A Family Too Close Ch. 03


A Family Too Close 3: Charlie and Anita

Author’s Note. This is the third of a four-part series involving sexual relations between stepsiblings and their respective parents. It is a TABOO story and if such fantasies offend, then this is likely not the story for you. All characters are over the age of 18.

Considering how easy it had been for Jasmine to seduce Bill, Charlie was optimistic about his chances with her mom, Anita. Of course, she would still be a challenge. She tended to be busier and, except when with his dad, more modest, conservative even. It was probably the Indian in her. But he would make it easy for her to succumb. He wouldn’t give her a chance. He had decided to start off simple in much the same way that Jasmine had, to make an effort in showing her what a body he had, and make himself more of an option for her. He was lucky that all the sports he had played throughout his life had left him with an athletic body. He knew that was her type since Bill was a fit and athletic man if growing soft with age. Some men thought that women didn’t care about how a man looked and it was all just emotional for them. He had learned that was wrong. Very wrong. Sure, guys were more visual, but that didn’t mean women didn’t care about that.

Charlie had never struggled for female attention. Even at his young age, he had enough sexual partners – blondes, brunettes, redheads. Mostly white girls, but the occasional Latina and Asian. The hottest a black girl from work. He had never even considered an Indian girl before Jasmine. They always seemed a bit to closed. Too conservative. At least not until his father had married Anita and she had brought along Jasmine. Mother and daughter. Even at the wedding, seeing Anita in the strapless, silky wedding dress had made his cock stir. She would be his “mom,” but she was also a MILF. And now that he and Jasmine had started their plot, he would get to the fuck part.

While his dad was on a business trip, he had started by walking around the house in just his muscle t-shirt and gym shorts, copying Jasmine’s tactics. Anita had been working on the kitchen island and looked hot, not pretty or attractive or sweet like all the girls his own age, but hot. She was wearing one of her classic white work blouses, a knee-length pencil skirt and had kicked off her stilettos, her bare feet playing with the upside-down shoe on the floor. Her feet must be sore after walking around all day, Charlie thought to himself. I’ll have to remember that.

He tried not to take it personally when she didn’t look up from her work when he walked in, though it was a bitter pill to swallow. It would be fine, though, he told himself as he walked over to the fridge and grabbed a water bottle. It wasn’t like Jasmine didn’t have to work hard to get Bill’s attention. He moved forward so that Anita was in front of him, took off his top to show his sweaty chest and chiseled pecs and then chugged down his cold water, flicking his hair back with his other hand as he did. He had seen that done in the movies.

He didn’t turn around to meet her eyes, but he couldn’t help but smile as he sensed her eyes on him. Anita looked up slightly from her work, her reading glasses teetering precariously on the edge of her nose. Her lips opened slightly as she watched the sweat glisten off his body and took a deep gulp as her eyes cast downwards towards his v-line.

He eventually finished his bottle, crushed it in his hand and threw it into the bin at the other end of the kitchen. He then looked over to Anita, pushing his hair back again, and gave her his classic mischievous smile. “Oh, hey Anita.” He said then, pretending that he hadn’t just tried to perform for her. “How are you doing?”

She blinked and swallowed, pushing her glasses back up her nose and pretending to still be looking at her work. “Oh, I’m fine.” She said, though her tone seemed to mean anything but.

“Are you sure?” Charlie asked. “You sound a bit stressed.”

Anita’s eyes flicked up then as if surprised that he noticed. “I just have….” She sighed then before taking a deep breath in. “I just have a lot to be getting on with.”

Charlie tilted his head. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

Anita smiled and waved off his question. “No, don’t worry. Go relax.” She looked like she was about to turn back to her work when Charlie moved forward and put a gentle hand on her arm.

“I didn’t ask just for the sake of it.” He said softly, noting the way her eyes drifted down to his abs. “I want to help in whatever way I can. Whether that’s highlighting dates in your files or even cooking your dinner. Just say the word.”

Anita laughed again as if still thinking he was joking. “You’re going to cook me dinner?”

Charlie nodded. “What would you like? You deserve someone to cook your dinner. It should happen more often.”

Anita looked down, a slight blush tinging her cheeks. “Your dad does make me dinner.”

