Adventures of Derek and Amy Ch. 02


The Adventures of Derek and Amy, Ch. 2


The ride home from the airport was surreal, with an awkward silence. Derek definitely couldn’t say or do anything – he had to act normal. Amy sat up front and wasn’t talking either – that was normal too.

But what wasn’t normal was what they had done on that long flight home.

Amy manipulated her brother into breaking it off with her nemesis, Becca. He thought it was all over some guy – but whatever reason, it was her request not his.

Amy let him feel her up to encourage a ‘change of plans’ prior to the party that night. But he also had to break things off with Becca totally – before they landed – she simply wouldn’t take no for an answer.

That urgency drove up the price: she had to suck him off. Desperate, she had acquiesced. With her head in his lap, Amy delivered. And in the heat of the action, he fingered his sister, getting her off too.

Later, Amy found out he already broke it off with Becca the night before. Same result, but she was mad. They talked about doing things willingly, without manipulation, just being in it for each other.

They had teased and flirted for years, but never did anything. Going for broke, Derek laid everything on the line. He wanted her sexually and would please her every time they were together.

After much deliberation, Amy met him in the lavatory to join the mile high club. He ate her out, then fucked her standing up in the airplane bathroom. He got her off again for good measure.

The flight attendants knew – they had been in there some time and had made too much noise. Although there was a complaint, they were consenting adults and the flight was not disrupted all that much.

They were escorted to their seats just before landing. Derek thought they had survived all that without any serious repercussion or consequence.

Until they got home that is.


“OK you two,” their mom Claire barked. “Living room. Now!”

“Why, what is it,” Amy asked, sounding all innocent as they sat. Derek had a bad feeling about this, it wasn’t likely to be coincidence.

At first their mom wasn’t looking at them while she paced. Her face was red, she was worked up. This was not going to be good.

“As we disembarked,” she was furious… “The stewardess told me of a commotion at the back of the plane. Apparently, two young adults had sex in the bathroom! And since they saw you sitting with me,” she looked squarely at Amy, “they know you’re my daughter.”

“Mom, I can explain,” Amy started but was cut off.

“But wait, that’s not the best part! The guy they say you joined the mile-high club with, who had been sitting at the back of the plane, was you!” Now she focused her medusa gaze on Derek. “They think you’re her… her… her boy-toy!”

“Mom, wait,” Derek tried to interject.

“Apparently another passenger also saw you two exiting the bathroom and snapped a picture.”

What? They looked at each other, surprised – which in itself might not have been the best move.

“Oh, good lord,” their mom had noticed that. Claire covered her face in her hands and screamed. After a moment she looked up, trying to compose herself.

“Look, you guys know I’m on TV. This might go viral. I might not have a job by Monday.” She was furious, pacing and putting her hand on her head as she tried to figure out what to do, what to say next.

Then she took two deep breaths, spread out her arms to calm herself and sat down across from them.

“OK, out with it. Damage control. I can’t fix it unless I know what the problem is.” When she commanded a room, she would not be denied. She would get the answers, one way or the other.

Amy was about to talk, and Derek wasn’t sure what she was going to say.

“Mom, it was me,” he said cutting her off. “Amy had nothing to do with it.”

“What?” both Amy and mom asked nearly in unison.

“I was, um, masturbating,” he stammered, “in the bathroom.”

“Uh-huh,” their mom said, not sure if she believed him. “The complaint said that they heard two voices, a man and a woman, engaged in sexual intercourse.” She looked over at Amy. “Apparently, the woman was enjoying it very much, and was telling him so – quite loudly… using many naughty words!”

“I was streaming porn,” Derek held up his phone as if that proved anything. “Guess I should have used headphones.” He looked away, sheepishly, as if embarrassed. Well, he was – but not for that reason.

“And what of you two coming out of the bathroom,” Claire asked, “together?”

“Amy must have seen the flight attendant coming,” He looked over at his sister – she was looking back at him like a deer caught in the headlights. “So, she came to warn me. She helped me um, get presentable,” he added, knowing their mom liked that – appearances were important.

“Really?” Their mom said in disbelief. But she was caught in an awkward spot, torn between not being sure if she really believed his story and wanting to believe something karataş escort that was less traumatic, less scandalous than what she feared.

