A Visit With Sophie

A Visit With Sophie

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Please note, dear reader, that Sophie likes her name to be pronounced with the accent on the second syllable. She prays you to keep this in mind when reading this story. You might even exercise it a couple of times before you start, she suggests 🙂 Sophie furthermore wishes you a pleasurable and exciting reading and so do I.

On that bright Saturday afternoon I lay quietly in our garden, reading a novel, when Sophie called me.

“Come here Paul,” she ordered. She had that very special tone in her voice that made me quiver from excitement. She told me to take a shower and to dress in my dark blue formal suit.

“We are going to visit Victoria,” she announced.

The last few weeks Sophie had told me a few times about Victoria, a doctor she had met recently at her gym club. She seemed to be somewhat overwhelmed by her, so I was eager to meet her.

Sophie stood waiting for me, wearing a dark pink classic dress that came to her mid thighs, her high heels enhancing the curves of her beautiful legs. She told me to get the car from the garage. She wanted to drive herself.

We drove to the countryside and soon arrived at a rather imposing mansion. The gates opened automatically. I guessed we were expected.

Victoria stood waiting for us at the front door. She was tall and had a full voluptuous figure. She was dressed in an elegant two-piece suit. The top of her jacket was slightly unbuttoned enhancing her ample bosom. She had the same thick auburn hair as Sophie. She must have been in her late thirties, about my age and some ten years older than Sophie.

The ladies greeted each other affectionately. Victoria took Sophie in her arms and kissed her on her lips.

“May I present you my husband Paul,” Sophie said formally.

“Hello Victoria,” I smiled innocently.

For a moment there was an icy silence that made clear that I had disregarded my role.

“Hello Mrs. Victoria,” I stumbled. Sophie smiled.

Victoria led us to a vast living room with a high ceiling and stylish furniture. It had large windows overlooking a splendid English garden. Victoria and Sophie took their places on a comfortable couch. Knowing my place now, I stood respectfully at the other side of the room. Victoria told me I could sit down.

Soon the ladies were engaged in a lively conversation. They talked about the shopping they did last week and about some girls of their gym club. They seemed to have forgotten about me completely.

After a while the door opened and a young girl appeared pushing a trolley with the afternoon tea. She was very blonde with some charming freckles on her face. She appeared to be in her early twenties and had a delicate slim figure, with rather tiny breasts. She was dressed in a nurse uniform. When she passed one of the bright windowpanes, for a moment I saw the outline of her white bra and minuscule panties. She hurried to Sophie and embraced her enthusiastically.

“Elly, this is Paul,” Sophie introduced me. “Miss Elly is Victoria’s assistant,” she told me.

“Nice to meet you Miss Elly,” I said cautiously, as by now I had learned my lesson.

“Oh, just call me Elly,” she said. Apparently she was not yet part of the game.

When I rose from my chair, she approached me and gave me an affectionate kiss on my cheek. She seemed to be a very nice young girl. In fact she was a real cutie.

“ Stop that,” Victoria said. “We don’t know if he deserves it.”

I was allowed to sit back on my chair again as Elly took place on the coach next to Sophie.

After some time Sophie whispered something in Victoria’s ear. The ladies looked at me inquiringly.

“What exactly are your complaints about him darling?” Victoria asked Sophie.

“Well, he sometimes is reluctant to obey me,” Sophie answered.

“I will have to examine him,” Victoria decided.

“Come here and stand before us,” she ordered me. “Take off your clothes.”

Soon I stood in my underwear and socks.

“I’m afraid this is not enough,” Victoria said in a severe tone.

I removed my socks and stood still in a successful attempt to prove Sophie’s complaint about my disobedience.

“Yes, I see what the problem is,” Victoria said.

“I want you completely naked,” she ordered me.

Hesitatingly I obeyed. A bit shy I stood before the three ladies. But my erect penis demonstrated that the situation rather excited me. Elly gazed eagerly at my cock. Sophie smiled.

“And are there other complaints?” Victoria asked Sophie.

