A well-endowed patient


My name is Maria and I am a nurse. I’m a 5ft 6inches tall brunette with large breasts (38 DD) and large dark areola and protuberant nipples, wide curvy hips and thick thighs and shapely calves. Nowadays, I don’t consider myself anything special but in my younger days, I was pretty with a voluptuous figure which not infrequently attracted wolf whistles from guys. I was married at the time this story took place.

Scott was a mountain-bike rider and had broken his left leg in a tumble while racing down a hill in the Blue Mountains National Park.

I was working at the local regional hospital when Scott was admitted because his leg was in such bad shape.

He remained in hospital for a week and a half and would require months of physiotherapy afterwards.

During his first few days he was given baths in bed with me and the other nurses washing him because his left leg was immobilized in traction.

I was the first to wash Scott after he returned from the operating theatre, using a washcloth and hot soapy water and then rinsing him off and re gowning him. For some reason, they had not catheterized him in the Emergency Department, and he was still dirty from the mud he collected after his crash. They had cleaned his left leg for surgery but not the rest of him. His left leg was in traction and therefore he would not be getting out of bed.

Scott was a handsome man, tall, lean and well-muscled. He sort of reminded me of Brad Pitt.

When I first undressed Scott, I was taken aback at how well-endowed he was. His uncut limp cock must have been at least 8-inches long and almost as thick as my wrist. His balls were large and were covered by his wrinkly scrotal sac. He was still drowsy post anaesthesia and I was tasked with catheterizing him. I made the preparations to insert an indwelling catheter into his urethra. Looking at his size I had chosen a large 18 FR catheter (most men take a 14FR). The procedure involves cleaning the genitals to minimize infection risks and covering the area with sterile disposable drapes before inserting the catheter into the urethra.

As I cleaned his cock with an antiseptic soaked gauze, it started to stir. Scott was still unconscious. I was fascinated watching his manhood grow, and I must confess a little turned on by the spectacle unfolding before my eyes. By the time, I was injecting the local anaesthetic lubricant into his gaping slit and holding his cock with my left hand, his manhood was standing at full attention. I swear his fully erect cock must have been at least a foot long and thicker than a 330 mL Budweiser beer bottle with a disproportionately massive purplish pink mushroom shaped glans. I couldn’t help but think that his girth and especially the girth of his bulbous knob must have given immense pleasure to the women whose pussies have managed to accommodate it.

Being a professional, I completed his catheterization and wash, and discreetly covered his massive hard-on with a bed sheet.

Later that shift, I checked on him to record his vitals and see if he needed anything. By this stage he was fully awake after surgery and said that he wanted to pee. I smiled and told him not to worry as I had earlier catheterized him while he was still waking up from surgery. I told him that I needed to visually check the catheter and wondered to myself whether or not he was still hard. I lifted his sheets and found his thick cock flaccid with catheter in place. I tried to yavuzeli escort maintain my composure but I’m sure he must have noticed my widely dilated pupils as I gazed at his manhood and heard myself mumbling that everything seemed to be in place.

Now I know that nurses see patients naked all the time, but two days later when Scott’s catheter was to be removed, I was accompanied by Julie, a nurse’s aide who seemed especially keen to help out. By that stage, the news about Scott’s oversized appendage had spread among the nursing staff in the ward and beyond.

Julie closed the door to his room, and I told Scott what we were about to do. I undid Scott’s gown, uncovering his enormous penis. Julie’s eyes widened with genuine surprise as she surveyed his large flaccid cock. Julie and I looked at each other and smiled and then smiled at Scott who seemed to be enjoying being exposed and naked in front of us.

I could see that Scott found us both attractive. Julie was about 19 years old, pretty and blonde, about 3 inches taller than me with nice pert breasts, slim figure and long shapely legs. As mentioned earlier, though I was about 40 at the time, I still had a curvy full figure with rather large breasts which attracted attention from the guys. He could tell that we liked what he had between his legs!