“Other than hearing my porn,” Derek said to confirm, “the other passenger only saw us being escorted back to our seats. Nothing more.”

Claire thought about this in quiet contemplation for a minute. That minute seemed like an hour, as they waited for her to respond.

“Derek,” she looked at him sternly. “I’ve told you before about watching too much of that smut.”

“Mom, I’m not 13!” He complained, “This is a free country.”

“What you do in the privacy of your own bedroom is your business,” she agreed. “But out in public, which includes being on an airplane – that is not acceptable behavior.”

Derek looked at her upset. This had been a long running battle. But then he realized if she knew the half of it…

“You’re grounded,” she handed out the punishment. “For a month. As in, 30 days,” she said to clarify.

“Grounded? I’m 22!” Derek held out his hands and shrugged his shoulders – in disbelief. Amy was quiet, trying not to take any heat. Derek couldn’t blame her.

“And acting like a fool if you ask me!” She clapped back just as quickly. “Do you pay rent? Do you even have a job?”

“Well, no, I’m still in college.”

“I on the other hand, have a job – that pays for this house, your car, food and clothes, trips we all take…” She was driving home her point. “Look, a job in TV is as much about appearance as anything.” She looked around the room then back at them, at him. “Anything that jeopardizes that, puts as all at risk.”

Derek nodded and looked down. He was humbly aware he shouldn’t speak at this point.

“Grounded means:” Claire enumerated with her fingers. “No parties, no going out, no friends coming over, no online gaming. You will focus on homework and chores – do you understand me?” Medusa herself could not have made a more threatening gaze.

“We’re between semesters, so no homework right now.”

“No backtalk, mister! Then physical labor as penance so you can think on your decisions and your actions. And if I see you enjoying yourself in any way, I will double the work. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes mom,” was all he could muster.

After they retreated to their bedrooms and unpacked, Derek took a shower then collapsed on the bed. He was exhausted and fell asleep, dreaming about having joined the mile-high club.

And despite being grounded, it had all been worth it.


The next day started late, as they all slept in. Derek kept to himself for the most part, doing whatever his mom had asked, finishing laundry and cleaning up.

At some point in the late afternoon, Claire called to them from the ground floor (all the bedrooms were all upstairs).

“Kids, I have to go out for a few of hours,” she grabbed her purse. The two came to the upstairs railing.

“Amy, since you’re the responsible one, I’m leaving my credit card on the table by the door. Order dinner and leave mine in the oven.”

After their mom left the house, Derek went back to his room, folding clothes and putting them away. Five minutes later, there was a knock on his bedroom door.

“Come in.”

Amy opened the door. She wore her blue halter top with a laced front, showing off her chest.

Distracted, Derek nearly didn’t notice that she walked straight at him. She grabbed his face, and planted a long, sensual kiss. He couldn’t help but place one hand on her lower back, pulling her in. He was acutely aware that her breasts were pressed into his chest.

“What was that for,” he gasped as they finally broke.

“Defending my honor, shielding me from embarrassment,” she replied. “You didn’t have to do that. Very chivalrous of you.”

“I don’t know if I’d call it that.” Derek stepped aside, grabbing the laundry basket with clean clothes.

“And how can I ever repay you, noble sir?” she looked at him seductively from behind her hair. She was beautiful, smiling and pretty and flirting with him again.

Then Derek caught himself. “It’s not like that. You don’t owe me anything. It was self-preservation. There was no use in us both getting busted.”

“Which I appreciate very much,” Amy replied.

“It just seemed easier that way. Mom wouldn’t be able to cope otherwise. Guys being perverts is sort of within acceptable boundaries. Ladies, well, not so much.”

“Well, I like you being a pervert. My pervert,” she added playfully.


“Let’s see: I’ve been fingered, eaten out and fucked senseless,” she counted to three with her fingers held up. “You got me off three times in as many tries.”

“Glad to be of service, my lady,” Derek bent his knee and spread his arms out in a mock curtsy.

“Still, I should like to show you my gratitude for your generous deed. Something special tonight?”

“Well, I’m grounded so, I can’t go out… But seeing how we nearly got caught and I had to lie to protect you, isn’t that karataş escort bayan enough?” He kept hanging his clothes, trying to avoid looking at her.

“That’s just it. Mom punished you,” she said as she walked towards him. “But I intend to reward you.”


