A Visit from Jenny


All characters are over 18 years

I don’t know why I’m telling this story. I just ran across a website with incest stories (I’m sure 99% of them are figments of imaginations) and have this tremendous urge to unburden myself of this shame. They say that confession is good for the soul…we’ll see.

I’ve lived over 50 years and never before had any inclinations toward incest. Whether this incident was a one time anomaly or not, I don’t know. All I know is that I ended up having sex with my grandniece Jenny.

When and how did it start? Probably the best way to say is to tell you a little something of my family.

My older sister Karen and her husband Bud live here in Vermont, about a mile from me. Karen’s daughter lives in Florida with her husband and their daughter, the aforementioned Jenny.

Apparently the girl has been a problem for my niece for about a year. It seems that last summer, while my niece and her husband were working, Jenny began to show an enormous interest in boys. From what was told to me the teenage girl had a few episodes with teenage boys in the house. Although she had only gone ‘all the way’ with one of the boys on one occasion, Jenny was already showing signs of uncontrollable promiscuousness. My niece and her husband have watched their daughter like hawks ever since they found out. They had been able to keep her in check during the school months but were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to keep the girl in check during the summer months while they were working. As summer approached Jenny’s parents became apprehensive knowing that this girl would again be at home by herself.

My niece was going to quit her job to be with the girl but my sister Karen and her husband Bud volunteered to take in their granddaughter for the summer.

As most families are wont to do, Karen and Bud had told me of the problems. Although we couldn’t understand how Jenny had become ‘boy crazy’ at such a young age, we nevertheless all agreed why the teenage boys would go after her. When we had last seen the youngster and even then she was taller than her cousin Peter, who wasn’t undersized for his age.

My niece kept in touch with us and apparently the young girl had grown to be over 5 feet tall by last summer when she started with the boys. And from what Karen was told young Jenny was already blossoming out in the chest by then.

We could all only speculate how much she had since matured and could only imagine as to her looks. But even when we saw her she had that long straight blonde hair that was half way down her back. Although she looked very young at the time, her beauty was already obvious.

Yet even armed with this knowledge I wasn’t prepared for what I found. It was toward the end of June when Jenny arrived. The night that she came I went over to welcome the youngster at my sister’s home. When I entered the house Karen and Bud were talking with her and paying total attention to her. I was thankful for that because none of them caught my reaction at seeing the girl. (If they had then, more than likely, none of this story would have been worthy of even a footnote). I was stopped in my tracks at the sight of this beautiful 5’4″ beauty.

I gasped upon seeing the teen woman. Her long blonde hair now reached her buttocks and she had the body of a mature old woman. She was so built and beautiful that my first reaction was to think that she wasn’t Jenny. But it was and I was flabbergasted.

That night I reacquainted myself with my grandniece. And, as silly as it sounds, for the first time in my live I was uncomfortable around someone from the opposite sex. I tried to be very care that neither Karen nor Bud saw me ogling the youngster. However, whenever I was left alone with Jenny or my sister and her husband weren’t paying attention, I couldn’t help myself. I found my eyes soaking up the young beauty.

Although I made sure that Jenny wasn’t looking at me while I was looking at her she still caught my quite a few times; and I sensed that she was amused. After that night I purposely tried to stay away. Usually, I visited my sister two or three times a week. Now, however, I was limiting my visits to once a week. I was too old to let my thoughts involve so young a girl, and I knew that I was having a big problem.

Yet even those weekly visits were very unsettling for me. I saw Jenny in various forms of dress and on different days I found myself fascinated and ogling various parts of the young girl’s anatomy.

My lascivious eyes admired her hips and firm buttocks in tight jeans and I was amazed at how her breasts filled out her sweater. I actually sucked in my breath the time that her blouse had an extra button opened at the top and I glimpsed much more flesh that I should have.

After each visit to my sister’s house when I left I found that my hands were shaking and my thoughts were addled. What was even worse was that on that particular night that I had viewed so much of the youngster’s flesh, when I got to my car and adjusted my pants I found them wet. I was hating myself for what was happening and for not being able to control it.

It was in mid-July that Karen called me at about 7 p.m. on a Friday. My brother-in-law Bud had chest pains and the emergency unit had just taken him to the hospital. She asked if I would mind watching Jenny while she went to stay with her husband.

Of course I agreed. At this point I was only thinking about Bud and wasn’t thinking of anything else.

As the hospital was in the direction of my house Karen said that it would save time if she dropped Jenny off by me rather than for me to go there, as she (Karen) would only have to drive back past my house when she returned anyway. She could pick the girl up then after she left the hospital. But it probably wouldn’t be until the morning.

