A Slave’s Journey Ch. 01

A Slave’s Journey Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Preparation for a new Couple

Mistress texted me 20 minutes ago at 7:15p.m. and I just arrived outside her house and use my key to unlock the side door to the garage. Mistress and her Master husband are both tops. They prefer keeps their private lives separate from other slaves, after all we are all entitled to privacy. When they bought their house she knew exactly what she wanted and was very patient for the right one to come on the market. It is a nice two story house with a very large garage attached to the house by breezeway. The garage was big enough to store a good sized fishing boat or an RV. Above the garage was an old hobby room that once occupied a woodworking/metal shop.

Once Mistress purchased this house she made it my task to change the lighting, the layout, and soundproof the room. Of course she tested this out on me to make sure it worked. I must say I usually don’t make a sound but being brought to the edge of cumming and having Icy Hot rubbed on your balls will make almost every slave even the most disciplined ones cry in pain. Good thing it worked perfectly because I would hate to do that again and I did not want to see what the punishment was for failure.

Over the years I have known her she has created a nice collection most of which I had to help install and then tryout since I am bigger than most people I was the perfect candidate for the task at 6’2″ and 250lbs. If I can’t escape or break the equipment then no one should. It started out with the St. Andrews cross which no dungeon is complete without. Then came the spanking bench/stocks, the leather massage bed with various attachment points, and Mistress’s throne with pedestal in the back of the room having all equipment facing the throne. After the furniture she moved on to purchase other important toys. The fucking machine, a Violet wand, TENS unit and all sorts of attachments to go with them not to mention the whips, canes, and paddles that decorate the walls.

Mistress has a degree in psychology and specializes in couples therapy. This particular brand of treatment is incredibly unorthodox by conventional standards but it does get results. This type of therapy is usually reserved for the most extreme life correcting cases. Mistress usually does several sessions with the clients in her office first to try to establish what the problem is and how to correct it. From her case file she left me a synopsis. Couple who are having issues with sexual intercourse, the woman is working professional and comes home after work to manage the housework. Man is out of work sales rep who makes no effort to help around the house and was caught masturbating to BDSM related material much to his wives disapproval. Several times before going to counseling and a few times since he has been caught. I will need your help with making the man more attentive to his wife and I will work on the woman.

I was instructed to assist the Mistress as I had done many times before. I began by making sure all her tools were properly set out and ready for Mistress to arrive. With that done I began to put on my attire. I start by taking all my clothes off and putting them xvideos porno in the locker in the corner of the room. I am naked except for my CB6000 chastity device since Mistress likes to keep her slaves on edge and ready to do her bidding. I put on the usual slave outfit my cuffs, collar, and leather upper body harness. I put on my leather shorts to cover my chastity device. I would prefer to be naked but it is better to see the surprise later after those new to BDSM settle in.

I take my usual place in the steel folding chair by the entrance by the stairs. After about 15 minutes of sitting I hear the knob on the door turn and the light floods the room. A contrast from the dim red lights of the dungeon. I see the shapes of the people walking in and recognize Mistress in front and I eagerly greet her by dropping to my knees and kiss her shin of her right foot. “Welcome home Mistress.” I say with eager anticipation for the nights events.

“See Matt this is the proper way to show respect.” I could hear the sarcasm in Mistress’s voice. She did not think too highly of this slacking slave. “Mistress may I take your coat?”

“No slave I will go into the house. This is Susanne and Matt make sure these two are prepared for me properly for my return.” As she turns to leave she grabs the door knob and begins to close the door.

I quickly call out, “Yes Mistress.” I bow my head even though she is has her back to me. I do it out of respect as well as habit to show others her dominance over me.

I speak to our “guests”, “I am john and I am here to assist the Mistress for the evening. Now please disrobe, put your clothes in the lockers on the wall, and put on the items that are on the table for you.

Matt is the first to speak up, “No way this is not what I was looking for, we’re leaving.” As he grabs Susanne by the arm.

They look very nervous so I reassure them. “Matt you and Susanne came here to help your relationship with each other and your therapist is recommending this type of treatment and she was right in every other case she gave this treatment to. I am going to ask you one question. Do you love this woman?”

As he takes both her hands and looks into her eyes. Without hesitation he says, “With all my heart.”

“Well Matt what can this hurt?” I ask. “Now get ready otherwise Mistress will be very disappointed in us.”

As they take off their clothes I began to make observations about them. Both are mid twenties, smaller in stature than Mistress and I. She is a dirty blonde, with light creamy skin and a tight slender body who keeps herself well groomed. He on the other hand is very unkept with long black hair a beard, and a hairy pubic region. He may have a cock but who can tell under all that hair? He is also is skinny but in a type of body that suggest he does not workout or eat enough healthy foods or go out in the sun because he is very pale.

“Matt this is not 1970 most men do some type of grooming in order to please their woman. Go down the hall to the bathroom on the right and get rid of that disgusting bush you will find all the tools you need in there.” Well yabancı porno he’s not the first one to have come before Mistress like this.