“What was it I said, ‘give me everything you have, and I’ll give you anything you want’?” She grabbed his hand, softly. “Everything you need.”

“Amy….” Derek couldn’t help it, he had to look at her. And she was beautiful, smiling and playful – the part of her he loved, that part he wanted. Yes, he desired her. But they were walking a fine line, between a naughty plane ride, one moment in time, and this turning into something else entirely.

“So, tell me big brother,” she moved even closer, pressing her breasts into his arm as she spoke. “What do want?” She looked up at him with longing and desire.

It seemed like her old manipulative ways, but there wasn’t anything on the other end. Maybe that would have been easier, because when there is a price, it’s a short-term deal, open and close.

“You’re playing a dangerous game. If mom ever found out… she’ll be watching like a hawk.” It was one thing to be naughty. It’s another to have to explain it to your mother. Or to lie to avoid detection.

“Mom’s not here,” Amy added. “And I thought you liked the danger,” she said mischievously.

“Are you working me?” He asked, suspiciously.

“I heard what you said earlier,” she replied. “This is just a thank you.”

“Forget it. You don’t owe me anything.”

“If I owed you, if there was an obligation, then sure it’s a price. But a thank you is from the heart.” And then she said it. “I’m giving myself to you – free of any further strings or conditions.”

“Amy, I….” again Derek felt caught in his own dilemma, frozen at the thought.

“Think of it this way: if you got your girlfriend a beautiful necklace for her birthday, and she shows her appreciation by sleeping with you… it’s cause and effect, but it’s not the bad kind. It’s not to pay for something. Before is a payment, after is a thank you. It’s to show her thanks, her love.”


“That’s what you took from that?”

“I need to think,” he said stupidly.

“Well, while you’re thinking about what sort of appreciation you would like for not telling on me,” Amy turned to leave, “I think I’ll just go take a shower.”

Just as she reached the door, Amy put her hand on the frame and looked back over her shoulder.

“As in, I’ll be wet and naked, and soaping myself all over,” she said this last part with emphasis.

“And this time, dear brother,” she said knowingly, seductively, “I hope you don’t just watch.”


Derek already knew what he was going to do. He just tried to figure out if there was any other option, any way out of this predicament – one that he had started. He wondered if he could simply reject it – but part of him knew the internal conflict that would create.

What happened on the plane started as manipulation. One person having to pay for something to get what they wanted – even if the price was high. She was manipulating him, and he was manipulating her. In a strange, fucked up way, they both did get what they wanted. And then some.

In the heat of passion, they had taken it a step too far. Like daring your friend to do something, and then they do – and each in turn dares the other to do something more than the turn before, until one breaks.

But neither of them had given in. Instead, they went for it, relished in it, pushed it to the edge of the cliff. And then dove off into the sea of orgasm and bliss – together. Not caring about the consequences.

Derek had wanted her for so long, knowing it was wrong but wanting it anyway. And for so long that’s just the way it was. His naughty desires were always an internal, hidden part of him.

Maybe he hoped she would reject him, and he would always remain the family pervert. But now she was offering herself to him, there wasn’t any price to pay. He just never thought it would go this far.

Derek heard the water in the shower turn on. He found himself involuntarily walking to the bathroom.

So many times before, he had crept down the hall, quietly opening the door, trying not to be heard or seen. Trying to sneak a peek at her naked body, her beauty, her sex.

Now he went to see her again. But this time, she was expecting him.


How long Derek stood there admiring his sister’s wet, naked body – he couldn’t say.

“See something you like?” She winked at him over her shoulder.

“You are so beautiful,” it was in his voice, in his eyes.

“You’re so sweet!” She held out her hand with a bar of soap. “Wash my back?”

He slowly took the soap. Derek stood just outside the shower, watching her, taking her all in.

“I’m not going to bite,” she noticed his hesitation. “Is something wrong?” she asked, pointing to the fact escort karataş that he was still clothed. He started washing her back, holding her in place with one hand while spreading foamy lather all over her.

“Yesterday things were still so different. I was going for broke without thinking about anything beyond that moment. I almost ruined everything, for you and mom – because of my selfish sexual desires. I guess today I’m trying to be sure I do the right thing. I don’t want to take advantage of you.”