It was only about 10 minutes late that I heard Karen beeping. I went outside to greet Jenny. When Karen saw me she threw me a kiss and quickly drove off, leaving me with the young girl.

Jenny was carrying a small bag, which she apparently threw together in a hurry. I took it and carried it into the house for her. She followed. As she had never been to my place I showed her around and told her that she would be sleeping in my bed while I slept on the living room couch. She put her things away in the bedroom and then joined me.

We talked for a half an hour or so. She excitedly told me what had happened to Bud and the, after calming down, she began to talk about her stay at my sisters. Whom she had met, what she had seen and visited, etc. As we talked I was impressed with how the young girl was able to hold a conversation.

Unfortunately, by concentrating on talking with her, I slowly began to become more aware of what had actually taken place and at what escort karataş bayan point we were now at. There I was, alone in the house with my grandniece, this blonde beauty that I had been so carefully trying to avoid being around. As Jenny became more comfortable, she relaxed while talking and I suddenly realized that I could now look directly at her, because we were in conversation together.

After initially concentrating on her breathtaking beauty, I then began allowing my eyes to drift away from hers and ‘innocently’ look at the rest of her. She was wearing a skirt that came down to just above her knees as she walked. She also had on that same blouse that she had been wearing the night that I had gotten excited looking at her. Only this time she didn’t have an extra button open. I didn’t remember her wearing that blouse when she first arrived but I hadn’t really paid attention.

As the conversation continued, I found myself looking over this youngster more and more. A few times I again felt that she was amused that I might be looking at her.

After awhile, when the talk slowed to a trickle, I turned on the television and we settled in. Jenny sat on the couch while I sat across from her, in my easy chair.

I couldn’t help myself from frequently letting my eyes drift from the TV screen to my grandniece. I felt like I was acting like a little kid but I couldn’t stop. At a given point I found myself totally absorbed in a scene on the TV and for the first time that night I forgot that the woman/child was there.

When a commercial finally came on my attention left the screen and I turned my eyes to Jenny. She had brought her legs up behind her on the couch. From my angle I was looking almost up her skirt which had inched higher. Her thighs were somewhat parted.

I held my breath momentarily as my eyes were riveted on the young flesh across from me. Finally, coming to my senses and realizing who and what I was looking at, I ripped my eyes away from her legs and looked upward. Now I sucked in the air, deeply. As my eyes came up they reached the top part of the youngster’s girl blouse that was previously buttoned. Now, either one or two buttons were freshly opened.

My prick never hardened so quickly before. Here I was, like the biggest pervert in the world, getting totally excited at the sight of flesh on a teen girl. Yes she was beautiful… but… She was only twelve! I felt my heart beating heavily. Finally, I raised my eyes and found myself looking directly into Jenny’s. I could swear that I saw a smile playing at the corner of her lips.

I suddenly became fascinating watching her. Her eyes slowly left mine and (I couldn’t be sure if I wasn’t just being fanciful) I felt her eyes go down my body and rest and search deeply into my crotch for a long 5 seconds before working back up. When they again reached mine I swear that the girl’s tongue slowly moved over her lips from one side to the other. It was at this moment that my cock began squirting within my pants. I hurriedly jumped up and left the room, hoping that Jenny didn’t notice anything unusual in my swift departure.

I went into my room for my robe and clean shorts and went into the bathroom, where I quickly removed my clothes and got into the shower. I wanted to calm myself as much as I wanted to cleanse my body.

Until you’ve been in such a situation you won’t understand but I must say that while I hated myself for my thoughts and reactions, at the same time I couldn’t stop my mind from visualizing the beauty and flesh of my grandniece. At that point I seriously considered calling a friend over for a few drinks, thinking that that would keep my mind off of Jenny. After the shower I put on my shorts and threw on the robe. By that time it was almost 10 p.m. That was the time that Karen had said that the youngster could stay up until. I went into my bedroom and got myself the extra blanket and pillow and went back to the living room to rejoin her. “Time for bed, Jen.” I announced; my eyes averting looking at her body, keeping focused on her face instead.

“Okay.” She smiled at me.

Then she maneuvered to rise. As she uncurled her legs and swung them down to the floor, I purposely looked. I couldn’t help myself. With the hem of her skirt at least 6 inches above her knees, her legs opened and I got a quick look up between her thighs and actually got a glimpse of her panties. Again I felt a rise in my shorts.

When she was finally standing I dropped the pillow and blanket on the couch. Then she stood alongside me. God forgive me but I couldn’t control my eyes which once again honed in on the budding mounds of flesh at the unbuttoned portion of her blouse.

