A Slight Bulge Ch. 03


I arrived home to find myself alone with mother out somewhere. I did recall her saying she might. Relieved, I settled down with a whisky reflecting on my evening with Denise. I thought immediately about my disclosure about mother but then about her uncle and her at 15. Nourishing these thoughts in my head, out of the blue, I wondered about Mum actually meeting her and it made me feel horny once again.

Mum came home about half an hour later, looking a bit pissed.

“You look fucked Ian. Are you?” I didn’t answer.

“So its yes then? Go on tell me Ian I can take it.”

So I told her about Denise, how and where we met, the fact she guessed the other woman in the pub was my mother that she thought Mum was very attractive and what happened. She picked up the flattery including that Denise would like to meet her. She sort of purred which was unusual, given the past.

“Did you tell her about us Ian?” Pausing and weighing up what I should say I responded,

“Well Mum actually, I did.” I saw her visibly jolt physically and become distraught at my disclosure.

Reassuring her I relayed how Denise had guessed and had been very understanding. I intimated Denise had her own private world equally requiring the utmost secrecy. Mum eventually calmed perhaps because I had gone to sit beside her on the sofa and stroked her thigh on the edge of her stocking. I decided she needed more than words. Slipping down between her legs I pushed up her skirt to view her scanty panties. Pulling them down and off her legs, I lifted her buttocks in my hands to the edge of the sofa. Her skirt was now round her tummy and her soft folds drew my mouth to her flesh as I widened her thighs to accommodate my head. Parting her labia, I noticed she hadn’t washed for awhile. Her inner folds were ever so slightly cheesy as I licked her outer lips and slowly made my way to her very wet cunt and the pinky inner folds.

“Ian, that’s wonderful, just wonderful, but do tell me about Denise. What’s her secret eh? Oh tell me it’s only fair now that she knows about us.”

Pausing at her sweaty, suckable clit I told her about her and her uncle at 15. I realised how little I knew about their relationship and resolved to find out.

She then softened to my touch and ran her hands over my head and hair. I wanted to treat her and did so. Licking between her swollen clit and her opening cunt she soon became engulfed with my mouth as I took her up to her climax. She screamed.

“Ian, oh yes keep there don’t stop its lovely. Oh it’s just what I need, I need. Oh my darling I can share you but don’t let me go will you? Yesss, oh god thank you Ian, thank you.”

When she had calmed down with her cunt still on show and sharing a whisky she drew me back to Denise.

“By the way Ian I hope you will introduce me to Denise. I think she and I have much in common. I just wish you had seduced me when you were younger.”

“Why didn’t you seduce me mum, I would’ve loved it?”

“Too risky then Ian with your father round then. But I did wank about you a lot. I will always remember seeing you cum in your bed through the crack in the door. I didn’t have the guts then.”

Mum offered to look after me but I cried off saying I’d been well looked after earlier.

Next day at work, I decided to phone Denise on her mobile. It was about 9.30 and it might be a little early but I was keen.

“Ian, it’s you. What a surprise, I’ve only just got to work. How are you?”

“What are you wearing Denise?”

“You don’t waste time do you?”


“I’ve got my hair up, so my neck is on show today.”


“Since I’ve met you Ian, I’ve started looking after myself and that includes clothes I feel good in. So today I’m wearing a woollen dress that I feel really sexy in and my female boss just loves it. In fact she commented on how good it looked on me and what it did for me. I asked her how it did for me and she told me it emphasised my shape beautifully. Apparently she said I blushed İstanbul Escort at that. I suppose you want to know what else?”

“Of course.”

“Well, I’ve got heels to match my black dress and pantyhose with seams and my dress goes to just above my knees.”

“I’m hard already Denise.”

“Good cos I think my boss is wet. She is coming on to me like I’ve never seen. More important Ian, how is your mother?”

“She’s in a good place Denise. I told her about us.”

“How did she take it Ian?”

I decided to be totally open.”She’s jealous but was ok provided she could share me.”

“How did you bring her round to that Ian?”

“Do you really want to know Denise?”

“You fucked her?”

“No, I sucked her off. I had just been with you and felt sated myself, but she was horny as hell and obviously hadn’t had a good evening. Incidentally she wants to meet you.”

“I look forward to it Ian. But I want to see you first. You’ve wakened me up you know and I don’t want to let it slip away again.”

I then told her to do something for me and her before she left work and to tell me about it later.

We agreed to meet at the pub after her work which finished about 4pm. She said she would go home first to change. I discussed that briefly with her then we finished our call. Horny now I wandered through the day in a driven state.