Charlie olgun gaziantep escort smirked and squeezed her arm slightly. “My dad only knows how to make one thing. And, besides, he’s gone for a while. Just give me a shout if you do want me to do anything, though. I just want to take some things off your plate.”

He smiled as he walked away back upstairs, loving the feel of her happily surprised eyes on him as he left the room. Step one was complete.

Over the next few days, Charlie ensured that he made himself as much of a helping hand to Anita as he could. It seemed a better ploy than trying to show off to her. Jasmine could do that. Men worked that way. He cleaned up the kitchen without having to be asked, packed her lovely lunches with her to take to work, he even offered to help with any leftover work she had. She had been skeptical at first and anxious to accept his help, but when she saw how genuine his offers were, she soon leaned into them, becoming more confident and trusting of him with each passing day. Charlie liked to think he was highlighting all the ways that Bill didn’t help her as much as he could. Was she comparing the two of them in her mind at every opportunity he thought to himself? Was she wondering what Charlie looked like naked? Whether his cock was as hard as his abs? His cock twinged at the thought, and he had taken to pleasuring himself in the shower. Sometimes, thinking of her even while he was playing with her daughter. He had earned Anita, he deserved her, he reminded himself after every evening hunched over her files, every breakfast seeing her glinting smile at realizing her lunch had already been made for her. Soon she would realize that, and they would both be happier for it. It wouldn’t be far away, he thought. Any day now.

One night he had stayed up playing video games in his room, waiting to hear the inevitable gentle thud of her walking up the sitars to her bedroom after a late evening working. But then she didn’t. He crept out of his room and saw that the lights were still on downstairs despite it being 3am… was she still up working this late? He took off his headset and looked at himself in the mirror. He fluffed his hair up, took off his shirt, so he was wearing nothing but his tight boxers and picked up the glass of water on his bedside table. He tipped out the remains of the water into the plant on his desk and walked down the stairs with the empty cup in his hands, ready to act better than ever before. He stroked his cock as he went down the stairs, thickening it in the boxers.

He rubbed his eyes as he made his way into the lounge to see Anita on her laptop, her eyes tired and her legs curled up underneath her, the blue light of her screen bright against the darkness of the night outside. She looked up slowly as she saw Charlie enter the room and looked at her watch.

“I’m surprised you’re still up.” She said then. “it’s so late.” She yawned then as if to prove her point.

He lifted the empty glass up. “I woke up to get some water. I’m surprised to see that you’re still up. Are you still working?”

She nodded, and Charlie could see how beyond exhausted she was.

“You should have got me. I’d have helped.”

She shook her head then. “I appreciate that Charlie, and I’m thankful for how much you’ve been doing around the house. It’s not like anyone else has.” She coughed for a moment as if realizing her slip before continuing. “But I wouldn’t ask that of you. This is my work, so nobody else should have to deal with it.”

Charlie shook his head and came to perch on the end of the sofa. He buried a smile as he saw her eyes drift to the bulge of his boxers. She shifted as he placed his hand on her thigh. “Nah. Don’t be silly. I don’t mind helping.” He said with a softness, and a gentleness that he could see took her by surprise. “I just can’t believe that my dad would ever let you stay down here in the dark by yourself and go off to bed.”

Anita shook her head then again, waving off the comment without truly considering it. “Oh no, Bill works hard too. He just got back from his trip and -“

Charlie then squeezed her leg tighter and grazed his thumb against her skin, drifting it round in a pattern that instantly made her fall silent. “If was the one sharing my life with you, I’d never leave you somewhere on your own.” He said, his silky voice the only sound in the room but the whirring of her laptop. “I’d know how lucky I was to have you, and I’d never take advantage of that.”

Anita looked like she was about to say something but didn’t, her voice catching on her lips and refusing to come to the surface. She then did the unexpected and rested her hand on top of his own, her fingers warm and soft. Surprisingly so. He couldn’t read her expression. He wondered, Did I come on too strong?

“Thank you, Charlie. You’re too sweet. Someday, you’re going to make a girl gaziantep olgun escort very happy.”

Charlie smiled and took her hand in his. “Maybe.” He paused for a moment, feeling his cock get harder within his boxers as the warmth of her fingertips seeped through into his. “Maybe you want me to make you happy, though.”

