” I’m not done with you yet.” I got the hint, grabbing her hand pushing through the dressing room door. There is a lock on the other side. The room is small and dim, with a makeup counter underneath a lighted mirror on one wall. We kiss again as I lock the door, pushing her back toward the makeup counter. I lift her to where she is sitting on the counter as she reaches to unbutton my shirt. We have only spoken a handful of words to each other yet no more are necessary. We can each feel the heat coming off the other’s skin. I run my hands up her thighs, up under her skirt, feeling where her thigh-highs ended as my hands came in contact with bare skin. It is hot to my touch, as I rub the insides of her thighs, teasing her and making her tremble.

She pushes my shirt back off my shoulders dragging her mouth down to my chest, tasting, licking and nibbling my skin along the way. She rubs her nose across my chest through my chest hair, stopping at my left armpit. She inhales deeply, smelling the heady mixture of my unique male scent, a hint of sweat and my expensive aftershave. I lift my left arm placing my hand on the mirror, then brought my right hand to the back of her head, grabbing her hair pushing her face in deeper. Instinctively she opens her mouth beginning to lick me there with abandonment, savoring my male flavors on her tongue. She is still stunned, at having wild sex with me. I pull her head back roughly staring into her eyes that are ablaze with adrenaline. At that point I fully feel and understand what the need in her is. It is the reason why I wanted her tonight.

Jenna’s need is a void, tucked away and hidden in the bottom of her soul. She never has fully given a voice to it, never had shared her secret with anyone. She had never meet a man who had ever fully understood her, hearing her two words you would think she is lying, masking a secret that she can never say. Her secret is not something she can ever ask of someone. The discerning eye would escort bayan gaziantep lezbiyen have to recognize it, only possible if a man shared the same void. Her need is to fill that void, by getting fucked to within an inch of her life. Not out of cruelty, not out of misogyny, not out of bitterness, but out of love. The realization left me lightheaded. I can count the number of women on one hand that has this void that I have shared the same void with.

I shove her face into my other armpit, enjoying the fever of nastiness that has taken over her. I let go of her head reaching back down between her thighs, knowing I’d find wetness there. She is drenched, and not a stitch of fabric separated her sticky wetness from my large, probing fingers. As she feels a long thick finger penetrating her, she moves her mouth to my nipple biting down on it, hard. She begins to chew on it and it is stinging me, but I can’t stop her. It is an exquisite pain, as for every chew there is a lick and sucking. I had never even considered his nipples an erogenous zone, but she was stirring something deep in him. He stuck a second finger in her begin to probe her depths with urgency. Her sopping cunt is tight but is so wet it offers no resistance, so I insert a third. She growls dragging her mouth over to my other nipple, attacking it with the same aggressiveness. I can’t take it any longer. I pull her head back then jerking my fingers from her dripping cunt shoving them in her mouth. She sucks on them wantonly, grabbing my hand to prevent me from taking the sloppy treat away from her.

” You are a dirty slut, aren’t you?” I demanded, with intensity in my voice that I sounded angry. ” Love me,” she said breathlessly, releasing my fingers briefly before shoving them back into her mouth, licking between each finger to collect every drop. My cock positively aches at the lewd display she put on for me. It demands attention, and fast. I pull her down off the table pushing her down onto her knees with her back against the wall. She immediately went to work on my belt, unbuckling, unbuttoning, and unzipping my pants. She pulls them down as I kick my shoes off stepping out of them. I push her head back until it is touching the wall, then I put the head of my cock against her lips and said, ” Open.” With her head against the wall, there is no where to go, no way of escaping the pending onslaught she knew she is in for. The onslaught didn’t come. Maybe she misjudged me. I put just the head in her mouth and commanded her to look up at me. I just stared into her eyes and didn’t move. She is a little scared. I’m larger than what she is used to, she didn’t know if she can take me. Her dripping pussy betrayed the fact that she is dying to try.

I flex my cock in her mouth so she feels my head expand on her tongue. The suddenness of it made her jump, fearing that I’m about to shove myself into her, but I did not move. I flex again, sending a rush of blood into my cock and dribbling pre-cum onto her tongue. Her eyes lit up as she licks hungrily at my slit, sucking voraciously to try to coax more out. She attempts to move her lips forward on her own but I hold her in place, not letting her move. All she can do is use her tongue on me, so she goes to work, never breaking eye contact with me. She swirls her tongue around my head, against the underside, and then back and forth through my slit. I smile at her warmly moaning. She relaxes, her eyes almost closing to mere slits, letting her tongue continue to flutter all over my head.

