A Heart To Heart With Mom Pt. 02


The long-awaited day was here, the start of Christmas Break from College. But allow me a moment to bring you up to speed on what happened those few months since arriving on campus.

My new close friend and my partner in crime and sex are Becky, the daughter of my mom’s new friend Debbie. Becky looked and was the Prom Queen but she has a secret which l was happy to figure out. Being a lesbian was widely known, it was her Dyke like tendencies that l found out which were very exciting and fun for me. She was able to give me that little piece of male I was missing, and now for me the total package.

She had one dildo she named Buck and before we knew it our Sisters all thought my boyfriend was named Buck. l guess it was our fault for using Buck as a code name of sorts. “When do you see Buck again? Is Buck a good lover?” A million questions from sexually frustrated girls in need of a good fuck.

l just spelled it out to them “l want Buck any chance l can get, and yes Buck is a great lover as he stays hard all night long”

The only catch was Becky’s mom, she knew Becky liked girls but not her other thing. According to Becky’s mom, she raised a Princess and only saw her that way, so this should be fun.

We took the Red Eye and the plane was a 777 so with very few onboard and you could sit anywhere so we found a spot way in the back. We were just acting like fools laughing and joking around and l could tell the old bag of a Stewardess was getting mad she had to walk the extra mile to check on us. About an hour into the flight she finally took us up on our telling her we are fine and to just leave us alone.

After another half hour goes by Becky tells me “It’s too bad Buck is in my suitcase, he would be handy about now because this sex talk has got me so wet.”

l asked, “How wet?”


“I’ll be the judge of that.” l pushed down the armrests between us, grabbed her leg placed it across the seats then l leaned over unzipping her skirt. Becky never wore panties so she was at the ready for a good licking and a good licking is what she got. (l guess making me a member of the mile-high club, hurrah for me!)

I had her close to a second orgasm and my set goal before expecting my favor returned. That is when Becky started calling my name but not in the way l wanted, not how one does before cumming it was more like the house is on fire. l finally gave up and said “what!”

l followed her arm and then her pointing finger which was aimed at the Old Stew. What was l to do, it wasn’t like we broke a law and l was pretty sure they were not going to toss us off the plane at thirty thousand feet. So l showed her my crotch and asked if she wants in on this.

The old bitty looked around and the next thing l knew she was pulling the panties off of me. Upon her first lick l returned to Becky and my unfinished work. Then with mission accomplished l laid on Becky’s lap which was far more comfortable. And between the Stew and Becks playing with my boobs l was right there. Only to be interrupted by Becky telling our new friend to hand her my panties. It took a second warning before she would lift her face off on me, it was all sticky and her lipstick smeared across her face. The next thing l knew was my panties being stuffed in my mouth by Becky so my screams when l climax are not heard by everyone.

Looking back now, that might of saved us all misery. Because when the Stew resumed she added the extra twist of fingering my butt which drives me wild. Lucky guess or added by Beck l was not sure.

She was a delight for the rest of our flight, and now with free booze, we were feeling no pain by the time we landed.

We had a side bet on which mom would pick us up, especially at that odd hour. We both lost when they both were there side by side. Kisses and warm greetings all around and we headed for home. In the car my mom asked us how our flight was, Becky said it was fun. l told mom that Stew was a pain in the butt, which caused Becky to spit-laughed at all of us. That was when her mom asked if we’d been drinking, the next thing l remember was waking up to “we’re here” now where the hell is here?”

I climbed out of the back seat and the only thing l knew was we were not at my parent’s house. Not by a long shot, this place was huge. That’s when Becky’s mom (Debbie) said “Welcome back to your Castle Princess.”

l couldn’t hold back my laughter saying “after you, my queen” that was the first time l got “The Look” from Becky but surely not the last time. We went inside and still being beat l asked Becky to show me where l was to sleep. Debbie said, “good because I want to get back in bed with Lynn.”

l said “cool, tell Lynn hi. Good night mommy, l will try to see you tomorrow” and l followed Becky to where ever she was leading me. She opens the door and hits the light. “Holy fuck” and l break out in laughter once again as if l was in my Barbie’s Castle but for real. Pink everything, a five-year-old’s paradise, and what had to be a Dyke’s Hell.

