A Wife’s Secret


A while I had to go to London to Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross which is something I have to do on a regular basis as I work within the legal industry. It was on the way home on the underground back to Snaresbrook where I parked that I saw a man who I was instantly attracted to. When I first saw him I could not keep my eyes off him, I thought he looked absolutely beautiful he was amazingly good looking. I kept looking around the train but each time I returned to gaze at him. I could not help myself. This went on for sometime as I imagined all sorts of erotic thoughts and I began to feel myself becoming aroused and the familiar tingle between my legs as I became wet.

I’m not sure how long this went on for but as I looked around I returned my gaze to him to find him looking right back at me straight in the eye. He had the most wonderful bright dark brown eyes. I felt such as shock as our eyes met and instantly looked away and blushed sure he would guess what I was thinking. I waited and then looked slowly back to find him again staring right into my eyes. I looked away and wondered what to do next. He must have been about 28 and I am 36. I guess I am quite fit for my age I exercise and can pass for someone younger. I was dressed in a dark trouser suit, a dark blouse and high heels. I always wear what I consider to be attractive underwear and today I was wearing a dark one piece body suit which is my favourite. I am actually quite a shy person but looked back again toward him. He had not moved his head and found him looking straight at me. I looked into his eyes and held them. We both just sat staring. Thoughts raced through my head working through all the different scenarios that might possible come up so that if he spoke I would be able to answer in a confident witty way.

In any event I was getting closer to my stop and we had not taken our eyes from each other. Time was just slipping by and I could not look away. I realised that the next stop was Snaresbrook and I broke away from him to gather my things up. Instantaneously he did the same. I got up and went to the door and he got up to and stood next to me at the exit. I lost my nerve and did not look at him. The train stopped and we both stepped off.

He then said quite simply “hi my name is Bradley would you like a drink”. Without thinking I just looked at him and said I would like nothing more. His voice matched his looks increasing my desire for him. He walked me to my car where I dropped off my stuff and we walked out to Wanstead High Street to the pub at the bottom of Snaresbrook Road.

We sat and chatted about the normal stuff I guess people talk about and then came the obvious question that he wanted to ask, “So you’re not happy in your marriage then”. I had forgotten about my wedding ring. I replied I was happy and just for now not to think about it. He nodded.

As we chatted my desire for him became stronger and after an hour I felt I could trust him and he was not going to hurt me. We walked back to my car with his arm around my waist dropping down to my arse to stoke it. I found this amazingly sensual and the feel of his strong hand on me aroused me strongly. Arriving at my car he dropped both his hands to my waist and pushed me back against the boot and pushed his tongue deeply into my mouth giving me the most passionate French kiss which I returned eagerly tasting him as we licked and sucked on each other. As I was doing this I became aware of the large bulge which I began to feel through my clothes pushing against the lower part of my tummy. I dropped my hand and rubbed his erect cock through his suit trouser which was pointing upwards toward his belt straining to get past.

We got into my car and Bradley had his hand on my thigh and was stroking me moving slowly up to my crotch the confidence of the guy was just such a turn on. My pussy must have been sopping wet and totally lubricated as I could feel the amount of juice that was now beginning to dampen the front of my trousers. Bradley reached my crotch and gasped as he touched the front of me and remarked how damp and hot I felt. I was unable to move the pleasure and electricity that was running through me was overpowering and the feeling as he pushed against the cloth through to my clit made me breathe in with a jolt. Bradley reached the top of my zip and slowly pulled it down. He then slowly undid the button holding the waist of my trousers. He then with the flat of his hand against my tummy pushed slowly toward my wanting wet vagina. I was completely helpless and kuşadası escort as he got to my pubic bone I pushed up against his hand to meet the fingers heading to my clitoris and panted.

As he slowly reached the top of my slit I took hold of his hand with both of mine to guide him but he knew just how to touch me. Skilfully he pulled aside the cloth of my lingerie and without any friction began to explore my now enormous hard clit. I then felt his strong hand insert two large fingers into me as he then curled his fingers to rest inside me behind the wall of my clit where he began to touch me in an indescribable way. His thumb was resting and pushing directly on my hard clit but where I was so wet each time he pushed slightly his thumb would slid off to the side of my slit. This was done in a matter of seconds and I started to have a huge orgasm. I was aware my hips were pushing forward although I was not aware it was me doing it, instinct just took over.

My orgasm was happening so fast and I was having a strange feeling like I wanted to wet myself but I could not stop him doing what he wanted to me. As I started to cum Bradley quietly said “don’t hold the noise in let it go” and it felt like something just let go. I gave out such a noise of moaning and panting and shouted “fuck, fuck, fucking hell, oh fuck” and without knowing, I’m not sure why or how but I just lost control of my bladder and started to wee. I managed to stop but not before I had soaked my trousers and Bradley’s hand. I felt the warmth of it spread over my cloths and toward the seat of my arse. I was still coming and completely confused but I felt no shame about losing my control. Bradley lent over and again I felt his tongue enter my mouth which such force it stopped me from breathing. The feeling of being completely overpowered and helpless (from a women point of view) was the most wonderful sexual feeling that I have ever felt. With my husband I am safe but this was different I had given myself in a new way to this man which was intimate to us something I had not done with anyone else. It was naughty but totally delicious and I loved it.