Julie and I were of course dressed, and Scott was now naked before us mostly with his tied-on gown pulled aside for us to have access.

I supervised Julie, who with gloved hands pulled back his foreskin exposing his oversized glans, I aspirated the catheter balloon and Julie smoothly pulled it out from his slit.

Later I asked if he would like a bath. He said “yes” and I washed him and instead of handing him the washcloth to wash his privates, I did it for him, secretly hoping that he would once again have a hard-on.

He could see that I was really studying his very well-hung cock as I soaped it up. I then rinsed with warm water his soft oversized uncut cock, with his large balls. His penis looked even bigger. It was fuller, and its shaft was lifted slightly away from the pillow of his floppy pendulous scrotum. It was uncircumcised and the tip of its head, which had been hidden beneath his prepuce when I had first seen it, peaked out, shining, from the ring of skin that wrapped it

I knew he found me attractive but disappointingly he did not immediately get an erection, but as I pulled on his limp thick cock with the washcloth, he soon become erect, and I did not act surprised and said…

“I see that this part of you still looks like it works”… and commented further saying “Please don’t be embarrassed, as it is my job and that I’ve seen a lot of men over the years.” I cleared my throat and said, “But not as big as yours is…” with a chuckle and a very warm smile.

He could see I had a wedding ring on my finger.

I had to leave as I had a number of other patients to attend to, all the time thinking of his magnificent erection, and I noticed myself getting horny.

At this point, I might mention that my hubby is on the small side, his uncut cock measures about 5 inches when fully erect and not very thick (about the size of my big toe and I have small size 6 feet), with grape sized balls wrapped in a small neat scrotal sac. His little package looks like one of those seen on those ancient Greek classic statues.

After the catheter was removed yavuzeli escort bayan Scott had trouble peeing. Because he was still restricted to bed due to his recently operated immobilized left leg, he couldn’t get up and go to the loo. He was given a portable urinal to pee into. As it turned out, his bulbous glans was too big to insert into the nozzle. He had tried to push part of his glans into the nozzle but must have had his slit not fully lined up and wet his bed.

At about 9:00 pm I came in and had the usual washcloth and towels in hand and as I had to clean and wash him after he’d wet himself and his bed. Again, he became erect as I had secretly hoped, and I smiled at him and then came right out and said it…”So,..The talk about you is that you broke your leg mountain-biking, it must take some big balls to do that, And I see that you have a big cock to match!” He simply smiled back and as I washed his privates, and feeling increasingly daring and horny, I asked him, “Would you like to get off?”

He presumably hadn’t cum for a few days and looked horny as hell. He didn’t need to answer as he obviously read my mischievous eyes and I could read the look on his handsome face.

I removed my rubber gloves and before he knew it, my delicate fingers eagerly grabbed his erect phallus with more force than I had anticipated. His big ‘12-incher’ was loving my warm hands now as I grabbed his hard cock with both hands and started stroking him slowly, rhythmically and firmly, all the time studying his enormous appendage with fascination and lust.

Using the soap, he got a great hand job and before long, I could see his egg-shaped balls pull up in his pendulous scrotal sac and I could tell that he was experiencing that irresistible pulsating feeling of an impending orgasm in his swollen proud manhood. As he came, he involuntarily grunted and shot half a dozen gobs of his hot semen all over the bedding as I praised him and his oversized horse cock.

Some of his hot cum got on my hands and I don’t know why, maybe I wanted to taste his precious seed, but I found myself licking it off and then cleaned my hands and washed his still hard thick tumid manhood clean of any cum…

I helped him off the bed and changed the bedding and I told him that I..” had never done that before” and added that I “had never seen or touched such a huge penis before”.

I was doing a late and then early shift. The next morning, my first task after handover was to give Scott some painkillers. When I was in his room about to wake him up to give his meds and check his IV drip, two female doctors, the Senior Resident and Intern on the orthopaedic team arrived.

