A Warming Shower


This is a fictional, erotic short story but inspired by a real escape on a beach trip. It contains a sexual encounter between a man and a woman. If you are under 18, do not read this story. This story is copyright (2008) by the Suede Knight. Feedback is always welcome.

Our time on the sand, near the surf was cut short by the approaching clouds. Far away, they seemed no immediate threat but came upon us seemingly to move quicker than expected. We hastily grabbed all we brought as the heavy drops began all around. The drips and splats were spaced apart at first. That is how those late afternoon summer showers typically start. But they always grew quickly into a good but usually short rainstorm.

We sprinted back to the condominium, laughing, with sandy towels around our necks and other accessories upon our shoulders. The surprisingly chilling drops descended, leaving us cold but still sandy when we reached the front door. After dropping the gear we raced back to the shower and began casting off t-shirts and swim suits.

This unit had an amazing shower. It was easily the best feature of this condo. Not many showers can you define as roomy but this one was a candidate. It had two powerful shower heads on each side and a glass wall that kept the deluge it could deliver from flooding the rest of bathroom.

Finally nude, we both jumped in and began to rotate slowly letting the jets wash away all the sand, sunscreen, haste and adrenaline. Instinctively, we both applied the soap to our hands and began to wash in a solo fashion, out of habit. Then, my eyes met yours and I moved forward to embrace you and wash your back. I rubbed my slick hands across your back all the while pulling you closer and tighter. Pressing your chest to mine and your kuşadası escort head closer to my neck. I was glad to feel you return my embrace and we rocked slowly there until our minds relaxed and our thoughts began to wander.

By now, the shower has warmed all the air and took the last memory of shivers away for good.

I love it when your arms reach around my neck and you initiate a deep, passionate kiss as you did then. While in this kiss, I slid slightly to one side letting my right hand travel down to caress you ass. Rubbing the soap all around and then gently invading the crevice. My left hand has cupped your breast and my mouth leaves yours as I move down take your nipple. My grip on your tanned cheek and contrasting pale breast become stronger as I now can’t have this taken away from me. I begin sucking in earnest on your beautiful but now swollen nipple. I oscillate between gentle and forceful but keep you guessing as to the pattern. I love swirling my tongue around as I do now mostly because of the whimpers it pulls out of you. My mind, my libido demands even more. Taking your wrist, I playfully pin your your arms out against the wall and press your back against the tile working now from nipple to nipple. First one, then the other. You tug on your wrists a little but my grip is intense. In my minds eye, I see you looking down watching me enjoy your body unable to do anything about it. Your arousal is too increasing.

The jets from the shower ricochet streams off the walls and off our bodies. The heat sprays everywhere.

I let your arms go but you don’t push me away. You hold me close to your beautiful, full bosom, running your fingers through my hair as if silently saying “enjoy!” My hand heads south to to stroke your mound and then find its way to places you let me touch. I hear you gasp as my slick finger finds your most personal treasure. Now your eyes really close as you feel me start to explore.

The roar of the surging shower dies away from our ears but the pressure from the jets dance a different dance upon our skin with every movement we make.

I turn my adorations to your pleasure and with a hand still stroking your lower lips, I put my arm around you and guide you away from the tile and lead you to the glass wall. Your arms stretch up to grab the top as I continue to tease and stroke you. As you are starting to doubt the strength in your legs, you arch your back to lean forward against the glass. Your forehead touches and you rotate your head away from one of the streams. Your breasts press against the warm glass but you leave me the rest of you to play with. I spread your legs so you can be fully available to my ministrations. I continue to fondle and stroke. Slipping around and in. Sliding one finger and then two…tracing all around the sensitive clitoris. Teasing her when she wants it.

Through a spot not yet fogged by the steam, I catch a magnificent glimpse of your inner vixen in the mirror across the room. Your closed eyes show me your concentrating on the sensations. Your head is nodding as if controlled by my busy hands. Your breast appear maximized as they are pressed flat against the glass. Your mouth is formed into a seemingly permanent ‘O’ maximizing the breath that is fueling this new fire. I continue my forceful, rhythmic caress of your flowering pussy now with both hands; fondling, spreading, massaging and often probing in and out and over again. Once, I glimpse you bite your lip to keep from crying out.

As you approach an even higher level of arousal, I reach my limit on how long I can stand aside, just toying or torturing and with only my hands and mouth. I pull you away only to throw you back against the wall. My erection is obvious. It was made complete by your reflection of pure lust moments ago. I stand to face you and interject it, daringly, between your thighs. I want to take you. I make a commanding eye contact as if to inform “I’m doing this.” I let you slowly slide down the soapy, slick, overheated tile waiting for the trigger; your now tender lips begin to envelop my tip. I thrust myself up into you. The first thrust takes us both by surprise and we gasp together. I hold it deep inside there like I never want it to leave. Recovering first, I force a second and then take a third heavy stroke. I am repeatedly pinning you against the wall. Now faster, I establish a rhythm. We kiss when a break in our breathing allows us. Our breath quickens as I continue to pound all while your legs are wrapped around me. Your arms are around my neck again and my palms against the wall to stabilize our singular structure. Your breast dance with the motion, but delayed.

Our now constant moans increase until words are formed. Simple words at first like ‘oh’, ‘yes’ and ‘there’. They are repeated, louder and louder in no certain order. As our pattern of motion continues, they build up to pairs of short phrases. “Right…there” and “don’t…stop” echo around through the dense air. Our tempo increases now with forceful abandon. Approaching a glorious conclusion, these simple words extend into all out dominating, sexual commands. Even our own ears are astonished when we here our echoes of “Fuck me harder!”…”Take this!”…”Make me cum!”

Finally, “oh my God!”

Spent, we both collapse and lay on the shower floor within each others arms and let the warm water cascade over us for a little more.

This is a fictional, erotic short story but inspired by a real escape on a beach trip. It contains a sexual encounter between a man and a woman. If you are under 18, do not read this story. This story is copyright (2008) by the Suede Knight. Feedback is always welcome. — Our time on…

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