A New Fantasy Ch. 03

A New Fantasy Ch. 03

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I still couldn’t quite believe how much I had enjoyed taking my first real cock. I was even more excited about one day taking a bigger cock, although Cashlie was my main focus for now. We didn’t really speak until she text me on Wednesday to ask if I wanted to go out with her and a couple of friends on Saturday evening, I naturally said yes. We arranged that I would meet Cashlie at her place at 8 and then go out from there.

When I got home it hit me that I would be going out in public with Cashlie for the first time, I felt as though I should be nervous about being seen in public with a transsexual but considering it was Cashlie I was not worried at all. The fact that I didn’t know where we would be going out, or who we would be meeting had me excited for the rest of the week; my life had completely changed in the past couple of weeks and I was loving it!

I met Cashlie outside the station again, and as I got into her car we shared a passionate kiss. She was wearing a tight fitting pink t-shirt and slim jeans; but even in casual clothes she just oozed sexuality.

“I think you’re going to have fun tonight.” she said, sultry as ever.

“So do I.” I replied.

“Ok, so the plan is we go back to mine for a little bit, and then head out to the club where we’re meeting my friends.” she told me.

“Sounds good.” I said

We walked to the lift hand in hand, just as we did the first time, but we managed to control ourselves before getting into her apartment.

When we walked through the door she grabbed hold of my cock and shoved me up against the door.

“You want me to fuck your ass again don’t you?” she whispered into my ear while holding me against the door by my hardening cock.

“Yes.” I moaned.

“I’m going to breed you this time, you’re going to love it. But to show you how much of a sissy you are I’m not going to let you come before we go out. Only I’m allowed to come baby.” she said.

“Yes. Please. Just fuck me.” I moaned, now fully hard. I had no idea how I would be able to keep myself from cumming.

She led me into her bedroom, and pushed me to my knees in front of her bed as she sat down on the edge. She slowly pulled her jeans down and grabbed the back of my head, pulling my face right on to her red lace panty covered cock. I licked her cock through the panties and it slowly started getting hard as she moaned in pleasure. I could just about taste her precum through the panties, trying to get as much of it as I could. When she was fully hard she pulled her cock out of her panties and pushed my head down on it as I took her 4″ cock all the way in my mouth.

“You love my cock don’t you? Go on suck it you little bitch, you love the taste of my girly cock in your mouth.” she growled.

“Mmm” was all I could muster, but it seemed to urge her on as she began pushing with her hips into my face. She began to get a good rhythm going and I started dribbling all over her cock, I could hear her breathing more heavily as she carried on. She eventually pulled my head off her rock solid, sloppy cock.

“Baby that was amazing, but your mouth isn’t getting my cum now.” she said.

She got up, pulled her jeans and panties off completely and removed her top. She then pulled me up and we shared another deep kiss, before she bent me over the bed and roughly pulled my jeans and underwear down.

“Are you ready for me baby?” she asked.

“God yes!” was my reply.

With just my spit on her cock, she forced it into my tight hole.

“Oohh!” I groaned.

She began to fuck me hard straight away, pounding my ass as fast as she could.

“Oh baby, your hole is so tight, you’re going to love my friends!”

My mind was too focused on the bareback fucking I was getting to think about what she said. She pulled me up and held her chest against my back as she fucked me standing up. She started kissing me on the neck and rubbing her hands under my t-shirt; my cock got rock hard in an instant. Her moaning got louder as she continued to give my ass a pounding.

“I’m going to cum in your bitch ass, and I want you to bend over the bed so none of it leaks out, and don’t move until I tell you. Understand?” she said in my ear.

“Yes!” I groaned.

“Good boy.” she replied.

She bent me back over the bed and began fucking me harder, grabbing my hips to get even more leverage. I had begun to love the feel of her cock in my ass, and didn’t want her to ever stop. My cock still hard I was having to really concentrate on not blowing my load.

“Here it comes baby!” she almost screamed.

