Adventures In A Sex Club


These are true stories from the past few years when my girlfriend and I were active in swinger clubs around the United States. I (Jon) am 6’4″ in decent shape and have a very thick cut cock that is seven inches. She (Tracey) is 5’10” in great shape, has beautiful green eyes, B cup tits with lovely nipples, and shaved smooth pussy. We are both in our fifties and considered attractive. Now that those details are out of the way, onto the first story.We were vacationing in Ft. Lauderdale at a lovely hotel on the beach. The weather was gorgeous, we were having a great trip and the sex was spectacular! On Friday night we prepared for our visit to Trapeze, a famous sex club near our hotel. I dressed in a nice dark button-down shirt, dark jeans, and dress shoes, Tracey wore a black skirt, a black fishnet top with a black bra visible underneath, and a dark jacket. Tracey’s hair was styled into long curls and her makeup was super sexy, I had trouble not throwing her on the bed and devouring her before we left! Around nine-thirty we grab the car and off we go to the club. Chatting as we drove, we both admitted to being a bit nervous and excited about what lies ahead for us. Arriving we find a parking spot and head to the front door, when Tracey wears heels, as she was this night, we attract a lot of attention at 6’4” and maybe 6’1”.  We complete the necessary paperwork, pay our fees, and enter the club.Our first stop is the bar to drop off our bottles and get our first drink to help calm our nerves. Taking in the club, our first impressions were very positive, we loved the vibe, there were quite a few couples xnxx there already and we were able to find a couple of seats by the railing near the dance floor. Tracey looked amazing and was attracting the attention of others in the club, both male and female. I was enjoying just being with her and the attention she was getting. We had another drink and kissed a few times; I was starting to touch her as the sexual energy in the place was rising as more and more people arrived.We left drinks at our spots and protected our chairs with Tracey’s jacket and took a walk to explore the club. While we walked around looking into the various areas, I reached over and pulled Tracey close to me, I kissed her deeply and at the same time undid her bra. She was not very happy with me at that moment, but I said, “Baby, you have awesome nipples and I want to see them, you look amazing, and you can keep your shirt on just give me the bra.”Tracey complied and we kissed and made out a bit more as we wandered back to our seats. Getting closer to our seats, we see an attractive couple sitting next to us. He is around 5’10” and in great shape, handsome, and nicely dressed, she is maybe 5’4″ very attractive, has short blonde hair, huge tits being held in a black dress that is open to her stomach, and she looks super sexy.As we sit down, they immediately introduced themselves and he (Tom) comments on Tracey’s looks and pays her compliments and so does his wife Jill. We chat a bit about the club, where they live, us, etc. The women are sitting next to each other and occasionally touching their legs or arms or shoulders bakire porno as they talk and laugh.One of our favorite songs comes on and I grab Tracey and take her to the dance floor.As we dance, I ask her about Tom and Jill, she says “They are really nice, I like them.”I said, “Well, I think they want to play with you, I can tell by their looks and actions.”  Tracey wasn’t convinced but still asked me, “So, what do you want to do?’I smiled and said, “Babe, I am into anything you are but, I am going to fuck you tonight here in this club so that is the only thing on the agenda.” Tracey gave me the little look that she does when she is turned on and the song ended, and we headed back to our seats.Tom says, “Hey guess what, it’s my birthday!” We raise our drinks and toast Tom; Tracey gives him a little hug and his hands wander down to her ass for a little squeeze.I said to him, “So, is it really your birthday or are you using that as an excuse to get a handful of Tracey’s amazing ass?” (Smiling and winking at him).Jill leans over and says, “Yeah, it’s really his birthday and this was where he wanted to go for the night.” We all raised our glasses to Tom and toasted his excellent choice of locations to celebrate his birthday. After the drink, Tom says, “You know what I want for my birthday? I want to suck Tracey’s nipples!”We all laughed, and I said, “Well there she is, and there they are so, have at it!” And he did! He leaned over and lifted her shirt and sucked her left nipple while we (and those nearby) watched. Tracey sucked a little air as Tom played with bedava porno her nipple, when he stopped, I high-fived him and said, “Well, it’s not my birthday but you should probably share Jill’s nipples with me, it seems only fair.” Tom reached over and slipped her huge tits out of the top and presented them to me, and I dutifully licked and sucked her nipples as well.Tracey watched me playing with Jill’s nipples, squirming in her seat, and said, “Can I touch them?””Please do.” Said Jill (before Tom could say anything), Tracey reached out and caressed one and then the other, pinching the nipples slightly. Jill reacted to Tracey’s touch; her nipples hardened quickly. Tracey asked Jill, “Are you into girls?”Jill replied, “I like women, their smell, and the way they feel but I really only play with other women to make Tom happy, he loves it when I play with a woman.”Tracey leaned in and said, “Yeah, that’s exactly the same for me.” They giggled and talked a bit between themselves, and I caught Tom’s eyes. He motioned like, “Want to go in the back with us?” and I nodded. I told Tracey that we were going to the play area in the back with Tom and Jill, she smiled and said, “Ok!”At Trapeze, in the play area, you must be nude to enter. There is a locker room where you remove all your clothes and store them in lockers, you grab a towel and that is what you are permitted to have in the back where sex is happening. There are three areas in the back, a bar area where people can mingle and hang out, a single-guy area to the left, and a couple’s area to the right. In the couple’s area, there are a few smaller rooms you can use if you want privacy and a large playroom where people are having sex all over the place. The four of us found seats in the play area, Tracey and I started making out again while Tom and Jill started playing around next to us.

These are true stories from the past few years when my girlfriend and I were active in swinger clubs around the United States. I (Jon) am 6’4″ in decent shape and have a very thick cut cock that is seven inches. She (Tracey) is 5’10” in great shape, has beautiful green eyes, B cup tits…

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