A Special Room and Beyond Ch. 01

A Special Room and Beyond Ch. 01


As my Mistress languishes luxuriously in her scented bath, I go to prepare our ‘special’ room.

I place lighted, long lasting (I wonder why?), scented candles around the room. Their dim light casts a warm, romantic glow about the room. I lay a huge, soft, fluffy towel over the massage couch and lay a scented, silk pillow on it for my Mistress to rest her golden curls.

Soft, romantic music plays in the background, which will be barely audible later over your moans of pleasure. Red wine is nearby for you to sip.

I return to the bathroom to lead you from your bath. I gently dab your back while I carefully dry the sensitive underside of your breasts, keeping your nipples hard by ‘accidentally’ brushing them with my thumbs.

You mew softly with pleasure.

Slowly, I dry down your back, easing the towel into the cleft of your buttocks to dry your anus. It opens slightly as you relax it in anticipation – but in anticipation of what?

I draw the towel slowly along the fold of your skin that runs between your legs. You steady yourself by leaning on the wash basin.

By now I have reached your partially swollen pussy lips which I gently tease open with the towel. As I draw the towel upwards it caresses your clit which hardens in anticipation – but in anticipation of what?

I lead my Mistress, in your splendid nakedness, from the bathroom to our ‘special’ room, and to the massage couch which awaits your body.

You sit on the couch and swing your legs up to lie on your back – but no my Mistress, not yet, as I draw you round to lie on your front and rest your chin on the scented, silk pillow. The scented candles cast a warm glow on the lustrous skin of your naked body.

I dribble some warm oil down your spine. A droplet runs down into the cleft of your buttocks which cause you to partly open them in pleasure from the sensation the droplet gives as it runs to your anus.

I kneel over you – my erect penis rubbing against your cleft – you rise further to try to get my penis to lie at your anus – but no my Mistress – not yet. I raise myself up so that it is only my hairy balls that caress your buttocks as I slowly start to rub and massage the oil into your silky skin.

I start at your neck and run my hands along your shoulders, down under your arms to stroke the edges of your breasts. You shiver at my touch and mew softly with pleasure. Slowly I slide my hands over your sides and down to your hips – you raise them slightly to try to encourage me to slide my acıbadem escort hands under you and to your pussy – but no my Mistress – not yet.

Gradually I move my hands up over your back to then draw them firmly down your spine to cup your buttocks – one in each hand. As I squeeze them you writhe to part your buttocks and I can easily run my middle finger to your anus. You relax it so I can slip my finger in to gently stimulate you – you lift yourself to encourage me to probe deeper – but I withdraw slightly – you moan and rise further – I gently push my finger in – it slides so easily with the oil. You utter a long, low groan of pleasure – and another one as I slowly draw my finger out to caress the fold of skin running between your legs to your pussy.

You raise your hips again in anticipation – but no my Mistress, not yet. I slide my hands, one each, down the satin softness of your thighs – down the length of your legs – right to your toes.

Just as if I was stroking your pussy, I slide my finger between your toes one at a time first one foot, then the other. You moan louder as you become aroused at the symbolism of this.

You are writhing now on the couch – trying to rub your smooth pussy on the towel to get release.

I start back up your legs – lingering at the back of your knees – before massaging the back and inside of your thighs – you part them further as I near that elusive fold of skin where they meet.

My hands come together at the top of your thighs to gently stroke between your legs – just under your pussy.

You lift yourself up as I slide my hands under you to stroke the fold of skin creating the V-shape of your pussy. You slowly turn to lie on your back.

I feast my eyes on your glorious nakedness as I slowly dribble more warm, scented oil from the cleavage of your beautiful, full, firm breasts down to you stomach. You contract your belly the oil trickles into your navel, before it then gradually flows over your smoothly shaven mound and into the cleft of you pussy lips.

I watch, fascinated as your partially swollen lips part slightly to allow the oil to flow into your pussy.

I kneel on the couch, straddling your body. You try to manoeuvre your pussy to take my erect penis – but no my Mistress, not yet. I reach up your body to spread the oil over your shoulders and down your arms, before bringing my hands to focus on your glorious breasts, my hairy balls rubbing over your silken mound as I stretch up your body.

