Abduction Aftermath Arnold’s Idea Ch. 1

Abduction Aftermath Arnold’s Idea Ch. 1

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The readers of ‘Abduction Ch.3.’ will remember that just before the epilogue section of that chapter, Katrina, Monica and Olivia were about to explore Arnold and Monica’s idea to bring the abductors to justice and set up their own independent film company to take full advantage of Katrina’s ‘training’. The story then skipped to the new studio that they set up, after the abductors were all brought to justice. AMKO films, Arnold, Monica, Katrina and Olivia were the partners in the new company, regular readers might recall. If not, please re-read this ironic piece of fiction. This story starts as the girls meet Arnold at the studio, early on Sunday morning, after Katrina had saved Olivia from enduring same fate that befell her, by duping Dárcy and Michelle into believing that they were taking Olivia to the beach for the day, on Saturday night. They had promised to return her to their house on Sunday afternoon and join them for dinner. Katrina was sure now that Dárcy was one of the abductors but hoped that she hadn’t made them suspicious about what she now knew. Katrina takes up the story:

* * * * *

We all went into the studio to meet Arnold and discuss his idea to trap Dárcy into identifying his friends in the country. Monica was right. I just had no idea who it was that had abducted me and held me hostage for over two weeks. After our discussions last night, myself and Olivia were convinced that Dárcy was involved in some way and she was more than willing to help in any way she could. It was hard for her to believe that Michelle would have let any harm come to her but the evidence, so far, was quite overwhelming. From what Olivia had told me, I was sure that it had been Michelle who had prepared me to have forced anal sex with that conceited animal of a husband of hers. I remembered her tiny hands and the feel of her large warm breasts on my body as she inserted her hands into both my vagina and my tight anal opening to prepare me for the first assault by the man that I now knew to be her husband. There just couldn’t be two men with a penis of that size and shape. Dárcy had been the only captor to remove my blindfold so that I could see the organ that was about to invade the depths of my bowels. He was so proud of his penis that he had been unable to resist showing it to me.

From what Olivia had told me about his recent tattoo, it was obvious that he thought I wouldn’t recognise him. I had never seen his face after all. Last night she had told Monica and I everything about how she had been trained by Michelle and it had become obvious that she was the same woman that had prepared me to meet Dárcy. I had to admit that without her gentle fisting there would have been no way for me to take all of him inside me the way that he did. Not that my captors gave me much option. I had been willing to do anything to avoid another encounter with Vladimir.

“Hi, ladies!” Arnold was in a buoyant mood. “You’re early this morning.” He pointed to the table for us to sit down. “Let’s see what we can think of to benefit all of us. I take it you’re sure about those two from yesterday?” He glanced at me with an easy smile as he held a chair out for me. He had greeted us warmly as he had emerged from the darkroom. Monica had already put the kettle on and I had been showing Olivia around the studio, pointing to some of our earlier photos from the beach. The back of the shop was warm and inviting and I completely relaxed my earlier fears that Arnold might have been involved in some way with Dárcy.

“Absolutely positive!” I nodded as I sat down. “It looks like Olivia was about to be used the same way too. I take it you don’t know them all that well then?”

“Oh! Yes and no. I know Dárcy and Michelle from other shoots from time to time but we’re not closely acquainted. Just business, you know, nothing too involved you understand!” He was brusque but friendly. “Not great buddies or anything, like with you guys.” He smiled as if he was about to mention something else.

Monica interrupted.

“I’ve already discussed your idea with both of them and it looks like it might be on as far as we’re concerned. I just want to make sure that they can never do anything like they did to poor Katrina again. Holding her hostage like that.” She put down the cups she had on the table and joined us. “I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what we talked about last night. If we can get them to come clean and give up the exact location and the identities of the others we might be able to keep them out of trouble.” She gave me a wicked smile. “Katrina might be willing to make good use of their training as long as there’s something in it for all of us.” She looked at me and I nodded my approval for her to negotiate on behalf of both of us. Olivia nodded eagerly too.

