A Long Day’s Stroke Off


SEVERAL OF MY PHOTO albums were scattered about the bed. Best of Leg Show was opened to a story about two women wearing girdles, stockings and garters who were teasing a young man with their lingerie and dirty talk. Rear View featured brunette Anita in her crop top bending forward on her bed to display her glorious ass. I picked chubette blonde Charlene in the shower

from Favorite Girls, Vol. 1. The bras and girdle pages in the Lingerie Album were readily available, too.

I was sprawled back against my pillows, pipe and cigarettes nearby, a drink and some snacks handy. My preferred lotion and some towels were there along with my vibrator and cock ring. I wore black nylon briefs and my blue silk kimono, dark nylon stockings and a garter belt. I felt hot, horny, ready for an excellent, leisurely, intensely stoned jack off session.

I started with a slow, cupping and squeezing my my cock and balls thru the nylon panties as I read the lingerie tease story. The pipe weed was heady and sweet, the coffee was still warm. The buzz got better, my pulse quickened, my prick throbbed against the tight fabric. I really got into the fantasy, imagining I was the young man being pantie-trained by two knowledgeable, sexy older women. I spiraled my finger over the head of my cock through the silky panties, sending warm tingling pulses thru it. I gently squeezed the head rhythmically, fondled the shaft, encouraging a slow hard-on.

*……….I read in the story:

*…..The assertive 43-year old women wore an open-bottomed midrif-high white girdle with taupe stockings pulled tight by garter straps. Her 36-D bust was was confined in a white satin underwire bra. Her dark hair was showing its first gray, but her face and figure were not showing

her age. The other woman was 57, light brown hair gone full gray, somewhat full-figured, enough to need some foundation garments. She, too, had sheer nylons on her shapely legs, snapped onto the garter clips on her long-legged pantie girdle. A lacy nylon and spandex long-line bra shaped her huge breasts into an inviting bosom and deep cleavage. Both smoked cigarettes and sipped fine sherry while they paraded around their elegant sitting room.

*…..They made the man wear a women’s pink pantie-girdle and cami-top outfit. Strutting before him, feeling his “little thing”, touching their pussies thru their girdle crotches, teasing him about how large his erection was inside the tight girlie girdle, making him carress their firm and round

butts, forcing him to bury his face between their legs and breathe deeply of their musky, damp, sex wet scents…*

My cock was getting hard, confined in my panties, too. When the story ladies demanded that their trainee jerk off for them, I pulled my stiffening cock out of my black panties and obliged them, too. My fore finger and thumb made a tight circle and flicked up and down my cock head. I stared at the photos of women in bras and girdles imagining them watching me jack-off.

……….I remembered Janie in her longline bra,long-legged pantie girdle and stockings primping in the bathroom mirror; feeling her up, rubbing my horny young body against hers; my hardon straining against my shorts as I pushed it against the nylon-smooth, girdle-tight crack of her round ass; then stripping each other with lots of kissing and fondling; we eventually fucked on the living room floor in a pile of nylon, lycra and cotton underthings…*

*…..and in the story…..

…..the younger woman reclined on her couch, spread her legs as far as her girdle would permit, and masturbated intensely. They demanded that the man pull his girly girdle down a little way to let his stiff prick bob in the air. The older woman touched it lightly then told him to jack off for their ammusement. His hand went right to it. The sight of the young man jerking off was making her too hot. “Oh, your prick is so big for a girlie boy. I just have to touch my quim and make it spend. Oh, goodness, Yes! Oh, yes!” The man (and I) was stroking furiously with a young man’s lusty abandon. Seeing that he was about to cum the older woman grabbed his penis with her elegantly gloved hand and squeezed it firmly to halt his eruption. …..*

I did them same, feeling the juice in my balls stop. I gasped as waves of pleasure surged through me. I flopped back on the bed to catch my breath, savoring the deep pulsing in my gaziantep özbek escort dick and balls, spreading up and out thru my legs and belly. I held my shrinking red cock, swirling the cooling gray cum over the tingling head, the hot stretched foreskin, the throbbing stalk.