“I don’t feel comfortable with this plus Susanne likes me natural.” He said very sarcastically.

“How do you know if she does if you never clean up for her? Besides Mistress hates for male slaves to be this hairy so go prepare or there will be consequences.” I say in an aggressive tone.

He turns to leave but then decides to face me again and I close distance with him. He starts to say something when I grab his hair and yank. His scrawny arms try to pull my hand away but leave the rest of his body exposed so I capitalize by giving him an open palm slap to the cock and balls. He started to double over as I reached down in a fireman carry and put him on my shoulders and carried him to the bathroom.

I gently return him to his feet which he continued on his own to the floor and into the fetal position. I looked him in the eye and said, “Every choice in here has a consequence pleasure as a reward, and pain for discipline the faster you come to accept that the better your life will be. Now do as you are instructed before you force me to punish you more severely.”

I think I made my point because he starts to move to his feet toward the sink. I turn and walk back to Susanne who appears to be a little timid after what transpired. I reassure her that they are both perfectly safe by putting her back in control. I get on my knees, bow my head to the floor, and place my hands behind my back. “I apologize I should have asked your permission to discipline him from you it won’t happen again unless you command me.”

I can tell she likes the idea of being in control and is becoming more accepting of her surroundings as she speaks to me. “That is okay he definitely deserved that. He needs a bit of punishment and I need to learn how to do it.” She says with a little excitement in her voice. “Maybe if I did punish him more he would help around the house while I’m at work or want to look at porn so when I want to have sex he will be in the mood.

“Madam if I may be so bold. Punishing a slave for misbehavior is wonderful and some slaves even look forward to a good punishment. In my experience reward for good behavior is better and not giving the reward really puts a slave in their place.”

She was more than a little curious. “How can I control him when I am not at home?”

“That is the easiest question you will have all night. It is simple you lock him in a chastity device. When you control a man’s orgasm you truly can control the man. However, that takes days even weeks to fully break them and his pouty, whiny and disobedient behavior needs immediate correcting.”

Susanne was a little shocked and even a little curious by this. “May I see it?”

I really want to show her but her husband needs to be here too in order to get the full experience. “Sorry not yet, Mistress has strict instructions to only prepare you for her return, and not to start playing without her. Upon Matt’s return I want you to put him into the punishment bench and punish him yaşlı porno if he fails to comply. Do you know how to use a whip, cane or paddle?” I ask trying to test the new charge in her depth of experience.

She responded in a shy almost an regretful manner. “Well a few times but every time we try he complains that I am not doing it right and starts whining for me to stop.”

“So do you know how to discipline someone Susanne?” I ask a very pointed question.

She replies with a simple, “No.”

I began to instruct her on the best tools for the desired results. Paddles for impacts to the ass and back thighs, floggers usually for broad strokes over a large area like chest or back, canes and riding crops for stinging exact strikes, and last the single tail whip for the advanced Domme who has a keen swing and wants to exact maximum sting with each delivery. I began to show my protégé where to land the strikes on the body for maximum effect first on her then she does it to me. It is nice to see the nipples on her perky become erect as she is whipping me. My cock tries to become erect but the Points of Intrigue dig into the soft flesh of my cock which returns me to a flaccid state or suffer for an erection any longer.

She starts hitting harder than before, she is very excited and loves delivering pain. Which I advise her that excitement is great, but don’t get too excited otherwise your slave might use the safe word and end the scene. Remember it is as much for your slaves pleasure at serving you as it is for your pleasure at disciplining them. I ask her when her last orgasm was. At which she stated honestly with a week ago since before our last session with the doctor. Mistress knows how to keep her slaves ready to serve and ready for the full experience.

As she continues to experiment in whipping me Matt finally returns. “Ahhh, there you are I almost forgot about you while playing with my new friend here.” She said seductively to try to make Matt jealous. As she headed over to the spanking bench. Once there she put her hand on the dark leather chest pad and patted it gently almost affectionately. “Come here Matt I want to show you what I just learned.”

“What are you talking about? I am not getting on that thing.” He said in a bratty defiant manner like a child complaining about going to bed.

Susanne did not hesitate. She closed distance in a few short strides cane in hand. She kneed him directly in the balls once again he bent over giving her a perfect target of his ass sticking out. She was furious and began to unleash years of repression and the week of no orgasms. She delivered her blows with a syllable much like a drummer keeping time. I-swat have-swat had-swat with-swat your-swat ne-swat ga-swat tive-swat at-swat ti-swat tude-swat. She drug him by the hair to the bench which I helped strap him down.

Once strapped down with his ass, dick, and balls exposed. I looked at his clean shaven pubic region and noticed his balls looked kind of deflated for some ordered by Mistress to abstain for a week. I asked him when he came last and it was yesterday. Susanne was not happy about that answer and began striking his exposed ass again. I got to show him two of Mistress’s favorite toys for disobedient slaves. The humbler with electrodes and the TENS unit to go with it. This way he gets a stinging reminder to his manhood while Susanne continues to hurt him.

To be continued…

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