A Trip To England Ch. 02


After going through security and being frisk by the metal wand, Mary and Randy were finally on the plane making there way to their seats. Like always Mary was leading the way. Randy liked to give the impression that he was a gentleman when really he just liked the option of checking out Mary’s well-turned ass. And him being 5’9″ and her only 5’3″ he could look over her head anyway and keep an eye out for their seats.

He was actually looking at her short black hair when the back of her head suddenly stopped and he bumped lightly into her. She didn’t lose the opportunity to grind back against him a little bit before saying, “think these are our seats here.”

Mary quickly scooted over to the window seat, claiming her favourite place as Randy sat down on her right and waited for take off.

Randy looked over at Mary as she pulled out her mystery novel and started to read. He really liked Mary and liked hanging out with her. They had agreed long ago that they would never label themselves as a couple since they agreed that neither should own the other.

‘As if anyone could own her,’ Randy thought idly, her light brown face could be really soft and sweet until you tried to pull some kind and shit and it could harden in a second making you wish you hadn’t. There had been many times that she had put him in his place and called him on his bullshit. That was one of the things he loved about her.

Her body physically matched the impression her face gave, soft and curvy with C-cup breasts that pushed against the front of her tee shirt with two nipples that could just be barley seen poking out. He wondered if she was cold or just excited at the prospect of finally meeting her net friend Russ.

Her dark brown eyes flicked across the pages of her book, they hid so much behind them that Randy was sure that even though they had shared so much there were still volumes to be told.

While Randy pulled out his own book to read Mary glanced sideways at him. He was a stout guy with very dark skin that made him almost disappear in shadows, more then once on dark nights she had felt like she was being fucked by a ghost. While he did carry a few extra pounds his body had a lot of strength in it from his thick legs, slightly soft tummy when not flexed to his strong arms. Sometimes he could be confusing because he most of the time was a person who wanted what he wanted but was never patient enough to wait for it. When told this he simply said he got bored easily.

He was also guy who could make love to woman as if she were a glass doll, or ravage her in a way as if there is no tomorrow. eskort görükle Either way, extreme pleasure is a guarantee. One thing she loved about him was that he really would try anything at least once….

When she started to giggle, Randy caught her looking at him and said “what?”

“Remember Black Buddy?” Mary giggled out.

Remembering the 12″ dildo he had become intimately acquainted with he laughed and shook his head, saying, “Buddy ain’t no friend of mine!”

They both burst out laughing as the plane started to taxi its way down the runway.

A few hours later and thoroughly bored, Randy stashed his book back in his carry-on and looked around. The flight was half full of people crossing the Atlantic and Mary has sleeping beside her, having dropped off 2 hours after the plane took off. Her head was tilted his way, her lips slightly slack as she breathed deep and even, her breasts slowly rising and falling beneath her top. Randy felt himself growing hard under the denim of his jeans, the shaft rubbing nicely under the fabric. He imagined slowly sliding it between her lips as she slowly woke and started to suck him. He played around with the idea of going to toilet to jerk off when he saw a flight attendant coming up the aisle. He looked at his empty plastic cup of coke and got a better idea.

As the flight attendant was making her way to the back of the plane she saw the poor man rubbing his hands together and shivering slightly. ‘Poor dear,’ she thought

“Would you like a blanket?” the attendant asked. Usually now a days they didn’t give out blankets unless absolutely necessary, especially to couples to so they didn’t get frisky in the seats but he actually had goose bumps raising on his arms. And his companion was sleeping so it should be all right.

“Thank you, if you don’t mind, don’t know why I’m suddenly so cold,” he said before she went and got him a blanket to wrap himself in. he put it across himself and her lap and thanked her again, “my sister says thanks as well.” He added with a sweet smile. The attendant left thinking how sweet it was to share his blanket with his sister and secure that nothing was going to happen.

Randy mean while was quickly taking the ice he had taken from his empty cup out from under his arm and chucked it in the cup. It had worked well to raise the goose bumps and the sister comments made sure that they wouldn’t be looked at too hard. As he looked over at Mary he thought, “thank god she’s not actually my sister or this would be really wrong!”