Becky gave me “The Look” again nurdağı escort and told me to shut the fuck up. l knew then this would be the first night we slept together where I didn’t get lucky. But since l was still beat and a bit hung under so l did not put up a fight, l simply stripped down and crawled beneath the covers.

Some hours l woke to the delight of having my pussy eaten, although l had to pee it felt far too good to stop her. “That’s it, Beck, just like that” l was glad my girl forgave me without beating on me as l did to her and l was already mad at myself for it. Besides things could wait as l was once again close to cumming.

“Oh I’m close, do the thing… come on baby, do it… shit don’t be mad at me, come on… l need to cum, do it, so it, please! now!”

Then in my mom’s voice “What thing dear, tell me and I will do it.”

l lifted the covers to find my mom’s face staring at me, “Holy shit mom!”

“What honey, I’ve been waiting two months to taste you again and l couldn’t wait another minute, please don’t be mad.”

“Sorry mom, I’m not mad you’re just not who l expected between my legs first thing this morning, l figured you went home.”

“No, your dad is working.” (dad was a long-haul trucker and away for days or even weeks at a time)

“Oh, so you stayed here. cool”… “Well l guess back to it mom and by the way (it) is sticking a finger in my ass when l am close again” l pushed my mom’s head back down but that wasn’t a hard task, not at all.”

“Oh yeah mommy, yes, yes, you’ve been practicing… I’m close, I’m close, holy shit (as mom slips a finger in my butt) fuck, I’m cumming!”

Mom pats my naked thigh “now get up, it’s time for breakfast.”

Becky, who l have no idea of how much she had seen asks my mom “Are you eating Mrs, P, or did you already eat your breakfast?”

“Oh, maybe a piece of toast as I’m still hungry for more” With that mom leaves the room.

“Hey, I’m sorry Becky.”

“for what?”

“Well, l guess all of it.”

“Don’t worry about it, l hated this room when my mom did all this to it when l was seven. l can’t fucking believe she won’t get rid of all this crap.”

(kidding around) “Good day, my Queen”… “How can I be of service?”

“I’ll fucking show you” with that Becky buried her pussy in my face, and my plan all along. After getting her nut both my face and her kitty covered with cream then we notice both moms standing at the doorway.

“let’s go girls, breakfast is getting cold.”

Now fully awake and sober it took me about ten minutes to figure that calling Debbie dumb as a box of rocks would be an insult to boxes of rocks everywhere, but she was sweet and had a killer body.

Becky was far less kind to her and gave her crap saying “And when are you going to clear that shit out of my room!”

And there you have it, the real reason why she was pissed. And I couldn’t help but feel it was partly my fault.

My mom tried to change the subject “so what are the big plans for today?”

Shit mom, l don’t know. Becky followed me with her one-word response “whatever.”

Then Debbie chimes in “Well l plan to spend as much time with Lynn as l can while l can, and after breakfast, I’m looking forward to our morning shower together”

“Cool, where is he/she/Lynn?”

“She’s right there silly girl, sitting next to you.”

“Lynn? Do you mean Linda, my mom?” l wasn’t shocked and to be honest a bit turned on. But mostly l was glad to know all pieces, well most of them. There was still one more shoe to drop and it was falling fast.

We finished breakfast and our moms headed back for l can only guess their shower. l asked Becky “so why are we going to do it?”

“Whatever you want but l need a haircut and l have my mom’s credit card so it’s going to get some damage to it for sure.”

With that, Becky stood up and walked away. l asked where was she going.

“To go look”…”mom’s/shower”… “you coming?” and with that, we were off.

By the time we got there, they were already at it. Debbie had her long lean leg between my mom’s thighs as she rubbed her (now and forever) clean-shaven pussy against it. Their mouths were locked with a hard kiss, l had not seen my mom kiss my dad like that in years. l was so happy for her to find passion again, even if it wasn’t with my father.

But as quickly as thoughts of my dad came they went, taking the thoughts of our moms with him. Now two older but lovely ones that were lost in their world together. Beck and l watch as we rubbed ourselves not realizing we are watching our moms make love for the first time. It was not sex, but far more, and ever since then, l knew the difference thanks to mom. And soon the fact that there was space for both in my world, and there remains such.

We left as we came, without notice. And retreated to Beck’s room for some tender memories of our own.