She would have screamed when it came but she can’t. Her nose is buried in my pubic hair as my balls slap up against her chin as I slam my cock down her throat. I hold it there, not letting her move, my hips pinning her head against the wall. She thought she would suffocate if I didn’t let her breathe soon. I pull out to just the tip again letting her catch her breath while I flex my head once more on her tongue. She immediately looks up at me, pleading with her eyes for another shafting down her throat. I smile again, this time like the devil himself, beginning a steady brutal rhythm of fucking her face. Her nose fills with my musky male scent every time it got buried in my curly pubic hair, as she tries desperately to breathe more of me in. The room is filled with the wet sounds of me forcing myself down her throat as she tries to suppress the urge to gag. She grabs my ass holding on for dear life, hoping that I didn’t break her neck as I got lost in my passion for her.

She is amazing in how she took it. Better than I thought possible. I had to stop, or else I would cum down her throat in a torrent. I plan on cumming in her mouth, just not yet. There are so many more dirty bad things I have to do with her first. After viciously taking her throat for about five minutes I pull my cock from her ravenous mouth abruptly. It is rock hard and shiny with her spit dripping off of it, and it is throbbing to the point of pain. I lift her to her feet bringing her back in front of the mirror then spun her around. I unzipped her dress in the back and let it fall off of her. No panties, no bra, just stockings and black heels. God, she is one sexy bitch! I look at her eyes in the mirror. They had a dreamy gloss to them, anxious with anticipation of what is to come next. I took my cock in my hand slapping it hard against the cheeks of her ass. ” You want this, don’t you? You need this,” I said, my voice raspy with desire.

” Love me,” is all she said in response. With an open palm I smack her across the ass in frustration. ‘ You’re gonna beg me for this,’ I said to myself. ‘ God damn it you will moan for me and beg me for this!’ ” Bend over, arch your back, and stick out your ass!” I demanded. She did as instructed. Suddenly I got down on my knees behind her and lewdly pulled apart the cheeks of her ass, inspecting both her holes. They are hairless. Her pussy is oozing profusely, and her pretty little asshole is pink and tight, clenching and unclenching in fear and excitement, as if blowing me a kiss. I bent forward burying my nose into the hole of her cunt, and snorting her juices gaziantep escort masaj salonları directly into nose. Her scent is intoxicating and she hears me groan my approval. It had the smell of flowers, of female musk, and of raw sex. She wiggles back against my face, trying to get more stimulation. My lips and tongue reaching for her clit as my nose stays buried in her dripping hole. I suck on her clit loving it with my tongue as she pushes her pussy back onto my face. I’m bringing her so close too soon, and her breath is becoming ragged with an impending orgasm. Sensing this, I stop.

Giving her clit a rest I begin to slide my tongue into her pussy. It feels amazing, but it is less intense and allows her to slow down the freight train of an orgasm that is approaching. She wants me deep inside her when she came, wants to feel my fullness stretching her beyond her imagination. She reaches back to grab my head, holding me in place. My tongue swirls inside her as my nose came to rest directly on her anus. My nostrils flare as I inhale deeply, breathing in her musky scent. She is wonderfully clean, yet it is oh so dirty. The heady aroma of her pussy mixed with the musk of her asshole is like a shot of cocaine to my brain, sending my neurotransmitters firing wildly. I lost control and begin tongue-fucking her with abandonment, slamming my face into her ass and my nose against her anus. I had to taste it, too, I brought my tongue out of her pussy then licked around the crinkly pink folds guarding her most precious entrance. She mews with filthy enjoyment, wiggling her ass back at me trying to force my tongue into her anus as well. I probe at her with my tip as she begins to relax. Within three minutes the tip of my tongue is in her asshole, tickling the muscles of her sphincter. I reach up between her legs to finger her pussy and rub her clit as I tongue-fucked her ass. The wicked filthiness is too much for her to take — she came on my face, her juices running down my chin.

