A Work Day with Miss Deb Pt. 03

This is the third part of a multi part story following our heroin, the 50-year-old Miss Deb, also known as the Handjob Queen, through a normal work day supplying relief to her clients.

While waiting on her third client of the day Deb found herself idly rubbing her swollen pussy though her panties. It would be really easy to go ahead and rub one out she thought but decided to save up that energy for now. She did have a pretty good idea on how she was going to get her next client hard for his handy.

Phil was a 45-year-old married man who was a fairly new client to Deb. He had been referred to her by one of her other clients that worked with him in middle management at a local banking firm. He was a weekly regular who liked his appointments simple, though he was a proponent of CFNM (Clothed Female, Naked Male) and liked some light domination as well. While she considered herself a long way from being a dominatrix, she didn’t mind taking charge for those that enjoyed giving up control to her.

Right on time Phil pulled into the drive with his banker BMW. Unlike her other clients, when he come in the door he immediately started undressing. In the spirit of his CFNM preference, he wasn’t even to say anything until he was naked. Even when Jim or another client was present, he was to strip down as soon as he entered the kitchen. He folded each item and placed it on one of the kitchen chairs, placing his shoes neatly under the same chair.

When he was fully nude he waited beside the same chair with his hands behind his back. At five foot eight inches and 220 pounds he was far from being the “specimen” that any one of the good boy crew were. Middle age paunch along with thinning hair and a smallish cock did not really get her fire going, but she was still buzzing from servicing the two younger boys this morning. She walked over and grabbed his limp cock and using it like a short (quite short) leash, she led him back to her “office” which was the spare bedroom they had converted into a sort of jack off suite.

As they walked, he did start to harden in her hand. He was a bit of a grower escort bayan so what seemed like a pitiful 3-inch peeny when limp did get up to about a 5-and-a-half-inch serviceable dick when hard. The fellow did have some rather large balls that hung well below his cock head when he was limp, and he could take quite a bit of abuse to them as well.

“Phil, I’ve had two young studs through here this morning that have really got my juices flowing. I was thinking maybe you’d like to have a sniff of my panties before we get down to business today. Does that interest you?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am it does,” he said, maybe a little too quickly.

“The only catch is that you’ll be required to take the larger of the Aneros plugs when it’s time to drain your balls.”

“That’s fine ma’am,” he groaned.

“Great then. On your knees, hands behind your back,” she ordered.

He did as he was told. She leaned back against the massage table that set near the middle of the room, spread her feet a bit more than shoulder width apart, and beckoned him with the “come here” gesture. He kept his hands behind his back as he made his way toward her walking on his knees. As he got close to her crotch, he could see the large damp spot in the gusset of her panties. He was fully erect now and could already smell her arousal. He moved in close and pressed his face into her cotton covered pussy, then inhaled deeply. His head spun and he couldn’t remember ever being so turned on.

“Give me your hands,” she said, holding her own out to him. She grabbed his wrists and placed his hands on her ass. He pulled her pussy towards his face, trying to smother himself in the intoxicating smell of her moisture. He could feel her clit pressing onto his nose as he rooted into her groin. He heard a small moan escape her throat and felt proud. She grabbed the back of his head and begin to grind her mound onto his face.

Just when he thought this was going to really turn into something else, she said, “Enough now. I think we’ll use the exam table today. Mount up.”

Although he was disappointed that altıparmak escort bayan there would be no pussy for him today, he was excited to get what he was there for. He went to the far wall where the exam table was located, pulled out the little step at the base and used it to get himself up onto the edge of it. This wasn’t his first rodeo, so he laid back and put each foot into the stirrups that were already in place. As he was getting in position Deb retrieved both a pump bottle of baby oil, a tube of anal lube and the Aneros butt plug. She put the items on the rolling table and kicked the step back under the table and out of her way.

She started by getting a handful of oil and rubbing it over both his hard cock and hanging ball sack. He jumped and moaned at her touch. She gave him a couple tugs, then went for the anal lube. She put some on the first two fingers of her right hand, then lifted his balls out of the way with her left. He lifted his hips a bit to help with access and she rubbed the lube around his asshole. He started moaning loudly at this and she continued to rub and moved her left hand up to stroke him a few times.

“This guy is going to pop before I even get started,” she thought.

She stopped stroking and picked up the plug. Again, using the lube, she put a thick coating on it then moved to insert it. While Phil was not an anal virgin by any means, the MGX model was a large butt plug, designed to stimulate the prostate when inserted. She grabbed his cock with one hand and started rubbing the head of the plug on his hole with the other.

“Take a deep breath and relax big guy. Here we go,” she said, applying constant pressure to the base of the plug.

His sphincter yielded to the pressure and though he was groaning uncomfortably while the plug slid in, she had it buried in him quickly. She held his cock gently while moving the base of the butt plug slightly. The effect it was having on his prostate was obvious. His cockhead was leaking pre-cum nonstop, and he was squirming on the exam table. She let go of nilüfer eskort the plug, got another handful of baby oil, then went to work jacking the man off rather roughly. She adjusted the angle of her arm so that on the down stroke her wrist slapped his balls. The harder she did this the more he raised his hips to meet her. Doing this in turn made the Aneros stimulate his prostate further. It was all winding him tighter and tighter to the point that he was actually feeling lightheaded.

When he started to get close to orgasm, she stopped touching his cock and started wiggling the plug around. He jumped around on the table, still leaking pre-cum heavily. She slapped his balls several times and he just spread his legs further apart, inviting the abuse. Again, she went back to stroking, her hand sliding up to envelope just his throbbing cockhead, then slamming back down into his balls. He made a guttural sound and thrust up off the table when the first rope of cum flew from his cock. For a middle-aged guy, he had great distance, shooting all the way up his chest and hitting his own chin.

All the while she kept the pace up until he was completely empty and jumping to get away from her hand. She then grabbed the little handle at the base of the plug and started to pull it out. As she did this the plug was still hitting his prostate making him jump even more. When it was finally out of him, he lay limply on the table, feet still in the stirrups. She was quite impressed with the copious amount of jism the guy has sprayed all over himself. It was more than either of the young guys had managed this morning but of course she hadn’t been fooling with their p-spot.

She walked to the shelf by the door and grabbed a towel. Walking back to him she stood between his legs and started to roughly rub the towel over his cock and balls first, then mopping up the cum from his belly and chest. His cock had shrunk back down to it’s 3-inch limp state. He pulled his feet from the stirrups and sat up on the table, then eased himself down. She handed him the towel to finish cleaning up. When he was done, she again led him by his dick back into the kitchen where he got dressed.

Before his car had time to get out of sight down the road, she had gotten notification from her cashapp that Phil had dropped one very nice tip to her account on top of his normal payment for the next weeks appointment.

This is the third part of a multi part story following our heroin, the 50-year-old Miss Deb, also known as the Handjob Queen, through a normal work day supplying relief to her clients. While waiting on her third client of the day Deb found herself idly rubbing her swollen pussy though her panties. It would…

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