A New World

Missy and Tina were roommates in collage. This Saturday started out like any other.

Go to work their craptastic jobs, come home, grab a quick dinner then get all gussied up and head out for some routine Saturday night fun.

Sometimes they would end up at a frat party or other times the local pool hall, but it didn’t matter because they were having fun together. Plus, they always knew if they only met D-bags, they had each other to come home and play with.

Tina was more adventurous than Missy, A lot of times she would make it about half the night and hook up with a sophomore then stroll in the next morning doing the walk of shame, but for her in some way it was a walk of pride. She loved her sexual freedom.

Now Missy on the other hand had a regular F buddy, he would usually get the call about 1:00 in the morning and be out by before the sun came up, no strings attached. She loved this it gave her stability and freedom all at the same time.

Both would exchange stories about their adventures, especially about sex! It’s what you do when you’re in collage.

Tina was talking to Missy one day and said, “last night was a new experience for me??”

“Oh yeah” Missy inquired

“Yeah” she said, “you remember that cute guy at the party? The tall one with the crew cut and big shoulders?”

“I saw you talking to him, but I didn’t think too much of it.” As Missy had seen Tina talking to a lot of guys over the years.

“Right well, we got back to his place, and we started fooling around, I was loving it, His throbbing member in my mouth I couldn’t get enough. Then he went down on me, tongue inside of my folds of love just doing magic in ways I haven’t felt,” Tina said with some excitement.

“Well that sounds pretty normal to me,” Missy retorted.

“Ya I thought so too, until he rubbed back further….”

“Wait, what, like your ass?”

“Yes mam, and I was already in such a state of satisfaction, that I didn’t mind at all.”

“In fact, I think I’m actually going to go back and see him again.”

Now Missy, was a straight an narrow kind of girl, but for some reason curiosity was bubbling up in the back of her mind.

So, she asked Tina, “What, do you think he’s got in store for you?”

“She replied well actually he showed me a few things on his phone.”

“Like what,” Missy now having strange feelings come over her.

“There were some anal beads, butt plugs, an some lube, it looked kind a fun,” said Tina.

Missy couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

So Tina grabbed her phone and started to show her what she was talking about. Missy’s eyes got big and Tina said “that’s the same reaction I had, at first.”

“But then, he touched my rosebud, an it felt like It recharged my sex all over again.”

“I think I want to try these things; I think I want to try them all.”

Now both girls had been in a sexual relationship with each other for a while. Most of the time it was because they cared for each other and, “A girl knows what a girl wants.”

But this is what threw Missy off. Sure, she had been down on Tina many times and they even played with a dildo once or twice. She loved licking her clean especially when Tina would cum.

And Tina, by God the way she could work her fingers on Missy’s pussy, what a thrill.

But now we were going into uncharted waters. Tina Said “Lets get some of these things, I want you to try them out on me.”

Missy first jerk reaction was “NO, Hell NO!”

“Oh Common,” Tina Replied, “It will be fun”

Missy thought about it. She felt ashamed and that was an exit only she never touched her butt unless it was to finish up with using the restroom!

Tina Persisted. “I know it seems weird, but I don’t even know him, plus you would be gentle with me, listen to me, and above, I trust you!”

“No”, again Missy responded meekly.

This went back an fourth a couple of times and finally, Tina Dropped it.

The day went on and everything was pretty much routine, alarm, Brush-teeth get ready, breakfast, classes, job, come home. The norm for most kids in collage. Except one thing was lingering in Missy’s mind. All day, for no reason the image of the analbeads kept coming back to her. She would be paying attention in class see a circle on the board and boom right back to seeing it in her head.

Going to lunch she realized that she was staring off into space and then she couldn’t acknowledge why, but she kept clenching her pussy an ass every time the thought kept coming back around.

Why was this happening? Why did it have such a hold of her conscience mind, all after one pic, when in reality, they looked at many, many different things.

That night she got home, jumped in the shower thinking about nothing more than to wind down for the day. As she was cleaning herself she brushed against her bum, & for the first time it sent a shock wave through her whole body.

She didn’t understand why? Maybe it was because of all the mental stimulation she had throughout the day? Was it whatsapp escort because of the conversation the other morning? But it felt good, so new.