I was quickly becoming aroused again.

“‘Night, hon,” I said.

“‘Night… and thanks Uncle Jim.”

She started to depart from the room. As she got about 10 feet away she stopped and turned back to me.

“If you want I can sleep on the couch and you can sleep in your own room.” She volunteered.

I couldn’t help but run my eyes over the girl’s body. You can sleep on the couch…WITH ME! I mentally said to her.

Outwardly I said, “No Jen, you’re the guest. You get the bed.”

“Yeah, all right but…okay, thanks. ‘Night.”

She left the room. She couldn’t have gotten more than 10 steps further away when she returned. I had just untied my robe.

“If you want, I’ll make room for you. We could both use the bed then,” she said.

I looked at her and I swear that there was a funny look about her. My cock actually jumped in my shorts. While looking at her I thought for the longest time of saying yes. God knows, by now I had a tremendous desire to see this girl totally naked. My eyes ran over her and my mind pictured what that flesh might look like.

Forcing myself to come to my senses I finally responded, “No Jen, thanks anyway, but you go to bed. I’ll be fine on the couch.”

The girl stood for a good 15 seconds before finally agreeing, “Okay then,” Jenny said and she again began leaving. “‘Night again,” she added.

“‘Night hon,” I said as I watched her start to leave. At the door she again turned around and with that adorable smile, said, “If you change your mind just come in… If I’m sleeping and in your way, just push me over.”

With that she departed.

(I’m sure that you know what happened next, but I would like to put it in writing for my own satisfaction.)

I removed my robe and lay on the couch, under the blanket. I only had my shorts on.

(I would like to justify what happened next by saying that the couch was bumpy and uncomfortable, but the truth is that as soon as I laid down I think that I knew where I was heading.)

Lying there my mind continuously escort bayan karkamış pictured different parts of Jenny’s body. Sometimes I pictured her exciting thighs; other times I conjured up a vision of her beautiful face; and still at other times her budding breasts captured my imagination. Although my mind flashed from one thing to another it was always about Jenny.

My cock was staying hard from these thoughts. Lying there, not able to sleep, I allowed my hand to slip into my shorts and grasp and squeeze my cock. Jenny’s parting words stayed with me, even though I didn’t think that she meant anything mischievous by them. I also knew that the youngster wouldn’t become frightened if I went into the bedroom by her.

I’d like to say that when I finally made my decision to go by her that my only intention was to sleep in the bed by her or, at worse, that I just wanted to look at her. The truth is that by this time I refused to even try to shake the wicked feelings and thoughts that I was experiencing.

Walking toward the bedroom I knew in my heart that I was going to be fucking this little girl. I assumed that she was going to try to fight me off, but I was feeling such internal excitement that I was going to prevail, no matter what. I was nothing less than a unabashed perverted lecher. I desperately needed to touch the flesh of this girl, God forgive, I wanted, more than anything, to fuck her.

My hand was trembling as I opened the bedroom door. The room was in total darkness. As it had been at least a half an hour since Jenny had gone to bed I assumed that the child was sound asleep. I closed the door behind me and, in the dark, I made my way toward the bed. Because this was my room every step that I took was familiar.

I reached the side of the bed. My cock was as hard as a rock and my mind was frantic. I was trying to see her body but my eyes had not yet become familiar to the darkness.

I didn’t know how to proceed, and then I heard Jenny whisper, “I was wondering if you were gonna come, Uncle Jim. Come on in.” I reached down to grab the blanket and she spoke again, “I’m on it…not under it.” Nervously, I lowered myself down, first sitting and then to a lying position. As I turned on my side toward her I immediately felt the warmth of the child’s body next to me. Tentatively I reached out my trembling hand. Suddenly I felt Jenny’s hot little body move quickly into mine, pressing its length against me, as we both lay on our sides, facing each other. Almost before I realized that she didn’t have a stitch of clothing on her body, her mouth moved purposely into mine. At first our lips touched lightly against each others and then Jenny suddenly attacked my mouth, her tongue frantically searching the confines of my mouth. I couldn’t believe the utter passion that this little vixen unleashed on me.

Almost before I realized that she didn’t have a stitch of clothing on her body, her mouth moved purposely into mine. At first our lips touched lightly against each other’s and then Jenny suddenly attacked my mouth. As soon as our mouths met they both opened to devour the other. Our tongues were alternating inside each other’s mouth, hers frantically searching the confines of my mouth as I eagerly parted my lips to suck on her tongue. I couldn’t believe the utter passion that this little vixen unleashed on me. Her hands were immediately pulling at the back of my head, crushing my face into hers desperately.

