A Girl’s Fairy Tale Dream Come True Ch. 23

A Girl’s Fairy Tale Dream Come True Ch. 23

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“Only in the fairy tale, does a girls dream come true” By: precious

Chapter 23

The guys went to the apartment and got the things the kids will need to stay the night.

After leaving the apartment they went by the shop to lock up. All three techs were there. Adam had been by here many times but this was David’s first time.

He knew he had his own business but hadn’t been there before. Chris knew this and wanted to show him around a little bit after he talks to his techs.

Chris greeted the techs, “Hey guys how have things been today?”

One Tech says, “Been great boss man. We had 4 more computers to come in that is in the warehouse. You also have a few messages on your board over there.”

“Thanks. Guys I want you to meet Trish’s son David. David this is our tech Steve, our other tech here is Eric the last tech here is Rick. Rick was our first tech and he has been here the longest.

These guys take in the computers or things to be repaired when they come in. Gary and I trouble shoot and decide what is wrong with them and make these guys work orders on what to do.

Some things are put on hold while we order parts for them. We also sell different parts and the guys handle that. We do networking for large company’s, like the school. Uncle Gary and I usually do those because it is field work.

The guys stay here and handle the counter and they do the repairs when we give them the work orders. That bigger, behind the small wall far counter over there is where they do the repairs. I will show you the warehouse and our office in just a minute.”

“Guys, I was wondering if you wanted to each earn 100.00 bonuses tomorrow.”

Steve said, “Sure!”

Eric said, “Mo money sounds good to me.”

Rick said, “What do you need Chris?”

“Trish needs to have some furniture eskişehir escort moved out of her house. It is a sofa, coffee table, end table, Dresser, TV stand, Queen Size bed and a 4 seat dining room table.”

Steve answered, “I don’t mind Chris even if you didn’t give me $100.00 I wouldn’t mind helping.”

Eric said, “Yeah me too.”

Rick said, “You got me too. When do you need us?”

“If you would come in about 9 you can follow me over there. Then when it is done hopefully you will have enough time to get showered and back for work. Thanks guys.”

“Now come on David let me finish showing you around. This is the warehouse, this is where we evaluate the things that come in and make work orders for the techs.”

David sees a full length left to right wall counter that looks like this is where they do repairs and evaluating. There are shelves above the counter with various clear tubs and tools. There is a shelf with a lot of software in cases. Several stools are in various places.

To the right is a large counter with a paper on them and the sign above it says, Completed work only. To the left is a large shelf with bins of parts. Behind them is a ½ glass wall looking into the office. Next to the office door is another door that says Bathroom.

The blinds to the office are closed and it is dark. Chris opens the door and flips on the light. They go in and Gary and Adam follow them.

Adam in joking sarcasm says, “This is where they make their brains work.”

They all laughed.

Chris said, “Yes this is where we work on the lay outs for the networks we do, orders for parts and enter the work orders. We also sit around and relax here on the sofa when we need a break. We have our desk facing each other so we can discuss things and work at the same time.” gaziantep escort

On the left is Gary’s desk. On the right is Chris’s desk. They both have name plates. As you first walk in the door to the right is a soft, cushy and with lots of pillows sofa.

Straight ahead is an open door to a small bathroom, a sink and counter, a refrigerator, small counter with a coffee pot. Under the counter are cabinets. Above the sink are cabinets also. The floor is covered with a low pile dark grey carpet. It is the same as in the front of the shop. The warehouse just has large rubber cushion mats.

David said, “This is really cool. You think I could come up sometime and hang out or help out.”

Chris answered, “I would like that. Adam comes up sometimes too. When ever you want to come up here just let me know.”


“We need to get back I have some things I need to do this evening with mom.”

All the men left the office and Chris turns the light off then locked the door behind them.

They went back to the front of the store where it seemed quiet and the guys were just talking.

Chris told the techs, “Since there aren’t any customers and I will need you early lets go ahead and close down.”

Chris gets the cash drawer and he and Rick count it down. They leave only what is needed to start the day and Chris locks the drawer.

They put the rest of the money in a bank bag that was sitting under the counter. Chris takes the bank bag and tucks it under his arm. He told all the guys to clock out and they can leave.

Gary went around making sure everything was off and unplugged. Chris went back into the office and put the bank bag in the safe that no one can see unless they go behind his desk. He locks everything up and goes back out front.

Chris giresun escort told everyone, “Get close to the door so I can set the alarm.” He set the alarm and turned the main light out. There are small recessed in the ceiling lights that let the police see if someone is walking around inside while it is closed.

He went to the door and followed behind Gary and the boys. Chris locked the doors then pulled the gate across the glass and locked it. They all went back to the car and returned to Gary’s house.

To Chris and Gary’s surprised things were all clean and dark except in the living room. The younger girls were in the back in Melissa’s room because they could hear them giggling and talking.

The boys went to Adam’s room.

David went to give Michelle her things before going to Adam’s room.

Gary and Chris went to the living room and there they sit, on the pillows like little angels. Kari had even been showered and ready for Gary.

Both girls smile but neither of them gets up.

Gary put his arms out like he always does and Kari went to him.

Chris got down in front of Trish and she looks up to him. Even scooted down he is taller then her.

“Give me your hand.”

She gave him her right hand.

He stood up and then helped her up. He pulled her close and when he let her hand go he wrapped his arms around her. He lightly kissed her and asked her if she was ready to go.

“Are you ready my precious?”

“Yes Sir. I’m very ready.”

“The guys from work are going to come over in the morning and move that furniture for you. I will call the carpet company and have them come and clean the carpet after we are finished.

They are coming early enough that we should get finished in plenty enough time for the cleaners and then the movers with the new furniture.”

“That is so great. Thank You.”

“Let’s go baby.

They walk to where Gary and Kari are in the kitchen and told them they were leaving.

Gary and Chris shake hands and the girls hug.

Trish and Chris went and told the kids good night then left.

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