A Taste of Wedding Night Fever


A Taste of Wedding Night Fever


Helen was not the least surprised to feel a rush of affection, even errant longing for him, on seeing Larry again. It had been that way the first time, when she was only twenty-three and at a friend’s wedding party, a gathering where she had been introduced to Lawrence Carter a successful business man, already, and a guy who seemed to be in a rush, unashamedly flirty, talkative and soon sweeping her off her feet, quite literally, as he asked her to dance and seemed not to want to let her go.

That she had worn a spangly dress with a somewhat daring neckline may have had something to do with his overt glances and attention to her, his persuasive words as he invited her to dance nothing new or that she had thought she could deal with.

But they had exchanged confidences, fallen into companionable ways and then, a few days latter an affair that had flared into passionate intensity, marriage in what felt a crazy rush, and two children.

The life she had lived then, some twenty-five years ago now, had blinded her to Larry’s roving eye, then the wrecking discovery of his wandering hands and finally an affair that had shattered any remaining illusions she had clung to about him and the life that they had lived through; what she had endured more like.

She had always struggled with her weight, but she loved to wear stylish and colourful clothes. Somehow, she had kept her figure, along with her happy personality that life with Larry had never managed to fully extinguish. She had a willingness to live on but never to forget. They stayed in touch as their children grew older; then over the months leading up to today and their daughter’s wedding.

It had been difficult to forgive him his betrayals, they became so many, but that had been a potion that if she kept on taking it would have wrecked her and do that completely.

Their divorce had been brutal, and the settlement hard won, but those bruising times had not fully extinguished her ‘love’ for him. It had mellowed in the years since he had not been in her life, fully in her life, and at the margins. Divorce had been a douche of a harsher reality, more for him than for her.

She had forgiven him one time too many…but that was then.

And yet, it had not prevented her from indulging in one last night of tempestuous sex; what she imagined someone about to go to prison would indulge in; the denial of such fleshy unions more than either of them could bear.

She had that feeling again now as the reception after their daughter’s wedding was drawing to a close, guests who had booked rooms for the duration of the weekend, saying their ‘goodnights’ and ‘thank you’s.’

Larry had been generous. He could afford to be, and to a fault. He’d charmed and chatted to everyone, and she had seen again the man she had first fallen in love with and had never replaced. Try as she might, to deny it, she would have difficulty in saying ‘goodnight’ to him, the father of her daughter and with whom she had again danced, and the years had spooled back to other times and feelings.

‘Spend some time with me?’ he had asked, his breaths warm in her ear.

‘I know better than to trust you, Larry…do that ever again…tempting as your offer is.’

She had teased him, was not fully prepared for his reply, nor the embrace he had held her in as they danced. Her lover of those far away days had turned grey, greyer, but his hair was still rebelliously swept back, he carried little surplus weight and he did dance supremely well.

‘But you’re still here…talking and dancing with me, that awful man who treated you so badly…’

‘It’s something to hear you admit it, even if it is at our daughter’s wedding party…’ She smiled up at him, saw how his eyes drifted over her, the dress more modest than the one she’d worn at that other wedding party. ‘I didn’t say that I too couldn’t be selfish…I just didn’t sleep around as you did.’

‘Ouch!’ he grinned and his ways of doing that charming her all over again.

‘I had a good example, remember?’

‘Ouch again! Are there any more arrows to fire my way?’

‘Just one…I never, quite, stopped loving you.’


Helen wondered if history would be repeated. The years had smoothed the raw edges of her feelings, those of betrayal, then rejection. Larry remained the handsome man that he had always been, and his looks upon her disturbingly suggestive of what was again on his mind.

Was she responding to him as they were left to say, what most parents would be saying, on the day they had ‘given away’ a daughter in marriage; a day that had passed with joy and without rancour, in their case, for the past.

She had almost kept her hourglass figure; clothed it so well in a black shift dress adorned with embroidered sequins, to match the silken fabric, and arranged in two narrow vertical stripes from her shoulders down to the hem. escort gaziantep evi olan bayan Standing for long spells, she had decided on wearing cream low-heeled sling-backs and matching them to her clutch bag that held only a hanky and her room keys, along with a small purse and credit card.

