A Night to Remember


He leaned down to brush her lips with his own. It was an offering to her for almost the first time since they came together. Usually he was in control, he held the reins of their lives together. He held the flow of emotions in his strong hands but for this night he understood. She let him have control. Not out of fear or out of amusement but because she trusted him. Though he stumbled from time to time, he would not hurt her on purpose. This he understood and the depth of her trust scared him.

Gently, more gently than ever before he caressed her face. He studied the line of her brow, her jaw. With his artist’s eyes he generally saw the physical beauty of a woman but tonight he saw the glow that made her truly beautiful. He knew her face intimately. She wasn’t a great beauty but she had always brought him back. She had never really known why.

She let out a little sigh and turned her lips to his hand. As her lips touched his palm he closed his eyes. The sensation was pleasant. Her lips on his palm always sent a jolt through his body. He took a slow breath as he felt the tip of her tongue, slowly, lightly licking down his palm. It wasn’t a heavy touch, it tickled in fact but it was so sensual., with only a touch, she eased him onto his back, her mouth still lightly massaging his palm. Once he lay flat she slowly moved her lips and tongue down his wrist, so slowly it was almost painful to him. His skin became sensitive to the tickle of her hair over his chest. He tried to control his breathing, to let her take control. It was hard but this was so good.

She lifted her lips from his skin and blew lightly across the dampness. It caused little goose bumps to cross his skin. She smiled at the little moan that escaped his lips and then moved quickly up to his shoulder. She wanted him badly, so badly but she wanted him to eskort bursa feel just how much he meant to her. She started again with the gentle, light kisses, this time along his collarbone. The skin was thin across his bone and she could feel his pulse under her tongue. As she made sure to trail her hair across his chest she could feel him jump. This was so delicious. Barely sexual but she had him quivering with need. Now if he could only hold out she would feast on his so soft skin. He tasted so good.

Moving slow, she moved down to the broad muscles of his chest. They were lightly covered in hair, that glistened in the candlelight. She licked and kissed her way down slowly, inch by inch. He tasted so good to her tongue. She had wanted to take her time pleasing him and it looked like he was going to let her.

Slowly, almost achingly slowly she lightly dragged her tongue around his nipple. It tightened just as her own did in response. She could feel his hands move, coming to rest one on her hair and one on her naked hip. She nipped his nipple, almost playfully. The gasp he let out made her giggle, breathlessly. She lifted her face and looked into his eyes for a few moments. His hand caressed her hair softly and he licked his lips. He mouthed for her to go on and she smiled. Bending her head, she returned to slowly tasting him. His head settled back, his eyes rolling shut.

Unconscious of her own body’s response to what she was doing, she pressed her body along his side. As she continued to lick down the center of his chest, she moved so that she had one of his legs pressed between her own. He could feel the wetness against the skin as her hips rocked gently against his leg. She was beginning to purr as she licked and nipped. It was harder than he thought to let her continue. He was fully aroused now. His swollen bursa yabancı escort cock was standing up a bit from his body.

He almost reached down to stroke himself but he curled his fingers into a fist. Let her do as she wishes, As she moved down his abdomen to his belly he gasped. She had dipped her tongue into his belly button. The wet tip tickling him. She giggled and then in a swift movement, darted her head down and licked the tip of his hard cock. The sudden wetness made him gasp again.

Finally bringing her hands into play, she wrapped one small hand around the base of his cock and moved her head down. She slowly closed her lips over the tip and sucked gently. Both of his hands came down into her hair. He tangled his fingers in the soft strands and did his best to breathe. The feel of her mouth was wonderful.

Concentrating only on pleasing her love, she started a slow up and down motion. She sucked gently as she pulled back and licked as she slid down. It was not a fast, passionate movement she set up. More the same gentle, sensual touch that she had used to arouse him in the beginning. She wasn’t trying to bring him to climax. she wanted taste him, to pleasure him for as long as she could. And she wanted to feel him inside her own body. To feel him fill her with his being. This was just a way to get him ready.

she continued to gently suck on him, till she felt he was ready. She could feel his pulse still, now from inside her mouth. His breathing was becoming harsh and she pulled back, letting him slip from her mouth. With a final kiss to the wet organ she slid up his body she lay full out on top of him she took his hands and placed them on her hips, then she put her hands on either side of his face and slowly, deeply kissed him. The kiss held all the bursa merkez escort love she held for him and gave it into him. His head was swimming from what she had been doing and the kiss took his breath away. His hands moved from her hips, slipping one up to her breasts and the other trying to slip between them.

She moaned and slid her legs to either side of his hips. She could feel his cock pressed against her outer lips. She began to rock against him, rubbing her wetness along his shaft. She needed him, badly but she was going to make this last as long as possible. As his hand moved between them she bit her lip. Pressing closer to him she shook her head a little bit. He moaned again as he felt himself slip out past the lips of her wet cunt

She moaned in response. She could feel the pressure building. She gasped as a jolt went through her and then she pushed down. He slid inside her just as she tightened around him. She had rubbed against him long enough for a small orgasm to shoot through her body and the feel of his hard cock sliding into her was heaven.

Together they moaned and began rocking. Shudders past over them both. He grit his teeth. He was so close to cumming but he didn’t want to so quickly. He wanted her to cum over and over before he did.

With a groan he rolled her over, plunging deep inside of her quivering form.deep grunts coming from his chest. He could feel her walls tightening again and again, her voice calling out his name as her legs locked about his hips. The sharp prick of her nails in his skin made him thrust harder and then just when he thought it would be too much, he too exploded in pleasure.

As they both slowed and came to rest she opened her eyes and looked into his. As always, hers held a hint of wonder. She brought a slow, trembling hand to his face and touched his cheek. He looked down at her, a touch of that same wonder in his eyes. He spoke before she could I love you… Then he kissed her deeply.

As he broke the kiss, he whispered. Never doubt that, love.

She smiled softly, her fingers trailing fire across his skin. I never have….

He leaned down to brush her lips with his own. It was an offering to her for almost the first time since they came together. Usually he was in control, he held the reins of their lives together. He held the flow of emotions in his strong hands but for this night he understood. She…

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