A Slave Walks into a Bar Ch. 01

A Slave Walks into a Bar Ch. 01


Chapter 1- This slave walks into a bar

The air in Paris is electric. Heat collected from the summer sun radiates out from the brick walls and into the cool night air and it is against this wall I push his darling Elle. Her large, full breasts argue against the neck line of her v-neck t-shirt, transparent enough to grant visibility to her beautiful nipples which are beginning to harden and take form as the soft cotton brushes against them in response to her arms being pulled up over her head where I hold her wrists in place.

She turns her face away from mine and I move in to her neck, slowly inhaling her scent as I the edges of my lips trace up her neck to her ear. I press my cheek to hers and softly sigh into her ear, she shudders slightly and a slight tension is released from her resistant body. My tongue pulls her earlobe between my lips and I begin to suck, relishing the taste of her skin. Pinned between the wall and my body she begins to writhe in ecstasy, her hips undulating and arms struggling to be freed from my grasp.

I release her ear and pull my face away as I press against her to hold her still. She motions toward me to try to attain a kiss, and I recoil. She withdraws, her head against the brick as she knows that I am the one in control, my eyes fix on hers as I slowly move in to her delicious mouth- that very specific kind of heaven that even I ache to taste and consume, but move in with a painful pace with the intention to savor her.

Her lips tremble as mine brush gently against them with the question “do you want me?”

Before Elle answers the tip of my tongue licks her lips for her, and they fall open easily as a sweet exhaled gasp escapes.

“Yes.” she says, breathlessly.

I hold my lips close enough to hers that my breath makes her impatient to have me kiss her fully. She begins to wriggle with the impatience of a small child being forced to stand in a queue for a long period of time without entertainment. This delights me and I smile.

“Do you?” I ask again.

“Yes.” she says emphatically.

“You do?” I smirk.

“Hrmph. Yes.” Elle almost whines.

Finally I surrender to her and I kiss her. Deeply, passionately and moan as the softness of her tongue fills my mouth. My senses are intoxicated by the sweetness of her lips, and the taste of her upper lip. I release her arms, lost in her heaven and she wraps her arms around me and presses the perfection of her form into my body. My hands deliberately hold her hips, and travel up to the nape of her neck where I hold her hair and face. I unwittingly moan into her cavernous uzun konulu porno bliss and pull away to dip myself into her neck where I can deeply engage in the consumption of her soft flesh.

I suck on her neck, still gripping the hair at the nape of her neck, in full control of her mobility, and my hand moves down to her thigh to grant partial permission to the desire of her legs to be wrapped around me. I pull her thigh up and kick her other foot to part her legs and maneuver myself between her, pressing against her I feel the heat of her pussy from under her pants.

I release the nape of her neck, and look at her. Breathless and flushed- Elle is a thing of beauty, and my eyes gaze at her large and full breasts, my fingers trace the outlines of her tits from beneath her thin t-shirt. My palms hold them, in deep appreciation and desire as my thumbs rub her nipples, helping increase her arousal. Elle closes her eyes and begins to moan and writhe as I tease her beautiful breasts.

Without concern I rip her shirt in half and pull it back off her shoulders and it falls effortlessly to the ground. She stands there- her large beautiful breasts exposed, nipples hard, with a slight tremble in her shoulders from the sudden exposure and experience of visible vulnerability. I begin to suck and roll her hard nipples between my fingers. She throws her head back and grips my hair- enraptured with the pleasure I am giving her.

I pinch her nipples- hard and until she releases a cry that is both pleasure and pain- and then I pull harder. She cries out and tears well up in her eyes. I let go and tenderly kiss the whole of her breasts and the points of her nipples until the tension and pain has left her, and she is near cumming- and then I walk away from her and around the corner into a bar.

I go in and sit at a table in the corner and order a bottle of red wine. I pour myself a glass, and I wait. Within moments she walks into the bar- topless. Her tits exposed for all to see. She walks up to my table and stands- waiting to be offered a seat. This I do not give. My eyes pierce hers as I sip my wine, knowing full well the agony she is experiencing at being made to wait.

“Take off your pants.” I order.

She stands silent, attempting defiance her eyes.

“Take of your pants.” I bark at her.

She bends down to remove her boots and I stop her.

“No. Your pants, take them off to your ankles.”

She stands upright and her face goes placid- the only way that she can express ‘no’ because she was not asked a question.