“Yeah! I’m quite excited about it, Arnold. Especially if you two guys are going to do the filming.” She looked at us and grinned. “It sounds as if Michelle was going to make me do it anyway.” She sakarya escort giggled as she remembered Michelle showing her off to Arnold when they first met. “All my fur’s gone now. Look!” Lifting her dress proudly to show him. She wanted Arnold to see the results of Monica’s handiwork. Arnold’s eyes widened as he took in the sight of Olivia’s newly shaved pubic area. She sat there, opening her legs fully and lowering her eyes as he took in every detail of her womanly love entrance. Olivia was brazenly engorged and her clit was erect. I’m sure that she liked Arnold a lot and was anxious to show him how bold she could be. She looked delicious and Monica and I both knew that she tasted every bit as good as she looked. Arnold licked his dried lips nervously and looked guiltily back at Monica.

“Nothing too kinky, though!” Monica blushed. “Remember they’ll do anything within reason to make some real money.” Monica took charge. “We want a full partnership in this idea of yours though.” She made her point. “All of us.” She asserted, meaningfully.

For the next two hours we talked about all the possibilities and came to a decision to go to Michelle’s house and collect the rest of Olivia’s gear, together. We decided to let Arnold do the talking for all of us. I remembered my phone conversation with Jim, late last night.

“If you think Dárcy might cause us any problems I can get some help from all Jim’s friends?” I was worried for Arnold’s sake.

“Oh, I think the three of us can handle him alright. He’ll be worried about getting himself into even more trouble. Leave him to me, Katrina my love.” He hesitated. “I mean partner.” smiling a little uncertainly as he said the word.

“As long as you’re sure,–Partner.” It was sounding better all the time. I smiled and looked at Monica. “What are we going to call our new film company?” I thought quickly. “How about AMKO Films? That we would all have our names on it. Just the first letter of all of our first names.” I explained looking for some reaction from the others as I shook hands with Arnold. “We should do really well with all of us together.”

Monica spoke again cautiously.

“All of us will have to save up for some equipment and probably borrow some money to start with. We’ll all have to sign some sort of guarantee form.”

Arnold had resigned to the fact that he needed the rest of us for one reason or another. Everybody in the room seemed to like the name and agreed to use it.

“OK then. Lets do it!” Arnold took charge and got to his feet. “We’re all partners together then.” He held his hand out to Olivia first. She was closest to him.

“What! Even me?” A look of pure adulation crossed Olivia’s excited features as she looked at us as we all nodded in agreement. “Wow! I’ll do everything you tell me to do, Monica. It can’t be any worse than what bloody Dárcy used to do to me.” She blushed. “Dirty old bastard that he was.” I noted that she now spoke of him in the past tense. She was fully on our side.

“I told you that we were going to look after you honey bunch.” Monica was beaming with happiness. She hugged her new playmate and looked at Arnold triumphantly. “You just tell Katrina or me if anyone does anything to you that you don’t like.” She kissed her tenderly before shaking Arnold’s hand. Monica’s fiery eyes sent a clear and unmistakable silent message to Arnold or any other man. {Keep your hands off them, buddy boy. They’re both mine!}

Arnold handed Olivia a package of photo prints that he had taken of her at Michelle’s house.

“You two might like to see these on the way. Olivia’s a real natural.” Turning back to Monica. “Your car or mine? Mine’s in the car park round the corner.”

“We’ll go in mine. It’s just out front!” Monica looked at the two of us. “You guys get in the back, eh? We’ll all have more room that way.” She winked at us with a cheeky grin.

Olivia and I both knew that she wanted Arnold in the front with her so that she could keep an eye on him. She figured that it was safer that way. She still had a jealous streak about letting a man, even Arnold, anywhere near her two lovers. She had never had it so good. We locked up the shop and got into the gleaming Mustang. Olivia and I snuggled comfortably into the back seat. Then I looked at Olivia’s prints with interest as we drove off.

The first three were perfect but I could sense the shame that Olivia felt as she reluctantly spread her legs for Arnold and held her quivering hair covered labia apart in the fourth photo. She looked humiliated.

“Michelle made me do that!” She confided in a whisper. ” I had only just met him but Arnold took a whole roll that day.” We found the only one that featured Michelle next. She giggled. “Look! Here she is showing me what to do.” She pointed at her former lover.