For atalar escort what seems like an eternity to my Mistress I administer the oil to you breasts, taking each in my hands to knead them gently but firmly, squeezing them together so that I can almost kiss both your nipples at once, then drawing them apart – circling my hands over them – squeezing your nipples, which are so hard they feel like bursting, in my fingers.

Your mews of pleasure are becoming louder. My Mistress wants me to move lower – to satisfy her. You are arching your back as I slowly and tantalisingly move my hands downwards over your belly, apart to your sides, back to your belly – slowly to wards your shaven mound and your demanding pussy.

But no, my Mistress, not yet. I move my hands down over your hips, allowing my thumbs to fleetingly caress your swollen pussy lips – you squeal and writhe, but I continue down your legs to again, symbolically, run my fingers between each of your toes.

By now, you have taken your breasts in your hands to firmly massage them to try to gain some gratification. You are so relaxed with the pleasures coursing through your body you do not have the strength to raise yourself to finger your expectant pussy.

Slowly – so slowly I rub my hands back up your legs. This time I caress the silky skin on the inside of your thighs. You are now groaning loudly – almost unable to bear the demand of your body for satisfaction – for excruciating climax, for multiple orgasms to course through your body.

I run my thumbs up just inside your swollen pussy lips to just flick your throbbing clit. I then slowly draw my fingers down inside your lips which gradually part to welcome more attention. My Mistress is becoming so wet as I move my fingers back up to gently flick your fully erect and hard clit. You raise yourself to welcome my penis – but no my Mistress, not yet.

I lower my head between your wide spread legs to lick the underside of your clit. My Mistress is now writhing in rapture, craving release. You are working your breasts to try to get own release, your nipples are so hard and erect there are hardly any haloes around them.

Gently, I caress your moist, parted pussy lips and then your hard clit with my throbbing penis. I lay it against your lips with its tip touching your clit to allow my Mistress to feel the throbbing on your lips and my pulse on your clit.

You are writhing to get it to slip in – but no, my Mistress, not yet.

I hold for a aydınlı escort while longer as you arch your back, your pussy high in air gaping for me to thrust into it.

Yes, my Mistress, I poise my penis on the edge of your waiting pussy and slide my full length in. You utter screams of ecstasy as your body is racked with orgasm on orgasm. You contract your pussy to prevent my withdrawal. As you squeeze, I can contain my throbbing cock no longer – hot spunk filling your pussy as you feel it splashing on the walls inside your pussy.

We collapse on couch, our bodies soaking with sweat. The towel on the massage couch is saturated with our sweat and the sweet pussy moisture of my Mistress and mixed with my cum dribbling from you.

Exhausted, we lie there, breathing heavily, in each others arms, until we have recovered sufficiently to need a shower.

Our ‘special’ room is well appointed with an en-suite bathroom and shower.

My Mistress cups my cock and balls in her hand to lead me to the en-suite. It still has the scent of the candles which burned while my Mistress bathed. Together we step into the shower, letting the warm water cascade over our bodies before we start to gently soap and shampoo each other.

In turn we wash each other from the neck down, over the arms, down our sides and round our backs. This alone starts to arouse us again – but we resist – and continue down over each others hips and legs – before starting upwards again.

As we stand up, our hands reach for each other’s genitals – soaping them thoroughly, before I turn you around to soap in the cleft of your buttocks – concentrating my soapy finger in your anus. Once you are moaning softly, I slide my hands up your body to focus on washing your breasts and feeling your nipples hardening – yet again.

Meanwhile, My Mistress you add to your pleasure by washing and fingering your pussy – but feeling the arousal in my penis, you turn to turn me so you can wash my buttocks and anus until I am moaning with pleasure and you turn me to face you once more.

But the soap has made us slippy and, as we embrace to kiss, my hard, throbbing cock slides between your legs and into your warm, willing pussy. I pinion you against the wall so you have no escape from my thrusts – yours legs entwine around my body so my cock is thrust its full length in you.

The water is splashing all over our bodies, running down them to mingle with our juices – and – ecstasy – our ejaculations as we climax – yet again.

Climbing from the shower we wrap each other in warm, fluffy, white bath towels before proceeding to dry each other. We ensure we focus on our intimate areas – arousing ourselves again – but no, not this time, we are going out to dinner and have a table booked.

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