‘I’ve had a wonderful time,’ she smiled up at him, felt Larry stand close. He brushed away the tumble of her greying ash blonde hair, its cut now lending it a flouncy vitality, the parting a little ragged but she’d had fun. She’d even admit to feeling a little light-headed, the joyful mix of fatigue and the effects of alcohol. She had wanted to let go, and she had done that, but was she at the end of her day, and with him?

That first time, so long ago, came rushing in at her like a large tumbling wave crashing onto the shore. He had brushed the side of her mouth, then, and she had seen lipstick.

‘It’s not the same colour as yours…it’s Laura’s…our girl’s. She was so happy…kissed you…I saw that. It’s left a mark.’

She watched him clean it off his fingers with his handkerchief before he stuffed it back into his breast pocket. His dark navy-blue suit, white shirt and discreetly patterned blue tie leant him distinction, the look of a wealthy man. He’d recovered from their times, just as she had. Like her, she had heard, he had no one in his life. It went some way to explaining his behaviour towards her now, something that she didn’t mind.

“You…you touched me, then, as you’re doing again now,’ she whispered, and dismayed to have felt a touch, as before.

‘Life’s never been quite the same since those days, Helen…’

She found herself walking beside him as they neared the elevators, caught a glimpse of herself standing beside him, Larry a head taller that she was.

‘The golden couple…’ she confessed and looked up at him.

‘You said that once before…I remember,’ he murmured. ‘I’ve been doing a lot of that lately.

She thought that Larry would kiss her, he stood so close, but he leant past her and pressed the call button. There was the unmistakable hint of some cologne that she had breathed in when they had danced. Her heart was hammering.

‘Yes, and it was how I felt for some time…’

The lift doors closed before them. ‘Which floor are you on?’


‘I’m on third…so I’ll be with you a while longer.’ He pressed the buttons. ‘What did you wish for when I touched you…that first time?’

She turned sharply, but laughed, deeply engaged with him once more as she had been then. ‘That you’d kiss me…’

‘I can do that now…want to do that now, Helen.’

Then it had been a soft kiss, only too brief, and offered by a young guy chancing his luck. Now, the strong and accomplished man’s hands caress her throat, then hold her shoulders as he leant in for a lingering kiss.

‘This…this is crazy, after what happened between us…’ she gasped, even as the lift jerked to a halt and the doors swished open. ‘This is my stop…’

He smiled that knowing smile of his that she knew so well and had never been able to forget, even from that first time. ‘Do you want me to stop…what I’m doing?’

Larry had put his arm around her waist as she stepped out of the lift. He leant in to kiss her, stroked the front of her dress, his hand soon placed on her belly. She stopped its progress, shivered in response to the flare of sudden longing for the man.

‘Come back…don’t be long…or I’ll change my mind.’

‘I helped you with that the last time…’

The lift doors were about to close, and he rushed away rom her, his hand making the doors jolt open.

Larry’s parting look upon her gave the game away, but she wanted to play and do that with the man who had always been thought of as the love of her life.


Helen felt light-headed, somewhat dizzy, as she fumbled for the door key, felt Larry’s closeness and touches as they stepped into the rom. Did she really want to pursue an impetuous tryst, get taken, after all that had gone before and at his hands? She had let him into her room, the rest would also be consensual.

She wanted him, Larry was so warm and smelled so good, the press of his lips and breaths on her throat so arousing. His arms were so strong, and he made her feel so wanted once more, even safe. And then she noticed that with their bodies pressed together, she could feel something… realized that she could feel his cock pressed against her and that it was hard. It could be felt through their clothes, his hungering kisses and clamp of hands to her hips keeping her to him in a sensual dance.

‘I never could keep what I felt from you, never,’ he murmured.

‘And so many others!’ She was kept to him.

‘Don’t go there…please…not now…don’t wreck the moment, Helen.’

Feeling his erection pressed between them made her body tighten. A warm rush and escort gaziantep fetiş bayan tingling sensation had started between her legs. She pretended to hug him tighter as an excuse to move her hips more firmly against him so she could feel the bulge in his pants. She shivered as he tugged down the zipper, felt the slide of it over her skin along with his fingers, the press of fingernails to the base of her spine. He loosened her bra, eased it and her dress away. He murmured in appreciation as he saw the pale skin of her breasts, the dark brown of her nipples and those freckles he had always loved to see.

