A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 02

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 02

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Author’s Note:

My special thanks to The Soulful Bard for reviewing and improving my story.

All errors are strictly mine.

Please be patient. The first two chapters set the stage for the hot action that follows in subsequent chapters.

* * *

Aiko and Gerald resumed their usual life. Work and family issues prevented them from giving any further thought to how they might spice up their love life.

“We’re back in our rut,” Gerald remarked one day after a few weeks. “We need to get out of it, put our troubles aside, and have some fun.”

“Yeah? What do you have in mind?”

“How about a dinner and a dance?”

“Gerald, that’s a great idea!”

“I thought you’d like that idea. So I booked a reservation in the city at a new French restaurant called ‘La Cuisine française.’ “

“Which means?

“French cookery.”

“And where do we go dancing?”

“Ah, that’s where it gets a little, shall we say, different. The place I have in mind is not your usual dance place.


“There will probably be little real ballroom or Latin dancing.”

“What are trying to say, hon.”

“Aiko, I propose we go to a swingers’ club called ‘The Bat in the Box’.”

Aiko burst out laughing. “You got to be kidding me!”

“What about,” Gerald replied, “the name or the place.”

“Both, Gerald,” but she laughed again. “Well, you should have given me a little warning, you know.”

“Love of my life, I knew you wouldn’t object to dinner and dancing. You agreed immediately to the idea. But I do see your point about playing a little fast and loose with the dance locale.”

He paused for a moment before continuing.

“The restaurant requires a reservation. As for the swingers’ club, we don’t have to go if you don’t want to. We can go to a proper dance place not far from the restaurant.”

Gerald saw the trepidation in her eyes. He also saw the spark of curiosity in them.

“Come on, Aiko,” Gerald urged. “We aren’t obliged to do anything. At worst, nothing happens. We watch and then we leave. At best, it may put us in the mood to rush home for some nookie. What’s to complain about?”

After mulling over what Gerald said, Aiko replied, “Okay, Gerald, as long as I can call it off at any time.”

“Agreed. Either one of us can call it off,” he assured his wife.

The couple spent the rest of the week in both anticipation and apprehensiveness. Although they had read up on swingers’ clubs, especially the “The Bat in the Box’, they knew the reality could be something very different from what they imagined it to be. Their fears were somewhat alleviated because the club’s website clearly stated that onsite sex was not allowed. The club’s purpose, the website explained, was to enable open-minded couples to meet and make their own arrangements. It seemed safe enough.

* * *

Friday finally arrived.

“You’ve got that really cute black dress that goes only part-way down your thighs,” he said. “You know, the one with the plunging neckline. I haven’t seen you wear that one in a long time. I want people at the swingers’ club to see how sexy you really are. I want them to know that I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”

Although she was flattered by her husband’s compliment, Aiko was reticent to go along with the idea of wearing that particular dress. She decided to try it on to make sure it fit. It did… barely.

She looked in the mirror. What she saw gave her the odd feeling of being almost naked even though it covered most of her more intimate feminine attributes. The dress emphasized the shapeliness of her ass, the curvature of her hips, and broadly hinted at her well-proportioned breasts.

The dress was also very revealing. Its shortness exposed most of her silky-smooth milky-white thighs. It was the kind of dress that limited a modest woman’s mobility. If she stooped while standing or parted her legs even slightly while sitting, her panties would become easily visible. Moreover, the dress was sleeveless. It exposed her back. Its plunging neckline barely covered her breasts. She knew she would be a magnet that would attract men’s eyes. All in all, it made her feel sexy and naughty, even a little slutty.

For shoes, Aiko chose an elegant black high-heeled pair. They emphasized the beauty of her well-toned dancer’s legs.

“You are a smorgasbord of femaleness,” Gerald observed admiringly.

“But I can’t go like this to the restaurant,” she objected. “It makes me feel and look almost naked. I don’t want to be embarrassed by some guy leering at me in the restaurant, trying to undress me with his eyes.”

Gerald guffawed. “Don’t you know, honey. We men have x-ray vision. If you don’t undress yourself, we’ll undress you with our eyes.”

“Stop it,” she protested. You’ve making me feel even more self-conscious.”

“I’m sorry, hon,” he replied with a lecherous glint in his eyes. “I suggest you wear a skirt that falls below your knees. Nylons might be a good idea too.”

“That’s my plan,” she said. manisa escort “A long skirt, nylons, a bra and my black lace slipover for good measure. Otherwise, I won’t feel comfortable.”