Bradley stopped and invited me back to his place which was not too far away to get cleaned up. Well I was not going to say no I was in a mess and was still hungry for this man I was not nearly satisfied and neither was he. I sorted my self out and was directed to South Woodford and a smart block of flats. We got out and quickly walked up a flight of stairs and into Bradley’s front door. I walked through to a hallway.

Bradley was behind me I started to walk forward and then I heard the door slammed shut, I was powerfully stopped by two strong arms which forcibly pushed me hard face first into the wall. I felt Bradley push his body into mine from behind and felt that large bulge pushing between my arse. My first instinct was fear but then immediate arousal as my neck was kiss and sucked, my knees felt weak and he began to kiss my ear which is something I normally do not like but with him I wanted it. I felt him pulling at his trousers and could detect him pulling them down. I waited as he kicked off his shoes as he pinned me to the wall. He then obviously pulled down his pants and his cock sprang out I felt something large and hard hit my back as his cock slapped down on me. I had to touch him I reached around my back and discovered an enormous thick huge cock. He was a giant compared to Martin. Again I felt scared and curious as to whether this would hurt. I had read cocks that are beyond a certain size are too big for a woman and can cause pain or injury. I touched the tip of him and he was wet with his juice. All that ran through my mind was the mess it was making of my trouser and all the white stains it would leave. I paused not knowing what to do but Bradley decided for me as he quickly pulled down to my trousers and undid them. With both hands on my hips he pushed down my trousers. He reached down to my crotch and undid the fasteners and pulled up my lingerie. I felt the heat of his dick touch my back and the warmth and cold as his wet tip traced itself over me. I was breathing hard and fast and felt very shaky.

I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my trousers and pushed them away and opened my legs. I then felt Bradley pull back from behind reach down and obviously holding himself fed his cock through my legs. He let it go and it sprang up and hit me between my legs. I reached down again and touched it. It was still wet and getting wetter. I rubbed my right hand over his bell end which filled the cup of my hand it was so smooth and I massaged it as he gave out soft moans. I am quite sensual and I let my feelings take over me without thinking. My hand was wet with his pre-cum and I let go and slide my hand over my pussy as I needed to know his juices were on my cunt. I then lifted my hand to my mouth and smelt him and me together. I then tasted my fingers which tasted sweet and heightened my arousal and senses. I felt Bradley’s body jerk as he did this he pulled back and turned me around and then laid himself on me against the wall. He took my hand and licked it all over with his tongue and then he kissed me, deeply and passionately. I was aware of his cock pushing up against me between my legs. It felt so strong I was overawed by its power and also scared.

After few minutes of passionate kissing and Bradley kicking off his shoes, trousers and underwear he led me to his bedroom.

He stood me by the bottom of his bed and whilst staring straight into me with his perfect brown eyes slowly undressed me. He pulled off my top and then lifted my lingerie up over my head. I stood naked before him and returned the favour. I love hairy chests but Bradley was smooth, his only fault. He was fit and toned and instinctively started to kiss his chest and his nipples that hardened as my tongue explored him. I knew at that point I wanted to suck his cock. I fell to my knees and starred at him.

He was long and thick but oddly he was considerably thicker toward the bottom of his base. I opened my mouth and began to suck on his bell end which was just as wet as before. My mouth was stretch open and it was uncomfortable to hold my mouth like this but I wanted to please. I took his shaft with both my hands and started to rub along his length. I ran my tongue over the tip of his cock and felt his pre-cum slowly oozing from him as it felt slippery on my tongue with each pass of his eye. I hungrily swallowed sucking and rubbing him with my tongue. I looked up with my eyes and saw him staring down at me I felt vulnerable and would do anything he wanted of me.

I was not using any form of contraceptive and hoped he did but I thought to myself well if he does not well I will just go and use the morning after pill. I tried to take more of him in my mouth but I could not. I started to move my hand down to his balls and fell two large testicles one in each cupped hand. Now although I have only ever had three men I am not inexperienced and know what men like and when aroused I perform without thinking. All the time I was looking up into his eyes like an adoring puppy. I moved my hands down to behind his balls and felt the large vein that fed his cock and with my long nail began to stroke it gently back and forth to his arse. Bradley started to try and fuck my mouth I felt his cock twitch and he began to moan. He was thrusting and I had to hold his shaft to prevent him from choking me. He began to moan and I felt the amount of fluid begin to increase from him. I continued to stroke his hard throbbing vein with my finger (try it on your partner as he is about to cum he will love you forever afterwards) and without any warning my mouth began to fill with his spunk. He had dropped his hands to my head and was firmly holding my head on his cock.