“Well, sometimes when I’ve been away for istanbul escort some time, he is less eager to service me and to fulfill my special needs. I suspect him of playing with himself,” Sophie said in a malicious tone.

“Now, this is really a difficult case,” Victoria replied.

“Please show us what you do when Sophie is away,” she said to me in a severe tone.

Hesitatingly I started to rub my penis. Sophie looked me strait in the eyes. I was very slow in the exercise, taking great care not to come. As I grew more and more exited, I wisely stopped in time. No, the ladies would not see me in agony.

“Yes he really is a difficult case,” Victoria said to Sophie. “We’ll have to take him to my practice.”

The ladies left the living room and I had to follow them through a long corridor to Victoria’s professional quarters.

There I first had to sit on a chair as Victoria took my blood pressure.

“Mm, it is a bit high, but still normal,” she said.

I then had to sit on a table and Victoria asked Elly to test my reflexes. With a small rubber hammer the girl repeatedly knocked on my knees. Each time I stuck out my tongue. As this was not the purpose, Elly knocked me on my hard on. It jumped up obediently. Apparently my reflexes were okay.

After these preliminary examinations I was ordered to lie down on a medical table. Elly strapped my hands and feet. In front of me Victoria and Sophie were watching the scene, seated on a couch in each other’s arms.

Elly pushed a button that tilted the table in an upright position. Now I was standing erect, firmly bound on the table. I noticed Sophie’s drawn up dress and had a glimpse on her pink panties and the shade of her pussy.

“Give him the full treatment,” Victoria told Elly.

The girl took my penis in her hand and started to massage it slowly. Sophie’s hand moved in her panties. She rubbed her pussy, while Victoria kissed her tenderly. Elly squeezed my cock firmly and heightened her pace.

“Don’t make him come. He doesn’t deserve that,” Victoria instructed Elly.

I was released now and Victoria took me to another side of the practice. She ordered me to raise my arms. I had to spread them and my hands were strapped on a bar, hanging from the ceiling. Then I had to spread my legs. Elly tied my feet to another bar on the floor.

As I stood spread-eagled in front of the ladies Victoria asked me if I would ask for forgiveness to Sophie about my bad behavior. Stubbornly I kept silent.

“We’ll have to punish him,” Victoria sighed. “I see no other way to make him behave.”

She instructed Elly to get a medical whip from a drawer. There was no difference with an ordinary whip.

“Would you like to punish him yourself?” Victoria asked Sophie.

Maliciously Sophie looked me in the eyes and began to whip me rather softly. She started at my chest but soon went lower. She hit my erect penis a few times and then directed her strokes between my spread legs on my balls. Next she gave me some more severe lashes on my bum.

As I still kept stubbornly silent, Victoria instructed Elly to cane me with a ruler on my cock. She did so playfully, smiling amorously at me.

“Will you apologize to Mrs. Sophie now?” Victoria asked me. Recklessly I stick out my tongue at her.

In an ultimate attempt to tempt me and to make me obey, Victoria told Sophie and Elly to undress. As Elly stood naked before me, her perky little titties made me quiver. She spread her legs so I could admire her neatly trimmed pussy. Her middle finger went between the tender folds of her moist cleft. She licked her lips teasingly.

In the mean time Victoria, still fully dressed, had taken over the whipping. As she bended her torso now and then, I had a good look in her cleavage and feasted my eyes on her voluminous breasts. As the perspicacious reader may have noticed, I rather enjoyed my punishment so far. But now Victoria went on with the whipping in a more determined way. Soon my bum was on fire.

Meanwhile Sophie had taken of her dress. Slowly she removed her bra and panties now. She stood before me on her high heels with only her garter belt and stockings.

Sophie kneeled in front of me and took my prick in her mouth. She pumped it up and down in her mouth, from time to time biting me teasingly. Then she stopped and moistened her fingers. She drew my foreskin completely down and started to massage my throbbing penis very slowly. In my endless ordeal I stood silently. Sophie heightened her pace. I held my breath in escort bayan a heroic effort to restrain myself. But then I reached my point of no return.

“Will you apologize now?” Victoria asked.

“Yes, oh yes,” I agonized.

