Adventures in Thailand Ch. 03

Adventures in Thailand Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Fun in Seoul

In Korea, I cleared Customs quickly. Immigration was a breeze as well. I hurried downstairs to meet Sue. In no time at all, Sue and I grabbed a taxi and headed off to her apartment.

I couldn’t resist teasing Sue a bit in the taxi. I slowly traced a line up her leg until my hand disappeared under her skirt. Sue bit her lip slightly, but showed no other signs of resistance. Next, my hand followed the outline of her panties. Little beads of sweat appeared on her forehead, but she did not resist. I then gently pushed my index finger through the leg hole of Sue’s panties so I could tease her pussy lips with my feather’s touch. She groaned softly much to the delight of the cabby who focused his rearview mirror on the action in the backseat. Sue clamped down on my hand with her legs, forcing my hand on her clit. She moved her hips up and down until she let out a loud sigh indicating she had finished.

We arrived at Sue’s apartment and had a wonderful night together. It seemed that I had awoken the animal in her. Sue never seemed to get enough. We fucked in every position we could think of until we were both exhausted. Our arms and legs intertwined as we slept soundly.

The next morning I awoke alone. Down the hall I heard the distance sounds of the shower running. I decided I should give Sue a morning surprise. I quietly entered the bathroom. The shower was filled with a large amount of steam, so I couldn’t see Sue very well. I stealthily slipped into the shower stall and behind the figure with her back to me. I rubbed my cock up and down what I thought initially was Sue’s cunt. I was in for a shock when I discovered this set of asscheeks was plumper and a darker shade than Sue’s was.

I had discovered that I had been playing with a spicy Latina beauty instead of my Korean one. This as of yet unnamed goddess had a body to kill for in anyone’s mind. Her ass was a perfectly formed sphere leading around to a sparsely haired pussy that looked absolutely divine. Her large breasts (36D I found out later) begged to be sucked with pert small nipples surrounded by huge dollar sized areoles. I couldn’t have asked for a woman more perfectly put together.

“Do you always get into showers with women you don’t know?” asked a distinctly American female voice with the slightest hint of a Spanish accent.

“I’m sorry, I thought you were Sue, I didn’t think there’d be anyone else here,” I stammered.

“My name is Angela, I’m Sue’s roommate.”

“Hi Angela, nice to meet you,” I said as my face turned all shades of red.

“I guess Sue is turning a trabzon escort new leaf and not announcing she has company.”

“I’ve made enough of a fool of myself, I’d better get out of here before it gets any worse.”

“And let you waste that piece of man meat I felt on my ass? Not on your life.”

Angela then grabbed my cock and shoved it into her hole. Her hole wasn’t as tight as Sue’s, but Angela’s muscle control more than made up for that. I felt like I had a soft, warm hand jerking me from base to tip with just the right amount of pressure. I pushed forward and pushed more of my cock into Angela’s twat.

Unlike Sue, Angela made no bones about enjoying what was going on at the moment. She worked her pussy back and forth on my cock with practiced ease. I felt like I could feel the waves of pleasure rippling through Angela’s cunt. This one was one hell of a ride, I thought to myself.

“Oh yeah, I love your big cock in my hot pussy. I’m so tired of these Korean men with such small dicks. I want something that fills me the way you do,” Angela called out in a strained voice.

“Should we really be doing this? I asked tentatively.

“Why, you not enjoying yourself?”

“It’s not that, it’s just that I hardly even know you.”

“Don’t look at me, you were the one rubbing your dick on my pussy.” Angela quipped playfully.

“Heh heh, you have a point there.”

“So shut up and fuck me harder with that wonderful cock of yours.”

I decided to give Angela just what she had asked me for so directly. I started pile driving her cunt with rapid movements of my hips. She in turn started matching my strokes with her own. Angela’s smooth ass cheeks jiggled suggestively as I pounded her. It was then that she started getting loud.

What started out as low moans turned into almost shrieks. Angela used every swear word imaginable in both English and Spanish as I continued to pound her harder and harder. I was sure the whole city of Seoul knew we were fucking. What was Sue going to say about all of this? At that moment, I wasn’t sure I especially cared

At Angela’s prompting, we moved to her bedroom. A big queen sized bed filled the center of the room. Angela lay back on the bed, spread her legs and beckoned to me sexily with her index finger. I wasn’t about to refuse that offer. It was too good to refuse.

“Cum fuck me missionary, big boy.”

“Any way you want it slut,” I replied getting into the mood.

“Oh yeah, it turns me on when you call me your slutty whore.”

“Want my cock in your cunt you sloppy whore?”