So she rubbed her puckered hole again, an again feelings of new went all the way up her spine. Then she decided to rub her clit at the same time, this was just magic. It sent new sensations through her whole body. She kept on, pressing a bit harder next thing she new, she could feel her own ass open up and start to accept her finger. It was overpowering to her.

She couldn’t stop now her clit was on fire and to the point of no return, she came! Harder than she had in years!!!!!

That’s when it all changed.

Missy busted out of the bathroom and said to Tina, “I’m in!!!”

Tina, looked back at her with almost a shock, excitement and fear all at the same time, “Really” she said”

“Yep” Missy replied, “but only if you promise to try them on me too!”

Now Tina was totally blown away knowing her roommate and she asked, “Who are you and what did you do with Missy?”

Missy told Tina what she had done and how she saw stars, not only did Tina get hot, even talking about it made Missy wet again.

“We’ve got to go now”, Said Missy

“Wait what, now?” Tina Replied

“Yeah, there’s a shop on the end of town, I drive by it all the time, but I’ve never walk in. Think about it, if we go to the store, we can see what we’re buying in person, tell the quality of it, how it feels, what’s the size, Online, it’s always a crapshoot of what someone else’s description is.” Missy said to her.

Tina still a bit in initial shock said “you make a really good argument! Ok let’s go.”

So, the girls hopped in Missy’s car and they drove the 5 min to the edge of town. She could not believe what they were doing there. Are we really doing this? What if somebody see us? I’d never be able to go to class again!!! So naturally she parked around the side. Then the girls went to the doors. The doors of forbidden tools!

They stepped inside to be greeted by an older woman somewhere in her 40ies big smile on her face, just emoting that comfortable warm welcoming feeling.

She said, “Hi girls can I point you in the direction of anything?”

Both of them too nervous to even think..Missy quickly said “Lingerie please”

“Sure thing sweetie right over here. If you two need anything just let me know and I’ll be glad to help.” She told them

Then she went happily back to dancing to the music and working on the glass top for the dildos and really high-end items.

The girls started to look at the clothing, if you could even call it that, but that’s not why they were there. They could see that there was an archway, behind that, the room opened to a plethora of adult devices!

Tina Grabbed Missy’s hand and walked her back there. Secretly the Clerk had a smirk on her face as she could see them enter the back of the store.

They could not believe what they were taking in. There were dildos of every shape and size! Some large, some small, pink, purple, white, black, blue, brown, they even had ones that were double ended!!!!

The girls joked “yeah that would have come in handy!”

Strapons and leather, handcuffs, fuzzy and soft, whips, and nipple clamps!! Missy even found a collar!!!

Then they found another area, this was the place that they had come for, the anal section. It had Butt plugs of all sizes, beads in different shapes, curved smaller tipped dildos, ones that had a bulbus end, glass pieces that had ridges an bumps on them,

Some that were so large, “no way anyone could, I mean could they?!?” the girls joked.

Then they moved over the beads section. There were so many to choose from. Some started really small, and Tina was like I wouldn’t even feel that! Others were all the same size and came on a hard piece of plastic connecting them. Then they had other ones that were soft to the touch with a silicone finish connecting them getting larger and smaller on the same string.

For some reason Missy was drawn to that set.

She turned and said to Tina, “What about these”

Tina was kind of surprised and said “well I didn’t expect that, but ok”

Since they were graduated and she trusted Missy, they could stop at any time.

They looked around for a bit more and found another set, now these were really neat as they vibrated without batteries, and they were separated by a string about 2″ from each other.

Tina not wanting to be outdone said to Missy, “lets grab these too”

“Ok” Missy responded, “Oh we should grab some lube, you know, help things along”

So the Girls got everything and headed up to the clerk.

She told them, “be sure an clean your toys if you intend to use them on each other.”

“Good advice to have!” They thought

They headed back home with a new since of excitement waiting for them!!!

When the girls arrived, Missy couldn’t wait to get Tina Naked.

“She said slow down honey, I need to clean up and istanbul escort bayan I want this to last!! You know, if I didn’t know better, I would almost think you were more excited than I am to do this!!!” Tina told her.

Missy thought to herself, she may be right.

After a devastatingly long time Tina reappeared to Missy, kissing her softly on the neck as she rubbed her shoulders from the back of the couch.

Missy was so sexually charged at this time that she could feel her clit throbbing through the pink lace panties.

