Across the Ages 04: 1980 Thelma

Across the Ages 04: 1980 Thelma


This is the fourth in my series about Jack and Kay and the Barron women. However, it recalls enough of the background at the beginning that it can be read as a stand-alone story.

A late afternoon summer storm had cleared the air and released the smell of greasewood and fresh moist earth. Two couples were making their way hand in hand across the desert from Jack’s house to Peggy’s.

“I love the smell of the desert after the rain,” said Lowell.

“Petrichor,” said Jack.

“Trust you to know the word,” said his girlfriend Kay.

“Whatever it’s called, I agree with Lowell,” said Peggy.

They continued in silence, each thinking about their experiences of the last half year. Peggy was thinking about the orgy they had had in her room last Christmas, when Kay had taken charge and given them lessons in sex. And of the time in the hallway afterwards, with Jack pounding into her.

Jack was thinking about Ruth, Peggy’s mother, beneath whose bright brisk manner was a pool of lust and desire, which been awakened by that groaning in her hallway, and which Jack had discovered a few nights later.

Kay was thinking about Peggy, boating with her on the lake in Central Park when she visited her for spring break. And Peggy’s writhing body beneath hers later in her dorm room.

And Lowell was thinking thoughts that he hardly dared to think, that confused him. He loved Peggy, but ever since that night, when Jack was fucking Peggy, he couldn’t get out of his mind the thought of Jack’s cock plunging into her. Was it jealousy? Or was it desire? Desire for what, exactly?

When they arrived, Peggy’s mother Ruth was operating in the kitchen at full battle speed, preparing a meal for four generations of Barron women: her daughter Peggy, herself, her mother Thelma, and her grandmother Viola. Viola lived in the guesthouse, and Thelma had come over from England to visit.

“Jack, take this platter of antipasto out to the table.” It reminded Jack of the big faculty party that other evening last winter, which had ended in the orgy. That was when Jack lost his virginity to Peggy. So much had happened since then. Jack had fallen in love with Ruth, then with Kay. Kay and Peggy had discovered each other. And yet the couples that night—Kay and Jack, Peggy and Lowell—were strengthened in their bonds by these experiences of sex, friendship, passion, and love.

Sitting down to a dinner of grilled chicken and Chianti that Ruth had thrown together, Jack was struck by the alternation of generations. Thelma Barron was a buxom 59-year old with bright red hair, a welcoming smile, and a vibrant sexuality; so much like her granddaughter Peggy. Viola and Ruth were both highly strung, sharp, and witty, with dark hair and, as Jack knew in Ruth’s case at least, dark desires and hidden thoughts behind their sparkling eyes. Thelma and Peggy were warm, maternal, and completely open, presenting a welcoming face to the world. Jack and Kay had both experienced Peggy’s matter-of-fact approach to sex and reveled in her warm, inviting flesh.

Thelma was explaining how it came to be that they all had the same last name.

“I was born out of wedlock—perhaps you can get Viola to tell her story some time—and so was registered with the same last name as her. As for Ruth, she was conceived on the eve of World War II, just before her father left to fight, never to come back.”

She paused, a far-off look in her eyes.

“Do go on, grandma,” said Peggy.

“We were so very much in love. I met him at Dorothy’s house. I was 18, he was 20. That must be about your age,” she said, looking at Jack.

“It will be in August,” Jack said.

“You remind me of him. We were all so afraid of what might happen. I wanted to give him something before he left. So Dorothy and I planned a naughty weekend with him and Dorothy’s boyfriend, who was also about to head off to war.”

She paused again, a small smile on her face.

“What a weekend that was. Not really suitable for dinner time conversation, but let’s just say that we all consoled each other in so many tender ways. All ways. They were public school boys, you know, and so didn’t mind playing with each other while we girls did the same.” She looked at Peggy, Lowell, Jack, and Kay with fondness, and something more, a hunger of memory. She imagined their writhing bodies reenacting that weekend long ago. She saw Jack staring at her ample cleavage and felt a blush of warm spread across her breasts and stiffen her nipples. She shifted in her seat and shimmied her shoulders slightly, her breasts quaking. Jack felt the bolt of sexual connection that shot out of her eyes as she stared back at him. He glanced at Ruth and saw her eyes darting between him and Thelma. Thelma gave Ruth an enigmatic smile.

“And out of that weekend came Ruth. And Dorothy’s boy. By the time they were born we had received the news of their fathers’ deaths. Dorothy and I moved in together in a nice flat in London to share the child rearing. It was easy enough in those days, with so many records destroyed in the bombing, to pose as war widows and pretend that Barron was my married name. That is how Ruth became a Barron. And by bağdatcaddesi escort the time Peggy came around, well, it was a tradition, wasn’t it?”