Anita’s lips parted slightly, and her hands flew off his and back into her own lap, surprise flooding her face. But he saw no disgust, no offense. Just confusion and the faint self-hatred of someone who has just heard a truth they didn’t know existed. Charlie got up then, not wanting to push it and smiled before turning away, very aware of how tightly his hard cock was pushed up against his boxers. Her eyes flickered down to the bulge again, unable to stop herself before he noticed. He went up to his bedroom feeling very good about himself and excited for the weekend when Jasmine had arranged for Bill to go with her to a soccer camp. He went to bed dreaming of everything they were going to get up to.

The weekend didn’t roll around quickly enough, but it did come eventually. After a long, hard week, Anita stayed up in her room until late, likely enjoying the peace of the house now that Bill had taken Jasmine away for the weekend under the pretense of a soccer trip. Charlie knew the truth, but he didn’t mind it. In fact, it worked in his favor.

When she eventually did come down, Charlie knew immediately that he wanted her. Of course, there was no way to see her figure from underneath the silk robe she had shrouded herself in. Still, he could see a tease of brown skin underneath the material when she walked, and that was enough. She was beautiful, her face bare, the laugh lines around her mouth, her dark hair messy and naturally wavy, the best kind of bedhead. The way she shuffled towards the kitchen made him smile, too, the embarrassment laden in each step. She was no doubt expecting him to be out with his friends, or at least not watching her. Little did she know how desperate he was, how desperate for her he had been for months now. And today was finally the day.

He felt a stirring in his pants as she bent over the sink to fill up the kettle and swallowed hard at seeing a hint of the soft roundness of a breast as it fell open. Suddenly, he grew hot despite only wearing a thin cotton t-shirt. There was no bra. Was that the hint of a dark nipple? He felt uneasy by the control that sliver of skin had over him. And then Anita stretched up to reach the cupboard with the mugs, and he saw the length of her toned, caramel leg. She had no idea how close he was to snapping and devouring her just as she deserved, as they both deserved. And she wasn’t making it any easier for him to stay good, not that he had any plans to.

Just as he was starting to drive himself mad with the ideas swirling around in his head, she looked at him, their eyes met, and he felt something deep within him stir as if his body knew what he wanted from her by instinct.

“Chai?” She asked, her voice quiet and faltering. “or do you want coffee?”

“Chai, please.” He said, surprised by the deep roughness of his voice. She didn’t make chai the way did at most coffee shops. No, this was authentic. Cardamom. Cloves. Ginger. And some spice he had only learned about once he started making it for her. He stepped forwards to the other side of the kitchen island, feeling rude for standing in the doorway. Anita nodded and turned back around before leaning over to open a cupboard by her feet. Charlie thought he might be lucky and get a peek as she bent over, but just as she lowered herself down, her ankle started to give way, and she stumbled back. She panicked as she fell, too shocked to be able to save herself before she fell to the ground. Luckily, Charlie rushed forward, catching her in his arms. Then, just for a moment, her ass momentarily rubbed against his crotch, and he could feel the faint stiffness underneath his jeans. He looked up to Anita, her back still to him and her robe just covering her ass. Still, he could see a hint of the brown skin beneath and wanted nothing more than to lift her gown and plant his face directly between her breasts where it belonged. The moment that she was against him felt long, but he wanted it to last longer. He wanted to bring his hands down, to lift her robe, to touch her skin, but she suddenly was away from him, holding onto the cabinet in front of her instead, wincing in pain.

“I’m so sorry!” She said, gripping onto the counter in front of her. “I didn’t mean to fall into you like that.”

Charlie shook his head and moved back a few paces. “Don’t be silly. Are you okay?”

Anita reached down and pressed her ankle slightly and hissed the moment she applied pressure. “I’m sure it will be fine.” She breathed in deeply. “It just hurts.”

Charlie’s brow furrowed, and he stepped forward, pulling a chair out from the kitchen gaziantep olgun escort bayan island as he did. Was this a disaster or an opportunity? “Sit down.” Anita looked up at him, unsure.

“Sit down.” He replied just as softly but with a firm edge that Anita couldn’t turn away from. She shuffled over, and Charlie held the side of her elbow, holding her up with an ease that sent butterflies through her body. How strong was he?

