A MILF’s Tale Ch. 03

Dear Reader,

Having stuck with the story this far, you will realise this a tale with characters. It’s not only about horny situations. In this chapter we get some more character detail which is needed to get the context for what will happen as the tale unfolds. I hope you will enjoy and I also hope to publish the unfolding plot as fast as I can for you!

Do read on…

So, this was how our relationship started. It just evolved. We knew we were excited by each other and that we felt very, very easy in each other’s company.

Sandy’s work at the bar meant her hours were for the most part out of line with mine. I was up early teasing and tempting my men — I much prefer the early morning horny guys than the late-night drunks. I’m then to bed early; in contrast she is up late and to bed late.

So, in truth we only saw each other when she had a day off; on those precious occasions we always made sure we devoted a lot of time to simply being intimate with each other. And we would talk. In between bouts of delicious lovemaking, we would just chat about ourselves. It was easy, effortless.

It was on one such occasion Sandy said she wanted to be a bit more open about her circumstances. She was going to tell me more about her story. We lay in bed and I stroked inside her thigh as she began to talk.

She explained that she had come to Spain many years ago with her boyfriend of the time. They soon split up and she was left with a decision as to what to do. She wanted to stay as Spain had so much to offer.

An old friend was working in Madrid and they decided to meet up for a long weekend. Over a long boozy dinner, it came out that the friend was in fact a high-class escort and suggested to Sandy that she might try it. The agency was very exclusive – they were very careful to have clients who, as well as being wealthy, had been checked out as being reliable and safe.

So Sandy embarked on a journey as a classy hooker. At first, she was obviously nervous, but the security and screening of the agency was very good and she found that for the most part the clients were charming and courteous. To her delight, it turned out to be an excellent way to make good money.

And then she had one client — Lorenzo – who liked her a lot; in fact, he liked her so much that he did not want to see other girls, just her. He was financially generous, to the extent that she did not need to have other clients. He simply insisted that she would always come to him when he wanted her. He had an apartment in Madrid which was where he worked, his family home was on the coast.

He insisted the whole thing had to be totally discreet. He could not risk it being out in the open. As she would discover, it was not unusual for men of his status in society to have their mistresses, but a blind eye was turned so long as it was all done discreetly.

At first it was novel and fun and she enjoyed being with him. In fact, she felt rather honoured that his man seemed to find her so special. She knew men found her attractive and she was used to male attention, but this was developing into something a bit different. He seemed to be addicted to her. He was not exactly possessive, but as time went by, she felt her freedom was being slowly eroded and it worried her she was becoming trapped into a financially dependent relationship. She had always been her own woman and the role of “kept woman” was not her style.

So, to bring things to a head, she decided to make him a proposition.

If he wanted her to be available to him the way he wanted, he needed to give her some freedom to lead her own life. She would not be his toy that he kept in the cupboard. She would commit to come to him and be with him when his schedule allowed him time, but outside of that she needed her görükle escort bayan space.

Her detailed proposition was in fact a bold one. She said he should buy a small business, like a café or a bar. It should be somewhere on the coast, but obviously away from his family. He would be a silent partner and she would be part owner. This would give her an independent life and income, but she could still visit him in Madrid when he wanted.

She was both surprised and delighted when he agreed. He did not take much convincing and was, to be honest, rather taken with her assertiveness. However, there was one condition. He wanted his cousin — Francesco – to be involved. He wanted him to be the formal face of the enterprise. Sandy and Francesco would determine the style of the business. She would be involved with the day to day running of things whilst Francesco would deal with those things that needed an understanding of Spanish rules, regulations and how to deal with local authorities. It made sense; many Brits had tried to set up businesses in Spain only to find they got dragged down by all the red tape. Having Francesco as the face of the business would also be a good cover for Sandy.

And it was in fact Francesco that I had been introduced to on the very first day we met, but it was only now I realised how he fitted into things. I had just assumed he was the owner.

It had now been going on for many years and it had worked well. The cousin, Francesco, was grateful for the secure job and was very loyal. He never thought to question what Sandy got up to when spending her free time visiting “friends” in Madrid. Lorenzo’s family thought he was doing Francesco a favour. They also assumed the English bar manager — Sandy – had been chosen as so any of the customers were English speaking. It all just worked.