“How did you manage with two young children? Were you working?” asked Kay.

“Oh yes, we both had jobs in the war office. We managed to arrange our shifts so that one of us was always home. After the war we continued living together. Neither of us really wanted another man after losing the love of our life. At least not a permanent man. And we had each other. And we had our children. We really thought of them as brother and sister.” She paused again. “After all, it is entirely possible that they are half-siblings.”

“You never told me that!” cried Ruth.

“I thought it was time you should know. All four of us became one that weekend, and when the two of you arrived we thought of ourselves as one family. Neither of us knew which of the two men was the father of our children. Dorothy and I have been together ever since. She is off visiting her son in France while I’m here.”

After dinner the four friends headed back to Jack’s house, where Peggy and Lowell were staying so that Thelma could have Peggy’s room. Viola returned to the guest house and Ruth and Thelma set to doing the dishes.

“They are cute couples, aren’t they?” said Ruth.

“Jack and Kay especially. He is such an odd duck, talkative and shy at the same time. Is he big?” asked Thelma, never one to beat about the bush.

There was no point in Ruth pretending she didn’t know what Thelma meant. “Mother! How would I know?”

“Now now Ruth, I saw they way you looked at each other.”

There were no secrets between the Barron women.

“Well, yes. Bigger than Edward, anyway.”

“What a story!” exclaimed Jack as they walked back across the desert.

“It explains a lot about me,” said Peggy thoughtfully.

“What do you mean?” asked Kay.

“Well, I take after grandma in so many ways and I guess I know now that I take after her sexually as well. Have the same appetite.”

The four friends were silent for a while, each lost in their memories of that night last winter, that bubble of warmth and love and sex.

As they passed Jack’s swimming pool Lowell said, “Let’s go skinny dipping!” They stripped off and jumped in the pool, splashing each other, admiring each other, young beautiful bodies with soft breasts and dangling cocks.

Afterward, naked in the kitchen, Peggy said to Jack, “Did you notice the way Thelma looked at you, the way she blushed on her breasts?”


“Did you see the way her nipples got hard?”


“Do you want suck on them?”


Holding up one of her own.

“Mine are the same as hers. Do you want to suck one of mine?”

Peggy leaned back against the kitchen table, hands behind her and thrust her naked bosom forward. Jack looked at Lowell. He nodded.

“As long as I get to suck on the other one,” said Lowell.

They stood on either side of her and leaned in to suck.

“And as long I get to suck your cunt,” said Kay.

“Oh god yes, suck my fucking cunt.”

Peggy threw her head back, thrashing and quaking under the three mouths devouring her. She moaned, “They did this didn’t they? Thelma and Dorothy and their men. They fucked every way, they sucked everything. Oh god Kay, your tongue in my cunt, oh Jack and Lowell, bite, yes, oh fuck, I’m going to come, it’s all connected, my tits to my cunt, oh eat me bite me fuck me.” She arched her back and let out a deep groan, as of the earth itself, earth mother quaking.

Jack and Lowell lifted their heads from her breasts and stared at each other and smiled in victory. Lowell leaned in and suddenly they were kissing each other, tongues writhing and pushing deep. Kay and Peggy looked on, amazed. Jack and Lowell broke apart and stood, panting, cocks fully erect. Lowell stares at Jack’s.

“It’s really big.”

“Do you want to touch it, Lowell?” asked Peggy.

She guided his hand and they stroked it together.

“So soft and so hard, it’s amazing,” said Peggy.

“So you want to suck it, Lowell?” asked Kay.

“No!” he cried. Then he looked around at his friends, loving smiles on their faces, full of empathy, and opened up his most secret place. “I mean, well, I’ve thought about it . . . “

At those words the electricity crackled between them. Jack’s cock lifted up, a blush spread across Peggy’s breasts, her nipples getting hard, just as Thelma’s had done. Kay stood up with a wicked gleam in her eyes.

“Maybe it would be better if it had some of Peggy’s sweet cunt juice on it.”

She led Peggy over to the living room and laid her down on the carpet. She directed Lowell to lie down with his face near her crotch and guided Jack’s cock into Peggy, then offered it to Lowell, who leaned in to suck. A magical moment. Jack had never thought he would want this or would let it happen. And indeed, had he been alone with Lowell, he wouldn’t have. But the sweet magic of Peggy’s juices coating him transformed the moment, so that moving from one hole to the other amplified through transgression beykoz escort the intense sexual pleasure of each, and the trust between him and his old friends made it possible for him to accept that pleasure.