The moment she sat down and took the weight off her foot, the pain subsided a little. To her surprise, Charlie then moved to her feet and lifted up her ankle gently, taking a look at it. “What are you doing?” She asked, trying to control her heartbeat as the electricity from his touch coursed through her body.

“Just checking. It’s just a mild sprain. I can take care of it.” He said calmly, though with a mischievous glint in his eye.

“I’ll be fine. I can take care of this myself.” She said as she slid off the seat and onto the kitchen tiles. She winced a little at the pain. Her ankle was still sore. As she stepped forward, she lost her balance again, and she felt herself falling again before she hit something hard and warm. Then, looking up, she saw Charlie had his arms around her, having caught her once again.

“That’s probably been the issue, don’t you think?” He said softly, his breath tickling her ear. “Let someone look after you for a change.” His voice melted into a softness she wasn’t sure how to cope with. “Let me look after you.”

An image of Bill’s face flashed into her mind. And then she looked at Charlie, the concerned care in his eyes, the muscled arms that wrapped around her and promised to protect her, the scent of cloves that drifted off him. She nodded. “Okay. You know how to be a doctor?

Charlie laughed. “Basic first aid. Our coach wanted us to learn the basics.”

Charlie took her entirely in his arms and lifted her up, pressing her close against his chest without a moment’s notice. Only then did she remember how little she was wearing, and she shuffled slightly in his arms, but he only pressed her closer. “Be a good girl and stay still for me. I’ve got you.” She found herself instantly calmer and more rested against him. He was as strong as his father. Maybe moreso. While his bare fingers had initially barely touched her, she soon felt the robe drift away from her body as he took his first few steps, leaving his hands to be underneath her bare legs, his fingers grasped on her upper thighs for a better grip. She blushed but didn’t move, not wanting to disobey him but also enjoying the feel of being touched. She tugged the robe closed for some semblance of modesty in front of her stepson.

He walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs towards her bedroom, each step slow and precise, as if careful not to make a single wrong step and risk dropping her. While uncomfortable at first, terrified of her robe falling open even further and revealing her body beneath, Anita found herself growing more and more comfortable in his arms, her muscles relaxing and her head resting lightly against his warm chest. It was nice to be looked after, to be cared for and protected. It made parts of her ache that hadn’t been touched in a long time, not even by herself, let alone her husband. Bill had been so distracted over the last few weeks. Between work and Jasmine’s soccer practices. She was glad he was finally bonding with Jasmine, but she craved his attention as well. Whenever the thought of Bill popped back into her mind, she banished the image. Feeling like this was wrong, she knew that, but she didn’t care. She was sick of being perfect. She wanted to be desired.

Once they made it to the bedroom, Charlie gripped her body even more firmly as he lifted her up onto the bed. He placed her gently on the duvet and traced his fingers on her gently as he let her go. She had never felt so alive, each small movement of his made her entire body tingle with arousal. She had never been so aware of another person before in her life. And, to her surprise, she wanted more.

“Now, let’s take a better look at that foot,” Charlie murmured, bringing his hand down to her ankle before looking up, his eyes widening at seeing how her legs were slightly apart, the robe having half-untied itself in the move, her dark pussy now exposed to the room while the robe clung to her heavy, splayed breasts. Her nipples were pressed against the robe, and her curves were exposed to the room, the soft of her stomach and the hourglass of her hips as visible as if she was naked. Charlie gasped upon seeing her, his eyes drinking her in whole. He joined her on the bed, bringing his hand and resting it in the crook of her face, electricity jumping from his skin to hers as she blushed, not knowing where to look. His thumb then brushed against her cheek as if making sure she was actually there before bringing his other hand around her waist, his warm fingertips soft but firm against her hips, pulling her robe up slightly with the move.

“I thought you were going to look at my foot?” She whimpered, her voice timid and dripping with anticipation.

Their lips were so close now that she swore she could feel them against her.

“To be honest,” he said, his voice rich and dark like chocolate. “I’ve got other things on my mind now.”

Anita swallowed. “Like what?”

A Family Too Close 3: Charlie and Anita Author’s Note. This is the third of a four-part series involving sexual relations between stepsiblings and their respective parents. It is a TABOO story and if such fantasies offend, then this is likely not the story for you. All characters are over the age of 18. Considering…

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