‘I’ve not changed so much, have I?’ she sighed, on a tilt of her head, as she held him to her, felt his breaths on her skin and moved enough to let that dress fall to the floor, ‘Remind me what you bring…’

She groped for him, tugged loose his belt and felt a moments fumble of his fingers as he unbuckled his trousers. He undressed before her as she knelt down to claim him, yanked his briefs over his thighs.

‘Well?’ He saw her eyes widen in surprise as his straining penis sprang free, arced up from a coarse mat of hair at his belly.

She nodded as her mouth enveloped him, her actions shameless; her sucks and licks, the trailing of her tongue tip over his length making him buck his hips, his hands in her hair tugging her onto him. He gave her no reprieve, wanted her to deep throat him.

‘I remember!’ she gulped, trying not to gag. ‘You don’t need to be so rough…I wanted to be with you…as you wanted to be with me! Show me some respect…more than before!’

She stumbled away, soon felt his restraining embrace and leant back against him. His hands were all over her, his fingers in her slit, parted the lips of her pussy before two entered her slicked heat and offered circling, plugging, caresses.

‘Yes…work it!’ he demanded as she gripped him, worked his cock that pressed into her back as he fingered her. ‘I…I carried memories of you with me over so many years!’

She half-turned to meet his look upon her. ‘Don’t tell me that you still love me…will you?’

His hungering mouth crashed onto her lips and silenced whatever he may have intended to say in reply.

She wanted him to bring it to her, save the words and sentiments for later. She wanted to feel that engorged penis in her body again, feel him in her slicked heat as images of them doing it long ago raced before her eyes. The devoted and proper mother, of hours ago, wanted to be the bitch in heat and with her stray dog of an ex-husband that she’d never quite let go of. No one had been met who had ever taken a hold in her as Larry had done and was doing again now. His silky white hair, that greying stubble of a beard were the only outward signs of the man ageing.

‘Take me to bed…do it on the bed…be quick!’ she urged on halting breaths as his fingering of her, and the clamp of one hand on her breasts, brought her on; thoughts of what could happen between them, then his touches, soon bringing her to a shuddering climax. ‘This is so crazy…unexpected!’

‘But not unwanted. That was different…and love does come into it…yes,’ he kissed, enjoying the touch of her fleshy warmth against him, ached to really know of her again and to have his cock spasming inside his ex-wife. ‘We too can make this a wedding night to remember…’

‘Someone else’s….our daughter’s,’

His shove towards the bed was more than playful. ‘You lead…I’ll try and follow.’

She waited until Larry lay back on the covers of her bed, watched as he threw the pillows arranged along the headboard onto the floor. She ripped his trembling, erect, arcing penis, saw that its domed tip glistened as she pulled back the foreskin and simply kissed it.

‘I may do more for you later…’

He coaxed her to straddle his hips, her back towards him, and to kneel over his penis that he slid along her wet crack until she too guided it into her heat, and she moved to slowly adjust to what began to find her and so deeply.

Larry rose to pull her back against his chest, to fondle the tumble of her breasts and kiss her back as she began to slowly move forward and back, to buck her hips in wrenching motions. Her hands moved from his chest to his legs as she bore her weight; leant forward or back as, together, they found a different spot to slip and slide over.

Her breaths of effort soon became gasps of pleasure.

Larry lay back, felt her clamp on him in her jerking movements, the sensations in his belly and the pressure in his sac now making him groan.

‘How could I have forgotten what you can do?’

‘You showed me how…remember?’ Helen wondered if his other women had worked him as feverishly and demandingly as she now sought to do, for both of them. ‘Let me see you…I want to look at you!’

He kept her on him, and she slowly moved round, fingering the base of his shaft as she did so; bayan escort gaziantep tugged and stretched his prick differently; yelped as new ways touched her as never before. Helen leant on his chest and gazed down at him for an instant, bent to kiss his upturned face as her breasts swept over his skin, his mouth and hands son claiming them.

‘Let me taste you…’

Helen shuddered as she slid off him and did so again as his mouth closed on her labia and sucked gently, the probe and prick of his tongue soon replaced by licks and the gentle lapping up of her juices. Her pussy felt on fire, her belly wracked by cramps of another approaching orgasm.