For Lowell it was quite different. He had fallen through the wormhole and was discovering a galaxy of desires and feelings that had been hiding inside him. He knew now that he would love cocks for the rest of his life, would worship them and accept them anywhere in his body.

Jack withdrew and plunged back into Peggy’s cunt, then back into Lowell’s mouth, deeper this time. Kay moved over to form the third side of a triangle with her mouth on Lowell’s cock and her cunt on Peggy’s mouth. Jack knelt upright at the apex where Lowell’s mouth and Peggy’s cunt met, pushing his hard cock alternately into the two wet, warm, and loving holes. Peggy kept sucking Kay’s cunt, Kay kept sucking Lowell’s cock, Lowell kept sucking Jack’s cock as it alternated between Peggy’s cunt and his mouth. Jack felt the orgasm rising from the roots of his balls and anus.

“Where do you want me to come?”

“In me,” said Peggy and Lowell at the same time. Jack thrust deep into Peggy’s cunt, thinking of Lowell’s mouth, and exploded with flood of warm come, causing a chain reaction: Peggy gave another earth shattering orgasmic groan against Kay’s cunt, causing Kay to come hard, thrusting her mouth down on Lowell’s cock, causing him to erupt deep in her throat. Jack collapsed between them, his head on Kay’s breasts.

“Just like old times!” said Kay eventually, after a long, panting silence. “What shall we try next?”

“I want to try everything,” said Peggy. “I want a weekend like grandma’s.”


Jack and Kay were at the kitchen table drinking their morning coffee when Thelma knocked on the back door, binoculars in hand.

“Ready for some bird watching?”

Thelma had been coming over regularly to join them on their early morning walk, and was looking forward to learning about the local birds. She was avid birdwatcher back in England.

“Would you like some coffee first?”

The three had become friends over the past few weeks, since Peggy and Lowell had flown back east after that memorable weekend. To Jack and Kay, Thelma was part wise grandmother, part wild earth goddess. One moment Kay would be talking with her about baking scones, the next moment feeling a tingling in her loins as she wondered whether she tasted the same as Peggy.

For his part, Jack could never get enough of her generous cleavage as they sat at the table, or her ample bum as he walked behind her in the wash. Thelma was well aware of this attention and, frank as always, said to him one day, “It looks like you are both a tit man and a bum man, Jack!”

“I like them all,” admitted Jack.

“And what about cocks?” asked Thelma.

Jack blushed, thinking back to that crazy weekend, when Lowell had revealed his interest in Jack’s cock.

“I suppose I could be persuaded. It’s not the first thing I think of.”

“Cocks, cunts, mouths, arseholes. They all go together in so many lovely ways.”

That was the wild earth goddess speaking.

As they set out on their walk, Kay noticed a line of yellow across the pathway down into the wash.

“Oh look, Thelma, leaf cutter ants!”

In one direction the trail led to a blooming Palo Verde tree, in the other it disappeared into a mound of earth.

“If you look closely you can see the ants traveling back and forth along their yellow highway.” Kay was planning to become a science teacher and delighted in having Thelma as a student of the natural history of the desert.

They continued on their way, spotting hummingbirds, woodpeckers, and jackrabbits. They saw a lean coyote trotting hungrily through the brush.

“Did you hear them in the middle of the night?” asked Kay.

“Is that what that howling was? It made me think of wild forests in Celtic England, and people practicing unspeakable rites,” said Thelma.

“What sort of rites?”

“Oh, you know me,” grinned Thelma. “Sex. When I visited Stone Henge once I imagined myself standing in the middle, naked, while a circle of primitive men masturbated all around me.” Jack’s cock stiffened at the thought of masturbating in front of Thelma.

Later that night Jack and Kay lay on their backs in bed, Jack’s leg

draped across Kay’s thigh, feeling the movement of her hand as she

strummed at her clitoris while he stroked his cock.

“Who are you thinking about?” asked Kay.

“Thelma. Her tits, her bum. Wondering what she looks like down there.”

“Oh god, me too. Wondering what she tastes like down there.”

“Me fucking her while you eat her.”

“Oh yes, yes. And you fucking me while she eats me. Oh god I’m going to come.”

“Me too.”

Kay went rigid, lifting up Jack’s leg as he spurted over his belly.

“I wonder if she would do that,” said Jack.

“You know she would.”

One morning Kay and Thelma were sitting at the kitchen table while Jack was out running errands. Kay asked a question that had been on her mind for a while.

“So, if caddebostan escort Ruth’s father hadn’t died in the war, do you think you would have married him and had a more . . . normal life?”