“Honey, you look good in a sweat suit,” he said laughing.

“You’re both a liar and a flatterer,” she said smiling.

He chuckled. “Even though you know it, it still works on you, doesn’t it?”

She smiled and stuck out her tongue. She was a sucker for flattery but didn’t really believe he was a liar.

* * *

That evening at the ‘La Cuisine française’, they enjoyed an excellent meal and a bottle of red French wine. Gerald ordered filet mignon as his main course while Aiko chose escargots à la bourguignonne. They made a point of asking the chef to go very easy on the garlic. It would not be nice to have bad breath when they were about to meet people at a party.

Gerald tried to ply Aiko with wine but she resisted. She knew his game.

‘My man is such a little devil,’ she thought. ‘He’s trying to make me tipsy so I’ll be more relaxed and more pliable by the time we get to the club. But the truth is I’m curious about this club. I’m even a little excited to see what it’s like.’

Later, as Gerald paid the bill, Aiko she said out loud, “Okay, big boy, let’s see what’s on offer at the club. But to feel a little safer, I think we should use pseudonyms. Okay?”

“Okay.” Then making fun he said, “I’m not Gerald but I’m pleased to meet you. And you are?

“Manko,” she said.

“Manko? Does that mean something?”


A smile appeared on Gerald’s lips. It grew and grew. He roared with laughter. But he always new that Aiko had a naughty streak.

“Maybe I should try something a little exotic too,” Gerald declared. “Hmmm, when I was young, my parents sent me to my aunt in Germany for the summer to learn German. I learned a few choice words playing with my friends which I never repeated in front of my prudish aunt. I’ll call myself Pimmel.”

She looked at him slyly. “And what does that mean?”


Aiko smirked. ‘Smart-ass,’ she thought. Then she thought about the swingers’ club again. ‘I wonder how he’ll react if some guy makes a pass at me or even gropes me. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.’

On the way to the swingers’ club, Aiko removed her outer skirt, nylons and slipover, tucking them into a bag she intended to leave behind in the car. It took some urging from Gerald before she finally took off her bra as well.

Gerald had difficulty concentrating on his driving as he watched his wife’s mini striptease in the passenger seat. The black form-fitting dress was Aiko’s sexiest. He kicked himself mentally for not trying to persuade her to wear it more often.

He kept glancing at his beautiful Asian wife. “You look so hot,” he said leering at her. “I almost feel like taking you back home now.”

Aiko noticed her husband’s lustful look. “Down boy,” she said, “You’ll have your chances to poke me with your pecker.”

“Yeah, like later tonight.” Gerald laughed, then concentrated on his driving.

* * *

After they parked their car in a nearby parking lot, they stood watching the club’s entrance for a few minutes.

Gerald took hold of Aiko’s hand. “Let’s do it,” Gerald finally said.

The first thing they saw as they approached the door was a sign that read: Private Party, Bat in the Box Club.

“If one of us wants to leave, we both leave. No argument. Okay?” Gerald said to re-assure his wife yet.

“I know, dear,” Aiko replied.

With that, they opened the door and walked in.

A lady just inside the door collected their entry fees. “I haven’t seen you two before,” she observed.

“First time,” Gerald replied.”

“Are you familiar with our rules?”

“Yes,” he replied, “we saw them on your website.”

“Well, go on in,” she smiled. “Just relax and enjoy.”

“Thanks,” Gerald said. “At this point we just want to get a feel for things.”

“I’m sure you will feel a few things,” she said with a straight face.

The club’s facility was spacious. Normally served as a banquet hall. The lights were low. Tables and chairs were distributed along the walls. The centre of the room was left clear, obviously to allow dancing.

Snacks were available at the bar. Alcohol bought offsite and drugs were strictly forbidden, but beer and wine were for sale at the bar. Violation of the club’s rules meant expulsion. Repeat offenders were banned permanently.

Only a small number of people were present.

“Things don’t really start hopping until after 10:00,” their hostess informed them. “Oh, by the way,” she added, “put on one of those wristbands you see in the box near the bar. Red means you’re only looking, not participating. Yellow means touching and feeling is allowed, but you’re not looking for sex. Green means you’re looking for sex partners. As a couple, you’re required to wear the same colour at all times.”

“And if we change our minds?” Gerald asked.

“You kütahya escort can change wristbands at any time but you both still have to wear the same colour. It’s a meeting place for swinging couples. It’s either both of you or neither of you.”