I could feel her cock pulsating trabzon escort in my ass as she thrust as far as she could and held it there. Then I felt the first squirt and I couldn’t control myself any longer, my cum exploding out of my cock. I could feel even more of her cum in my ass, she didn’t stop cumming for what seemed like minutes, and I went along with her all the way. My ass felt full of her cum and her cock, just slid out.

“You’ve been a very naughty boy! I don’t have time to punish you now but you are going to be in trouble later. Don’t say anything and don’t move until I tell you.” she said assertively.

She proceeded to wipe her cum covered cock on my ass cheeks and I could hear her go over to her wardrobe behind me. I could hear her moving around and trying on clothes for around twenty minutes, before she came up behind me, lent over me and whispered.

“Time to go have some fun, slut.”

I pulled up my underwear and trousers, with her cum still in my ass and we shared a small kiss before heading for the door. She was wearing a short, tight fitting black dress and she looked stunning, I don’t think any straight man would have been able to turn her down. I looked at the clock on the way out and it was already 9.30.

“There’s a cab waiting for us downstairs, we’re going to meet Mike and Kay at the club.” she told me.

We got in the cab; I could feel Cashlie’s cum dribbling out of my ass as we drove, soaking my boxers. Around twenty minutes later we pulled up at the club. It was a big commercial club in town and it was a busy Saturday night so there was already plenty of people in the queue. Cashlie had booked us down on the guest list so we went almost straight in. We walked in through the main doors hand in hand, and she pulled me towards the already busy bar.

“There they are!” she said, pointing at a couple standing at the end of the bar.

Mike was a handsome man in his early 40s, 6’2″, and broad shouldered, wearing a shirt and jeans. Kay was absolutely stunning, 5’4″ with long blonde hair, perky breasts and a gorgeous ass. She was wearing a very tight, short dress, fully accentuating her features.

“Hey guys, Kay you look gorgeous babe.” said Cashlie as she went to give them both a hug and a kiss.

“So do you! This must be your new toy.” Kay replied, as she turned her attention to me.

“Hey, nice to meet you.” I said.

She came over and threw her arms around me in a tight hug, I could feel my cock stirring as I returned the hug

“Hi, we’re going to have some fun tonight.” Mike said to me with a knowing grin.

We ordered some drinks and Cashlie straight away pulled me over to the dance floor. The music in the club was generic Saturday night club music, but it was something to dance to. Cashlie put her arms around my neck and pulled herself up close to me as we carried on dancing. I could see quite a few guys giving envious looks at us and I could feel my cock once again getting hard pressed up against her.

“I don’t need to ask if you’re having a good time, do I?” she asked.

“No, I suppose not.” I replied with a cheeky grin on my face.

Cashlie began to get more into her dancing, and once she finished her drink she began grinding her ass against me, I felt my cock beginning to strain in my jeans. I grabbed her round the waist to pull her close so she could feel the effect she was having on me. She leant back towards me and turned her head for a slow passionate kiss.

We danced for a while longer before I felt someone come up behind me, grabbing my ass and then putting their arms around me and holding me up against them.

“Your ass is going to be mine. Cashlie told me what you’re like, you slut” I heard Mike whisper in my ear.

I could feel his cock on my ass as he pushed up against me, and I couldn’t help feeling turned on. With Cashlie still dancing in front of me, I was struggling to maintain my composure. I began to move my ass on his cock without even thinking about it, and I heard him groan in response.

“Oh you like my cock do you?” he asked.

“Mmm, yes.” I replied.

I could feel it growing and getting harder, it felt massive. Kay came up to Cashlie and the two of them started to dance together.

“You like watching them dance don’t you. Well you wait until they’re both naked, you won’t be able to control yourself. Luckily I will be there to control you, and make sure you behave.” said Mike forcefully.

He moved one of his hands down the front of my body, eventually reaching my rock hard cock.

“I think we’re ready to go, don’t uşak escort you?” asked Mike.

“Yes.” I moaned breathlessly.

