A Very Memorable Encounter


Kari and I used to live in the same sub division, equine friendly, lot sizes averaging 4 acres, with access to acres and acres of mountain trails to enjoy. In those days we would ride together about once a week for a couple of hours.

When my wife passed away a few years ago, I moved into the country about two hours away and although we seldom had the opportunity to ride together any more, we stayed in a kind of sporadic communication, an occasional lunch or early morning coffee near her work.

At one such event she mentioned that she was finally building a barn for her horses to supplement the lean-to she had been using and asked if she could hire me to do the electrical wiring. Being a traveler, in the past I had numerous trips where she has helped me out by caring for my two quarter horses and as such I informed her that I would not only do the wiring for no cost but also pedal a generator to make the electricity if needed.

After one extended out of town trip I found myself back in town one Tuesday evening and called to see if the next day would be OK to do the wiring. She said that both she and her husband “Al” would be at work all day, to which I replied that if she could show me the location of the receptacles, switches and lights; I could get by just fine by myself.

I met up with the Kari and Al early the next morning and reviewed where they wanted things and as they headed to work I headed to the home center for supplies.

I really liked the barn layout, which was essentially a two car garage, with two single roll up doors in front, extended in length enough to house a total of four cars. There was a four-foot high wall between the doors, creating two very large stalls that had a dirt floor with rubber mats for her horses to stand on. There was a wall from floor to ceiling in about the middle, making a very large room at the back of the barn, for hay storage. In one corner, next to an exit door, was a small room for tack. The garage doors faced the back of her property with a view of a stand of trees and a slow moving stream.

It was a very warm day. By late afternoon I had not only managed to mount all the electric boxes, run the wiring from the fuse box to each location and additionally managed to drink about two gallons of water uhhhhhhhhh sweating out about half and in the process creating some very clean pores I might add.

Kari returned from work about five, checking on my progress then returned kuşadası escort in her work clothes to help strip wires and to connect switches and outlets. Al came wandering out about half past six, minus his suit coat, his tie undone only enough to unbutton the top button of his starched dress shirt, a martini in one hand and what appeared to be a full pitcher in the other. He proceeding to tell me the way he would have run the wires, what a “fantastic” day he had, all of the important decisions he had made, how lucky his company was to have him, how larger companies were always wanting him to come to work for them and specially how lucky Kari was to have him as a husband. After each declaration I nodded vigorously and smiled as best as I could muster.

As he staggered back to the house for another pitcher I remarked to myself out loud that, “I was sure that the fella has some redeeming qualities but try as I might I cannot find a one”. Kari’s voice from behind the stall divider wall startled me since I did not realize she was there; saying, “That’s because he really has only one”. I apologized profusely; bumbling that I did not in any way mean to speak wrongfully of Al but she put her hand up saying there is no need to apologize.

I did want to get as much of the wiring completed as possible and politely refused a dinner invitation, still embarrassed about my overheard derogatory comment. Kari brought me a turkey sandwich some potato chips and a six pack of Miller Light, which tasted incredibly delicious after such a long hot day. She helped out until a very inebriated Al yelled out from the house about nine and she said she needed to call it a day. I thanked her for her help and asked if it would be OK if I slept in the barn since I wanted to work a little more then finish up the project early in the morning. She said it was fine with her and that she would get me some blankets. I told her I kept my sleeping bag in the truck and that I would throw a horse blanket over some hay for a cushion. With that she looked into my eyes touched the side of my face with her hand and said good night.

About ten I gave up the project for the day, fastened a sprinkler head onto the garden hose, tied it to the fence, stripped down and took a very long cold shower. Some clean underwear, another cold beer or two, the gurgle of the stream, the croak of the frogs; soon had me nestled down in my make shift bed, eyes closed with calm pleasant thoughts coursing through my mind.

I don’t believe I was actually asleep but I must have been pretty close to it when I heard a soft knock. I wasn’t sure what it was until I heard it again and I said come on in. Kari came around the corner saying that she had brought me a pillow. My eyes finally focused with the dim light from the drop cord in the other room, I took the pillow from her hand and said, “Much obliged”.

