A Loving Master

A Loving Master

Big Tits

Karen sat at her vanity and looked herself in the eye. Master told her last night that they were going to try something different and told her to dress ‘nice’. A shiver went through her before she grabbed the small jar of moisturizer sitting in front of her and pored some into her hands before rubbing it into her elbows. The movement keeping her mind off what Master had planned.

She smiled at herself in the mirror. Master had a warped mind, interesting, but warped. And that’s why she loved him so much. He had brought out feelings that had laid dormant in her mind for as long as she could remember, feelings that ‘good girls’ didn’t have.

She thought back to their first date. He took her to an Indian Cuisine restaurant, one she’d never been to before, and proceeded to order for her. It pissed her off and when she started to object, one cold look from him shut her up. She intentionally let one of those feelings she always had wash over her, but only for a minute. She couldn’t allow those feelings on a first date, she couldn’t allow herself those feelings at all.

The dinner he choose was excellent, far better then she would have chosen, all of the dish’s sounded strange to her and she wouldn’t have really known what to order. After dinner they sat at the bar, talking, while he ordered her cocktails. She drank what he ordered, and was again pleasantly surprised. The whole ambiance of dinner and cocktails went perfect together. That was the time when she started trusting his decisions.

Their relationship followed the natural, in her mind at least, progression of events. He ever so slowly started taking her decision making over. And little by little she started becoming submissive to him. And it felt right. The more she trusted him, the more those feeling she had always had came out. And it was almost unconscious on her part.

Their love life at first was just satisfactory, nothing really explosive. . . just satisfactory. She had the usual ‘polite’ orgasms, just like she had with other men, but there was something in his touch that made her feel as if it could be extraordinary, and she didn’t know exactly what it was. She just felt as if he was holding something back, and when she thought about it, she realized she was holding something back herself. That’s the way relationships grew, she thought. And of course she had to ask him about it, but he just gave her a knowing smile and easily changed the subject.

Less then two weeks after having that one sided conversation, she was over his house, admiring one piece of his antique porcelain collection, an exquisite and delicate piece of a wild horse rearing, when she accidentally dropped it and watched in slow motion as it hit the floor and shattered into a thousand tiny pieces.

Before she could even apologize, her mouth still hanging open in shock, he pulled a straight backed chair over and sat down, pulling her over his knee. Of course she struggled, but he held her easily and chastised her as he yanked her jeans down to her knee’s, and spanked her like a little girl.

But it was a spanking unlike any she had received as a little girl. It was full of gentle caresses between spanks as he lectured her on the importance of being careful. It only took a few minutes before she stopped struggling, gratefully taking the reprimand between loving strokes of his hand between her legs. The feeling of having her jeans down around her knee’s, restricting any movement of her legs, intensified her reaction. She had two of the best orgasm’s she had ever had. When he finally let her up, she had tear’s running down her face, and she stood looking down at the ground as she rubbed the sting from her ass cheeks.

“From now on you will be careful around my porcelain’s, won’t you?” He asked in a low but soothing voice. She was so ashamed at being spanked, and liking it, that she couldn’t look him in the eye and only nodded her head.

He gently pulled her over to him and had her sit on his lap as he kissed her tears away. The whole time she just wanted him to take her into the bedroom and fuck the hell out of her. She felt as if she were on fire.

But he didn’t. After she had finished crying, he sent her home to think about what she’d done, like a little girl being sent to her room. And think about it she did. All the way home. By the time she walked into her apartment she couldn’t get her clothes off fast enough. She left her jeans down around her knee’s and attacked her pussy and tit’s with a vengeance, pulling and twisting her nipples as she allowed herself to penetrate herself with two, then three fingers. Letting those long dormant fantasies bubble to the surface, until she exploded in orgasm.

For the next two day’s she couldn’t get that spanking out of her mind. She’d get wet in the middle of the grocery store if she allowed her mind to wander for a second and she knew she had to talk to Kevin about it. As embarrassing as it was, she had to know if he felt the same way. She knew he was excited when he sat her on his lap, but did he know she was, too? He had to have trabzon escort known.