Grabbing my hand Mike led me over to the girls.

“Hey girls, I think our little slut is struggling, so I think we should move on.” Mike told them.

The four of us went outside, back in our original pairs.

“You’re going to love his cock babe.” Cashlie whispered to me.

We got a cab, and headed back to Mike’s flat, around 10 minutes away.

We went straight up to Mike’s flat, which had a large open plan living area with three big sofas dotted around, and two bedrooms led off from it.

When we got in Mike put some dance music on, and Cashlie and Kay went over to the kitchen area to sort out some drinks. I sat down on the sofa, as Mike went to the bathroom. Cashlie came over and handed me a beer, then she and Kay started dancing in the middle of the room. They started off dancing alone but gradually got closer, before they were grinding against each other face to face to the music. I felt a familiar stirring in my boxers.

Mike came out of the bathroom and sat down next to me.

“They’re quite something aren’t they?” asked Mike as he moved his hand on to my leg.

“They really are.” I replied.

I felt my cock getting even harder as he started to move his hand along my leg towards my cock. As he started rubbing my cock through my jeans I felt myself leaning my body into him. Cashlie and Kay were now fully making out while dancing and Cashlie, and I was completely hard watching them.

“That’s a nice cock you have yourself there. Feel mine.” Mike said as he grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock.

It felt huge, and really thick, I wanted to see it badly. Mike eventually moved his hand under my boxers and started fondling my dick. I could feel the precum leaking out of the tip of my cock onto his hand. He then pulled his hand out and fed my precum to me.

“Take your clothes off.” Mike ordered.

I did as I was told and noticed that both Cashlie and Kay had taken their dresses off and were sitting on one of the other sofas in just their panties and bras. I sat back down completely naked, with my erection sitting on my stomach. Mike took my cock in his hand and started stroking it.

“This is my cock now slut, do you understand?” he asked.

“Yes.” I moaned.

“Good, now get on your knees.” He demanded.

He moved me down between his legs on my knees and slid his jeans off. I could see the outline of his huge cock in his boxers, and my hand moved involuntarily straight to it, and I began stroking it.

“That’s right, you want my big cock don’t you? You little bitch.” he said.

I leant in and kissed his cock through his boxers while still stroking it. I could see a little patch of precum on his boxers next to the tip of his cock, unable to help myself I started licking it, loving the taste. I heard him moan in response and began to lick up and down his full length. After a few minutes I wanted his cock too badly and pulled down his boxers. It was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen; it must have been ten inches and so thick I wasn’t entirely sure I’d fit it in my mouth.

Nevertheless I opened my mouth and took the head inside, lapping up the precum as I closed my mouth on him.

“That’s it, you little cock slut.” moaned Mike.

I started to move my mouth down his cock to see how much I could take, I managed to get about halfway before the size of it got too much for me and I pulled off.

“Don’t worry babe, we’ll get you there, just relax and take as much as you can.” he said.

I went down again, determined to take more of his length. I got three quarters of the way down, and I started to dribble all over his cock as I almost gagged, pulling off I started to sloppily circle his cock with my mouth getting his cock soaking wet. I loved the taste of his cock covered in my spit and continued to enjoy the feel of his thickness in my mouth. I pulled out every now and again to give his tip some attention with my tongue.

“Oh babe you are getting really good at sucking cock.” Mike moaned.

I carried on serving his cock, completely focused on the task at hand and loving every moment. With his cock fully covered in my spit I tried again to take his length. It had worked as I managed to carry on taking his cock in my throat until I felt the hair around his cock on my nose. I had to pull off almost straight away but I felt very pleased with myself.

“Mmmm, I’ve got other ideas for my cock now; I’m not sure how much more I could take van escort of your mouth.” Mike said.

I got up and he took his top off, and pulled down his trousers. He had a toned body, with a little hair.

“Come sit on my lap slut.” he ordered.