“What, you didn’t expect me to play along so easily? You’re shocked that I am a pervert like you?”

“Wait, what?”

“Let’s see: in addition to letting you eat me out then fuck me in the airplane bathroom, which I enjoyed every minute of by the way… I also sucked you off and swallowed, not once but twice!”

Derek nodded, recalling their escapades. She did seem to get into it without too much resistance.

“And now I’m naked and willing. What, it’s not the same because the thrill is gone? You’re like a dog that gets excited chasing cars. Only you don’t know what to do now that you caught one.”

“I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t know how all of this is going to play out.”

“You’re so sweet,” she said, grabbing his hand and pulling him closer. She stood right up against him, the water from the shower on her back. She pressed her naked chest into her brother, getting him wet but he didn’t care. Her lips were soft and sensual; he lost himself in her warmth.

Derek was thrilled to kiss her like that, and disappointed when it broke off. He looked into her beautiful eyes, her soft features, her smile.

“Amy, I…” he started to say something loving and sincere.

“Don’t,” she could tell – and pushed away, turning her face so he couldn’t see her expression.

“Amy…” he reached for her. But she was upset now. Immediately he regretted it.

“Look. I already knew you broke it off with Becca the night before. There, I said it.”

“Wait – I thought you found out mid-flight, texting with Jill.”

“Jill texted me that night, right after she found out.”

“What?” Derek asked, pulling back. “Then why the charade?”

“You were right,” Amy spoke honestly now. “This was over a guy. You just had the wrong guy.”

“What?” He still didn’t get it.

“You were right about Becca. She told Jill she was going to give it up to you when we got back. And that she would then have her claws into you in order to get at me.” Amy retreated into the shower, her back against the wall, the water between them.

“I didn’t want that to happen, I couldn’t let that happen.” She looked like she wanted to cry. But then Derek realized she was crying, the water streamed down blurring her face, merging with her tears.

“Why?” He was still confused, not sure where this was going, what it all meant.

“Because I wanted you for myself. I felt it all slipping away. I just didn’t know how…”

“You could have said something,” he replied.

“Oh really? ‘Derek, I know you’re my brother, but I have the hots for you and want you to make love to me’ – just like that?”

“Well, yes,” he answered. “If that’s how you felt.” But they were still not on the same wavelength.

“But I didn’t know,” she replied. “You never responded to any of my flirtations, never took me up on any of my advances, like me touching my breasts on your arm. I even started leaving the bathroom door slightly open, hoping you would spy on me in the shower, hoping one day it would lead to something.”

“What?” Derek asked quietly, thinking back on those moments.

“If I had said anything directly, you might have thought I was a psycho, definitely a pervert. Probably both.” She paused, then, “I just wasn’t sure. Derek,” she pleaded, “I had to be absolutely sure.”

“No more than me,” he added, trying to help.

“So, I concocted this plan to make it seem like you were extracting something from me,” she added. “But I was really extracting something from you.”


She continued. “And although Becca making out with Todd suited me fine, the timing threw a wrench into my plan. I had to improvise, make you think you were getting one up on me, despite that.”

And it started to dawn on him what happened, what was still happening.

“You were right I was manipulating you. But you didn’t fully understand how or why.”

“Holy crap,” he said quietly as the realization started to sink in.

“I’ve been planning this all along,” she looked at him. Then just as quickly, “Don’t be mad,” she pleaded.

“I’m not mad,” he responded unconvincingly. “I’m just… geesh!” he said exasperated.

“Actually, you should thank me,” and then her tone changed.


“Well, I had to do it that way, in order for you to justify it.”

“For me?” his head was spinning.

“Yea, I knew what I wanted. But if you wanted it, on any level,” she used his words again, “I had to get you over the taboo nature of it.” He was going to protest, but apparently it was true. She really had been trying to lure him in all this time, and he wasn’t taking the bait.

“And despite the obstacles, the rewards were worth it. Every minute of it.” She licked her lips.

And just like that, it dawned on him now. Derek realized how good his sister was at this dangerous game. And how far behind her he really was.

The Adventures of Derek and Amy, Ch. 2 ——————– The ride home from the airport was surreal, with an awkward silence. Derek definitely couldn’t say or do anything – he had to act normal. Amy sat up front and wasn’t talking either – that was normal too. But what wasn’t normal was what they had…

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