A Wonderful Night Out?

A Wonderful Night Out?

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When you came home I had been sleeping. You had been out with your workmates as it was your employers big Christmas party. This usually involved a lot of people who worked for the local government all meeting in one of the cheaper hostelries in town and drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

Copious amounts sounded about right, you were trying to be quiet but you were failing miserably. You stumbled slightly as you entered the bedroom, I chuckled to myself at your antics of trying to be quiet. I could see your faint image in the darkness of our bedroom as you peeled your dress off over your head. What I did notice is that you didn’t appear to have any underwear on under the dress and was starting to wonder if what we had been talking about a while before your night out had actually happened. We had discussed the possibility of you going out without panties or thong, wearing, as most women do on Christmas nights out, a short skirt or dress. This had always turned both of us on immensely but had always involved both of us being present. I had spoken to you about going out on your own but you had always dismissed it as you didn’t feel confident enough. Even though it did turn me on more, the thought of some stranger getting a fleeting glimpse of your pussy, innocently showing it off as if you didn’t know you were doing it.

When you got into bed beside me, you cuddled in close and reached over me to start to stroke my already stiffening cock. I asked why you were so eager and you took my hand and led it to your pussy which was absolutely soaked with your juices. I asked you why and this is what you told me:

When you decided to go out earlier without underwear as you were getting dressed to go out it had turned you on a little bit, but had also made you apprehensive as to what would happen. You had went without before but never çanakkale escort with such a short dress on and were wondering if anyone would notice.

When you arrived at the venue there was already a number of people there that you knew so you sat with them around a big table, which hid the fact that your dress was short enough to determine whether you had underwear or not. The evening proceeded as was expected as everyone consumed varying amounts of alcohol and started to get in the Christmas party mood. Then the music was turned up and the dancing started.

You were approached by a male colleague who asked if you would like to dance and you accepted. Once on the dance floor your inhibitions seemed to disappear somewhat as the music that was on was a raunchy tune which involved dancing of a more daring nature. Your dancing partner responded in kind and proceeded to run his hands down your body on the outside of your dress. At this point he realised that you weren’t wearing anything under it and seemed to react fairly well as he didn’t make a scene or shout it out or anything but just smiled at you knowingly.

After the dance finished you returned to your seat only to be asked by another man a short time later for another dance. This progressed throughout the night as both of the individuals asked you for dances until at one point you were dancing in between both of them as they both ran their hands over you in time to the music.

You were enjoying all of the attention but knew it had to end soon as the night was coming to a close, and you said your goodbyes to your friends and went outside for a taxi home.

As the taxi arrived and you opened the door to enter, one of the individuals you had been dancing with started to get in the other side and his friend, your other dancing partner was getting çeşme escort in behind you so that you would be sitting in between the both of them.

At this point you said to them that you were going home to your partner and didn’t want to have sex with anyone else, to which they answered not to worry, that they were only out for some fun too.

The three of you sat in the back of the taxi and you told the driver where to take you and one of your friends told him to take a more scenic route, handing him some extra money for his trouble.

As the taxi started moving you felt two hands on your upper thighs, stroking you gently and working their way up towards your pussy. You felt someones hot breath as they started to nibble at your neck. Your legs involuntarily spread open as you became more and more aroused by their attentions. You could see that the taxi driver was watching you in his rear view mirror as your dress was pushed up to your waist to fully expose your now soaking pussy. The thought of being watched by a third while these two relative strangers played with your pussy was turning you on even more, and you pushed your hips forward so that they could have better access to your pussy and clitoris.

By now, you were just about nearing orgasm, as they were both still playing with your pussy and clit. You then started to stroke them through their trousers and found two very hard cocks. You loosened both of their trousers and released their hard cocks which sprang out into your hands and you started to wank them both slowly as they played with you.

At this, they started to peel your dress off over your head so that you were naked in the back of the taxi. The taxi driver had stopped and you couldn’t remember him doing so, but you saw him sitting in the front of his taxi slowly stroking himself while diyarbakır escort watching what was happening behind him.

Your arousal was now building to the point of orgasm and you could feel it creeping up on you as they were nibbling at your bare nipples and playing with your clitoris. Your breath was now coming in short breaths with your excitement and they could tell you were about to come, so they rubbed your clit all the more vigorously as you squealed that you were coming and your orgasm hit you. Your juices flowed out all over the taxi seat, you pleaded with them to let you recover but they just kept on rubbing your clit hoping to make you come again. When your second orgasm hit you, you thought that your head would explode with the pleasure, your whole body shook and an involuntary wail escaped your lips. This was the time that the cocks that you had been stroking came all over your hands. The taxi driver had already came and put his cock away and started to drive again.

As you all calmed down in the back of the taxi, you sat, naked, wondering what you would tell me, if anything, of what happened to you this evening. You decided that you would tell me all as you knew how much it would probably turn me on, and after all, you hadn’t fucked anyone, had you?

The taxi driver announced that you had arrived home and you went to take your dress back from one of your friends, to which he answered that you had to get out of the taxi first.

You looked around the street and noticed that there was no one else around to see you. You wondered if that was a good or a bad thing as you got out of the taxi, naked, and put out your hand for your dress. He handed you the dress expecting you to put it on straight away but you decided to walk the fifty yards to our door before putting it back on again, giving anyone one who happened to be looking out of their windows at that time of night a goodnight show.

You then put your dress back on and entered our home, thinking what you would say to me as you stroked my cock till it got hard for you to engulf with your soaking wet pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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