A Reunion


Finally, he came for a visit. He hadn’t seen her in months, but as he walked into her apartment his control started to falter. She welcomed him in with a smile and led him to her sparsely furnished living room. Each step she took made her ass sway, a motion that mesmerized him, focusing all his attention on the gentle movement of her hips. She was alone tonight, she told him, it was just the two of them. He sat down on the couch beside her, shifting uncomfortably at the proximity of her warm, soft skin. They were talking, how he was not certain and about what he was even less so. All he could think about was her lush curves, the firmness of her breasts, the taste of her in his mouth, her body spread beneath his, his cock inside of her. What were they talking about; he was talking but about what?

He must have agreed to watch a movie for she got up and put one in the DVD player. She sat right next to him, her breasts pressed against his side, searing him. Was it a good movie? What was going on? He couldn’t focus with her head on his shoulders like that, every time he looked at her he could see down her shirt, at a hint of her supple breasts – just begging him to touch. One hand rested on his chest the other on his thigh. He wanted to feel her hands around his cock. The memories of her delicate fingers wrapped around him, teasing him were almost more than he could stand. The movie, right, he had to concentrate on the movie. Why is that guy chasing that girl?

She stood up, said she was warm and was going to change. As she left the room he tried to pull his mind together and calm down. He had to pull it together. He waited, feeling like eternity was passing by. What bursa eskort was she doing? She asked him from the other room if he was hungry. Sure he could use some munchies; at least his hands would be doing something other than trying not to touch her. She walked right up to him, stopping in front of him. It takes him a moment to drink his fill of the naked goddess standing before him. His memory did not lie about her perfection. She took his hand and placed it on her breast. She told him if he was thirsty he could suckle. She placed his other hand between her legs and told him if he was hungry he could eat. She takes a seat on the opposite side of the couch and leans back spreading her legs to give him full access to her.

Her smell was intoxicating, he moved closer to her. He takes her nipple into his mouth licking its peak, grabbing hold of it with his teeth. His hands came up to grab hold of her full breasts, to squeeze them, to fondle them. He littered her breasts with kisses, teasing her, making her beg for more. He slowly mad a path of kisses down her flat tummy to the apex at her legs. He trailed kisses along her thighs, while his fingers slid into her. He stroked her clit, rubbing it in circles, pinching it between his fingers. His mouth comes down on top of her, his tongue replacing his fingers. Her taste is euphoric, his tongue moves over her clit branding her. His finger slides inside her massaging her, making her drip. Her breath becomes ragged, and he can feel her body temperature rising. He feels her shudder as her release runs through her. She is trying not to scream her glory.

He kisses his way back up to her mouth. Her hands are frantic on bursa otele gelen escort his body, his fingers are still inside her, not letting her rest. She pulls his shirt off and tosses it to the floor. Her hands make haste to his pants. They are off and discarded in a flash, as if they were never there. She pushes him back, forcing him to sit up a look of confusion on his face. She looks at him with an evil grin and pushes him onto his back. Her hand wraps around his cock, sliding it up and down. She leans over and licks the tip of his head, kissing it gently. Slowly she slides him into her mouth, shallow and slow, teasing. Slowly she starts moving faster, bringing him deeper into her mouth. Her hand and her mouth seemed to work in unison and her lips feel so good around his shaft. Her tongue was agile, sliding around him playing with him, doing things he couldn’t describe. Whatever she was doing he never wanted it to stop. His hands clenched, his muscles lost control he felt detached from his body, yet connected to every nerve. His senses were flying, he was going to cum. He warns her, but she pushes on, making his muscles pulse as he gushes into her mouth.

She swallows everything he’s got and licks him clean. She kisses a trail up to his mouth and collapses against him. They finished the movie, though he had no idea what was going on. She was still naked against him, her hands wrapped around him. He was hard again. She slowly got up and motioned for him to follow her and they went into her room. She lay on the bed but told him to stay. Her hands slide over her breasts and down to her stomach. Her fingers separated her lips nilüfer escort while another found her clit. She took the nub between her fingers pinching it, rubbing it. She slowly slipped two fingers inside her, pistoning them in and out with ease. He can see that she is getting wetter with every stroke. When she is ready she crooks her finger at him and invites him to join her. He climbs into bed and settles himself between her legs. They kiss, his lips assaulting hers before he moves his attention to the hollow of her neck. She tips her hips and her cunt rubs against his already hard cock inviting him in. He knows she is ready for him, she is wanting him. He rubs his head against her clit and slides into her. God she feels tight around him. Slowly he starts moving as her legs come up and wrap around his hips, pulling him deep.

He can feel himself fill her, and she starts matching his pace. As she bucks against him he increases his pace, his mouth all over hers, and their tongues are playing, fighting for possession of each other. Every thrust is faster and a little deeper. She arches her back against him, her hands roaming his body until they land on his hips. She pulls him into her so he can feel her muscles tightening around him, she was so close already. Their bodies move as one, his thrusts hard, going ever faster. His hand sneaks between them and he takes her clit in between his fingers like she had done earlier and plays. He massages it in circles, kissing her deep;y as she starts to tremble and her muscles contract around him, milking him, sending him higher. As she screams her release he loses his control and gives in to his pleasure, filling her. He collapses on top of her and she kisses him tenderly. She curls into him, their bodies glistening, their breath ragged. Neither of them move as the drift off to sleep.

As he leaves her the next morning she kisses him goodbye and rubs his cock through his jeans and whispers “Come by more often.”

Finally, he came for a visit. He hadn’t seen her in months, but as he walked into her apartment his control started to falter. She welcomed him in with a smile and led him to her sparsely furnished living room. Each step she took made her ass sway, a motion that mesmerized him, focusing all…

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