‘I can’t hold it back!’ she squealed, rising and falling on his face, his exploring of her lessening as he dealt with these responses to him. Larry’s hands gripped her fleshy ass cheeks as she moved on him; the waft of night air on her skin — she’d forgotten to close the window completely — and her surrender to his words and touches during what felt a whole day of her being seduced, finally bringing her close.

‘I..I really can’t hold back, Larry…darling!’ She’d finally expressed what she felt for him, again, her breaths quickening and becoming shallower. ‘I…I want you in me…to screw me…take me…do whatever the right words might be!’

‘Bump your fuzzies? It feels like I’m going to discover that…now!’

‘Don’t tease me!’ she sniggered at his choice of words, bending to kiss him, but Larry already moving her until the tip of his stiff, gorged, prick parted her lips. It caressed the edge of her aching pussy and was then thrust in deep and powerfully, his hands on her hips pulling her down on him. ‘You’re a part of me again!’

Helen screamed in her pleasure as his cock forced apart the soft yielding walls of her wet pussy. It felt as if he was coming home and that he was at the end of a journey to rediscover the union of their two bodies. Their gasps of effort and encouragement became one; the claw and clasps of hands encouraged quicker efforts, not to be interrupted for long as he rolled them over and she raised her legs, gripped them and submitted to his pounding rhythm, the sharing of animalistic sounds.

‘Don’t mark them…pull them off me!’ she yelped as his hands gripped her breasts, stopped the jerking of aching flesh, his lips tugging on her nipples and lifting them until she felt her tits strain, only to then fall back. ‘I think I’ve always been yours!’

‘I’m beginning to think that too…Helen…oh, woman…what have you brought to me?’

‘This…all of this!’

She thought herself to be in another place; that his penis and use of it in her was a perfect fit; that his movements, so agile and raging, making her feel every glorious inch as his shaft bored in and out of her; her thighs and arms aching as they caressed his body and embraced him.

‘This is going to get wet…and very messy,’ he gasped. ‘Sorry…but we’re fucking…it’s the only word.’

‘Then fuck me…go on!’ she cried out, squealing as he hit a special spot and kept doing that. She repeated the word over and over again. The mother of the bride had become a lustful hussy.

‘No one else will hear you…’

He had looked up and met her sightless gaze. Helen was lost. Her lust matched his own, her abandonment driving hm on. He kissed her lips, throat, pulled her breasts together and offered raging breathless kisses to them, to her nipples, as he thrusted into her; was buried in her sweet heat as they locked mouths and shared breaths.

‘I’m…I’m going…going to…!’

She squirmed. Tugged on him and squeezed her vagina muscles on his meat, felt it throb deep within her and in what seemed to be an end of the world urgency, unchecked and prolonged.

She was pushed until it felt that she was on her shoulders, her legs high and about him as Larry took her in shorter, quicker thrusts, pulling out only a little before driving his cock back home. Her gasps urged him on, had him lengthen his strokes penetrating her deeper and harder.

‘Oh God, YES Larry! Yes!’ she cried out. The bed rocked and their bodies pressed down into the mattress. She felt the tap and sway of his balls against her bum as his penis filled her. She had reached the point of no return and she knew again that he would take her until he shared in her orgasm.

‘Helen! Oh Helen…woman!’ he gasped as her hands caressed and clawed his skin, as she writhed and moved to sustain his claims upon her, kept the frenzy of their rutting from tearing him out of her body. He thrust in and withdrew in searing, tamping, thrusts that had her calling out his name.

‘Yes…at last! Yes…at last!’ she screeched, her body convulsing and he unable to ease out of her frenzied hold upon him and to look at her. She kept his face to her throat, shivered on feeling his hot breaths on her skin. How easy it had been to allow him to reclaim her; how disconcerting to have heard a different man speaking to her as they loved. The ferocity of them doing so had also been a declaration of quite different emotions playing a part in al that they had sought of each other.

Their shared orgasms coursed through them in waves of intense pleasure. His penis had swelled as he jetted bolts of his semen into her. The soft sound of them squelching could now be heard as they moved slowly, came down form their highs of shared pleasure.

A Taste of Wedding Night Fever 1 Helen was not the least surprised to feel a rush of affection, even errant longing for him, on seeing Larry again. It had been that way the first time, when she was only twenty-three and at a friend’s wedding party, a gathering where she had been introduced to…

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