“Kevin, we have to have a talk.” She said as soon as she got the chance to call him.

“Okay. Come over at 7:00, and don’t be late.” He ordered as naturally as if it was breathing.

A shiver went down her back and she was standing at his door at 6:56, counting the minutes until 7:00. He must have been standing there, waiting, because as soon as she rang the bell he opened the door.

He gave her a warm smile and held out his hand. “Come on in. I’m glad to see your punctual.” He said softly as he led her in the house, closing and locking the door behind her.

He led her over to the same straight backed chair and had her sit down, while he sat in an over sized easy chair, opposite her. “Now, what did you want to talk about?”

The obvious wasn’t lost on her. She knew the chair had been put there on purpose, to make her feel uncomfortable discussing what she had come there for, but it wasn’t going to work.

“About what we did the other day. . .” She started.

“Yes, I’m sorry I had to do that, but you have to learn to be more careful. Why don’t you sit up straight, slouching like that is bad for your posture.” He said after letting a small frown crease his face.

“I know, and I’m sorry.” Karen said, sitting up straight. She kept her eye’s on the floor, embarrassed to be chastised again, but feeling a warm shiver go down her spine. She blinked back the tears that were threatening to spill down her face. “I just wanted to let you know it’s okay if you want to do that again.” She said quickly just to get it out. Then held her breath waiting for her world to explode. When he didn’t answer, she chanced a glance to his face and saw the loving look he was giving her.

“That was hard, wasn’t it?” He finally asked quietly. She could only nod her head. “I knew you would enjoy it.” He said as he pushed himself out of his chair. She couldn’t bear looking up at him and kept her eye’s diverted. She was embarrassed and ashamed to have admitted that she enjoyed it.

A movement out of the corner of her eye made her look up. He was unzipping his pants and a gush of liquid came from between her legs. She watched breathlessly as he pulled his hard cock out of his pants.

“Suck it.” He said quietly.

She went at it ravenously, trying to stick the whole shaft down her throat at once. She gagged but wouldn’t allow herself to stop, as she took it from her mouth and licked up and down the sides, then around the head before plunging her mouth down on it again. The moisture between her legs became a steady stream as she bobbed her head up and down.

Her jaw was beginning to ache when he finally grabbed her hair with both hands and forced himself deep into her throat. He held her head steady as he unloaded gush after gush of his cum into her. All she could do was swallow to keep from drowning.

When he was finished, he pulled her off him by the hair. “Now clean me up.” He ordered, wiping his softening cock across her lips. She licked every spot on his cock, dipping into the pee hole with her tongue to get every bit of him. When he was satisfied she’d gotten everything, he pulled away and tucked himself back into his pants.

“Now why don’t you go home and think about what you’ve just agreed to. If you want to continue, be back here tomorrow at 7:00 for dinner.” He said gently helping her to her feet. Her legs felt like rubber as she leaned against him for support. She felt weak and drained. She’d had a steady stream of orgasms from the moment he was in her mouth, and she’d hoped he’d take her to bed when he was finished. But of course he didn’t. It was disappointing, but it would give her time to think.

She drove home in a daze. And was back at exactly 7:00 the next night.

Karen smiled as she rubbed moisturizer onto her knee’s. She had experienced so much since that day. Her introduction to bondage had been a fantasy come true. Being tightly bound however and wherever Master wanted gave her the opportunity to finally let go, and she was amazed at the number and intensity of her orgasms. Master would never let her loose unless she had three or more orgasms.

Since that first simple spanking she had progressed to being able to take the whip. She didn’t necessarily like it, but even she had to admit there were times she needed it. If Master was in a bad mood she’d happily take the cat to cheer him up. She found she could zone out and take whatever punishment Master chose to inflict on her. She wore the welts with pride. Even the next day when her nipples were too sore to even wear a bra, or when her inner thighs were so bruised that she couldn’t close her legs, she would get wet just thinking about the pleasure she brought Master. All in all, she felt her life was complete.

And now he wanted to try something different. First cocktails at an exclusive country club. Was Master going to put her on display again? She felt her nipples tighten at the thought. He’d only done that once before and uşak escort he seemed to like it.