When they had first met, Lorenzo was a handsome, virile lover in his 40s and she was 30. He was now late 60s and she was mid 50s. The relationship still worked after all these years. In fact, if anything it had grown deeper and richer.

I was totally absorbed by her story. As she spoke I kept stroking her thigh and strayed up to her pussy lips, which to be honest is something I just do automatically anyway. But she then said something which stopped me in my tracks.

Sandy paused for a moment, then said there was something else to the relationship — something that had grown as the years went by. To be honest, she had wondered right from the start why he was so obsessed with her, but it took some time for things to fully come out.

In essence, he was infatuated with her. There was something about the chemistry between them. He worshipped her. She was his Goddess. He needed to adore her like a true, powerful, erotic Goddess.

When she said this, she could see my mouth just fall wide open. The story had been pretty fascinating before this, but now it was plain mesmerising.

I stopped stroking her and said:

“So all this set up. Him wanting you and no other girls. His paying for all this. It’s because you are his Goddess, his High Priestess, The One he Worships.”

“Yep. You got it”

“And how does that make you feel?”

“To be honest Jane, incredibly fucking sexy”

I was bursting with questions:

“So I can see he provides for you financially and you have lots of special presents and so forth. But he… worships you…physically…. sexually…?”

“He does….. in the bedroom he worships the ground I walk on. Day to day its more complex, but when it comes to sex, we have a very particular and special relationship.”

“Christ Sandy. I am just blown away by all this.”

By instinct I leant over her and kissed her deeply. I guess in my own way I was showing my respect.

“That is altıparmak eskort just such a fascinating story. I’d just never would have guessed.” I then paused and then added with a laugh:

” And you a hooker as well! I’d always thought of you as something of a sexy whore, and now I know you are!”

“But I tell you what’s odd Sandy. He wanted you to be discreet and all the rest of it, but then he goes ahead and gets his cousin involved. It doesn’t add up”

“Yep, that’s exactly what I thought and told him so. And he admitted as much – but he also admitted the whole idea gave him a buzz. An erotic buzz. He liked the idea that we could have a secret life together, he liked that a lot. He liked the idea he might occasionally visit the bar and that it would seem as though we had just a professional relationship, albeit we would then find a quiet place where we could fuck. He even liked the idea his family might on occasion go to see Francesco in the bar but not realise I was Lorenzo’s lover. His one rule has been that we would never been seen being intimate in public. We might go out to dinner or to a concert, but it would appear as though we were friends, not lovers.”

I asked her what she thought about it. She said:

“Sure, it’s an unusual set up. But at the start I thought “well what have I got to lose?”. The risk is all with him. If it all came out in public, I’d just walk away and he’d have all the problems. But it would give me an interesting and rather exotic lifestyle in the very location I wanted to be.”

“So, you went for it”

“Yep, I did. And to be frank, I also found it a turn-on that he was prepared to take all the risk just so that I could be his Goddess. I liked that; his devotion to me. I’ve never had a man be like that towards me and it affects me — a lot. I get wet thinking about it and honey I am wet telling you right now.”

I felt her cunt to check, and it was true. Very wet in fact. Wet enough to be licked.

Her words were a cue. I knew damn well what she wanted and I was very ready to give it to her. Telling me her story had obviously turned her on, and my own pussy too was responding to this intimacy.

I gave her the look that signalled I knew what she wanted. I knew she was ready for me to go down on her. I brushed her lips with mine, ran my tongue down her neck onto her tits, then down her belly and finally in between her legs and onto her open cunt lips.

There was a connection that was intense. Sandy had been so open about her exotic sex life. She had also opened a door onto her fascinating relationship with Lorenzo. And let’s not forget she had made our own special relationship possible. Instinctively I knew that the best way to recognise all of that was to lick her till she couldn’t take any more — and that is just what I did! After some time of careful detailed attention from me she wrapped her legs round my neck and howled as she hit that spot of orgasm after orgasm.