As we lay in bed in the after-glow Debbie walks by still naked and stops “l thought you girls were already nurdağı escort bayan gone, are you going to sleep your life away? And when did you get that tattoo? (referring to a tiny red devil near Becky’s love box) it’s cute, and l love what you’ve done to your hair (pussy) you’re a good influence to her, please keep it up” and with that, she walked away.

l looked at Becky “See that, who’s you, daddy?”

“Suck my dick.”

“promises-promises, now let’s go” with that we got dressed and headed to the garage to get Becky’s car and l must say it was nice not needing a heavy coat once again, say what you might but Cali has the best weather.

With the right numbers pressed the large door opens “wow, cool car.”

“yeah, it’s alright but fucking pink! l hate fucking pink.”

Calm down Beck, let’s just have some fun, and with that, we were off. The first stop was the salon her mom and sometimes also Becky went to. The ladies and the one guy in the last stall recognized her. (all together) “Welcome back Becky.” One of the ladies named Doris said to Becky that she could fit her in.

That was when the guy said to me that he had a bit of time, maybe a trim and washout. Becky said to do it, it’s on mom anyways. So there l went and it was now clear they were all girls at that salon as Terry now with an (i) was washing out the shampoo

from my long hair.

l overheard Doris asking Becky if she was sure and how her mom might not like it. “I’m sure” Then Doris got (the look) when Becky told her it’s her fucking hair now do it.

After Terri finished blowing me out l was able to look over, Becky was still in the chair. the floor around her surrounded by most of her Gloden Locks of hair. I walked over to her.

“so what do you think?”

“l love it and l will miss you, your mom is going to kill you.”

“fuck her.”

After they finished with Beck’s hair I asked where to now.

“To get a massage, l need to unwind a bit.”

“A bit?” And the look reappears, burning my soul.

It was about a five-minute drive to some swanky Spa. l asked if this was also her mom’s place. Becky said she hopes not, it just looked expensive. Not wanting to step in that l simply followed along.

Inside the place looks like Becky’s bedroom, just not all pink. Surprisingly she didn’t just turn around and asked the girl out front if they took walk-ins. She said they normally don’t but as they are not booked they could take us. Then she asked how could they be of service.

Becky was looking over the list of services from what looked like a menu at some fancy restaurant. All this seemed weird to me but Beck seemed to feel very comfortable with it so l just let things roll.

That was when Becky informed the girl that we would take the couple’s massage. The girl said that was for couples only and we would have to pick something else and she told us she would need a deposit or credit card before they started (l assume as we were young) Becky tossed her mom’s card on the counter then she grabbed my hair in one hand and a boob in the other as she kissed me hard.

“She’s my wife, bitch now let’s get going.”

“yes, Sir ah-ah. okay, follow me” we were led to a large room with a giant tub that was already filled, then off to the side where two massage tables were. We were instructed to undress and take a soak, we will be joined shortly.

Ten minutes later and Becky finally looked like my Becky, relaxed. In strolls two people, a guy, and a girl were both dressed in all white. The female came to my side her arms holding open a large white towel which she wrapped around me, Becky was getting the same from the guy. Then we were both lead to the tables where they unwrapped us, we got on the tables and they covered us up with the towels once again.

They start massaging us and l thought where was this all my life? it felt so good and the fact a total stranger was touching my nude’s bodies just added that extra something. Sadly they worked around that damn towel, working one area at a time.

l looked over at Becky that wasn’t having as much fun as I and l knew why. Knowing she needed to relax far more than my ribbing her l spoke out. “Guys, do you think you could swap?

The pretty girl that was just massaging my butt said sure if that is what you would like. l told her I’m good either way but my friend might like it better, and she sure did. Finally, the first moans of pleasure l heard from her since before we left.

Right from the start, the guy with his hands on me while rubbing his cock against my hand that was holding on to the edge of the table. l didn’t mind it had been months since l felt a warm cock, but if he was doing that shit with Becky it was a good thing we did what we did.

I was expecting them to say we were done or hopefully turn over but instead, they asked if we would like to be oiled. Becky said sure and l didn’t know what that meant but when in Rome…

In one motion the towel was yanked off my body, escort nurdağı l glanced over to Beck who was also exposed. She gave me a wink of assurance so l just relaxed and wait for what l hoped was even better them what l just got, a hard task indeed as l felt wonderful.