In one swift move before she can catch her breath I stood up impaling her cunt on my shaft. There is no buildup, no gradual penetration. Just rough hard impalement, I’m slamming into her roughly. My large hands have an iron grip on her hips and ass, pulling her to me to meet my brutal thrusts. I grunted angrily with each vicious stroke into her womb. She tries desperately not to scream out loud. Just as abruptly I withdrew from her and got back down on my knees, tongue-fucking her pussy. Then with my tongue coated with her juices, I again tongue-fuck her ass, loosening her up and driving her mad. Then I’m back up on my feet, driving my cock back into her pussy. This went on and on until she is delirious with the need to have me push her over the edge. I sense she is ready, ramming my cock in her sopping cunt with angry thrusts a few more times then pulling it out completely. I slap its wet and dripping head against her anus. Her asshole flexes involuntarily, now hungry for the invasion.

” Tell me, God damn it!” I demanded, teasing her hole with my cock head, pressing it slightly against her opening before sliding it up her crack. ” Tell me you need your dirty little asshole fucked. That’s what you need to get off, isn’t it? You sexy bitch!” She looks at me in the mirror until she caught my eyes. ” Love me,” is still all she said, but her eyes are smoky with desire. ‘ This will make her talk to me,’ I said to myself, pressing against her opening forcefully. The ridges of her anus begrudgingly give way to accept just my head inside of her, when they heard frantic banging on the door. ” Jayde, are you in there?” They hear the door handle jiggle as whoever is knocking tried to open it. Whoever is outside is thwarted by the lock. ” Shit, sweetie where are you?!” they hear him say in exasperation. I feel her body tense with panic and her ass lock around the head of my cock in a vice, preventing me form moving into her further. A frightened look came over her face, breaking the spell of our connection. ” Who’s that?” I ask, looking up at her in the mirror. ” My boyfriend,” she replies nervously. ” He owns the place.”

I didn’t move, just stared into her eyes for what seems like an eternity. Then I lick my lips as an evil grin came over my face, there is fire in my eyes. ” Ex-boyfriend!” I growl, while spearing my full length into her with a rush. The sudden intrusion forces the air from her and she yelps, quickly covering her mouth to muffle any further sound. She looks at my eyes in the mirror as I stare back at her, my hands hold her in place impaled on my cock. The look in my eyes dare her to contradict me. She opens her mouth to protest but feels a surge of my blood rushing into my shaft, a throbbing of expanding flesh inside her that feels strange making her breath catch in her throat. She has never experienced a feeling like that before in her life, a monster cock buried inside her growing thicker. My piercing gaze intensifies as my hands grip her hips tighter, trying to force more of my throbbing meat deeper inside her. She feels every ridge and every vein of my cock as it angrily rears up in the depths of her ass. I’m going to thoroughly fuck her, and my passion for her is at a fever pitch that she can’t stop, if she wanted to. Resistance is futile.

” Fuck me,” is all she said. ” Fuck me.” I look down at her small orifice impossibly wrapped around my throbbing shaft. I pull out slowly, loving the sight of her hole gripping me, trying to keep me inside. It is too much. I lose all control as instinct takes over. Slow thrusts becoming jabs, and jabs becoming blistering pistoning that punishes her rectum without mercy. My cock is impossibly hard and unrelenting. She thought I would split her in two from the force with which I’m fucking her. She feels so full, so stuffed, as her sensitive ass feel every detail of my cock as it slams into her: the ridge of my head and every vein along the shaft. She feels it growing inside her, blood surging into my cock, she thought she might pass out. She cries out, unable to help it. When she came she screams so loud the whole bar surely heard her. I’m yelling, too, totally out of control as her asshole is filled with cum from me in powerful streams. I almost blacked out from the force of it.

I stay embedded in her ass as she turns her head to face me. I captured her lips in a searing kiss as we slowly came down from our high. ” Nice to meet you Jenna, I’m John,” I said, breaking our kiss. ” Let’s go to my apartment,” is all she said.

Jenna is a tall slender attractive 22 year old woman working in my Chicago public relations company. She is day dreaming about being up against a wall being fucked. It’s her fantasy. She has always known it. Until last night, it remained a fantasy. Jenna has never had good experiences with fantasies becoming reality. She…

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