Gerald and Aiko nodded.

“Red?” Aiko asked tentatively.

“No, yellow,” he said decisively. “If we were just going to watch, we could have stayed home and rented an erotic movie. We’re here for more that. Wasn’t that the point of coming here?” he questioned.

Aiko realized he had a point. They were here to get a taste of what the swinging lifestyle was like. Still, the scene made her nervous… and excited.

“Okay,” she said softly. “And no means no.”

“Yes, no means no.”

They walked over to the bar where they bought two glasses of wine. They made themselves comfortable at one of the tables.

* * *

For a while nothing happened. But as the evening wore on, more couples trickled in, each couple choosing wristbands of one or the other colour. They came in all ages, shapes, sizes and colours. Many sat down but a few couples danced. Not surprisingly, the club played romantic or slow lounge-type music.

Another hour passed. The club became more crowded. The dance floor gradually filled up.

Aiko and Gerald continued to watch. Couples wearing red wristbands were left alone.

“Oh look, Gerald,” Aiko whispered. “Over there to the left.”

They saw an exchange of pleasantries between two couples. They wore wedding rings and green wristbands. After seeing the women nod in agreement, the two couples appeared to make a switch. The men slipped their hands under the women’s blouses. It was obvious what they were doing.

“It’s making me hot,” Gerald whispered. “Let’s go dance and do some groping ourselves!” With that he took Aiko’s hand and led her to the dance floor.

Aiko almost went into a ballroom dance hold position but Gerald put a quick end to the gesture. He wrapped his arms around his wife and pulled her tightly against his body. He nuzzled her neck.

“Gerald,” she protested, “people are watching!”

“No kidding,” he replied. “What do you expect when we’re in a place like this. And,” he added, “I’ve got the sexiest woman in the place in my arms.”

Aiko put her arms around her man’s neck and laid her head on his shoulder. “Flattery will get everywhere, hon.” She relaxed. She put her lips to his ear. “I’m getting hot too,” she confessed to enjoying the comfort and safety of her husband’s embrace.

A mischievous thought struck Aiko. She pressed her pelvis against him, then squirmed in his arms for good measure.

Gerald pressed his pelvis against hers. He was getting a hard-on. “Aiko, you are such a luscious little tease.”

They kissed passionately. A tremor of excitement coursed through Aiko’s body as Gerald allowed his hands to travel slowly down his wife’s back, while nuzzling and nipping her neck and ears. She loved his masculine aroma and the feel of his strong arms wrapped around her. Her pussy moistened. Briefly, they forgot with their surroundings.

Suddenly, Gerald felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked toward the source, a man who was wearing a green wristband. He was tall. His black hair was shot through with flashes of flashes of grey. He looked fairly healthy although he had a small paunch. Gerald estimated he was in his early 50s.

The woman with him appeared to be a natural blonde. She was voluptuous. Gerald couldn’t be sure if it was due to age or genetics, maybe both.

The couple wore green wristbands.

“We couldn’t help notice you because we’ve never seen you here before. My name is Stan, and this is my wife Linda.”

The men shook hands.

She smiled and shook hands with Gerald. “Hi, pleased to meet you.”

“Gerald gestured toward Aiko. “This is my wife Ai…, er, Manko. I’m Pimmel.”

Aiko giggled and shook hands with each of them in turn.

“Those are unusual names,” Stan observed.

“Indeed they are,” Gerald smiled.

“You’re really cute,” Linda interjected directing her remark to Aiko.

“Yes” Gerald smirked, “she is my Manko,” and pulled her against him.

“And Pimmel is my man. He belongs to me,” Aiko added, putting both arms around his waist.

Not quite understanding what the exchange was about, Linda changed the subject. “Are you here for the first time?” she asked.

“Yes,” Aiko responded, “we’re curious to see what a swingers’ club is like. In fact, it’s our first time in any place like this.”

“Well, I noticed you’re wearing yellow wristbands. First-timers usually wear red,” Linda said. “Although,” she continued, “it is not uncommon to see a first-time couple exchange a red wristband for a yellow one later in the evening.”

“We came here knowing what the club was about,” Aiko replied. “At the same we didn’t want to go all the way, so to speak, until we learned more. A yellow wristband seemed like a good compromise.”

“Pimmel, do you mind if I cut in?” Stan asked, “provided malatya escort of course your lady has no objection. Linda is attracted to you,” he added. “She said so. Right, dear?”