Tina softly grabbed her hand and brought Missy back to the bedroom.

Missy couldn’t believe this, is this really real, are we about to do things we never have before? She thought, she was saying this in here head, but Tina Replied, “Yes, yes we are.” With a Smirk on her face, knowing Missy without even saying a word.

She laid down on the bed. Her skin so soft from the coconut oil she used every day. Missy started to kiss her pouty fully lips. They loved just kissing each other, it was a sensation that was electric. But Missy had to move down to her breast those perky, full, breast. Button nipples that just begged to be nibbled on.

Tina was starting to get hot an bothered. She knew what she was up to, they had made love so many times before.

But this time was different, maybe it was because of everything that had evolved in the evening before now?

That’s when Missy started to remove the black thong Tina had on especially for her. “you know that’s my favorite pair.” Missy commented.

“Oh, I know how you like to see my ass hang out” Tina said back to her.

“Yes mam, now let’s see what all that ass can do” Missy replied.

Tina was Excited she rolled over and propped her ass up in the air with anticipation. Missy was nervous, not knowing how she even got in this situation, much less how excited she was.

Tina did have one request, please warm me up with the dildo in my pussy.

Missy was happy to, she went over to her dresser and found Tina’s purple one. It was moderately thick but not intimidating. One of her favorites.

She brought It back to Tina and slowly put it inside her pussy. A pussy so wet an welcoming it gladly accepted her invitation. This just made Missy hotter with her own desire. She started to work it back and forth up and down moving to all the right places on Tina’s wet slit.

So good the sensations were, Tina started to moan as the pulses ran through her. Then Missy realized she needed to slow down or Tina would finish before they even got started! But it was too late Tina couldn’t stop the freight train of an orgasm coming to her!!! “Oh Shit, Oh Shit, Oooooo Shit!!!” she blurted out!

She started to gush all over Missy and the bed. Missy absolutely loved this!!!! It just made her hotter every time.

“Missy, I think that I may need a minute.” Tina Said.

“Would you like me to entertain you??” She Inquired

“I can’t wait,” said Missy “please play with me!!”

Right then Missy switched places with Tina. This was the first time Tina had really seen Missy’s rosebud.

It was cute small and puckered, but inviting.

“Let’s start with a little lube,” said Tina.

She rubbed some on her fingers an then moved over to Missy’s backdoor. It felt new to them both, Tina could feel a ring of restriction and Missy could tell there was a light pressure wanting to come into her nether regions.

Tina asked, “Would you like me to go further, or would you like to try the toys we got??”

Missy thought about it for a second, I want to try the beads. Give me the ones that shake in the middle to start with.

“Ok,” Tina then grabbed these out of the bag. She put a great amount of lube on them. Then over to the awaiting anticipation of Missy.

Placing the first bead at her back door, it was about 1/2 round she moved it all upon the outside of her. “you’re going to feel some pressure” She told Missy. Slowly she started to push the bead in, Missy she could feel her ass not wanting to give way. But breathing smoothly pushing back on the bead it slowly opened up and slid in.

Tina was like “Wow that was hot! How does it feel,” as Missy’s ass kept pulling it in further and closing down around it.

“So good, I can still feel it moving forward into me!!” And sure enough it was, the bead was actually pulling the next one toward her rear entrance.

There were so many things going on in Missy’s head right now. She felt taboo because she was playing with her ass, with another woman, nerve endings that had never been touched before, the vibrations of the bead moving around inside her. It was making her quiver with pleasure.

The 2 other beads were still waiting patiently outside her luscious ass. Tina said, “are you ready to try another?”

Missy couldn’t wait, “yes please she begged”. An again Tina pushed the next bead up to her sweet entrance, feeling a slight bit of resistance her from her closed rosebud, Missy could tell this bead was a bit larger, it özbek escort wasn’t bad, but she needed a moment to relax.

Tina paused, waited for her, then when she was ready, pushed forward again, and suddenly Missy’s rosebud relaxed and started to accept the next orb.

“I can feel it moving the first one deeper into me!!!, it’s so good don’t stop please push it all the way in,” Missy begged!!

Soon enough her ass started to close around it and Tina’s finger was actually still right behind it! “Wow” Tina Said “that is a great new sensation.” As her pink ass pulsed shut on Tina’s finger.