Her short brown hair was still damp, she smelled like lilacs and was wearing what I would call white silk shorty pajamas with a flannel shirt on top to ward off the evening chill. Before I could say another word she sat down next to me with her hips at about my waist. We talked easily of the day’s events and the progress on the wiring and finally she told me of how comfortable she was working with me. While we talked her eyes never left mine. Her had moved purposely from her lap to my thigh rubbing lightly back and forth. My hand reacted equally with purpose, touching her shoulder then gently sliding up and down her arm. Our conversation slowed to a halt as I pulled her lightly to me, her lips eagerly brushing mine then touching firmly. Our kiss and embrace deepened, our tongs exploring hesitatingly at first then with a greater need. Her hand moved higher on my leg, mine moved across her back under the flannel and encountering her warm soft flesh under the silk top. My other hand joined the first, then as one they moved from her back around each side to her soft supple stomach and up to cup her breasts lightly in my hands. Her hand took the fingers of my hand and demonstrated how she liked her hard nipples to be pinched. She sat straight up with her eyes closed murrering soft words I could not understand, and not really caring to know. It was extremely intense just knowing that my motions were creating pleasure for her.

My eyes were marveling watching her face as she slowly opened her eyes, looked at me then moved her hand to my penis which was very erect by this time, she slowly stroked it through my underwear, while beads of fluid seeping along its length. My soaked underwear prompted the comment that somehow I must have gotten very excited and wondered how such an event could have happened. All I could offer was a low “yessssssssssssss” as her had found its way inside the garment and released a penis oozing fluid that literally flowed over her hand. As she moved her hand up and down it creating an invigorating slurping sound.

My hand moved from her breast to the crotch of her pajamas, gently probing for her pussy. My fingers traced one lip then the other, gently pressing until her hand reached down and pulled her shorts to one side, she took my hand and pressed it against the wet soft hair surrounding her vagina. With her hand slowing stroking my, by now, flowing penis, one of my fingers then two gently entered her, I watched her eyes flutter then close as I began a “come here” movement with my fingers. By this time both of us were uttering; “ooh”, “ahas”, “oh yes’s”, “deeper”, “faster”, and “please yes”, it was about that time that I was ready to suggest that perhaps we should change positions when she sat up, put one leg over the top of me and without letting go of my penis proceeded to pull her shorts to one side with her other hand, place it at her opening and very very slowly, slid herself over the top of me.

I cannot find the words to describe the intense feelings that event created within me. The heat, tightness and wetness of her pussy enveloping me was as no other encounter I had ever had. She sat still for the longest time, eyes closed, not moving, hands on my shoulders. Eventually she raised herself up then eased back down slowly at first then a bit faster. Now I have always needed to slide myself in and out faster and faster as my orgasm approached however with the visual sight of her riding me, the scent of lilacs mixed with that incredible smell of sex filling my nostrils, along with her slow purposeful up and down movements, a pleasure was created within me that slowly and steadily was bringing me to orgasm. My hands were on her waist following her movements, caressing her buttocks, then her breasts. The tip of one finger encountered her anus and as it entered ever so slightly, I felt her vaginal muscles clamp down on my penis. Her fingers moved to her clit, beginning a circular motion. It was not very long before I heard her utter “I’m sorry but I have to cum now”, and with that and yet another vaginal contraction, a whole bunch of my sperm shot deeply inside her. My hands pulled her tightly against me as I felt her contract around me then another, another and I think maybe one after that. She collapsed against my chest and we lay as one for what seemed like an hour. For some reason my penis, which usually softens after an orgasm, stayed hard enough to stay inside her and she whispered in my ear; “I can feel you’re cum seeping out of my pussy”.

The next day I finished the wiring and went on my way. We still meet for lunch and coffee.

Kari and I used to live in the same sub division, equine friendly, lot sizes averaging 4 acres, with access to acres and acres of mountain trails to enjoy. In those days we would ride together about once a week for a couple of hours. When my wife passed away a few years ago, I…

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