A Month After Her 18th


This is a sequel to my first story entitled The Day After Her 18th Birthday. It’s not necessary to read the first story to understand this one but it might help.

It had been a month since Carrie first gave herself to me. We had decided that despite the obvious difficulties we would have in a relationship that we would try it nonetheless. We did all the girlfriend/boyfriend things; went out to dinner, saw shows, and of course had sex. Carrie was quickly becoming a pro and both giving and receiving oral and every so often this would lead into some hot steamy monkey sex (as I liked to call it). Carrie was by no means slut or easy, but her sexual appetite was growing by the day.

It had been decided that we would spend today at her house with her family. Her mom had decided that they were going to have a cook-out by the pool and Carrie insisted that I go. Never one to turn down free food and the chance to see my sweetie in a bikini I of course said yes. It wasn’t that I didn’t like her family, I always got a long with her mom and her sister. It was just that I always felt uncomfortable around her step-dad and grandfather, both whom also lived there, and also her brother who had his own place. It was clear to me that they didn’t like me dating the younger Carrie, but tough shit.

I showed up to Carrie’s house around 5pm. It was a beautiful day out, it was around 80 out and there hadn’t been a cloud in the sky all day. When I arrived Carrie and her sister were still out tanning near the pool, as I figured they would be, and Carrie’s mom greeted me when I knocked on the door.

“Hey, come on in. Carrie’s out back at the pool, you should hang out there till the food is ready in a couple of minutes.”

Carrie’s mom had never had a problem with our dating, I assumed it was because the age difference between Carrie and myself was about the same as between Carrie’s mom and her step-dad. I trotted back to the pool to see my gorgeous girlfriend and her sister sunning themselves on some chairs next tot he pool. Carrie was wearing a blue 2-piece bikini that showed off her sexy ass and her perfect flat stomach. Her sister on the other hand was almost naked. Carrie’s sister I had been told was somewhat easy only replace the word “somewhat” with the word “very”. She had on a miniscule white top, if you could call it that, that showed off her nice tits which must be a C cup the way they were spilling out. She also had a thong on which rode up the crack of her ass. She was hot, I’ll admit that but she was still my girlfriend’s sister.

“Hey hun.” Carrie said before giving me a smooch. “I missed ya” she said with a playful pout on her face. “You better lay your pasty white ass out here in the sun till the food is ready so you can get a tan”

I sighed as Carrie was always teasing me about how I wasn’t tan, not that it really mattered to me. I went inside to change into my swim trunks while Carrie and her sister gabbed outside. When I came back from changing kuşadası escort I noticed they had set up a chair for me between the two of them and I plopped down to relax. It was at this point that I was glad that I had brought my sunglasses with me as I was able to sneak glances at both Carrie and her sister without Carrie’s step-dad or brother noticing both of whom were grilling the hotdogs and hamburgers not 20 feet away.

Since I had seen Carrie naked many times, I had become distracted by her sister laying there in her tiny bikini. The sun was glistening off her tan body, and my eye’s just couldn’t get enough of her luscious breasts. I was mesmerized by the sight of her tits heaving up and down with every breath. Fortunately my sunglasses were preventing anyone from noticing that I was staring at her. I was brought back to reality by the sudden “Food’s ready” Carrie’s mom shouted out. We all quickly hopped up from our positions to get some food.

It was your typical “family cook out”; hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, soda, beer. We all ate and talked for a good while. Well they talked, I listened as I wasn’t about to jump into many conversations unless forced to. Around 8pm everyone started heading off to do their own thing. Carrie’s grandfather and brother went into the living room to watch some tv, her mom began cleaning up the mess we had all left behind, her step-dad tried to appear to be helping while doing as little as possible, her sister disappeared to the computer, and we took off to Carrie’s room.

“You should stay the night” Carrie told me as she slowly closed the door to her room. “I don’t think you should be driving home with such a full stomach” she said with a wink.

We kissed lightly before sitting down on the bed to talk. Carrie had never been one to “hook up” at her house as we were always afraid we’d get caught and even tho we were together, we just didn’t want to go through the hassle of explaining ourselves.

Carrie’s mom knocked on the door not a half an hour later. She asked if I wanted to stay for the night. I had done this before once or twice and I always slept downstairs in the spare room in the basement. I of course said yes and Carrie’s mom took off to make sure the room was respectable.

Since it was now almost 9pm when Carrie’s mom told me the room was ready, everyone started going off to their own room for the night. Don’t ask me why, but for as long as I had known Carrie all of her family went to bed very early except for Carrie and her sister. Not that I ever complained since it was always easy to sneak her back into the house and know everyone was out for the night. We waited for as long as we could to make sure everyone was in their own rooms before we quietly head downstairs to the spare room where I would be sleeping. When we got there I quietly closed the door and pulled Carrie close to kiss her. Having to sit there and watch both her and her sister in their bikinis had made me incredibly horny. Carrie pressed into me while we kissed, her breasts rubbing against my chest. She ran one of her hands through my hair as the other quickly slid down my stomach and beneath my trunks to my ever growing cock. She opened her eyes and let out a little sigh while we kissed as her hand took hold of my dick. She gave it a few tugs before breaking our kiss, “Lay down” was all she said as she quickly undid her bikini top.