“I did, Stan.” She stepped to Gerald. “Let’s dance, Pimmel.”

With that they exchanged partners.

At first Gerald put a little space between them. Linda would have none of that, though. She stepped right into him, pressing her luscious body against his and draped her arms around his neck.

“Don’t be shy,” Linda said into his ear. “Body contact is allowed here.”

Gerald’s prick wasn’t shy but it was having problems standing at attention.

“Excuse me, for a second,” he said embarrassed.

He separated from Linda briefly, turned his back to her, stuck a hand in his pants, and deftly adjusted his cock. He hoped no one else noticed, turned around and then pulled her back into his arms.

“No problem,” she giggled. “I can feel it better now too,” she said. “You’re very sexy. I could really go for a guy like you.”

Meanwhile a similar scene took place between Stan and Aiko. Aiko felt Stan’s arms wrap around her. Unsure of what to expect, she let him take the initiative. He nuzzled his nose under her ear and kissed her gently on the neck. Slowly but surely his hands moved down until they were stroking her ass-cheeks. A few strokes later, he cupped them forcing Aiko to press more tightly against his body. She felt his hard-on press against her belly.

Aiko found the situation to be both new and erotic. Her body responded. The butterflies in her stomach spoke to her nervousness; the hardening of her nipples and the moisture in her pussy spoke to her sexual excitement. Knowing that a stranger lusted after her, and feeling his hard cock press against her, made her feel attractive and sexy. At the same time, having been faithful to her husband for all the years of their marriage, she also felt a pang of guilt in allowing another man, a stranger, to take liberties with her body.

While Stan’s hands roam up and down her back and bottom, Aiko began to wonder what it would be like if they were naked, bare skin against bare skin. She sighed. Her thoughts became even more lascivious as she wondered what it would feel like to have Stan’s hard cock deep inside her.

Up to this point, Aiko had not resisted Stan’s advances. Encouraged, Stan went a little further. With Aiko still in his embrace, his hands lifted the back of her short dress. He wanted to put his hands on her cute heart-shaped ass. He was mildly disappointed, but not surprised, that she was wore panties. He slipped his hands under the strap, allowing his hands to slip underneath and roam freely over the skin of her now exposed nether cheeks.

Gerald watched his wife. He saw the sparkle in her eyes that told him she was enjoying Stan’s caresses and liked the way he explored her body. Gerald saw Aiko slowly overcoming her shyness. He knew her to be a very sensuous woman.

A thought flickered through Gerald’s mind. ‘Would she want to switch to a green wristband?’ He would wait and see.

Stan and Linda wore green wristbands. They were not allowed to ask for a sexual encounter except from persons wearing a green wristband. If they wanted to talk about exchanging partners for sex with any other couple, they had to persuade the couple they were interested in to exchange their wristbands for green ones.

Once more Gerald glanced at Aiko. She was snuggling into Stan. She was responding to his caresses and squeezes with some of her own. Obviously they were enjoying each other. She put her head on his chest and teasingly pressed her pelvis against him. He could tell that Stan was sending a thrill through her body. She was getting into the spirit of the club.

While Gerald was watching, Aiko turned her head to look for him. As soon as she caught his eye, she smiled as if to say that everything was okay. Aiko remembered wondering how he would react if some other man were groping her. She got her answer. He nodded. Apparently, he didn’t mind.

Gerald returned his attention to Linda.

“You can feel my tits if you like,” Linda said.

She unbuttoned her blouse to allow him easier access. Her very large breasts flopped out. She wore no bra.

Gerald took one hand away from her ass and reached for a massive mammary. They were soft, almost gelatinous. Her nipples were large and fully erect. He suckled on one and then switched to the other. He had a momentary urge to bury his face between her enormous orbs.

“Ah, that feel’s so good,” Linda moaned. “Please don’t stop.”

Both Aiko and Stan saw what their spouses were doing.

“May I?” Stan asked reaching toward the buttons that kept her dress in place over breasts.

“Yes,” she breathed.

He unbuttoned the buttons at the top of her very sexy, slinky dress. Her breasts peaked out. He was pleased to see, and feel, that she wore no bra. The firmness of her mammaries stood in sharp contrast to his wife’s. It was like comparing pints to gallons, all good, only a difference in size.

“That feels so good,” Aiko breathed again as Stan fondled her perfect peaks. She stood a little apart from him to allow him easier access. Her sensitive tits ached for attention.

“I want you, Manko,” he said suddenly.

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