A Nice Mistake

I stepped out of my car and headed to the nature trail. It was a beautiful morning with the sun just beginning to pop over the distant horizon. It was going to be hot on this June day. I wanted to take advantage of the somewhat cool morning and get a good workout in before the heat would make it unbearable. I decided to try a new section of the trail system this morning and was looking forward to the change of scenery.

As I started down the trail, I dropped my keys into the pocket of my shorts and noticed that I had put them on backwards. It wasn’t uncomfortable but I decided to find a place down the trail that was secluded to stop and change them into the right position. The trail wound through the rural country side which included fields and forest. It was a peaceful and beautiful place for a trail. It was near the city but excluded enough for a chance to experience nature.

About a half mile into my run, the trail left the field and cut through a forest with some clearings that provided the needed privacy to make a quick stop and change my shorts without being seen. There was a bench beside the trail with a nice view of a creek that flowed beside the trail. After looking up and down the trail, and not seeing anyone, I stopped and started to pull my shorts down. I had just pulled the shorts off, with some difficulty because of my shoes, and was attempting to put them on correctly, when from the brush beside the creek I heard a woman’s voice call out to me. I was caught. There I was with my shorts down, one foot in and struggling with the other foot. I knew I could act embarrassed and make a fool of myself by diving behind a tree, or I could try to play it as cool as possible and continue with the completely normal behavior of pulling up my running shorts. After all, doesn’t everyone stop on a trail and strip down naked and change their clothes every now and then? I turned toward the voice as calm as I could and continued to attempt to put my foot through the whole of my shorts. As I did this, my shoe caught on the edge of my shorts and I began to lose my balance and almost fell.

I heard her start to laugh and then she said, “It looks like you need a hand.” Out from the brush stepped a middle-aged woman with brown hair, about 5 foot 2 inches tall, brown eyes and a beautiful smile. She came closer and any attempt I may have made to conceal my nakedness Hd Porno was futile. She looked beautiful in the morning light and she filled out her exercise shorts and tank top just right. My hand dropped to cover my cock and her smile grew a little bigger. I smiled back at her and she came closer and without saying a word she knelt down and began to take my shorts in her hand and opened the leg of the shorts so I could put my foot through the hole.

My body was reacting to this beautiful woman’s touch. Her hands released my shorts and moved up my leg. Her face was only inches from my cock and I could feal the blood rushing to it with alarming speed. She noticed and her smile widened as her hand ran up the inside of my thigh and grazed my balls. I watched as she looked back down the trail and then back to my growing member. She looked up at me and took my dick in her hand and began to lower her lips over the tip. The sensation was amazing, who was this woman, is this really happening to me, these and many other questions ran through my head. I forced them away and focused not on the why, but on the moment in time that was happening right now. She began to take me a little deeper into her warm mouth. As she did, one hand began to stroke up and down my shaft while the other cupped my balls. The sensation was amazing. She fell into a nice rhythm of sucking and stroking that began to build pressure in my groin.

She was so lovely to watch, the warm sun on her hair and face, the sound of the birds in the trees, the creek flowing by and the soft sucking sound of her mouth bobbing up and down on my cock. I wanted this to last forever.

Over and over her head kept up a steady rhythm, bobbing up and down, and my cock was as hard as I can ever remember. Her soft lips and the way her hands caressed and gently pulled on my balls proved that she knew what a guy likes. My dick was becoming so engorged and the vein that runs across the top of my shaft was filled to capacity. I knew that we would need to change positions soon or else I was going to cum without her being able to get any release herself.

I lifted her up and she pulled up her tank top, revealing her breast to me. They were full and her nipples were hard. I cupped them in my hands and started to kiss them. I could taste the sweat form her morning run. She pulled back and said, “You Türkçe Altyazılı Porno can play with them while I ride you.” At that, she pushed me back to the bench and I sat down as she turned around, pulled down her shorts and lowered herself onto my throbbing cock. I could feel her body quiver as she sank all the way onto my shaft. She let out a slight sigh and arched her back as she guided my hands to her breast.