The girl was apparently frantic for sex. Her hips were pushing into mine and she was actually fucking against me. My hands reached between us and enclosed the mounds of breast-flesh. As my fingers gently squeezed the child’s already hardened nipples, her mouth began a series of sucks and nibbles on my lips and mouth.

My cock was twitching wildly in the confines of my shorts as we both were pressing our bodies into each other. The total nakedness of this woman under my control; rubbing, twisting, pressing and fucking against me, had my mind totally wasted. As our mouths sucked at each other Jenny’s continuously moaned into mine.

No longer in control of my sanity I pushed her onto her back as our mouths stayed together. I followed and rolled right on top of the child; my legs settling between hers. Her hands, arms, legs and torso were all working in a frantic wanton desperation; clutching, twisting, pumping. I fought to break away so that I could reach down and remove my shorts. “Hurry…hurry. Fuck me, hurry…” she whispered frantically. As soon as I had kicked off my shorts Jenny’s hot mouth was again attacking mine, and I again moved my anxious hands over the girl’s blossoming but well formed tits.

I could never accurately describe the utter frantic passion that was released in that room that night. If I could ever imagine how a nymphomaniac might react to sex after being denied for a year, this would be it. The young girl was crazed and the passion that she invoked from me created the most wildest feeling that I’ve ever experienced. I tore my mouth away from hers and began kissing her chin, then her neck, and then I worked my way down. Finally, with both of my hands cupping a young tit, my mouth opened on the hard nipple of one of them and began kissing and lightly sucking, while my tongue licked around it in circles. “Mmmmmmmm.” Jenny held the back of my head in her clutches while she enjoyed the sensations that my mouth was causing. My hands continued squeezing the hot mounds.

Then I moved my mouth from the tit and began working down over the youngester flesh. I knew what I wanted and I wanted it desperately, and from the way her body was writhing under my mouth, and from the way her hands were firmly pushing me toward my goal, it was obvious that the girl wanted it just as much.

Jenny was moaning and whimpering constantly. Her squirming body was reacting to my active mouth which was licking and sucking on the child’s quivering belly, eager to taste every ounce of flesh on this exciting young girl. Just when my lips were approaching the top of the child’s naked pussy mound, I stopped and quickly reversed my body’s position, turning it in the opposite direction so that we were both laying on our sides in a 69 position.

Before Jenny fully understood what was happening I moved my head between her legs. My mouth moved further down past her pussy. Instead, I pulled girl somewhat halfway on top of me and, in a matter of seconds, I had her beautiful ass at my mouth.

I desperately wanted my mouth and tongue to fully taste Jenny’s ass. I don’t know what had come over me. I had never felt like that before. I had an overwhelming desire to taste her ass. Her total crack. Deep in her hole.

Both of my hands grasped the full flesh of her ass-cheeks. kilis escort bayan My thumbs each went into the crack and pulled the flesh apart, allowing my eager mouth to begin its assault on and in her wonderful asshole.

“Nnnnnnggggggg.” I heard a clenched moan from her and felt her muscles tighten on my tongue.

My tongue worked in and out. My mouth sucked at it and my nose pushed eagerly into it to get the full pleasure. The girl herself was ‘ooommmmmming’ while her lips were tentatively pecking on my cock. She continued squirming as my mouth worked feverishly on her. The taste filled my mouth and my passion increased further.

Then I worked lower and suddenly my mouth was at the entrance of the her pussy. As my lips pursed in at Jenny’s hole I felt her hands digging into my legs as she let out an almost forlorn cry of wanton pleasure. Her hips pushed toward my mouth. My tongue moved in and she frantically squirmed. This little girl obviously had a sex problem. She loved being touched and sucked like no other that I had ever encountered. At this moment sex was the only thing that existed for her. She began fucking furiously at my mouth.

My hands held on to the cheeks of her bucking ass and I withdrew my tongue, replacing it with my nose. The aroma was awesome. I had never smelled anything so wonderful. With my nose lodged in her hole I let out all of my breath. Suddenly my nose fiercely sucked all of the air out of her cunt hole.


I couldn’t believe the reaction from this beautiful girl. She cried out again and again in rapture. Her hands were intently pushing at the back of my head, into her desperate cunt; at the same time that her frantic sweaty body was pushing into my face.

I sniffed deeply again.





“OH! OH!”


“OH! OH!”

Wildly fucking up to my nose.

I then returned my tongue and mouth into action, alternating between the moistening hole and the hardened clitoris. Side to side she moved and held and bucked and moaned and cried. She was hot…hot! hot! Suddenly, I felt her thighs squeezing tightly on my ears and head as she experienced spasms and began cumming.