Michelle was standing with one foot on the armrest of a couch. She was obviously demonstrating how she wanted Olivia to show every tiny detail of the inner entrance samsun escort to her vagina. The camera had captured her unabashed excitement as she shamelessly held back her outer labia to reveal her erect, shiny pink clitoris. She was smiling pointedly at someone to the right of the camera lens as if showing them how to pose. She was intent on breaking down any semblance of inhibition on Olivia’s part to show the lot. I could understand how Olivia had been coerced into providing Arnold with such enticing spread shots after that. The remainder of the following shots were taken outdoors. Olivia looked more relaxed and I could sense her growing excitement at revealing her previously hidden secrets so shamelessly to a complete stranger. I realised the extent to which Michelle had been successful in turning a shy young teenager into the raging sexpot that Olivia had proved to be with Monica and I last night. It also explained, in part, why she had been so anxious to show Arnold how bold she had been in allowing Monica to remove all the pubic hair from her genitals. She probably had a bit of a crush on Arnold and seemed delighted at his lingering interest in her back at the studio. I hoped that Monica would be mature enough to allow nature to take it’s course, if ever Olivia’s interest in Arnold was reciprocated at some future point. After all he was married and I was sure that Olivia preferred to be with other girls anyway. I resolved to do my best to ensure that the new partnership would not be threatened by any lapse of fidelity on Olivia and Arnold’s part.

Making a mental note to discuss this with Monica the next time we were alone, I scanned the rest of the prints. Olivia was fresh faced and eager as she cuddled in beside me to see the rest of her test shots.

“I can hardly wait to see the look on Dárcy’s face when he realises that he won’t be able to order me around any more.” Olivia whispered in my ear as I packed the photos back into the envelope some time later. Monica was following Arnold’s exact directions so I concentrated on Olivia.

“What, exactly did he used to do to you, darling? It must have really been difficult for you?” I was curious now.

Olivia had started to tell us last night but she was too upset to talk about it. Her face went red as she looked up at me and in a quiet subdued voice told me how he constantly humiliated her by making her ask for a check up. She loyally defended Michelle but made me aware that he took delight in making her stand in front of him, at least five times a day in the end, and insert his finger as far up her vagina as possible and make her squirm in helpless discomfort as he casually probed her until she was thoroughly wet before sniffing his finger and licking it. Michelle smiled at me and added.

“I used to think that it was just something that I had to get used to but I never did. He used to do it right in front of Michelle too. He got rougher if I resisted him in any way. It was really humiliating. I never knew when he was going to do it to me.”

“I know darling. Now it’s our turn to make him squirm a little bit. Eh! Baby?” I was looking forward to placing him in a different sort of uncomfortable position and making him beg me for forgiveness.

I was pumped up by the evil thought of letting him know that his own conceit had brought about the downfall of all his sadistic friends at my prison. I was keen to know exactly whom it was that sent a charge of nerve jangling electricity coursing through Vladimir while I was doing my best to please them by humiliating myself for their benefit. I was going to make sure that whoever it was paid the price for their sadistic fun at my expense. I remembered cleaning up the resulting mess with my bare hands, after my bladder and bowels had vacated themselves involuntarily as I lay there wide open before their eyes, helpless to prevent myself from this degrading ultimate humiliation.

Now, I held the power. It felt exhilarating to know that soon my nightmares could be finally laid to rest forever. I had looked at the fine houses in the upmarket neighbourhood when Monica pulled into the driveway behind Dárcy’s car and realised that if he didn’t co-operate with Arnold, he might yet find himself enjoying a very different type of lifestyle for the next few years. I was sure that we had enough evidence between us to ensure that he was put away for a long spell in prison. The traffic was light at the moment but as I looked at the freshly mown lawn next door I shuddered for young Olivia. I could imagine the way she felt as she ran, totally naked back to the safety of the front door. It was only thirty metres or so but it must have seemed like a mile to her, knowing that the handsome young contractor was getting his rocks off on watching her nude body every step of the way. I couldn’t argue the fact that without Michelle’s ‘training’ methods it might have been impossible for Olivia to have taken part in our movie yesterday. She had done me an urfa escort enormous service when I looked at it that way. Without Olivia to corroborate details of Dárcy’s kinky behaviour and attest to his recent tattoo I might find it much more difficult to prove his involvement in my own recent experience.