“What’s that?” Asked Missy

“The inside of you, it grabbed my finger as the bead passed through, it was really tight and warm!”

“I felt you too,” replied Missy “damn it feels good.”

Right now, Missy wanted to try another new sensation. So, she reached back and pulled on the loop at the end of the string. Immediately when both beads responded to the slight tug it sent a shock wave through her like lightning!!!

She loved it so much, in fact, Tina stared to get jealous.

Wasn’t this all my idea??? She asked half-jokingly.

“I think you need to switch me spots!” Tina Said.

Without any though Missy began to move, and that’s when it happened all of the beads begin to vibrate in and outside her bum.

She didn’t know what to think!! It felt so good, her eyes damn near crossed. She froze and they stopped. Tina asked what’s wrong?

“Nothing is, in fact everything is right. Please don’t stop Tina, these feel so good put the last one in my ass I beg you, then I will do you!!” Missy said to Tina.

“Ok but remember you asked for this.” Tina replied with a sparkle in her eye.

See the last bead was a bit more substantial than the other two.

She bent Missy back on over. Started to press it up to her rump, and push. Missy could not believe what she was feeling. Tina didn’t lie this one was more than the rest. Her ass was being stretched, “whoa” she let out on a gasp, “let me adjust.” She squatted down even further with her face in the pillow arching her back down and her knees together under her fully exposing her ass, so much in fact you could see the previous bead peak just a tiny bit from her rump.

“Ok now try.” Missy said.

Tina placed the bead at her back door and pushed again. And Missy pushed out at the same time, then they all slid forward as her asshole gratefully accepted the last bead, she gasp for air they kept moving up her bum inside her, till only the ring was tight against her puckered full rear.

“They feel so good!!!!” She said in a sigh.

“Let me show you what I am feeling.” Missy said to Tina.

Just then, a great Idea flashed onto Tina’s mind, after seen how Missy positioned herself.

She said. “I’m going to sit reverse in this chair then I can throw my ass over the edge and push my belly forward, you can come behind or under me and push them in.”

“Excellent though!” Missy replied.

So, she went over to the chair in the corner and took the position.

While she was doing that Missy, still feeling the beads in her bum, walked over to the other set and grabbed them out of the bag.

“Come over here an play with me, the anticipation is killing me.” Tina said!

Missy Practically having an orgasm from the sensations, walked to her, knelt down behind Tina, and grasp the first bead pressing it too to Tina’s awaiting rear.

What a cute pucker it was. She moved it around clockwise and then back the other direction before rotating it back and forth and starting to push it in.

Tina was so very excited! She could feel herself opening up to the new toy coming inside, then in an instant, it slid in and closed, but it kept moving forward into her!!

“Wow I see what you meant!! That’s sensational!!” Tina said

Missy couldn’t believe her eyes just watching it disappear for the first time! “Is that what mine looked like too?” In amazement as she watched.

“Yes mam” Tina Said back to her.

“I think it’s time for the next one,” Missy excitedly replied.

This set was pretty bold, but so was Tina. The next bead was double the size of the first one and there was 8 on this string.

Missy said “okay, I’ll be slow and gentle”. She rubbed the next bead against Tinas asshole and suddenly it opened up as if it were ready for it. Swallowing the bead much faster than the first one. Missy was shocked.

“What happened?” she said in confusion.

Tina Replied, “I’ve been reading all about this, if you push out at the same time you can actually make your ass accept things easier.”

“Ok, well let’s see how you handle this one then”, as Missy smirked.

This bead was once again larger than the previous.

She started to go in nicely, and then nope.. her bum couldn’t take it. It pushed the bead back out before passing through. But when it did, it pulled on the other 2 inside giving Tina a level of pleasure and confusion at the same time.

“She said lets try that again, but let me scoot back just a bit more to spread my asshole like you did.” Tina said.

She pulled apart her booty and made a small gape the other bead could be seen just like the set in Missy ass right now.

Missy leaned forward and gave a dollop more lube on the bead, this was going in….

Missy and Tina were roommates in collage. This Saturday started out like any other. Go to work their craptastic jobs, come home, grab a quick dinner then get all gussied up and head out for some routine Saturday night fun. Sometimes they would end up at a frat party or other times the local pool…

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