He reached out with his left hand and lightly touched her kestel escort thigh, watching her face as she slept on peacefully; he wondered how far he could get before waking her up. His hand slowly made its way up her thigh until it rested where her legs met. His two middle fingers slid up and down her crotch slowly, gently, with increasing pressure. A small sigh escaped Mary’s lips as her thighs opened just a little wider, allowing him more room to move around. He moved his fingers to about where her clit would be and started moving them around in slow circles deepening the pressure as he went. Her breath was definitely coming faster now as he rubbed her, feeling the first trills of heat escaping through her jeans and onto his fingers, the humidity growing.

Slowly Mary’s eyes opened and looked into his, a little puzzled at first but then quickly picking up on what was happening, gave a little smile and spread her thighs as wide as they could go, her right knee touching his left. Somehow just having her knee against his made it all the more erotic as he started to rub her pussy in earnest.

Mary rolled her hips against Randy’s hand, trying not to make too much movement in her seat. She didn’t want to attract attention and have to stop this. A deeper sigh escaped her lips as Randy pressed down on her clit again, luckily no one was in the seat behind them to peek through the space between seats. She reached over and rested her hand on his thigh, right over where his hard cock was pulsing hot and hard underneath his pants. She started stroking him in quick subtle movements making him squirm in his seat.

Not to be out done he reached up and undid her pants before sliding his hand inside, finding out he had took his suggestion before they left and hadn’t worn underwear.

“What if they strip search me?” she had asked as a joke.

“Then it will be over that much quicker,” he replied with a grin.

On the plane it just made it easier for his fingers to find their way into her wet pussy folds, spreading the gooey lips apart to stroke her slit from clit to hole and back again. Her slick juices ran freely, coating his digits when they slipped inside her snug hole, pulsing around his fingers. They flexed and moved inside Mary, pushing in and out of her as the heel of his palm rubbed against her clit, making her want to moan loudly but couldn’t, and that just made her all the more horny.

She lost no more time in undoing Randy’s Pants and pulling him out, seeing he wasn’t wearing any underwear either. He just winked and then closed his eyes and hummed bursa sınırsız escort when she started stroking the shaft of his cock under the blanket, her thumb rubbing along the head whenever she reached the top. Every now and again she would reach down to cup his balls, rolling them lightly between her fingers, feeling all the pent up cum ebb and flow.

Randy’s speed increased with Mary’s stroking, his fingers flying across her clit as she worked him and they flew towards orgasm. If anyone had looked in their direction in the ten seconds before they came all over each other’s hands they would have known exactly what was going on.

They both came hard and swift under the blanket, teeth sinking into lips so moans and screams wouldn’t escape and alert the crew and probably any control towers listening to the cockpit.

When Mary opened her eye she gave Randy a wink and quickly did up her pants. She removed the blanket from herself, squeezed past Randy’s legs and with a last tilt of her head vanished back to where the bathrooms were.

Randy quickly put himself together and followed, hoping the attendant wouldn’t pick it up before they got back and discovered the cum stains.

Quickly checking around when he got the door marked occupied he softly drummed his fingers against the door and checked around again. The door quickly opened and a hand reached out grabbed him by the front and hauled him inside.

Mary’s mouth jammed against his and her tongue slipped between his lips to play with his. He quickly caught her fire and pulled her tight against him in the small space, both groping and kissing as if they trying to devour the other.

“Fuck, I need your cock in me,” She gasped as she turned around and pulled down her pants, showing her perfect ass and the leaking lips underneath. Even though he had just cum Randy was rock hard again, he undid his fly and bent his knees. The head of his dick slipped along her heated lips before finding her sweet soaked hole and sliding in with one slow stroke.

“God fuck me,” Mary moaned, jamming her ass back at Randy.

He groaned and started hammering Mary, saying, “Yeah, fuck that cock, I want your tight little pussy to cum all over it, soak me in your juices, like the slut you are.”

Mary pounded her ass back onto Randy’s cock as he talked to her. It didn’t take long for either of them to cum, again trying not to cry out too loudly as their juices mixed in Mary’s pussy, dripping out of her and down Randy’s shaft.

When they righted themselves, Randy came out first to find the attendant looking at him.

“Sorry,” he said thinking fast. And then whispered. “My sister just had explosive diarrhea…”

Mary, vowing to kill Randy later, tried to look as sick as possible and looked around the door saying “its true…”

The attendant rolled her eyes before walking away.

After going through security and being frisk by the metal wand, Mary and Randy were finally on the plane making there way to their seats. Like always Mary was leading the way. Randy liked to give the impression that he was a gentleman when really he just liked the option of checking out Mary’s well-turned…

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