Michelle herself answered the door. She was surprised to see all of us standing on her porch with grim determined faces. She knew that something was terribly wrong when she smiled and reached out to touch her lover. Olivia shrank back in my arms, recoiling at her attempt to bring her inside the house away from the rest of us.

“You know, don’t you?” She looked straight at me with a tired acceptance that her life was about to change.

Wordlessly I nodded the affirmative.

She looked haggard as she turned to Arnold.

“You’d all better come inside.” She looked older and worried. “Are the police coming too?” She scanned all our faces and looked down the street as she let us in.

“It depends on how ready you two guys are to co-operate with Katrina to be honest.” Arnold said simply. “I thought it was best to talk to you and Dárcy like adults first. Make no mistake, we have the goods on both of you if you try to wriggle out of it. You’re very lucky I talked Katrina out of bringing them with us. We’ve known each other for ages and I though we should give you a chance to put things right with her.” He was speaking softly but the thinly implied threat of further problems was all too clear to Michelle.

She collapsed into tears, sobbing as she begged all of us for our understanding and my forgiveness in particular. Her strikingly attractive face was distorted by tears as her naked body shook with grief. The wobbling of her naked breasts revealed their true age. She was a pathetic sight, once her previous poise disappeared, she looked quite ridiculous standing with her shoulders drooped low and her confidence gone completely. Olivia had never seen her like this and the look on her face showed the disgust that she now felt for her former lover. Stripped of her dignity this way, I almost felt sorry for her as her world collapsed in front of her. She looked at our stony faces and did her best to gather herself together again. She was sombre and willing to help in any way that she could to try and save herself from prison.

“I suppose you want to speak to Dárcy?” She asked, turning resignedly toward their bedroom door. “He won’t give you trouble.” She added.

Arnold nodded with grim determination.

“He’d better not! How could you guys get involved with this sort of crap? I couldn’t believe it at first.” Arnold looked at her.

Michelle licked her lips nervously and hung her head again in shame. She mumbled something I couldn’t hear to Arnold before addressing me.

“I felt sorry for you, Katrina. Honestly I did!” She looked at me as if to explain herself to me. “Greg and the others told us that you were just a little slut that couldn’t get enough of it.” Tears came into her eyes again as she pleaded her case. “I did my best to make sure that you didn’t come to any real harm.” Obviously she was referring to her efforts to make sure I was loose enough to take Dárcy in his favourite position. “I was watching you know. You did seem to be enjoying yourself with him.” She paused at the memory of me riding him for all I was worth. She risked a knowing smile. “The camera doesn’t lie, you know. I could see that you enjoyed that part anyway. Didn’t you?” She looked at me eagerly.

I was numb with shock. This woman obviously was fooled into thinking that I actually liked what her husband was doing to me. I thought about some of her words.

“You were actually filming all this? Everything?” I prompted.

I was more excited now that Michelle had admitted that it was her that had fisted me so skilfully before Dárcy had revealed his magnificently proportioned penis to my startled eyes that first time.

“I hope you weren’t the bitch that used Vladimir on me too!” I looked at her with steely cold eyes as I mentioned the way I had been coerced into accepting the situation earlier in the week that I was there. “I’d cheerfully kill you myself if you were!” I added menacingly.

“Of course not, Katrina. Couldn’t you tell that I loved you by the way I touched you? I couldn’t do that to any young girl.” She glance at Olivia for support. “Olivia can tell you. I love her too, you know. I always go gently as I can, so the you get used to Dárcy nice and gradually.” She smiled at me again. “Greg wanted me to let you have it ‘cold turkey’ as it were. I talked him out of it, you know? —- He was the sadistic one.” She thought, as she considered her words. “Probably because he hurts people for a living, you see! He told me that you hardly moved when he pierced your cute little clit. I think he just wanted to see you jump and wriggle a bit. He had the thing turned up to the maximum setting that day.”

“But—” I began.

“I know what he told you, but I was trying to get him to turn it down when he turned his little toy on. I really felt for you.” She looked pleadingly at me. “It wasn’t my idea, darling. I only tried to help you.” She fell silent and waited for my reply.

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