She was already at the pub when I arrived and looked wonderful in her shiny black leather coat with her legs crossed sporting her pantyhose or stockings? I couldn’t tell. Her requisite heels with her hair still high on her head emphasising her lovely slender neck. Blokes were already strategically seated facing her on high seats and opposite settees.

She gleamed at me when she saw me going up to the bar for my beer. As I went to join her I noticed how well the leather coat fitted her. The belt was tight round her waist giving her breasts an even greater bulge. It was buttoned up to her neck.

I joined her, to obvious envy from the watchers. I kissed her warmly and wetly. We squirmed tongues. I then gave her an instruction. She responded immediately, undoing three buttons of her coat. As she opened her coat she revealed her delicious upper chest in all its whiteness. The third button took her revelation to the middle of her breasts held close together by her belted coat but showing the most ample and tight cleavage to me and the increasingly attentive audience around her. She beamed at me.

“How about telling me how the rest of your working day went then?”

“Well Ian I did exactly as you told me to.”


“I went into Deborah, my boss’s office. She looked slightly askance at me, but warmed immediately. She’s about fifteen years younger than me and ever so slightly butch. She asked me what I had come in for and I didn’t answer. At her desk she asked me to come round beside her. I did. She lifted her hands. As you had probably anticipated, she wrapped her hands round my breasts covered now only by my woollen dress and ran her hands all over them. Yes I had taken my bra off in the toilet. They swung low even in my dress. She had noticed the difference and must have taken that as a come on. I let her paw as much as she wanted. She was ravenous for them.”

“Suddenly stopping, she went to her office door and locked it. I hadn’t moved. She returned and rested me across her clear desk with my bum on the edge. Lifting my dress up she noticed I had no panties on either. Spreading my legs wide she knelt down and delicately kissed the hair on my labia before widening them with her tongue and taking my clit in her mouth, she just sucked me off Ian.”

“Wow, Denise. Was that your first time?”

“Actually, Ian, yes. I wanted to offer to look after her but was too shy to do so. But she didn’t appear disappointed. In fact she remarked how she had noticed a huge change in me about a month ago and what had brought that about. I decided I really didn’t know her sufficiently to tell her.”

“What Anadolu Yakası Escort would you have told her?”

“What do you think? That I had met a man who reminded me I was still a woman and sexual and that I could still have a life instead of keeping myself on the shelf as a cast-off.”

I hugged her at that.”What did she say Denise?”

“Deborah told me that I could cum in her office anytime, to lock the door as I did so, and that she would love me to reciprocate. I said I would have to have the same courage as I had today, only more so. With that I left her but only after she kissed me with my own smell all over my mouth.”

We sat purring at that interlude for awhile.

“Well what else have you in store for me Ian?”

“You will have to wait and see.” It was obvious to the audience that Denise wasn’t wearing a blouse or a bra. I told her to scan the immediate audience to see whom she would like to pick up. She just looked at me. I meant metaphorically. She then scanned the men around and focussed on a youngster about nineteen who could have been her son. He blushed and meekly smiled. I suggested she tease him. Leaning forward to pick up her wine, she proffered her heaving cleavage to him. He glanced and then realising he was the only recipient, gloated with his eyes totally entranced by her brazen behaviour. He looked at me in trepidation. I smiled briefly. He returned his stare, unsure of his sheer luck. Denise leaned back into my shoulder.

“Open your legs just for him.”

“But you know I’m not wearing any panties don’t you?”


Undoing the lowest button on her coat and with her belt still tight round her waist, she lifted her legs to the low table in front of him and spread them out. He sensibly slid down the opposite settee to take in the view. It was probably the first cunt he had seen in his life, or at least in public. Moreover, she was wearing crotchless pantyhose. So her cunt was on full show surrounded by her ever so white flesh. Now he just looked gleeful and grateful for the show. He had a very stiff one under his jeans, which would have been impossible to hide.

I intimated to Denise our need to go. She did up the buttons, gave the boy a very tentative hello and goodbye and we left to get our usual taxi. When we reached her flat, she informed me we had about two hours before her hubby returned. I wondered why she had never told me anything about him or her Uncle for that matter and told her so.

At that she suddenly welled up in tears. I simply held her to me whilst she let go. Sex was out the window. I felt some guilt for her being overcome and inferred that I might be the cause. But no, she hadn’t been honest with me.

