A Handyman’s Wife Ch. 02

A Handyman’s Wife Ch. 02

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Hi everybody, Kathy here again. So here’s the thing—I’m not gonna write things in order like Steve did. I’m just gonna tell you random stories, whatever pops into my head on a day I feel like writing. I started with my ‘ass virgin’ story, partly because I love telling it but mostly because of that big story on the news the other day about Kim Kardashian’s big fat ass on the cover of that magazine. Seeing that got me thinking about asses. That girl’s freaky looking isn’t she? And she shined herself all up which made it even freakier. I’m sure they photoshopped the shit out of it though—that little tiny waist looked like she was wearing an invisible corset or something.

So anyway, when I told you about Ronnie and Davie fucking my ass I mentioned the UPS guy. He’s real cute, with sorta reddish hair and a trimmed beard. He’s shorter than Ronnie, and has big muscular legs, like he rides a bicycle or something. Nice sparkly eyes, and he’s just real nice. You know how some people are just real nice and it just sorta radiates off them? Steve’s like that too.

So his name’s Richard, but his friends call him Dicky. I don’t know if you spell it with a ‘y’ or an ‘ie’ so I’ll go with ‘y’ I guess. He comes to the house quite a bit, because Ronnie has to order beyliikdüzü escort stuff sometimes for his jobs. I started flirting with him because he’s cute and he picked right up on it. We must be at the end of his route because Ronnie’s home sometimes when Dicky comes, and Ronnie saw me flirting real bad with him one time.

“Don’t get him in trouble honey,” Ronnie said. “That company’s really strict with their people, and it’s a good job. You don’t wanna mess it up for him. You know a guy’d have a hard time sayin’ no to you.”

I kept that in mind, and tried to not go to far with it, but you know me when it comes to sex—I get kinda carried away sometimes. Pretty soon I was answering the door in my underwear. And then one time I was all sweaty from doing yoga when I saw him pull up, so I just went to the door like that. Here’s the thing though—I do yoga naked most of the time.

He sorta froze when he saw me, standing there with nothing on, all shiny from the sweat. Kinda like Kim Kardashian now that I think about it, except my ass doesn’t look like a cartoon. So Dicky’s just standing there and finally he says something.

“Kinda warm out today,” he says, all cute like.

“You look hot,” I said, bodrum escort giving him the eye.

“You look real hot,” he says.

I tried to fight a smile, to play it cool, you know? But one corner of my mouth got away from me. It was pretty sexy though I think, because he kinda started breathing hard out of his nose.

Anyway, it was pretty fucking hot, and I fucked Ronnie’s brains out that night.

So I told Penny about what I was doing, and she was all, “I wanna flirt with him to.” So the next time I knew a package was coming and Ronnie wasn’t gonna be home I called her and she came over. We were just gonna both be naked, but we got kinda carried away and were sixty-nineing on the couch when he pulled up. We started giggling like crazy, but we got it together before he came to the door. I had pussy juice all over my mouth and chin, and Penny was all sprawled out on the couch, like spread wide open.

It was a super hot scene if I do say so myself, and Dicky tried to fight a smile and look professional. His eyes were twinkling like crazy and I just wanted to drag him in and rip his clothes off.

So Penny thought he was super hot, and we hatched a plan for the next time. He showed up a few days later and bolu escort Penny answered the door, all naked and looking hot. She invited Dicky over to her place that evening, told him I was gonna be there and she hoped he could ‘come’.

Of course I told Ronnie about it, and he was cool with it. He had just been with one of his ‘work girls’ that day, so it was an even trade.

So Dicky shows up at Penny’s place, and I hadn’t even thought about him being in his street clothes. I was kinda hoping to peel the UPS uniform off of him, but he looked so good in his street clothes I didn’t mind too much.

I think Penny was a little jealous at first because he just about ripped my clothes off and fucked me like he was possessed. I guess all those weeks of teasing him really built up into a whole lotta energy. It was pretty awesome—I love gettin’ fucked by a guy who really means it.

After the initial ravaging we got down to a nice long evening of screwing. He said it was his first three-way, so it was pretty special for him. He looked really good naked—super fit, like a gym guy I guess. Those big powerful legs really had some good fuck energy—Penny and me were both pounded hard. His cock was real nice—sorta short and thick like his legs, and super hard. Penny said it best I think, when he was ramming her from behind…

“Fuck me Dicky!” she screamed really loud. “You’re gonna rip my ass open aren’t ya! Fuck it! Fuck it! I love that fuckin’ cock!

Yeah, it was a good fucking that night. We both loved that fucking cock.

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