Sophie released my cock. For a moment I stood motionless. Completely untouched I drew my hips forward and back in a frenetic way. Helplessly I spend on Sophie’s breasts. Oh Sophie!

I was released from my awkward position and conducted into a small adjoining room. There I had to lie on a massage table. My hands were tied beside me in order that I could not ‘play with myself’ as Victoria explained professionally.

“Come girls,” she said. “I prepared us a nice dinner.”

I had become a bit hungry too but the lights were turned of and I was left all alone in the dark. Soon I dozed of.

* * *

Later in the night the light was turned on again and I was awakened by Elly with a sweet kiss on my lips. She released me from the massage table and took me to the kitchen.

“Victoria and Sophie are in the bedroom now,” she said. “Meanwhile I prepared you a cold dish.”

As I still was totally naked she unfolded a napkin on my lap and watched me tenderly as I hungrily started to eat my dish. She was only dressed in a short nighty that completely revealed her pussy. As she sat before me with her legs slightly open, soon my napkin rose to outsized proportions.

I quickly finished my dinner. Then I rose from my chair and took Elly in my arms. She kissed me passionately. My cock went between her thighs. But as I was about to enter her, the kitchen door opened and Victoria appeared, dressed in a long robe.

“Don’t spoil him,” she said. “He still is not trained completely.”

I was ordered to follow her to the living room. In the corridor Sophie descended the stairs in a sheer negligee, revealing all of her marvelous figure.

Back in the living room Sophie and Elly sat down on the couch in each other’s arms. Victoria stood in front of me. With her high heels she was slightly taller than me. She ordered me to kneel down before her. There was complete silence now as the ladies watched me.

Respectfully I kissed Victoria’s shoes. As I hesitantly moved up on her ankles, she started to unbutton the lower side of her robe and slowly opened it. I kissed her legs. When I reached her thighs she opened her robe still further until I could admire her fleshy cunt. She moved her legs apart and I reverently kissed her bush.

Then I lowered my head again and delicately started to caress her inner thighs with my tongue. In a glimpse I saw Sophie and Elly watching us with eager eyes. Elly’s hand moved between Sophie’s legs and rubbed her pussy.

My tongue reached Victoria’s cunt again. Very lightly I stroked it upward to her clit. She unbuttoned her robe completely. As she dropped it from her shoulders, she stood entirely naked before my stunned eyes!

Still sitting on my knees I looked up, admiring her statuesque figure. My eyes moved from her cleft to her voluminous breasts. Her large nipples were fully erect. Mesmerized by this delightful sight I stayed motionless for a long time.

Then I looked at Sophie again. Elly was kneeling before her drawn up negligee and was kissing her pussy. With drowsy eyes Sophie smiled at me.

Now Victoria took my head in her hands and forced my mouth on her pussy again. Briefly I sucked her lips. Then I moved my tongue deeply in her. Only once. I started to kiss the delicate skin of her inner thighs once more and tongued the contours of her cunt. Slowly I licked her cleft from bottom to top. As she increased the pressure on the back of my head I stuck my tongue in her cleft once more. I slowly moved it in and out, circling her clit from time to time. Gradually I heightened my pace.

Suddenly Victoria trembled. I heard her moan softly as she drew my head tightly on her cunt. For an endless moment she spent as I kept my tongue motionless in her.

After a while I rose to my feet and took Victoria in my arms. She smiled and opened her lips. I kissed her tenderly. Then I took her to the couch and sat next to her, my arm around her shoulder.

“I guess you don’t have any other complaints about him,” she said.

“Oh, he has some outstanding qualities too. Sometimes he is a real darling,” Sophie smiled.

“Look at the poor boy,” Victoria laughed, pointing at my stiff cock. “He is in a terrible need so to see. Maybe he deserves a small reward.”

Gently she pushed me on my back. As I rested Kartal escort my head on her lap, she lowered her torso and cupped her big boobs, offering them to my eager mouth. Fervently I sucked her tits one after another, while at the same time Sophie softly rubbed my cock.

“Stop honey. That’s enough for now,” Victoria said.