“OOOHHH…I’m…something’s…ooo, OHHHH!”

Sex never tasted so good, or felt so exciting.

I’ve been told that girl’s don’t cum like men do; that there is no outpouring of juices. Whether that’s true or not I’m no expert and I would never dispute that if it’s fact. However, I do know that I felt what seemed to be abundant juices in my mouth from this child and I actually tasted a delicious cunt flavor as she continued fucking into my mouth.

Finally, her thighs relaxed on my head and I knew that she had completed her spasms. Yet the juices were so plentiful and the child’s cunt was so delicious that I just continued licking and sucking.

Her hands, which had left my head, were then working between my legs. One of Jenny’s little hands was cupped around my balls and was gently squeezing and releasing while her other hand grasped the shaft of my twitching cock. “Mmmmmmmmmmm.” I moaned right into her cunt. I truly never wanted to leave the womb. I wanted to taste any trace of the delicious moisture within her. Suddenly, I felt her body stiffen again as my mouth again began turning on the switches of her pleasure cave. I sucked on her hardened clit and she let out a loud moan. Her legs, which had straightened out after her climax and were stretched out, again began raising at the knees.

Jenny again was starting to writhe from the pleasure she was feeling. Now I was afraid that I might lose her again before I was able to fuck her. My cock was on fire.

I hurriedly moved and switched positions. I pushed her back on her back and quickly placed my lower body between her legs and my upper body on top of her, feeling the young girl’s pink breast being pressed down under my chest. My cock was then against Jenny’s pussy. I looked down at her face and I was totally taken aback by the look of wanton lust on the girl’s face. “Fuck me…NOW!” she hissed as her body was automatically pushing up her cunt, searching for my cock.

As my pulsating cock pushed at the entrance of her waiting cunt, her hands quickly moved to the back of my head and pulled my mouth back to hers. Again I sensed the girl’s desperation. As my cock pushed past her cunt lips her tongue rushed into my mouth while at the same time her wide open mouth was acting as a vacuum over mine. Her whole body began working toward an ultimate passionate explosion.

My cock moved into her. She had the tightest hole that I was ever in. At the same time it was so moist that it had an ease of fucking in and out that I never would have believed possible.

“Oooooooooo.” She now had what she apparently desperately needed. I couldn’t believe it but I could actually feel her pussy muscles squeezing and then easing up on my prick. I never really believed that a pussy could actually ‘work’ on a prick, but I do now. For a couple of seconds I would feel like my cock was in a hot moist squeezing vice, actually being sucked deeper inside, and then I was being pushed out by her pussy muscles. Then the process started again. My cock felt like it had expanded twice as large as it had ever been.

“NNNNNGGGGGGG!!!” I too was now moaning into the girl’s mouth as she continued sucking and tonguing.

Jenny was bucking under me and our mouths and bodies were desperately working on each other. “Fuck me deeper. OH, OH, yeah, OH, fuck, fuck, ungh, ungh.” She blubbered into my mouth. With every push of her hips a guttural sound came from her lips and slobbered into my mouth.

Her body became wild beneath mine and she twisted and bucked, while at the same time her hands clutched tightly at the my neck and back, her fingers digging in mindlessly.

The sexy girl was frantic for sex.

I continued fucking and suddenly I felt the end building within me, the juices rushing within my cock, swelling it to its maximum. I began humping into her cunt with wild abandonment. My pounding was almost violent as I wanted to release every drop of cum into her. I felt that Jenny also wanted this. The way that she was working desperately under me, pulling and fucking, told me that she wanted nothing less that everything that I had. Her legs were wrapped tightly around mine and her whole body seemed to be able to stay in total contact with mine as she reached her explosion point. “OHHHH!” she suddenly yelled as a tremendous spasm grabbed at her, “OH, Oh, I’m ooooooooo, I’m…it’s, it’s happening…OHHHH!”

“Me too Jen…ooo, me too, I’m cummmmmmnnnnnnggggg,oooooooo. NnnngggGGG!!”



“OH!” She was fucking violently as her final climax overtook her body.

Then I began shooting into her. And the release was the most wonderful feeling that I had ever experienced; because of the way her cunt was squeezing the juices from me while at the same time I was shooting into her uncontrollably.

All characters are over 18 years I don’t know why I’m telling this story. I just ran across a website with incest stories (I’m sure 99% of them are figments of imaginations) and have this tremendous urge to unburden myself of this shame. They say that confession is good for the soul…we’ll see. I’ve lived…

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