A Ladies Man Diary Pt. 02: Head’s Up Pt. 01


It’s funny really.

I never thought I could enjoy something like that.

So strange.

So freaky.

But it certainly is a mountain of pleasure: I could die here and there, and be a happy man.

You never know if you like something until you’ve tried it, some wise guy said.


At this point, I’m not even feeling her teeth on my cock, the pain that they induce on the veins down there. I can’t hear her gagging, retching. I don’t even look down at her, while she’s on her knees, giving me the finest blowjob of my life. I don’t see her mascara running down her cheeks, with the tears coming out of her eyes. I can’t hear the noise of the people in the party, on the other side of the door.

My eyes are looking straight ahead at a blank wall, while I’m panting hard and moaning deep. She finally takes my dick out of her throat with a loud gasp for air and heavy coughing, with a thick trail of saliva hanging in the air between my cock and her lips, drooling on the ground. She smiles up at me, in a slutty way. I’m about to smile back, when there’s a knock on the door.

“Anyone in there?” a voice from the other side asks, almost drowned in the loud music of the part.

“No one here, buddy!” I scream, to make myself heard.

“What?” the voice screams back.

“I said, no one here!” I scream louder, a little angry.

She’s still smiling at me, her two hands wrapped around my cock, gently stroking it. Her face is a real mess, but she doesn’t seem to care. She keeps stroking, a hungry look on her face. I shudder as my whole body is shaken with a electric spasm of pleasure. I quickly put each of my hands on the wall facing me, over her. I groan like an animal when she taps the head of my cock against the tip of her tongue, slowly licking my precum. She puts it in her mouth, slowly, not breaking eye contact with me even for a moment. It’s as if the stranger’s presence, merely inches away from us, limited only by the door turned her on even more.

“Who’s in there?” the voice asks, Bostancı Escort with an ironic tone.

“Fuck off!” I groan loudly, as she takes me in her throat again.

A moment of silence goes by. Then I hear the sound of footsteps going away. I let out a sigh of relief. Until she does that gagging thing. I bang my hand against the wall, and whisper a curse.

I never thought she was such a freak. I mean, I always saw her as the perfect straight A student who was in her senior year in college(where she went because of a merit scholarship of course). Not to mention she was my best friend little sister. Sure, she was hot, and I thought more than once about how good those long legs of hers would look wrapped around my neck, while I was fucking her. But I don’t know. She didn’t usually pay attention to me. Until tonight.

My best friend invited me at a party at his house. I didn’t know exactly what he was celebrating, nor if I really wanted to be there, but I went anyway. Midway through the party, I was convinced I didn’t belong there. I was standing alone in a corner, just drinking and pretending to have fun. There was too much noise, too many people. As I was seriously thinking about sneaking out on everyone, I heard a pretty voice behind me.

“Ah, you.” it said.

When I turned around, she was there, looking at me.

Sexy as ever.

She was wearing a short black dress, and pretty high heels, reinforcing her already tall frame. She was thinner than I recalled, but her ass looked better now. Her pretty brown eyes, planted in her perfect oval face looked at me, while her luscious lips were parted in a pretty smile. She apparently decided to have a boyish haircut too.

“Hey, you” I answered, mocking her.

She smiles wider.

A moment later, we’re sitting in a relatively quiet corner, drinks in hand. We talk of everything, how college is going for her, how I’m doing at work. She talks slowly, with a husky tone, her eyes scouting mine. I notice the way her finger runs against her Kadıköy Escort thigh as she brushes her body against mine. It doesn’t take long before our conversation turns to sex, boyfriends, fuckbuddies and such. Without any apparent shyness she tells me about her college experiments to my great surprise.

“You know, I always liked you”, she says suddenly.

“Really?” I ask jokingly.

She doesn’t seem to be joking.

“Yes, I always thought that, if I had to fuck one of my brother’s friends, it would be you.”

She puts her hand on my thigh, looking at me expectantly.

I realize that she might be a little drunk: her voice is slightly slurred, her eyes are brighter than usual, and we smell like booze. But I’m no sober Joe either. And this seems like a nice mistake to make.

“This looks like a conversation we should be having in a more quiet place.” I say calmly.

She doesn’t say anything. She just gets up, takes me by the hand, and leads me to a little storage room, away from the party. And this is how she ended up deep throating me.

I come back to reality when a delicious, wet, warm piece of flesh slither around my cock. When I look down, she is slowly licking my balls, her tongue a shining piece in the semi darkness of the room. Gently she puts one of my balls inside her mouth and slowly she pulls, sucking it like a lollipop. She lets it go, then does the same with the other. She then licks my whole dick, starting from the balls, going through the whole piece of flesh, her tongue never leaving the big vein of my cock. She finishes at the tip, which she takes in her mouth.

I try to keep my moans of pleasure under control, but she doesn’t make it an easy task: her tongue keeps swirling around my organ, as her teeth seemingly disappeared altogether. She looks up at me, while she makes the tip of my cock touch the inside of her mouth, in the universal gesture for a blowjob.

Her face has a curious expression, which is probably a smile, but looks out of place since her Göztepe Escort mouth is full. I gently grab her hair, and start to fuck her mouth, gently, slowly.

I can feel the air blowing out of her nose on my skin, as her wet lips suck my cock. They go back and forth, as I pick up pace, reinforcing the feeling that she is sucking the cum out of me. I grab her hair harder and as if in retaliation, she puts her fingers around my cock, stroking it hard while her mouth still swallows the head.

I can’t move my hips fast. Her hand is stroking me savagely, her mouth is sucking me hungrily, and every time I try to push in, her tongue flick on my cock. It feels like heaven. I grab her head with both of my hands making her swallow me. She takes her hand off my dick, and I’m in her throat once more. The warm feeling is so sweet, I let out a loud cry of pleasure as I’m cumming. I feel the sperm sucked out of me, every last drop oozing in her swallowing throat. I tremble, my legs buckle under me and I feel as if my heart was going to stop.

She pulls her head back, coughing lightly. She looks at me, while she keeps stroking my deflating cock.

“You didn’t tell me you were cumming”, she says, a pervert smirk on her lips.

“I got caught up in the moment”, I answer, staring at her.

She grins and gets up. I pull my pants up while she’s fixing her dress, which hiked up on her waist while she was on her knees. I glance at her beautiful ass, “covered” by a little thong.

“Go out first. I gotta fix my makeup. Act natural, enjoy the party. But don’t leave. We’re not done.” she says, without even looking at me.

“Ok” I say lamely.

She is facing a wall, a little paper towel in her hand, wiping the rest of her makeup. I am driven by a sudden impulse. I step quickly behind her, grabbing her ass.

She gasps, surprised.

“And I”, I whisper in her ear, “am not done with you”.

I slap her ass hard, and before she can say anything else, I am opening the door and leaving the room.

The lights seem too bright, the noise too loud. My legs feel weak.

I walk up to the mini bar, and pour myself a cup of punch.

“Hell of a party, huh?” asks a drunk guy on my right side.

I smile.

“You said it buddy”, I say. “You said it”.

It’s funny really. I never thought I could enjoy something like that. So strange. So freaky. But it certainly is a mountain of pleasure: I could die here and there, and be a happy man. You never know if you like something until you’ve tried it, some wise guy said. Word. At this point, I’m…

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