A Job Interview Gets Intimate


“Are you who I talk to about the interview?” I whispered, looking down the long hallway.“Stephanie, right?” he said, standing from the desk. “It can get a little confusing with all the rooms. Please, have a seat on the couch.”I walked into the cramped office. It was little more than an angled desk, a chair, and a couch next to the door. I sat down, sinking into the cushions more than I expected.“I really like that blazer,” the guy said, “unique pattern.”“Thank you! It was a gift, wasn’t quite sure how to wear it in an outfit to be completely honest.” I pulled at the blazer’s sleeve. I wore a simple top beneath it, tucked into waist-high skinny jeans, and ankle boots.“Well business casual will fit right in here,” he said. “I am Beau, by the way.”“It’s so nice to meet you. I’m Stephanie, obviously, you already knew that,” I said, clumsily shaking his hand. He had a strong grip and muscles that pulled at the corners of his shoulders.“Oh, could you pull the blinds closed,” he said as he sat down at the desk. “Thanks. So, you are here for the massage therapist position.”“That’s correct,” I said eagerly. “I am officially certified, finally.”“How many hours does that require again? Is it 500?”“600, technically,” I replied.“Clearly you know what you are doing, then,” Beau said with a smile.“I would hope so,” I joked, then got more serious. gaziantep ofise gelen escort “But yes, yes I am confident in the job.”“Well, that cuts down a lot of my questions and makes this interview all the easier. Why work here?” Beau asked.“A number of reasons, really. Reputation is great, the opportunity to work with diverse clients is lucrative, and I’m close to my apartment.”Beau laughed.“That last one is more of a joke. But, given my skill set, I think I can contribute meaningfully to this company.”“That’s great,” Beau said, “I can certainly see that. But tell me more about yourself. I know you listed here, and, tell me if this is too personal, but you’re trans?”“Not too personal at all,” I smiled, fidgeting a little. “I am.”“Awesome! Sorry, that came out weird. I say awesome because, as you know, our clients can pick their massage therapists, and there are a few that would be excited about having you onboard.”“That is—a little odd, but I’ll take it! I won’t kink shame.” I blushed. “Sorry, that didn’t come out right.”Beau just laughed. “I get what you meant. And I am sure you know how it is. Everyone has their particular choice for everything, even if it seems arbitrary.”“For sure,” I said.“Did you say you got an apartment nearby?” Beau gaziantep öğrenci escort asked.“I did. Kind of expensive around here.” So expensive I can’t afford it, I thought.“Alright, so you’re certified, eager to work—how are you with nudity?”“It makes tucking my phone away more difficult,” I joked. “But no, it isn’t an issue. Part of the practice.”“Very true. I only ask because some of the clients are more—open? Embracing the full extent of relaxation and intimacy—within limits, that is.”“Limits?” I asked.“Yes, I can get into that. So, as you know, these are highly competitive positions. The position we are trying to fill currently is two parts. The first, you deal more with the daily client, simple. That you already know how to do.”“And the second part?”“Same thing, essentially, but you’ll focus on our elite member clients. And they can be demanding,” Beau said.“I think I could manage that,” I said. “Demanding how?”“Perhaps demanding wasn’t the right word. These clients are willing to pay a premium for—a complete experience. If you understand what I mean.”“A happy ending?” I laughed. He can’t be serious?“Yes!” Beau said.“Wow. Well, that will certainly get you to relax,” I said. “But you are joking—right?”“Nope. We don’t advertise that, obviously, but oğuzeli escort it does pay you well for just a little extra work on your end. I only mentioned it because you have a certain—energy. I like it. But, as I said, it is a completive position. Comes with more pay, though.”“How much more would the pay be?” I asked curiously.“I don’t know,” Beau smiled, “that is negotiated as part of your tip between the client and you. But if I was to guess, it could be anywhere from a few hundred to close to a thousand, depending on the client.”“Whoa,” I said, “in addition to my wage?”“Like I said, it’s part of your privately negotiated tip.”I started to suck on my lower lip. I mean, that is a lot of extra money. And I really need this job. “I don’t know,” I whispered.“You can always try it, and if it isn’t for you, we move you to a different client,” Beau said. “And, this goes without saying, but this is confidential information. We are highly selective with these positions.”“And you offered it to me—because I am a transgirl that fits a certain fetish of your clients?” I guessed.“First and foremost, you’re qualified. Let’s get that straight. But yes, you would contribute to the team in ways others cannot,” Beau said.I tapped my boot against the floor as I thought. “Sorry, this is just a lot to consider. I mean—I do really want this job. And I get to set my own limits?”“There are some expectations.”“Okay. Hmm,” I said. I started to bite at the polish on my fingernail. I do need this job.“How about we do this,” Beau said. “I would need to do an additional interview before I offered that position. If you feel comfortable, we can do that now.”“Alright, yeah,” I said almost absently. “Let’s do that. What type of interview?”

“Are you who I talk to about the interview?” I whispered, looking down the long hallway.“Stephanie, right?” he said, standing from the desk. “It can get a little confusing with all the rooms. Please, have a seat on the couch.”I walked into the cramped office. It was little more than an angled desk, a chair,…

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