But when his oily hands began to massage my feet a correction was needed, it felt like only sex did for me and l moaned just as loud. As he worked his way up my body l closed my eyes and envisioned Beck and l were on a small island, our house slaves tending to our whims.

Of all the satisfaction l got from the massage when he got to my neck it was clear although it felt great there was an unknown need there, maybe it was from being jacked up on the plane but l finally felt right again. l was sad when he finished there, but what’s this, he started all over again.

Needing far less oil this time it felt different, even better as he worked my feet once again. With my eyes still closed l could only assume Becky is getting the same as her moans were drowning out mine. Up one leg and down the other, so fantastic. l was waiting and now was the time, molding my butt cheeks as if they were clay, l had to bite my lip to silence myself from screaming.

Then Oh, we’re going there? (l spread my legs wider) making my pussy more accessible. God, he was good and knew how to please a woman. Without Becky saying a word l warned her to shut up because she knew one slippery finger which there were already ten of them would push me over the top.

Instead a perfectly timed slap to both of our asses, and the command to turn over. But in our mom’s voices! I turned and looked at Debbie, then watched Beck as she looked with amazement at my mom. (The girl out front recognized the name and called Debbie just in case the card was stolen. After telling her it’s fine they rushed over.)

We were told to lay back down, then the next thing there was Debbie’s we’ll used pussy hovering over me as she slashed my bean with her tongue. l filled my hands with her firm ass and lower her so l could return the favor, slurping her large lips like my favorite noodles. And so tangy sweet they were and about five minutes later l found out she was a squirter as she rained down on me as she came. There was no need for her finger as l found that new information so hot l screamed back at three employees to see what happened.

On what they must have thought finding us the way we were. My mom said let’s go girls and we headed back home in separate cars.

When we got back to the house Debbie who has already proved she wasn’t known for her thinking begins to lay into Becky about her hair. My mom took Debbie by the hands and told her what’s done is done, and besides, she looks beautiful. Then mom kissed Debbie who melted in her arms.

Now for the first time since we landed there seemed a claim among us. We all cared for at least three of the four and if that fourth was just lacking as it was only a matter of time. But here l am the youngest among us and the most sensible. So with that in mind, “l asked what can we all do together?”

You gotta love Debbie for her “let’s go shopping!” So off to the Mall we went. I don’t think there was a single store that didn’t know Debbie, what a clothes whore she must be. But who am l to complain now about being spoiled much like her daughter most likely was all her life?

With already more bags than we could carry Debbie stops in her tracks, “Oh this is my favorite store, we must shop here”

A big welcome back was given us, well, Debbie. They had one of the workers following us around to hold all the things Debbie was pulling off the racks. She went on and on “oh this would look good on you, that on them, that one over there on myself” and so on.

It wasn’t until more things were being dropped then carried that Debbie announced “To the changing rooms.”

Another employee followed us in, she pulled the curtains closed and stood guard as Debbie took over the entire changing room. Silly me thinking you take your picks in with you, close the door and try them on. Oh no, you change with the doors open so the others, especially Debbie give you a thumbs up or down.

Again l have to give it to her and I’m beginning to question my first impressions of her. First, any rush you might you felt was all gone, and talk about a room with a view. Everything on everybody looked good to me and better, but Debbie nixed a few choices and even had Becky and l swap a couple of things.

We were getting low and l saved the best for last, a dress far more formal than l ever owned. Not that l needed it, l just wanted to try it on for kicks. Debbie had already finished as her collection I’m sure was already giant, this was a woman that got or took what she wanted. Mom and Beck, we’re still with a few more things yet to try.

I slipped into that last dress and l thought l looked beautiful in it. As my spirits lifted to the star they began to crash when Debbie sounded her disapproval.

“No, no, no” as she approached me. l thought shit, she’s going to rip this thing off of me. But instead, she passed her hands under the dress, and as she pulled them off of me she informs me that l should not wear panties with this dress. She took a step back and said “much better” I know it’s dumb but meeting her approval was exciting to me if only for those few seconds.

The long-awaited day was here, the start of Christmas Break from College. But allow me a moment to bring you up to speed on what happened those few months since arriving on campus. My new close friend and my partner in crime and sex are Becky, the daughter of my mom’s new friend Debbie. Becky…

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