“Please,” I murmured. “Please, more.”

“I only mentioned a small reward,” Victoria teased.

“Oh, but he has been a good boy,” Elly said. “Why don’t we give him the mystery treatment?”

As Victoria approved on this, we went to the practice again. I walked behind Sophie, glancing at the tempting movements of her buttocks through her transparent negligee. Elly had taken my erect dick in her hand, leading me behind the two ladies.

We went to the small room where I had slept on the massage table. It was furnished with a small couch as well. There was also a long narrow bench. It was knee-high, covered with soft leather.

Victoria invited me to lie down on it. Elly tied my ankles on the back end and then bound my hands together under the stool. Fully concentrated on her task, the tip of her tongue stuck out of her mouth in a school-girlish way. Quickly Sophie and Elly undressed. The three ladies were naked now and lusciously stared at my stiff cock. Victoria fastened a cock-ring on the base of my rigid shaft and firmly tightened it.

“You’ll need that darling,” she smiled.

Just as I was wondering what the mystery was all about, Elly kissed me briefly and blindfolded me.

“Remember girls,” I heard Victoria saying. “From now on there must be complete silence.”

I lay down, unable to move, awaiting whatever was to come. Suddenly I felt a pair of thighs on each side of my hips. One of the ladies was straddling me, slightly bending her knees and lowering her pussy on my dick. The mystery lady slowly drove my hard on deeply in her cunt. She started to ride me, as I lay motionless. I wondered who it was.

A bit later I felt another couple of thighs around my shoulders. Soon a moist pussy was pressed on my mouth. I moved my tongue, exploring it on all sides. As I felt it was neatly trimmed I cleverly deduced from this that it must be Elly’s or Sophie’s tender cranny.

Meanwhile the lady riding my cock had speeded up her pace. Alternately she stretched her legs so only the tip of my dick touched her pussy. Then she bended deep on her knees, driving my rod all the way in her cleft. As she moved wildly in all directions I briefly sensed the hairs of her ample bush stroking me. Now I was pretty sure it was Victoria.

She moved endlessly up and down on me in a more and more frantic way. Suddenly, deeply impaled on my cock, she stopped her movements. She shivered and softly moaned as she climaxed.

After a while she removed herself from me. The girl over my mouth quickly took her place, her tight cunt squeezing my penis. Someone else now straddled my head and rested her pussy on my lips. Immediately I sensed, tasted, smelled, it was Sophie’s adorable cunt. So the amazon on my dick now must have been Elly.

As the girl vehemently pumped her cunny up and down on my shaft, I fervently tongued Sophie’s pussy. The movements on my rod intensified. I felt my balls swelling up and I praised Victoria’s foresight to have provided me with a cock-ring.

Still I sensed that the exercises on my dick could not be continued much longer. But then I heard a wild cry.

“Oh, Sophie. He is wonderful,” Elly yelped, betraying her anonymity as she came on me.

I heard Sophie and Victoria laughing out loudly. As all of the mystery was cleared up now, Sophie eased herself from my mouth and removed my blindfold. Next she released my ankles and my hands from their straps. She smiled amorously at me as she removed my cock-ring.

Without any further delay she mounted me. As she started to ride my yearning cock, I cupped her breasts. On the couch Victoria had taken Elly on her lap. Tenderly she fondled her titties. Sophie kissed me passionately. Gradually she speeded up her thrusts on my dick. Then she climaxed as I finally was able to spend in her. Oh Sophie!

* * *

In the wee hours of the morning, after we had taken a shower, Sophie and I dressed and kissed Victoria and Elly goodbye.

“You know where to bring him now if ever you have any more complaints. We may teach him another lesson,” Victoria smiled to Sophie.

When we arrived home, we soon went to our bedroom. As sweet Sophie lay in my arms she whispered, “What would you do if ever you had any complaints about me?”

“Well, I would teach you a lesson you won’t forget soon,” I replied.

“Mm, I can’t wait. I’ll start being a bad girl first thing tomorrow,” Sophie smiled.

As this would be another story, we happily went asleep.

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