I slam my glass of wine xhamster porno down on the table and go to behind her where I once again grab her hair and pull her neck back to me where I bite, while my other hand unbuttons her pants. I release her head and pull her pants down to her knees, as I rise I push her forward onto the table- the edge bites into her hips and she cries out- delighted at the thought of the bruises that will appear there as a marked reminder of tonight.

Her sex is exposed, glistening pulsing and red. She subtly rounds her hips upward- presenting herself to a room full of near strangers. With a flat palm I strike her ass. I strike again, and again and again. Across her buttocks and the backs of her thighs until the flesh is pink and swollen from the spanking. I allow her flesh to rest a moment, stepping back with my glass of wine- sipping it thoughtfully, as I consider the beauty that is before me.

A soft, round pink ass with a sex so heavy and wet that it spills down her thighs, caught by the light and her scent beginning to fill the space around her. She truly is an object of beauty and I cannot help but reach out with fingertips and begin to gently run them across her swollen skin, causing her to tremble. Lost in my own admiration and desire and en then I pour wine onto her ass.

The coldness of it bites into her skin and runs down her ass, washing over her pussy and running down between her thighs an spilling into her panties and pants, ruining them. I get on my knees behind her and expose the loveliness of her ass to my mouth. Tasting the wine, and her I begin to run my tongue along her asshole. She moves her hips back towards my face, begging me to go deeper and I let my tongue penetrate her.

I place on hand against her clit, flat and open palm so that only pressure is applied and friction minimal, my other hand inserts three fingers into her cunt and slowly begin thrusting. She attempts to move so as to gain friction of her cunt against my open palm and I slap her swollen clit, silencing movement and drawing a cry of pleasure from her lips. My tongue moves from her ass and is replaced by my thumb, as I draw the lips of her pussy between the lips of my mouth and roll them against my tongue like I did her earlobe.

I suckle at her, drinking in the taste of her sex mixed with the wine. Her clit, glistening and hard against the palm of my hand as I push against it to slide my hand back and insert three fingers into her waiting pussy. And it is here that I slowly begin to fuck her. She moves against me, in rhythm with moans of deep seated xnxx porno pleasure accompanying her undulations. I feel her tighten against my fingers and I know she wants to come, and I withdraw. And step away from her. Elle remains against the table, her sex exposed and I feel desire beginning to awaken within me. I pull her hips toward me and grip her shoulder so that she is standing and I turn her to face the onlookers.

I put the three fingers that had be fucking her up to her mouth and order her suck, she turns her face away and I grab her chin and press it into her mouth. She closes her eyes and gratefully begins to suck the taste of her sex and the wine off my fingers.

“That’s a good little sister.” I whisper into her ear, “He will be most pleased.”

I turn to the crowd of people watching “Isn’t she a good little girl? Isn’t my sister slave beautiful?”

I withdraw my fingers and she protests a little, letting out a small whimper as her full lips feign a pout.

I point to a young man sitting at a table. “You,” I say, “hold her arms, hold her while I fuck her- and you can fuck me when she is finished.”

In one motion of my arm I clear the young man’s table of glasses that go crashing to the floor and throw my sister onto the table. The young man takes a hold of her arms, I climb on top of my sister and my eyes meet the young man’s.

I give him a long kiss on the mouth. I suck on his lower lip and say, “If you hurt her- or take liberties with her- I’ll fucking kill you. Do you understand?” The young man nods that he does understand.

I get on my knees, glass cutting through my jeans and into my skin as I inhale the scent of her sex and slowly kiss the most powerful force my sister possesses. My tongue penetrates her and my nose rubs into her hard clit. I moan in deep admiration as my hands caress her thighs and abdomen, as I fully take in the taste of her beauty.

I trace her folds, drinking her and my tongue finds its way to her clit, where I flick and gently suck until she cums. Writhing against the young man who held her and my hands on her hips her cries bounce off the walls and the ceiling, spilling out onto the street causing alarm in several passersbyers- but pleasure to he who stands across on the other side of the alley with a cigarette pressed between his thumb and forefinger.

She shudders and goes limp, a smile stretched across her face- Euphoric and relaxed, her scent spills down her thighs onto the table. I lean down over her and ask in her ear

“Did my little sister enjoy that?” She meekly nods, her eyes still closed.

“Would my little sister like me to fuck her now?” I ask pressing my hardness into her thigh.

“Oui.” she whispers. I smile and pull away from her, standing proudly at the foot of the table where my sister’s legs hang over, her pussy wet- ready to drown me once again and I stand back and pull out my cock.

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