She knew exactly what she wanted and was not ashamed. She was a woman that wanted to have sex and was determined to satisfy her cravings. She began to bounce up and down on my dick as I continued to rub and message her beautiful tits from behind. Her curved butt looked amazing bouncing up and down against my crotch and I could feel her sweet, wet lips sucking my cock. The combination of the wet warmth of her pussy and sensation of her stiff nipples told me she was getting close to crossing over that edge of no return for her. I loved that with every lift and thrust of her body I could see the morning sun glistening off my wet cock from between her legs.

She then stopped her hard riding of my cock and just left me buried deep inside her as she began to slowly grind against me. Just a slow intense grinding of her hips back and forth. No thrusting, just shifting her hips back and forth. She took one of my hands and placed it between her legs and I could feel her wet lips. Touching her like this and feeling her intense grind was about all I could handle without coming. She put her hand over mine and applied the right amount of pressure to her pussy as her hips started to move more forceful. Soon, a soft moan started in her chest and escaped her lips as she began to come. Her back arched, her nipples, under my hand, became rock hard and I felt a warmth flood over my cock as an orgasm shook her body. I pulled her back into my arms as she came down from the rush. She stayed like that for just a short minute before turning her head to me and with this mischievous grin said, “Now it’s your turn.”

She stood up and bent over, bracing her hands on the park bench and looking back at me with those big beautiful brown eyes that had true hunger in them for more. I knew what she wanted and could not wait to have her in that position. I stepped behind her and she reached between her legs to guide me into her dripping Brazzers pussy. The pressure on my cock, as I pushed into her, was perfect and she took all of me. She started to push against me as I thrust and the sensation was wonderful. She continued to reach back with her hand and stroke my balls as I kept pounding her from behind.

Off in the distance I heard a voice calling out a name. It took a few seconds for it to register but there it was again, a voice calling out the name Max. “Max, come. Come here Max.” This registered on both of our minds at about the same time, she looked around at me, eyes wide and I pulled out of her dripping with pre-cum. I looked down the trail where the voice was coming from but could not see anyone. However, the voice continued and I could hear something splashing through the creek behind us. Both of us jumped into action, pulling up shorts, putting on shirts and sitting down on the bench as if we were just two tired joggers taking a break from our morning run.

Within a couple minutes, a man and woman came around the bend and into view. They saw us sitting there and waved. As they got closer, the woman asked if we have seen a chocolate lab running around, it escaped from its lead and was on the run. I pointed behind us and said I believe I heard something down in the creek. The man called and whistled and soon, out from the creek bottom, bounded a Labrador puppy that must have only been a few months old. We exchanged a few laughs as they tried to get the little fella back on the lead before heading off down the trail again. As the couple left, we noticed that they leaned into each other and whispered something and then they both chuckled. Did they suspect something, did they see us and just called out to their dog to give us a warning. We will never know. Sitting there on the bench we looked for any clues of our escapade and could only imagine how this scenario looked to them.

In the distance, we could hear more voices on the trail and knew that our adventure was over for the time being. She looked up at me and with that beautiful grin and a knowing eye that told me it was time to go. She stood up and bent over without bending her knees and tightened her shoe lases. She turned her head back to me and winked, then started jogging back down the trail in the opposite direction of my car. I stood up and shook my head at what had just happened. I started walking back the way I had come and could not keep the smile off my face. It was a beautiful June morning and I was so glad that I had decided to try a new stretch of the trail that morning. As I ran along the trail, I noticed that my shorts were on backwards.

I stepped out of my car and headed to the nature trail. It was a beautiful morning with the sun just beginning to pop over the distant horizon. It was going to be hot on this June day. I wanted to take advantage of the somewhat cool morning and get a good workout in before…

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