I was know laying across the bed with my legs hanging off the edge, Carrie pulled down my shorts as she fell to her knees.

“This is much better than those hot dogs earlier” she told me with a chuckle.

Carrie’s stupid sense of humor mirrored my own as I got a laugh out of her remark but her tongue that was licking my cock like a melting ice cream cone was got more than a laugh from me. I groaned as her mouth took my length in and her tongue swirled around the head of my throbbing dick. Carrie bobbed up and down a few times before asking,

“Did you enjoy our little show today?”

“What show? You and your sister showing off? My god yes, it’s a good thing everyone was there or I would have jumped you right in front of your sister.” I told her as my head fell back while Carrie resumed the expert dick sucking she had learned in the last month. Carrie maintained a good rhythm while blowing me, I glanced up to see that not only was trying her best to suck out all the cum that had built up in me today but she was also busy rubbing her clit furiously. I grinned when I saw this and pulled her head off of me with both hands.

“Come on, everyone is asleep” I assured her. She knew full well that I wanted to fuck her in the worst way right now. The farthest we had ever gone in her house was her sucking me off, we had always been to afraid of making too much noise but this was the perfect opportunity being downstairs with everyone in bed.

“Ok, no one will hear us down here.” she said as she slowly climbed up on the bed and straddled herself over top of me. Carrie loved fucking on top, she always told me it gave her the best orgasms and she sucked on my ear and kissed me before lowering her already sopping wet pussy onto my rigid cock. I slid right in with no problems, my god was she horny tonight. Carrie began a slow rhythm of fucking me, her pussy making sloppy sucking noises each time she rode up and the bed made little squeaks each time she jammed my cock back inside her. She was off in her own little world right now, as was I until I swore I heard some creaking from outside the door. There’s no one out there I thought, everyone is asleep. I put the fear of someone catching us out of my mind as I gazed back up at my beautiful girlfriend riding me. Her small perky tits swaying with every motion. I pulled her to me and whispered in her ear that I wanted to take her from behind. Knowing this was my favorite position she happily obliged.

Carrie got on all fours on the bed and I got behind her. I loved to tease her when she was like this, her pussy dripping her sweet cream down her leg, pushing her ass back towards me whimpering for me to fuck her. I slid my dick home with one push and cupped her tits with my hands. I kissed her neck while I began to fuck her, my balls slapping against her ass with every thrust. The bed was now beginning to make more noise than it had before and so was Carrie. She had to bury her head face first into the pillows every few seconds to prevent her moans from becoming too loud.

“Fuck me, yeah that’s it. Fuck me hard, I want to cum on your cock. Give it to me I’m so close.” She panted just loud enough for me to hear. I grabbed her hips and really started to fuck her with all I had.

It was just then that I heard another sound from outside the door. I wasn’t quite sure what it was but I swear it sounded like a creek and a sigh. I turned my head towards the door but the door was closed and the sounds didn’t come again.

Carrie was now thrusting back onto my dick each time I pulled away. I could tell she was really close to cumming, her cunt gripped me like a vice, not wanting to let go. I slid my hand around to her clit and began rubbing it in a circular motion.

“Is this all you wanted? You just wanted to get fucked didn’t you? Is that all my little slut wanted?”

This sent her over the edge. Her pussy clamped down on me as her body shook. She buried her face in the pillow but I could still hear her “Yessssssssssssssss” as she came.

It was then that I head a gasp from outside the room. I KNEW there was someone out there now and this sent me over the edge. I grabbed Carrie’s hips, thrusted a couple of more times before letting out a deep groan. I then unloaded all the built up cum into her hot sticky pussy. Carrie was still incoherent while I came, mostly “Mmmm” and “Fuck yeah” being the only things I could understand. After I had finished cumming inside my cute girlfriend’s pussy I tired to think of a way to get out of the room to see if there really was anyone outside our door. I asked Carrie if she wanted anything to drink, she said yes so I quickly threw on my shorts and a t-shirt and bolted out the door.

I looked around but I didn’t see anything right away. I looked up the stairs and saw the the door to the basement was now open a little. I was sure I had closed that all the way when Carrie and I had first made our way down here. I started to make my way up the stairs, still unsure if I had imagined the noises or not, when something caught my eye in the corner just off the rail of the stairs. They were balled up panties and from the look of it quite damp. I took a closer look and the scent of a woman’s sex was strong from them.

There had been someone down here listening to us having sex. But who? How could I find out without freaking my girlfriend out about it? I grabbed a glass of water for Carrie and made my way back down to the basement. Nothing else was out of the ordinary, but the image of the wet panties on the staircase was the only image in my mind as I fell asleep beside my girlfriend.

This is a sequel to my first story entitled The Day After Her 18th Birthday. It’s not necessary to read the first story to understand this one but it might help. It had been a month since Carrie first gave herself to me. We had decided that despite the obvious difficulties we would have in…

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