A Day to Forget

A Day to Forget

Big Tits

It was a rainy and cold night when I entered the smoke-filled bar just off the Interstate. A series of personal defeats had sent me home for the comfort of my most recent lover. My unexpected early arrival found her the arms of another and after a flurry of ill contemplated accusations, we were soon on our separate ways. Fearing further confrontations, I eased my wheels into the unimposing parking lot and with a dash of cologne entered the dimly-lit room awash in the mid summers rain. My full intention was to drown my sorrows in solitude and seek solstice in the motel next door for the night.

The entire day had been most uniquely revealing, and now, sitting peaceably at the colorful bar, I began to recount the days defeats with a more speculative eye. My second glass was all but empty when she approached from out of nowhere. Her husky voice and bedroom eyes were a tranquilizer unto themselves, and I found myself expounding unceremoniously on her feigned interest. She was firm but gentle, goading me to reveal my innermost desires while remaining attractively aloof. Within a short time spell, she had learned far more from me than I ever cared to divulge to anyone, and I found myself groping for phrases to keep her from overcoming the last vestiges of my privacy.

Somewhere through the gloom I remember cautioning myself that she was undoubtedly a professional, and more than likely, one with designs on my material assets rather than my physical ones. She called herself Mia although her dark eyes and flowing hair spoke more of a Mediterranean beauty rather than an Asian descendant as her name implied. The tricks dim light can play on perspectives were all too apparent as I soon found her increasingly attractive with each passing sip. Her breasts became youthful and her kayseri escort smile enigmatic along with her firming legs that flowed gently to her tightly bound torso. My resolve eventually wavered and soon we found our way past the check-in hazards into a moderately furnished room that echoed the rains continuing assault on the parched landscape.

Interested in only a quick and uncomplicated fuck, I found my way to the bed and began to undress unceremoniously when her thick alto voice reminded me to shower. Not wanting to offend my guest, I allowed individual respect to overcome personal desires, and shuffled my naked corpse onto the cold tiles for a rendezvous with a foreign shower. The steaming spray only aided to relax me further whereas by the time I secured the artificial rain, I was anything but awake. She entered unsolicited, dressed in only the briefest of lacy attire, and lovingly dried my exhausted body, paying special attention to my dangling genitals and my ass. Her touch was soothing, and I soon found my erotic interests awakening.

Leading me from the water closet with a gentle tug at my stiffening cock, she led me onto the bed where the covers had been turned down in such a way to insure minimum exposure to the cool air. Her hands were all over me, soothing my chest and tummy, and finally, with sensual assurance, on my awakening genitals. She knew how to caress the hardening gristle with the finesse of a skilled lover; teasing and tugging at the ridges and recesses with loving attention to detail. Soon my erection took on a mind of it’s own and began probing her gentle caresses for ever increasing stimulation. She giggled and smirked as she released the throbbing appendage and trailed her hand between my legs to gently encircle my ass hole. kıbrıs escort At first repulsed by the invasion, I began to relax and allow my guest to complete the sensual work she had so seductively begun.

Somewhere in the back of my lust filled mind, a strange feeling of foreboding began to overwhelm my desires as her caresses became more forceful and her index finger began to probe the resolve of my sphincter. I tried to turn towards her, cutting off her approach, but she forcefully maneuvered my body into a more receptive position with my butt in the air and my head buried under a pillow. I felt as if I would puke at any moment when the cool sensation of a well lubed finger invaded the final vestiges of my sphincter and probed the murky tunnel for my swollen prostrate. Within moments I could feel my creamy essence flowing through my urethra with a sweet burning sensation that made me groan. Her expertise became even more apparent as her free hand gently squeezed the crown of my cock rhythmically, encouraging my prostrate to surrender all of its precious cargo.

Now beyond all hope of revival, I surrendered myself to her and allowed the restorative relief of exhausted slumber to fill my consciousness. It was only then, I felt her withdraw her finger only to replace the void momentarily with the secret she had so cleverly concealed from the onset. The small shaved appendage that so quickly replaced her adept fingers, was less flexible, albeit far more fulfilling to this previously unexplored cavity. The sensation of fullness was, in itself, a most comforting feeling until it began to slide in and out of my behind with increasing intensity. Her hands held my hips firmly as she pounded her torso against my fleshy buttocks, arching her back as she grunted konya escort with impending release. A slick hand slid around my torso onto my hardening cock and began stroking it forcefully as a burst of her hot essence exploded in the depths of my rectum, bathing the hitherto unexplored crevasses with life giving cream.

It suddenly became far too apparent far to late; the she with firm breasts and well conditioned legs was actually a he between his legs, and I had unwittingly allowed my body to be violated by it. My howl of repulsion was immediately countered with a shriek of orgasmic release, as she continued to fill my behind with her boiling essence. We collapsed simultaneously, and I rolled the spent and body aside roughly. She lay their panting, her firm, upturned breasts with small, tight nipples ascending gracefully into the air with every breath. My eyes strayed to her torso, cleanly shaven and adorned with a glistening three inch organ, nicely formed and quivering from its forceful entry into the black depths that were accustomed to things that passed out – not in.

Grabbing my clothes, I darted into the downpour in a panic. Roaring off for the interstate, I felt the slimy ejaculate begin to slide through my rectum and between my ass cheeks. I felt disgusted, used, and degraded beyond all that I had ever know as real. Once in my home, I showered using Lava and bleach until my skin burned, and then gargled until my tongue went numb. Going through my clothes, I found my wallet intact, and other than the unexpected experience of having my rear end ravaged, I was no worse for the experience. For the next several days, it felt weird when I took a shit. A week passed. My boss apologized, I learned that I never had truly enjoyed the company of the tramp that I had caught screwing around in my bed, and I visited the small unobtrusive bar just off the interstate on several occasions. In retrospect, the entire experience had been an enlightening one, and I have every intent of sharing that with her if we ever meet again.

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