They’d gone out to dinner at a pretty nice restaurant. She’d gotten all dressed up before Master came into the bedroom. She was sitting at this same vanity, putting on the final touches to her makeup when Master came over and kissed the top of her head.

“Almost ready, pet?” He asked, rubbing his hands up and down her arms, sending shivers through her.

“Yes, Master.”

“Good,” He bent and kissed her ear. “But before we go, I want you to put this in you.” He said, producing a fat, ten inch dildo. It was something new. She’d never seen it before and it looked much too big to be worn comfortably, but she immediately spun on her seat and spread her legs.

Pulling her panties to the side she slowly started to work it into herself. At first she was too dry and it hurt, but seeing the bulge grow in Masters pants as she moaned, soon had her wet and she was thrusting it in and out for Masters enjoyment.

“That’s enough.” His voice was horse. “Put it in and lets go. But lose the panties.”

She remembered giggling as she pressed it as deep as it would go, before slipping her panties off. Master had trained her to hold small, pencil thin vibrators for long periods of time, so this was going to be nothing, just holding her legs closed would keep it in place.

What she didn’t know was that the dildo was a remote controlled vibrator, and Master had the controller in his pocket. He first turned it on when the waitress came over to take their order. It surprised her and she let out a gasp, then held back the moan that tried to escape her lips. She remembered the waitress’s look when Master kept it humming along inside her as she gave her her order, sputtering and gasping like a fool.

He’d bring her just to the edge, then turn it off to let her catch her breath. By the time dinner was over, she was climbing the walls with the need to cum.

“Please Master, let me cum.” She asked quietly, afraid to be overheard. He smiled at her and reached over and touched her hand.

“When the waitress comes back with the receipt, make yourself cum. I want her to see what a dirty slut you are.”

She bit her lip as she reached between her legs. Her juices were running out of her and onto the seat. She wondered what the waitress would say when she saw the puddle she would be leaving.

Master turned the vibrator on when he saw the waitress returning from across the restaurant. Karen grabbed the base and started pulling the dildo out, then pushing it back in. It was making rude slurping noise’s as she worked it in and out, but at that point she was to excited to care. She felt the blood rushing to her face as the waitress approached. It took all of her willpower to not scream out loud as the orgasm overwhelmed her. Through the fog of her orgasm, she saw the waitress’s face registering first a look of shock, then a small smile appeared.

Master had to almost carry her out of there. She had never been so humiliated in her life, but on the drive home she relived the experience and came twice more with that monster between her legs. She had to admit it was an exciting experience.

So what would tonight bring? She didn’t think Master would do anything at the club, it was too conservative. It catered to the old and big money in the community. A tingle went through her, but what about later, on the golf course itself? She smiled to herself, Master sure does have a warped mind.

The club was exactly as Karen imagined it to be, old and conservative. Being one of the youngest women there, she’d gotten more then her share of compliments from the older gentlemen who she knew would jump at the chance to get in her pants.

But she wasn’t interested and did everything possible to make sure none of them thought she was. She made it a point to talk about children and grandchildren to some of the women. Others she exchanged recipes with, it was more like going to a cocktail party for a bunch of grandmothers and mothers. They all made her feel welcome.

It was right after the appetizers were served that Master came over to her and gently pulled her away from a group of older women who were discussing the merits of an ivy league school and a local school. He had a devilish grin on his face and Karen started getting wet. Were they going out to the golf course, she wondered aloud.

“Shhh, my pet, you’ll find out soon enough.” He said, leading her through a door that led out to a hallway. Karen was smiling when he led her down the hall and into another door. She could hear the sounds of the party going on behind the thin walls.

“Take off your clothes.” He ordered, then stood back to watch.

She never knew what went through that man’s mind, she thought as she slowly started stripping out of her clothes, trying to look as sexy as possible. Her pussy started moisturing up at the thought that she was going to get fucked not ten feet from where she had been discussing grandchildren with matronly women.