They pulled back his sheets to examine his left leg and I could see the surprised look on their faces, their mouths agape, as both just stared at his groin as the Senior Resident began to speak. Scott was still waking up from a deep sleep and as often the case with younger men, his proud turgid manhood was in full morning salute, poking out from under his gown! All 12 or more inches, his bulbous purple mushroom-shaped glans glistening, large cord-like sinuous veins running the length of his thick appendage. They asked him how he was doing, and he haltingly replied “fine”. The Senior Resident smiled and replied, “I can see that!” and both of them left the room. As they left, I overheard the Intern saying in awe: “Oh my god! Have you ever escort yavuzeli seen anything like that!?” ”

Remembering the events of last night, I smiled at Scott as I checked his drip and said, “Looks like you gave those two doctors something to talk about…”. Scott smiled and I caught myself saying: “I hate to leave you like that, but I’ve got to see my other patients. I’ll be back later to give you a wash”. Scott looked excited at the prospect which pleased me, and I gave him a cheeky wink and a coy smile as I left his room.

Later that day, I returned with the towels and such to wash Scott. I removed his gown as he was now entirely naked. He was in good physical shape, sinewy muscles with abdominal muscles cleanly etched on his torso. Nice and lean muscled, not overly muscled like one of those bodybuilders. His clean robe folded up next to him as I prepared to wash him.

As I was going about my preparations, I could tell from the corner of my eye that once again he was eyeing off my curvaceous figure, large breasts with the faint outline of my large protruding nipples whose outline were visible even through my uniform.

As I washed him, a nurse’s aide came in to ask me a question about another patient, and just basically stared at his body as she did this and smiled, looking shyly into his eyes several times.

The nurse’s aide then left the room and as she left, she pulled the curtain closed and it was then that I noticed that the entire time the door had been wide open and an attractive middle-aged woman who did not work there, a visitor for another patient …was staring at him through the door and clearly looking in amazement at the massive flaccid manhood on display as it lazily flopped over his upper thigh.

Scott looked back and the woman smiled a look of awe mixed with approval when her eyes met with his. I apologized to Scott and closed the door slowly and smiled at the other woman as I closed the door before, I started to wash his flaccid oversized uncut cock which flopped over his right thigh like some flesh-coloured snake languishing in the midday sun, his large cojones sitting heavily in his pendulous tanned scrotal sac.

I proceeded to wash his muscular body and left his groin to last. He started getting aroused again as I pulled back his foreskin to wash his bulbous crimson mushroom-shaped glans, his flaccid cock involuntarily began to engorge and grow hard again, and this time he could see my pupils dilate as I eyed the now fully engorged cock standing proudly up, I smiled and commented that “my husband’s is less than half of your length and you’re also a lot thicker than his cock is” and shared with him that I had thought of him while at home and was pleased he was doing so well.

I heard myself ask him: “Do you want me to fix you up again?”. He answered: “Yes, please!” I removed my gloves and grabbed his large hard, swollen, distended or congested shaft and I took him by surprise by licking his now deep purple mushroom-shaped glans and started stroking his turgid manhood with both hands and told him to relax…he tried vainly to not cum and was soon spilling a stream of clear precum in my mouth, his testicles pulled up in his sac, preparing for the ecstasy that was imminent, as I held him there and stroked his rigid manhood with both hands and soon this giant appendage involuntarily exploded in orgasm, his monster cock mindlessly ejaculating gobs of semen in intensely pleasurable pulses.

I cleaned him up and told him that I was a happily married woman with teenage kids and was happy with my husband’s cock, but that his much larger cock was such a turn on for me, that I had to be fair and do something for him because I got him hard!”

Scott did not complain…

My name is Maria and I am a nurse. I’m a 5ft 6inches tall brunette with large breasts (38 DD) and large dark areola and protuberant nipples, wide curvy hips and thick thighs and shapely calves. Nowadays, I don’t consider myself anything special but in my younger days, I was pretty with a voluptuous figure…

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