“So, you could have gone either way about, I mean, you know, who you have sex with.”

“Do you mean, could I have had a normal heterosexual relationship?”

“Yeah, I guess. I’m just trying to figure things out. I’ve been with Peggy and I’ve been with Jack and I don’t really know what I am.”

“Darling, you aren’t anything but yourself. You don’t need to decide. It’s not a matter of homosexual or heterosexual, it’s a matter of who you love. You fuck the people you love and you love the people you fuck.”

“That helps. Jack and I love each other very much.” She smiled wistfully. “Still, the sex with Peggy was awesome.”

“Is she the only woman you have tasted?”

“Yes. Jack and I have this rule. The only other people we are allowed to have . . . to fuck are Barron women.”

They looked at each other with a dawning realization. A flower of intimacy and desire blossomed between them and they could smell each other’s wetness. Thelma stood up and disrobed, her proud breasts blushing, her copper colored bush luxuriant between her legs.

“Oh, you are the same color as Peggy down there.”

“Do you want to find out if I am the same taste?”

Thelma held out her hand and led her to the bedroom and lay down on the bed, legs and arms wide open.

“Come, dear, get on top of me. I have been wanting to taste you for so long.”

And that is how Jack found them when he returned, in a 69, mewling into each other’s warm wet folds, soft and urgent. Kay looked up, her face glistening with Thelma’s juices.

“Oh, hi Jack! Do you mind? She is a Barron, after all.”

Jack didn’t mind at all. His heart swelled with love for both of them and his cock stiffened.

“Why don’t you come and join us?” asked Thelma. “There are plenty of holes to choose from . . . . Oh, oh, Ruth was right, that is quite big. It’s absolutely lovely. Come here and let me suck it.”

Thelma withdrew her head from Kay’s glistening folds and put her head back over the edge of the bed to receive Jack’s cock as he thrust into her mouth. Jack reached between Kay’s legs and fingered her slippery cunt, pushing his finger into her while his thumb rested on her anus.

“Oh god yes Jack, put it in.”

Jack pressed his thumb in and Kay responded with a groan into Thelma’s pussy and started licking furiously. Thelma pushed Jack out and said, “you need to put this in your girl’s cunt.” And Jack entered once again the that hot tight loving channel that was his forever, as his hard cock was hers, and they began to climb the mountain again, the mountain of their love and desire, his balls slapping Thelma’s face as she responded to Kay’s furious licking with furious licking of her own. They became one thrusting thrashing groaning mass, the ancient magic of sex and love binding them, until they exploded together in orgasmic bliss, Jack pumping semen deep inside Kay as she flooded Thelma’s groaning face with her juices.


Summer was coming to an end and the sun was slanting across the desert at a different angle, the only signal that fall was here as the heat continued, dropping into the 90s and occasionally the 80s. It was on one of those cooler days that Jack was sitting at the kitchen table, admiring the way the light hit the cactuses between his house and the Barron house, when the phone rang.

“Jack darling, I’d love you and Kay to meet Dorothy, she flew in last night.”

“Kay is off in the wine country with her parents, but I’m not doing anything, when would like me to come over?”

“How about now? We are sitting by the pool drinking gin and tonics. Ruth is back east helping Peggy move into her dormitory, and we are all alone.”

“I’ll be right over.”

Thelma had left out one detail; they were sitting naked by the pool drinking gin and tonics.

“Jack darling, meet Dorothy.”

Dorothy held out her hand. “Pleased to meet you, Jack.” Jack, as usual, couldn’t stop his eyes from wandering over her naked body, her large drooping breasts and the thick pelt of dark hair between her legs, a contrast with Thelma’s copper colored bush.

“Let me fixe you a G&T,” said Thelma. “And do take your clothes off, there’s a good boy. You are making me feel naked.”

“But you are naked!” exclaimed Jack.

“Come on, let Dorothy have a look, it’s only fair the way you are perving at her.”

“I wasn’t perving, I was admiring.”

“Well, we want to admire you as well, don’t we? Dorothy, wait until you see his cock.”

Jack shed his clothes and stood before them, hands on hips. He had come a long way sexually since that orgy last winter. He had been confused about sex then, desperately wanting it but always double thinking himself, wanting to advance then recoiling into the privacy of his ever turning internal narrative. Then Peggy had broken the cycle for him, then Ruth, then Kay. And he had discovered from them that he had a fairly big cock, not enormous, but bigger than average. And he was starting to discover the attraction of standing naked and displaying it to a naked woman, sharing wanton glances, watching her eyes dip to his proud erection as his eyes dipped to her hairy pussy, the mutual admiration creating a feedback loop of amplified lust.

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