The story continued on about a leisurely afternoon of lingerie shows and verbal teasing. The young man was kept aroused and frustrated, watching the ladies fondle themselves and each other, with the occational assisstance from the man’s tongue…eventually I lost interest and openned another album.

While flipping through Rear View I used my vibrator on my hard cock head and swollen balls. It was not the bigest turn-on but fun once in awhile. I set the vibrator aside and relaxed into simple stroking and thinking about ass fucking some hot bitch, or really taking her from behind. Slipping a cock ring around my firm erection, I looked at:

–redhead Sequoia in her black leather teddie…

–and pround naked buxom brunette Nelson in front of the fireplace…

–and brunette Debbie kneeling in the barber chair…

–and slinky blonde Michelle kneeling on the lawn chair…

–and stockinged light brunette Marsha going up the stairs, her bare butt peeking from under her short yellow chamisole…

–and … others…

I squirted a generous amount of lotion into a pair of silk tap panties and wrapped the gooy material around my cock. The stroke was slow and rippling, moving just a bit up and down. I knelt in my best position with the waistband of my panties pulled down below my balls. My panties stretched over my ass tightly. I used my hips to gently thrust into my slippery silk cunt while softly squeezing with my hand. The girls in the picture, in the fanstasies, shifted through many faces, many bodies, many colors. Each image clicked with the exquisite sensations of my pantie fucking, hardening my cock, increasing my desire, my need to cum in a real cunt. I thought of great fucks I’d had in doggie-style or up the rear:

…I remembered 40-ish, dark haired Farida howling like a wolf bitch;

…and chunky graying brunette Gail groaning like a cow in heat, her dripping cunt squeezing my cock as I pumped into it, slowly, steadily;

…and thin blonde Lynnie quivering, panting in intense need for release, begging me to fuck her, fuck her hard;

…and Jean’s big black bottom rippling as I fucked my great, swollen cock into her from behind,

…fucking into them all, into their warm wet cunts,

…fucking into the warm, slippery silk panties.

I was dripping with sweat; shaking with need. I stopped all movement; my prick tingled and my nuts pulsed. I held on for several delicious moments. I saw hot flashes of my lovers cumming:

…skinny petite black haired Syn quivering rigid under me;

…and volumptious brunette Cece crying out “Oh, fuck me, yes!”, clawing my back, crushing my waist with her powerful young legs;

…and ruben-esque Carole ripping the pillow under her head, writhing on the pillow under her hips, deep, shuddering groans announcing her strong, rocking orgasm when I fucked into her butthole;

…and chunky dark blonde Mary riding my stiffness, facing away from me, her glorious bouncy butt rippling and quivering as she bounced thru cum after cum;

…and trim vigorous Farida writhing and bucking her wide hips under me, howling and crying as she humped into her flowing cum.

Those lovers, those prescious moments of climax, of surrender to the sex power of my cock and my skill made my prick jump and move wonderfully in the pantie tunnel.

MY COCK relaxed a bit. With the need to squirt delayed, I started another round of slow movements, flipping thru a Favorite Girls album. I wiped my

overheated cock with a dry towel, then fixed another bowl and another

cigarette. Stretched out and lying back, puffing and casually stroking,

I recalled some stunningly beautiful erotic images of my lovers:

……….Gail L. sprawled back, one hand pulling her pussy lips open and away to put tension on her hard clitty, her other hand delicately circling her swollen purple bud;

……….husky round Mary P. wandering around her home in white cotton tank top and bikini panties; prancing in front of me, pausing to pull porno videolar the sides of her panties up; the gusset disappeared into the crack between her plump cheeks as she bent over;

……….my cute young wife Janie spread-legged on our couch letting me lick her furry pussy over and over again until she couldn’t cum any more, then letting me fuck into her as I knelt before her, pumping hard and fast;

……….centerfold goddess Nelson, tall, busty, full-hipped, coppery red hair, pround young 40-D tits with hard pink tips, full, untrimmed pussy fur; how we fucked fast and furious on the floor of our host’s den during a party;

I had fucked them; I wanted, needed, to fuck them again.