I uşak escort teased Angela’s pussy lips with the head of my cock. I rubbed up and down the slit ever so gently. When I reached her clit hood, I pressed a bit harder. Angela responded by raising her hips off the bed and pushing them into me. I backed away and she whimpered in response.

My next move surprised Angela. I lowered my head and started sucking on her pussy. Angela’s pussy possessed a stronger taste than Sue’s did. It was tangy almost to the point of bitterness. I lapped away drinking up her excess juice. Angela’s whole body went into spasms as I started sucking and nibbling her clit. She yelled boisterously that she was cumming. My face was flooded with a huge flow of her tangy juice. I loved every bit.

Next, it was Angela’s turn for a suprize. “Fuck me in the ass,” she pleaded.

I really had to pinch myself. I thought I was dreaming. I had dreamed since I had wet dreams of a woman saying that to me. I wasn’t going to let anything deprive me of this chance.

Angela rolled over and spread her cheeks wide for me. I lubed my cock in her cunt juice to ease the passage inside. I pushed at her puckered hole gently. I slid in slowly. Angela’s ass possessed all the tightness of Sue’s cunt and then some. I soon discovered that she also had the muscle control to top it all off! I started with slow strokes not wanting to hurt her. With Angela urging me on, I increased the strength and depth of my strokes. She asked for a harder motion. I obliged and again she went spastic and started screaming as she starting cumming a second time.

One really wicked squeeze with Angela’s ass muscles sent me over the edge. I started shooting torrents of sticky cum into her ass. Angela encouraged me by telling me she liked it. I shot several waves before I flopped over to catch my breath. Angela looked at me with a satisfied look on her face.

“I always know when Angela is fucking,” giggled Sue as she entered the room in a terry cloth robe, “she makes enough noise to wake up the whole neighborhood.”

“I just enjoy what I’m doing immensely,” smiled Angela.

“I have to say I enjoyed it as well,” I chuckled.

Sue wasted no more time in jumping into the action. Her eyes grew big when she saw her favorite sauce leaking out of her roommate’s ass. Sue timidly dipped her index finger into the excess cum that had leaked out of Angela’s ass. Hearing her roommate’s moan of approval pushed Sue further. Slowly, Sue started lapping the cum from the opening of Angela’s ass. Angela responded in her usual vocal way. van escort Sue decided that she wanted more and gently eased her tongue into Angela’s bum.

I sat watching Sue in stunned amazement. Part of me thought that I should be repulsed, but part of me thought it was damn sexy to watch one woman suck my cum out of another woman’s ass. The part that thought it was sexy prevailed, and soon I was sporting another hard-on. The stark contrasts of the two women’s skins made the scene all the more arousing. Angela’s dark skin against Sue’s lighter skin caused me to think that maybe I had reached heaven.

Sue was very through with her roommate’s behind. I felt sure that Sue had cleaned every bit of my cum out of Angela’s ass. Angela’s louder than usual yelps showed that she too enjoyed Sue’s actions immensely. It seemed that a good time was being had by all.

“That topped my favorite treat,” Sue announced. “I had both the taste of cum along with Angela’s taste as well.”

“I will have to try the same treat from you Sue,” Angela replied with a sparkle in her eye. “But let’s not forget our guest.”

With that remark, Sue threw aside her robe and both women attacked me. They laid me back on the bed. At first, they took turns blowing me. I enjoyed every second. Next, each one chose a side of my cock and licked the way up to the head from my balls. I squirmed in ecstasy. I really had died and gone to heaven. Each woman then alternated between sucking my balls and my cockhead.

When Sue and Angela felt that I was ready, Angela lubed up Sue’s bum with her tongue. I was bursting in anticipation to feel Sue’s tight bunghole around my cock once more. To smooth the process along, Angela also covered my cock with her saliva. Following Angela’s guidance, I guided my rod into Sue’s waiting bum. Once more, Sue’s luxurious tightness of that sweet bum surrounded me. Slowly, I started working in and out of Sue’s ass. Angela kept busy by alternating between Sue’s clit and the portion of my cock that immerged from Sue’s ass as I pumped her slowly. In no time at all, Sue’s clenching signaled her climax. Angela encouraged me on by sliding underneath Sue and I and began sucking on my balls. Even in my partially spent position, I knew I wouldn’t last long. The combination of Sue’s clenching and Angela’s gentle nibbling on my balls sent me over the edge. I blasted the cum I had remaining into Sue’s ass. After I had finished pumping, Angela kept her promise and sucked my juice out of her roommate’s bum.

I bid Angela and Sue goodbye as I headed back to the airport to catch my plane to Thailand. Once on the plane, I slept soundly. The stewardess of the plane had to rouse me when we reached the airport in Bangkok. I was all set for a new adventure.

I would like feedback from the ladies as well. Construtive criticism is welcome as well.

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