Once she had recovered, which took some time, she wanted to know more and more about me. On this occasion she was not going to have me dodge around it. She had opened up about her complex relationship with Lorenzo and in return she wanted to know my secrets.

She knew some already. It had been easy to tell her that I had got myself out of a dead-end marriage and decided to be my own woman. It had been easy to say that I had chosen Spain to live as I loved it so much. She also knew I’d go home from time to time to see my kids plus my boyfriend.

That part of the story had been easy to tell her. But she was curious about how I afforded to live. For some time, I dodged around it. I was not sure I was ready to tell her that I performed on Cam. That I had men pay to lust after me every nilüfer escort day, I was not certain how she might react.

But now the moment seemed right, it just seemed natural to tell her the truth.

The next day was her day off. As she was staying the night, I said all would be revealed in the morning. But it would be an early start — she had to be ready. We fell asleep curled up together.

At 6.45 I brought her a cup of tea. I was wearing some slinky black lingerie and stockings. My face made up. I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head as she eyed me up and down.

“My god, have you got a date or something” she asked.

“Well, something like that”. “Follow me”

We went into the spare bedroom and I powered up the computer. I told her to sit in the corner and watch without saying a word. I logged onto my Cam site and checked that the camera and sound were all set up correctly — and then I went live. From where she was sitting she could just see the screen.

Straight away I had hits.

She could read what they were writing as I started to purr and tease and seduce them. There was a flurry of activity but nothing really horny. It was all the usual stuff about “how big are your tits”, “is your pussy wet”, “do you think you can take my cock”, “come here and suck me bitch” etc.

I have got used to the run of the mill stuff that you just have to endure before someone turns up with a bit of respect and originality.

And then, right on cue, one of my regular guys came on looking for a private session. I knew I had to perform.

Typically, we do a scenario with his wife upstairs asleep in bed whilst I play with him online. I make out I am in his lounge, having crept in through the patio doors that he has left open. I flaunt myself, urging him to fuck me and take me whilst she is snoring.

On this occasion I was a bit naughty and got him to come on cam2cam so that we could see him wanking as I tempted him.

He was telling me how horny he was, how he had missed me and needed to shag me so much.

I teased him. I posed in all sorts of ways teasing his cock. I loved to watch him stroke himself as I showed myself off to him.

After a while I said:

“So, tell me what you need to day. What do you want this horny slut to do for you”?

He wanted to cum for me, he wanted to cum over my tits. So I slowly slipped them out of my bra and cupped them up enticingly. And then I started:

“So come on you horny bastard wank that cock for me. Let me see you wank it hard. Do that for your bitch. Get your spunk over me before she wakes up, do it over me, cover me, do it you bastard”

And without any further urging he proudly spunked all over his table. I told him to lick it up and show it to me on his tongue. He did.

Sandy watched totally absorbed.

After he left, I turned up the temperature with some others; I gave my cunt a sound fucking with a dildo, fingered my ass, pretended to suck cock, made out as though I was riding on one of their mouths — and all the time matching their filth with words of my own. I lost count of the times I told them I was a filthy cock sucking whore.

As I was performing, I’d glance at her from time to time. She’d wink at me urging me on. Whenever she saw something she really liked she’d nod at me in approval. I know she wanted to speak but I’d told her she must be quiet.

After 60 mins I logged off and showed her how much I had earned — it had been a good morning!

“And I’ve not even had breakfast yet!”.

She looked at me in admiration:

“Wow…. you are just simply amazing. I am almost speechless. I knew you must have been getting up to something to earn money, but never ever dreamed you did anything like this. You are just a total sensation. Those guys absolutely love you. You sexy, sexy bitch. You are just so fucking hot”

….and as she said the words she crawled onto the bed, lowered her head onto my steamy juiced up cunt and started to lick me till I kept cumming on her mouth. After all, it was my turn for some attention!

Dear Reader, Having stuck with the story this far, you will realise this a tale with characters. It’s not only about horny situations. In this chapter we get some more character detail which is needed to get the context for what will happen as the tale unfolds. I hope you will enjoy and I also…

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