I pumped gently on my tender, swollen cock as more sexy snapshot memories flickered passed:

……….thin brunette Jane C.sprawled sleepyly on the bed, drenched in afternoon sunlight and sex sweat;

……….and Bobbie K. curled up on the living room couch, moving slowly, her hands between her legs, twitching her little vibrator in her big cunt;

……….and black Jean in the dim light of the TV lying on the floor in her white bra and briefs;

……….and Gail in her business suit, hiking her elegant skirt up to display her naughty black tap panties and seamed stockings;

……….the sexy, sometimes slutty, lingerie on the magazine models got me hot again. I lusted after the two gamines rolling in bed one in a silk slip the other in a shiny pink bra-and-bikini pantie set: I want one to ride my cock and the other to sit on my face;

……….and the dusky Moroccan girl in floral print bra and pantie set taunting me with promises of pantie training: “Train me! Tease me! Let me jack me off for you only!”;

……….and Sheila sitting on the couch with her spiked heels on the edge, her slender legs spread, showing me that she wore no panties, just sleek stockings and garters framing her red-haired pussy: I want to eat you until you scream, your nyloned thighs crushing my head;

……….and Becky, tall lean blonde in white lace and satin teddie stretching in a backlit doorway: I want to tie your hands to the door frame then tease you with fondling and licking;

……….and Anna in dark stockings and garter belt bending from the waist to pick up her scanty black panties, her young butt firm and pert, her medium boobs round and unsagging: I stand behind you, holding your slim hips and fucking into your tight young cunt;

……….and Jannette kneeling over the arm of her couch, her chubby buns covered in loose, black lacy tap panties, her long red hair flowing down her shapely back, her big tits cradeled in matching lacy bra: I want to lick you all over, fuck you from behind, listen to the slap of belly against sweaty butt cheeks;

……….and Marsha in the shadowed doorway, wearing a yellow chamisole barely reaching the middle of her little round butt: I dream of watching you stand there slowly playing with your pussy while I watch and stroked off.

THE STROKING charged my cock up again; it pulsed in the warm slippery tunnel of my hand. Memories of hot fucks blended with visions from the albums:

……….lean blonde Charlene in her shower was like Carole and I in our shower, making out, masturbating each other, soaping each other up, her sucking my cock;

……….perky Jane modeling a lacy black bustier and satin hip-hugger panties, squating to display the crotch stretched tightly over her pussy was like chunky Mary doing pretty much the same pose but in her cotton/spandex sports bra and briefs;

……….thin blonde Janice reminded me of Pam prancing around her home in matched bra and pantie sets, doing the dishes, vacuuming the living room, or just sitting on the couch watching TV with her fingers playing in her panties;

I stroked stronger into the warm, slippery, panty cunt, remembering Pam. She would slowly stroke her pussy for hours, not quite cumming, not quite relaxing, watching sex videos with me. She liked to copy the positions of the video sluts, showing me her flexibility as she stroked her pink cunt. She kept a towel on the couch to keep it dry. Once she made me suck her sexy juices from the towel before she let me fuck her on the floor.

……….brunette Ann kneeling in a barber chair, her grogeous golden tan gaziantep rus escort butt thrust out …

……….Sylvia, elegant in a veiled red hat and loose satin robe, black stockings and garters, lying on her couch, long slim legs in high heels spread, her delicate fingers touching her cunt …

……….country girl Jeanette hands against a tree, her cut-offs pulled down below her firm young ass cheeks …

……….slightly full-figured Maria, light brown hair, kneeling on her bed in the late afternoon sunlight, naked save for white stockings and plain white garter belt, cupping one firm, medium breast …

MY SWOLLEN purple-veined cock pulsed in my grip, the thick stalk hot, the slickness of the lotion made it slip and bounce out of my hand as I stroked. I I could feel my balls contract; my dickhead tingled. I stopped, gasping for breath, quieting the urge to let my cum fly out.