Gradually she opened up. She hadn’t been able to tell me the truth. In fact she wasn’t married. She lived with her Uncle. He was twenty years older than her. She let that sink in. then she told my how they had first had sex together when she was fifteen and he was married and thirty-five. It was an inadequate marriage which he maintained by his relationship with Denise, whom he was crazy about. Eventually he divorced and when she was twenty-five they moved south and disappeared together in London where they set up house. Long story shortened — she had noticed his lack of interest now as he got older. She had missed out on children but lately had recognised she was getting older herself and didn’t want to completely miss out. Now she was fully appreciating her sexuality. She had astonished herself more so today with her flagrant behaviour at the office and then, in the pub in exposing herself and loving it.

In relaying her story to me she had regained her composure and indeed looked flushed from the telling and, no doubt had been reassured by my reaction which was one of understanding. She also noticed my own reawakening in my groin as she revealed her taut leather against her full body heightened by her seating half twisted on the sofa against me.

“So what had you in mind for me Üsküdar Escort Ian?”

I walked out to the balcony and retrieved the cane I had used before and also grabbed a length of rope from a hanger for a washing line. Returning she noticed both and smiled knowingly at my intentions but unaware of how I was to carry out those intentions. I pulled her roughly off the sofa and pushed her into her bedroom. I had guessed right. She had a double iron bedstead which suited me perfectly.

Tying both wrists to the ends of the iron headboard, she lay on her tummy with her legs free. The tension on her wrists prevented her moving much. Lifting her coat free above her arse to her waist, I was present with her crotchless pantyhose and heels. I couldn’t wish for more.

I started hard belting her cheeks to a pinkness. Pausing I stripped naked to let my prick free to wank as I continued giving her firm strokes. I was caught up in the sheer exhilaration of spanking her. She didn’t say a word, except occasionally calling me a fucker and a shit. Suddenly she let a squeal,

“Nettles for fuck sake Ian, nettles, nettles! I stopped. I could see deep welts across both cheeks which stood up from their surroundings.

I held her as she slowly recovered from her belting.

“How are you Denise?”

“Just needed a pause Ian.” She looked at my rampant prick and smiled albeit, a little wanly.

“I am going to rearrange your ropes Denise.”

I lifted the ends of the rope to the top of the headboard so she had to raise herself to hold up. I told her to kneel with her calves under her thighs. I tie rope under her thighs and atop her waist with the end also onto the centre of the headboard. That way her buttocks are totally exposed. Yet she is severely restrained. I am free to indulge myself with my willing Denise.

I continue whipping her with the cane. Not so hard for she is very red now, but still hard. Again,

Oh Ian nettles for christ’s sake.

I stop and pause. Changing tack I settle down facing her arse with my mouth. Without warning, I lick her open cunt, running it from her clit down to her cunt hole and back. She whimpers almost gratefully as I alternate between each and then gently kiss the welts. Kneeling up facing her back I push my prick between her lips and enter her very wet vagina. She smiles back at me and loves it as do I as we fuck our way towards a climax.

My brain, however is urging something more profane. Just as she is getting close, I am conscious of being close and withdraw. I undo one of the ties to release her right hand. I go back to the living room to my coat and retrieve my lubricant, spreading an ample amount on my prick and leave more in my palm. Returning I notice she is still, wondering what is going to happen. I kiss her cunt and clit again. Moving my hand lower under my mouth I start to moisten her little brown hole with my free hand and remaining lubricant.

“Ian that’s my arse you’re playing with, oh god, Ian I haven’t had that done in years, go easy please will you?”

I didn’t reply but very slowly wound my finger into her rectum beyond her sphincter. Then with two fingers, followed by my getting into position for my prick head to replace my fingers.

“Oh Ian thank you for getting me ready but still go careful. Promise?”

I slowly pressed myself into her still tight hole, moving then steadying my pace so as she could get used to me. The whole thing had me in a heightened state and I had to be very careful not to cum. Eventually, I found myself fully ensconced in her rectum as she felt more at ease with me inside her. Slowly I went faster revelling in the view as well as the feel being inside her arsehole. Then I saw another effect of my untying her as she slipped her free hand between her thighs to wank her lovely clit alongside my anal fucking. I combined my arse fucking with hand slaps across her buttocks. She yelped but didn’t voice nettles. We gradually moved our pace as she got caught up in pleasuring herself whilst being arse fucked.

“Oh Ian, I love it, don’t stop will you, I’m nearly there, yes, yes, yes. Cum with me Ian just there yes yes oh god your fucking good for me Ian. We together came.

Just as we began to relax, we heard a sound from the living room.

I arrived home to find myself alone with mother out somewhere. I did recall her saying she might. Relieved, I settled down with a whisky reflecting on my evening with Denise. I thought immediately about my disclosure about mother but then about her uncle and her at 15. Nourishing these thoughts in my head, out…

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