When van escort she was completely naked except for her garters, stockings and heel’s, she’d worn conservative two inch heels, Master told her to assume her position. She stood with her legs spread, feeling the cool air from the air conditioning tickle her pussy, and her fingers interlaced behind her head. She kept her eye’s downcast in a sign of respect to Master.

From out of nowhere, Master pulled their bag of toy’s out and laid it at her feet so she could see what he was doing. First he pulled out her thick, leather collar. She had two, one was thin, a soft, black leather collar with a brass plate that had the word slave written on it. It was the one she usually wore around the house. The other was wider, almost three inches wide. It was wide enough to lift her head up so that she looked proud to be Masters slave. It had silver rivets all around the edges, and four, stout ringlets so that Master could tie her anyway he wanted. That was the one he fastened around her neck. She swallowed once, that was the one that he used when it was going to be a rough session. Tingles went through her as she held her position.

Before each session she always had her doubts about why she was letting him do this to her, and tonight was no different. She was a beautiful women and could have any man she wanted. She kept her body toned with daily work outs, and even at 35 she could pass for 25. Her five foot four, 110 pound, 34-22-34 body still turned heads. Her body was shaved smooth, not a trace of hair anywhere but her head, and she was proud of it.

She knew why she let him do this, because he was the only man she’d ever met who could excite her every time. He was the Master.

“Give me your hands.” He said. He attached the two inch wide wrist restraints on her, then clipped them together in front of her. He stepped back and looked at her. Even though the air conditioning was on, a thin sheen of sweat covered her body. “Very beautiful, pet.” He complimented her softly before placing a light kiss on her lips.

“Thank you, Sir.” She wanted to just drop to her knee’s and devour every inch of him, but held herself in check like a good slave.

“Head up.” He said before snapping the thin, gold chain to her collar.

Karen watched as he bent down and rummaged through their bag, pulling out the small dildo that she loved so much, and the stiff, leather cat-of-nine-tails that she didn’t. Her pussy started getting wet.

Grabbing the end of the leash, he started towards a door she hadn’t noticed before, a door that obviously led into the banquet room. She stopped and looked at Master with inquiring eye’s.

He answered her unspoken question. “Yes pet, we’re going inside.” Then pulled open the door and stepped out.

The whole room was in darkness except for four small spotlights that lit up the hastily erected stage. Karen couldn’t see anything or anyone past the lip of the stage. But she could feel the eye’s looking at her and a deep blush went through her as she was led up the three steps. She was embarrassed beyond control. A room full of people were going to witness something that was very private to her and Master. She thought she was going to die from shame, but forced herself to follow Him.

When they got under the spotlight’s, Master gave her a light kiss before grabbing the rope that hung from somewhere up in the dark. He attached the hook that was on the end, to her wrist cuffs, then walked the few feet out of the spotlight. She felt as if she was alone on the stage, that everybody could see her most private parts, yet her nipples twisted hard of their own accord, and a drop of moisture dripped down her inner thighs.

She first heard the ropes creak before she felt them lifting her arms. The enormity of the moment filled her and she felt as if she wanted to cry out at her embarrassment. Throwing her head back to try and stifle any tears, Master wouldn’t want to see her like that, she saw the microphone hanging just above her head. Now they would hear, as well as see everything that was happening. She let her head fall forward onto her chest as she was raised so that she was on her tiptoes.

Then Master was there caressing her breasts. “Make me proud, pet.” He whispered as he ran his hand down her body and slid a finger into her warm, moist spot. She could only nod her head as she looked deep into his eye’s.

Casting her eye’s down, she saw the beginning of an erection and her heart fluttered. She was giving him pleasure, anything that happened from then on was okay. He would take care of her. She let the finger in her moist spot give her the push she needed to go to her zone. Everything would be alright, Master was there.

Masters finger laid motionless between her lips. She could feel her clit getting warm and the moisture between her legs increased. She didn’t know how long he kept it there, but it felt like hours. She needed some stimulation and unconsciously tightened her legs. The moment she did, she felt the sting of the cat of nine tails across her back. It wasn’t painful, but the abruptness of it made her arch her back and a moan came from the back of her throat, amplified by the microphone above her head. The finger between her legs wiggled, warming up her clit.

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