But looking at…

……….golden blonde, 18, corn-fed heiffer Donna, standing tall, one sleek leg cocked, one hand on her generous hip, wearing only pearls, spiked black high heels and smile …

……….got me going again but I stopped the stroke-off and relaxed with a pipeful and a cigarette. I browsed thru Best of Leg Show to admire and dream about all those hot leg sluts…

……….Carla with dark shoulder length hair, pretty but plain face, in a regular dark gray woman’s business suit, she squated between parked cars, smiling, her lean legs spread, displaying dark seamed stockings, lacy black garter belt, and her wonderful brunette pussy fur, with a hint of pink lips showing …

……….elegant blonde Marie in blue linen skirt and frilly white silk blouse, then the blouse is gone to show nice firm breasts in lacy white bra, then the skirt drops to show white nylon half slip, then the slip is down to reveal tight white nylon panties stretched over hot round cheeks and lacy white garter belt holding up shiny taupe seamed stockings, then she reclines on her bed to kick her lean, smooth legs in the air to show off her stockings, cute tight butt, garter straps stretched tight over her firm thighs …

……….young dancer Anna, bare save for knitted leg warmers, ballet slippers, and an elegant dark print scarf, bends at the waist, grips her ankles close, exposing her firm tight buns, puffy pussy lips and the full glorious length of muscular dancer’s legs, asking me to get behind her and fuck her standing up:

………………..very much like exotic dancer Ellen.

She was fairly short, small tits, full hips and thighs, not much waist, powerful well-toned legs, dark hair, wide mouth. During one extended fucking session she got me real hard then did her special trick. With me lying on the futon she stood over me and squated down, balancing with one hand on the bedside table, the other hand spreading her shaved cunt lips. I held my cock stiff and upright as she slowly lowered her pussy on it. Her inner muscles squeezed and relaxed, held and released my cock with practice skill. When she got all the way down she added a slight bounce to the rythmic squeezing. Her bouncing combined with the squeezing almost drove me out of my mind. She kept it up until I was whimpering with need. When I was just about to cum she stopped; her cunt clamped down and held my release off. When I calmed down a bit she started the cycle all over again…and again and again. Finally she made me cum…great squirts of hot cum filled her excellent educated pussy. We collapsed in satisfied sweaty heap.

……….all these pictures, remembering all these hot flashes…

A final, frantic blur of images: girls on all fours offering their butts; girls flaunting their long stockinged legs; warm, pink, wet, willing cunts; heavy, bouncing tits; hairy cunts, naked cunts; girls in beds, on couches, in the shower; girls with fingers on their clits, dildoes up their pussies.

Mary! bending over, Omega! writhing under me, Donna! round ass, Gail! in garters on her knees, Wendi! riding me, Ellen! really, really riding my bursting cock.

A final surge of stroking: urgent fire rising in my nuts, hot juice rising, furious full hand pumping, knuckles rubbing cock head, fingers squeezing just right, one hot tingling pulse and the first huge, warm squirt, breath catched, pleasure surges, the second gush of hot sticky cum, another nut wrenching pulse, the third, the fourth big squirt, escasty rippling thru me, and a few last strokes, oh, so gentle, and the last few dribbles of milky juice.

The grateful estacy of relaxing back, heart pounding, cock tingling, burning from the force of the cum, sweat soaking my clothes, my tight black panties, my whole keyed-up body relaxed, the gentle rush of calm pleasure.

SEVERAL OF MY PHOTO albums were scattered about the bed. Best of Leg Show was opened to a story about two women wearing girdles, stockings and garters who were teasing a young man with their lingerie and dirty talk. Rear View featured brunette Anita in her crop top bending forward on her bed to display…

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