Waves of spunk were coming from him and I felt it spurting onto my tongue. My mouth filled as it started to amass down my throat and slide into my stomach. I started to panic as I could not breathe and felt I was choking. Bradley held my head not letting go and continued to unload the contents of those two balls into my mouth. His spunk was slipping past my stretched mouth onto my face down my chin and was dripping onto my breasts and down to my tummy. This went of for about 15 seconds not a long time but when you can’t breathe it felt an eternity. His strength in making me do this was strangely extremely exotic. I was totally in his power and would have to do whatever he wanted. He made me feel like a women but I was choking and I began to reach all the time staring into his eyes. Bradley pulled his spunk covered dripping cock from my mouth and I took a deep breath and coughed as spunk shot from my mouth. I felt dizzy as Bradley held himself to me to continue sucking which I dutifully did and finished by licking the entire length of him and his balls.

He then pulled me up and said how amazing that was and laid me onto his bed. His erection had gone down and he pulled me next to him and kissed me passionately whilst exploring my long body and legs with his hands. It felt consuming and I wanted him to fuck me and make love to me.

The taste of his spunk in my mouth was fantastic it tasted fresh and earthy. The thought of all that spunk now inside me, inside my stomach and the stickiness over my body felt wonderful. He had made his mark on me like he was stamping me as his territory and I accepted him eagerly.

I rolled him onto his back and sat on his wet cock. I began to wank him off and happily he gained an erection quite quickly. He was long and I had to kneel up a lot to allow the tip of his cock to be inline with my pussy. He allowed me to play with him but I knew if the mood took him he would take total control again and would not be able to stop him I was totally sub to him just the way I like it, feeling helpless. It was almost like he was giving me permission and that made it even more sexy.

I was out of breath, my knees felt weak and they were trembling. I held that huge bell end just off from my clitoris and then gently touched it to me. He felt so warm and big against me. I was lubricated and my wetness had spread from my opening to my thighs. I started to ride his cock against me allowing it to slide up and down my slit. The pleasure that gave me was fantastic my clit felt sensitive and with each stroke I began to whimper. I cum easily and without anymore I started to orgasm feeling my clit throb and my womb to contract tight in waves of pleasure. I moved faster against him to heighten the pleasure as Bradley stared at me in my helpless pleasure in his company.

My knees were now very wobbly and my thighs shook. I took his wonderful wet cock and took it to the entrance of my vagina and held it there as it completely covered my entrance. I held it to me and started to let it press into me. I felt myself open to him and stretch but it was uncomfortable and started to hurt. I pulled off and tried again more slowly but still the same thing I had to stop. It felt so good but I couldn’t do it. I tried another three times but had to stop. This was obviously teasing my lover who I could see in his eyes wanted me badly. I felt worried at that look.

Bradley sat up rolled forward onto me so he was now on top. I felt his wet cock come down on my tummy marking it with love juices. Bradley kissed me passionately on the mouth and filled me with his tongue, I was in no doubt he was in charge again.

He reached down and I felt him slide his cock down my slit on my clit to the entrance of my vagina. He pushed it into me but I yelped out in pain and he stopped. He looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes and said he had to fuck me. At that he forced his cock deep into me hard. The pain was terrible and I screamed out. He began to fuck me hard I could feel myself stretch as he pulled out of me and then rammed himself home deep back into me. The pain did not stop but I was enjoying it. He muffled my yelps by putting his mouth over mine After about 20 seconds the pain stopped a bit as I began to accommodate his size. I could now feel pleasure and very quickly I began to come. I felt dizzy and began to forget what was happening as I was being consumed by him.

I was now pushing myself into him I could still feel pain but I wanted it. I felt Bradley twitch and his cock began to judder as he started to cum. I felt him push hard into me trying to get deeper and I gasped for breath as he let out a yell and started to fill my womb with his spunk. This triggered my orgasm again as I felt his load hit the back of my pussy. I contracted on him to suck his sperm into my body and deep into my womb. I had abandoned any fears of not having any contraceptive. We were moaning in pleasure together for about 10 seconds as the passion began to wane. Bradley then pulled out of me which made me wince and then rolled over exhausted I sat up to find the contents of what he had just pushed into me dripping out. I felt in pain and I was sore and I wanted to check I was ok which appeared to be fine.

We cuddled for a while and then I had a shower and cleaned myself up. Bradley asked to see me again but I declined but said I had his address if I ever changed my mind. After that I went back to my car and drove back to Norfolk. I made sure I went and got the morning after pill to prevent any little accidents. I felt sore the following day but soon recovered.

Sorry this has been so long but I thought it was the detail that makes this just a little different. Writing it has aroused me and I am sat here now wet and wanting Bradley to have me once more. But I will never allow myself to do that. Not anytime soon anyway.

A while I had to go to London to Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross which is something I have to do on a regular basis as I work within the legal industry. It was on the way home on the underground back to Snaresbrook where I parked that I saw a man who I was…

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