I went over to him and knelt over him, my ass hovering over his huge erect cock. I put my arms around his neck and went in for a kiss, not knowing how he would take it. He responded with a firm passionate kiss, and put his arms around me. Slowly he moved one of his hands down to my ass, slipping one finger in my hole. I moaned into his mouth in pleasure, as he started to move his finger in and out of my ass.

He added another finger shortly after, once again getting my ass used to it with some gentle finger fucking, all the while maintaining our kiss. Eventually he had all four of his fingers in my ass and had begun to pick up his pace. Then he pulled out, my ass feeling empty, but ready for what I knew was coming next. Stopping our kiss I lowered my ass expectantly and felt the tip of his cock on my hole. He guided his cock into me and the pure pleasure was amazing, it felt so right to have his thick cock in my ass.

“Oh god.” I moaned.

“You like my cock, babe, well I’m not even halfway in yet.” he teased.

I continued to lower myself onto his cock, slowly taking more of his length into my ass, each inch feeling even better than the last. My ass felt so full, and just the feeling of his glorious cock in my ass got me rock hard. I eventually eased my way down to take his full length, and we shared a smile.

I slowly started to ride his cock, my ass got more comfortable with his size and I began to get lost in the sensation of riding him. My erect cock was bouncing off him every time I went down, and the more I picked up my pace the harder it was getting. I leant forward into Mike to keep myself steady.

“I think I might cum soon, you feel so good inside me” I whispered.

“Good baby, cum all over me. I’m going to cum in your ass when you do.” He returned.

I was beginning to ride him fast now and I was completely lost in the ecstasy of the moment. Nothing had ever made me feel as good as his cock in my ass.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum!” I screamed.

I exploded all over his chest, the most cum I had ever produced, and it kept going for what seemed an eternity. Mike gave me a massive grin as I fell into his cum soaked body from exhaustion. He began to pound my ass with real intent as he was nearing his own orgasm.

“Babe, are you ready for me to cum up your ass like a good slut.” he asked.

“Please! I want to feel you squirt in me!” I replied.

“Ohhhh” he moaned as I finally felt his huge cock begin to pulsate in my ass.

I felt the first load and it felt huge, he kept unloading huge shots of cum in my ass until after about his 8th or 9th shot I felt his body relax.

“Now you have some cleaning up to do. Yours first.” he said, as he motioned for me to lick my cum off his body.

I pulled off of his cock, leaving my ass with the emptiest feeling as it popped out. I knew then how much I needed a big cock in my ass. I knelt on the sofa and leaned over his body as I began to lick up my cum off of his toned body.

“Don’t swallow until I tell you.” he told me.

I couldn’t believe how much I had cum, I was struggling to keep it all in my mouth as I continued to lick it. Eventually I managed to clean up Mike’s body.

“Let me see that cum baby.” Mike demanded.

I showed him my mouth full of cum, being careful not to spill any.

“Swallow your own spunk you dirty boy.” he ordered.

I did as I was told and swallowed my cum in three gulps. As I did I began to feel Mike’s cum slowly dripping out of my ass.

“Good boy, now Cashlie, come over here and clean my cum out of your boy’s ass.” he said.

I had completely forgotten about the two girls, but after Mike said that I looked over to see them both sitting on one of the other sofas, naked, watching me and Mike.

“Well done baby, you took his cock so well” Cashlie said as she walked over. “Neither of us could help ourselves from cumming when you started riding him, it was so hot. Now lean forward babe.”

I leant over Mike as Cashlie began to lick at my asshole, teasing out all of Mike’s cum and swallowing it straight away. Kay came and sat down on Mike’s other side, slowly stroking her own small flaccid cock; kissing Mike as soon as she sat down.

“Mmm, I forgot how good you tasted Mike.” said Cashlie.

“I’ll have to let you have it straight from the source next time.” he replied.

Cashlie finally finished lapping up all of Mike’s cum from my ass and sat me down on the sofa, sitting in my lap and leaning back into my body. We kissed slowly and passionately, as Mike and Kay did the same, savouring the moment.

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